Thursday, October 6, 2022
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The F100 Millionaire

Most of the advice out there about dealing with the obnoxious rise in the cost of fuel advises you to spend yet more money - on a hybrid or on some...

Big Business? Or Big Government?

Things are bad - and many blame Big Business, such as Big Banks and Big Oil, as they're styled, for turning the screws on average people. I've got no big love...

“Buy American” … If You Can!

"Buy American" ... It has a nice, nationalistic, flag-wavin' sound to it. But the problem is, there isn't much to buy anymore (car-wise or otherwise) that's truly American. Chrysler ,...

What’s Your Tipping Point?

What's your tipping point? The point at which gas prices force you to make some change in your current lifestyle - such as the kind of car you drive or how...

The Insurance Geldscheisser

Insurance is a con. Worse than Social Security, even - because you pay in and (normally) never get anything back. Consider: You pay say $800 a year to insure your car. Over...

Upsides to $4 gas?

$4 gas is here - and by summer, we may be nostalgic for $4 gas. Any upsides to this? If the last time gas crested $4 is any guide, here's...

“Senile Citizen” checkpoints?

How come you never see "senile citizen" checkpoints? After all, elder drivers are the second-highest "at-risk" group of drivers after new/teenage drivers - according to accident stats. They are not uncommonly afflicted...

Dealing With Clovers….

Clovers - those passive-aggressive "drivers" who won't yield to faster-moving traffic, leave their turn signals blinking, pull out in front you quicker than a rattlesnake and then slow down to 5...

Medieval Times… On the Road

Is traffic enforcement getting out of control? Consider: * Many states have "asset forfeiture" laws that permit the seizure of your vehicle if, for example, a little marijuana (or other arbitrarily "controlled") substance...

Texas May Go To 85! (Clovers Stroking Out All Over)

Maybe we're over the hump. Texas appears to be on the verge of raising its highway speed limits to 85. That's good news for Texas motorists, who may soon get to...
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