Thursday, June 30, 2022
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The Obsession of the Unhealthy

There is an old joke about the fat lady ordering fast food. She gets a double bacon cheeseburger, large fries . . . and a diet Coke. She probably just got the...

“At Risk”

Now comes news that the CDC has promulgated guidelines for the establishment of places where "at risk" people are to be  - let's use the historically apt term - concentrated. Naturally, "at...

The Off-Road End Run

Speed does kill - if you get caught doing it. We live in the Hut! Hut! Hut! era. Armed government workers (AGWs) wearing Batman-style utility belts packed with multiple mags and high-powered...

Why I Diaper Report

Some of you may wonder why I am so dogged about not-Diapering. More precisely, dogged about Diapering, generally. What just happened in Melbourne, Australia may help explain. Armed government thugs - accoutered...

The “Safe” Car

Many people want what is styled a “safe” car - and the government panders to this fear by implying that any car that does not comply with the latest “safety” standards...

Latest Radio: Freedom’s Phoenix 7/30/19

Here's the audio of my back-and-forth with Ernest Hancock, who hosts Freedom's Phoenix in Arizona. We talked about the suppression of diesels, the electric car agenda; all kinds of stuff! ... Got a...

Cattle in Revolt!

Here's video of an ear-tagged me on an expedition to a local supermarket - Fresh Market - where there is a "masks mandatory" policy, which I refused to obey, along with...

A Modern Take on ‘Planned Obsolescence’

GM - and the auto industry in general - were accused some 40 years ago of perpetrating "planned obsolescence" - that is, deliberately redesigning cars each year, usually in trivial, cosmetic...

The Hidden Gas Tax Cometh

Raising the gas tax - overtly - is politcal TNT. Chiefly because it's a tax everyone feels, every day - and it's an extremely disproportionate tax already. About 50 cents per gallon...

Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 4/12/22

Here's the audio of this week's Underground Radio transmit of myself and Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show, discussing the jumpers on Shanghai and the re-Diapering of Philadelphia: . ....
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