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If Gas is Plentiful and Cheap . . . Make Cars Cost More 

Whenever a problem is solved, the solution never seems to go away - or even get dialed back. If anything, the government - or busybodies who use the government to achieve...

The Four-Wheeled Patriot Act

Whenever Congress does something unanimously (or nearly so) you can rest assured it’s in their interests, not ours. The USA Patriot Act comes to mind. Another is the Safely Ensuring Lives Future Deployment...

The Kids Don’t Wrench

Working on cars has become part of America's cultural past, like so many other things which used to define American culture. Which was, above all, a car culture. What you drove...

China as the New Motor City

GM's Buick division is doing extremely well . . . in China. The Chinese own Volvo. And may soon own Jeep - one of the few still-viable pieces of what used...

Degradation as Procedure

Have you noticed that it's become common - if not practice - for armed government workers to force people to the ground, knee in the back - guns trained on them...

Subjective Safety

If they were at least consistent, you might be persuaded that Our Controllers were truly concerned about our safety. As opposed to using “safety” as the pretext for controlling us. Not infrequently,...

A Hair in the Ride-Sharing Soup

Some of you may remember that episode of the original Star Trek TV series in which Kirk, Spock and McCoy pick up up a space bug that ages them prematurely. They...

Your Smartphone, Please

Bad enough that we are required by law to present our “papers” - government-issued ID cards, egregiously mislabelled as driver’s licenses - whenever a government bullyboy so demands. Just as in...

The Libertarian Standard

The obvious is often the hardest to understand  . . .  and to accept. For example, the very strange idea that we are "safer" the more our liberties are infringed upon. If...

The Gas Burning Diesel

Diesels are at the top of the Dead Pool - on account of their particularly diesel exhaust byproducts, specifically particulates (aka, soot) and oxides of nitrogen (aka NOx). But diesels are...
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