Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Tall Boys

The other day, I rolled my 1976 Pontiac Trans-Am out of the garage for a drive. As I backed it out, I looked left at the brand-new Nissan Sentra "press car"...

Crippling Technology

So much would be possible - if it weren't for the government. Government, remember, is not composed of experts in much of anything - except control and manipulation. Politicians and bureaucrats are...

Good Men

Can a good man spend his days doing bad things and remain a good man? What if he chooses to spend his days doing bad things and could at any time elect not...

The Other Side of The Thin Blue Line

Call it Karma - or maybe just payback. Either way, it's bad news. Last Friday, an Alabama cop pulled over a guy - apparently, over a traffic infraction. The guy argued with the cop; a...

History Repeats

Do you know why SUVs became so popular? It wasn't because of their, er, sportiness. Or even their utility. It was because they provided a way to get the size (especially under the...

The War on Cars… Parked and Otherwise

If you are a car person - or just want to be able to park your car in your own damned driveway - be sure you read the fine print before...

The Bio-fuels Boondoggle

If something's desirable it ought not to be necessary to force people to buy it. Chipotle, for instance, doesn't need to spend millions in de facto bribes ("campaign contributions") to wheedle Congress...

What’s The Carbon Footprint of The PopeMobile?

The Pope, it's said, wears Prada. And travels by Mercedes, too. But apparently, he'd prefer you (and millions of other ordinary human beings) not. Because "global warming." Er... make that "climate change." The new - more...

They’re All Government Motors Now

GM gets ribbed a lot (and rightly so) for being "government motors" ... having accepted (no, demanded) enormous sums of taxpayer money in order to avoid bankruptcy. The bailouts were the corporate equivalent of...


Well, I told ya so. First they hacked the Google car. Now, it appears, they - "they" being hackers - could, in principle at least, take over half-a-million Jeeps (and other Fiat-Chrysler...
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