Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Selective Property Rights

Property rights are back in style - if you're on the Left. In which case, it's ok to deny service/refuse to do business with people you dislike. People who don't support Leftist...

Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show/KMED 4/21/22

Here's the audio of this week's Underground Radio with Bill Meyer over at KMED radio in occupied Oregon! . . . Got a question about cars, bikes or anything else? Click on the...

“Drunk” Driving and “Racism”

Driving drunk used to mean just that - just as being a racist meant you disliked a set of people on account of their race. Nowadays, the latter means anyone who...

Obama Math

Obama can read a TelePrompter pretty well - but math is apparently not his strong suit. Responding to questions about the rising cost of gas (really, the falling purchasing power of...

The Pope’s Political Science

It's hard to criticize the pope. It is like criticizing your mom. She means well, probably. But that doesn't mean she's not wrong sometimes. This time, the pope is wrong - even...

AGWs Murder Man for Answering the Door

Our lives don't matter. Your skin color doesn't matter. What matters is they - armed government workers - have a license to kill all of us. And use it. Which they did on...

The Last Redoubt

History repeats. Back in the '90s, a way was found around the gas mileage mandatory minimums (CAFE, or Corporate Average Fuel Economy regs) imposed by the federal government on new cars -...

Roasted Kids

If you've been watching the news lately, you already know all about it. And you know what's coming on account of it. Homer's car - you know - the one designed by...

Diaper Report: 8/28/22

This is a pre-emptive Diaper Report, of a sort. As many of you already know, my mom has dementia (possibly Alzheimers) and has been in a "memory care" facility for the past...

Like Cordwood

The old lady in the iconic Wendy's commercial used to screech Where's the Beef? Well, where are the bodies? Of not-elderly/otherwise-healthy people stacking up like cordwood. I drove by my local hospital yesterday...
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