Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Tickets/Driving Stuff

Tickets/Driving Stuff

Anything related to speeding tickets, driving & stuff like that.

What Clovers Cost Us

Clovers will say things like, "be patient, slow down; speeding only gets you there a few minutes faster." What they really mean, of course, is that their time matters while yours...

The Speeding Exemption

In Orwell’s other book - Animal Farm - we read about a mutiny against the farmer by the livestock, who draw up a kind of Declaration of Rights premised on the...

Vehicular Narcolepsy

People aren't asleep at the wheel - they are unconscious behind the wheel. The Safety Cult has done its vile work, turned most people into narcoleptics who operate in ultra slow-motion...

Clover Can’t Stay In His Lane

Another day, another Clover.  Here's one who can't manage the challenge of keeping his car in his lane. He swerves wide onto the shoulder - god help any pedestrians or bicyclists who...
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