Saturday, December 4, 2021
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The Old vs. The New… Part Two!

While modern cars are more reliable at first and last longer – for awhile – after about 15 years, when their much more complicated systems begin to reach the end of...

Flat Tire Reboot

Getting a flat tire is less commonplace than it used to be - mainly because tires are built better today than they used to be. But flats still happen - because...

Irreparable Damage

You’ve heard the saying - if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? True enough. But there are also things you can’t fix once broken. The car will never be quite right...

The Fixer

It's said - and it's absolutely true - that one can save a great deal of money by avoiding new cars and buying used ones instead. Thirty-plus percent (sometimes more) off...

Things You Should Never Do (When Working on a Car)

A good mechanic often has the scars to prove it. My friend Tim - a professional mechanic with years of experience - just acquired a new one the other day. While...

The Dangers – and Causes – of Unintentional Idling

If you don’t think your engine’s still running, you might forget to turn it off. Well, you might forget to push the ignition button off - because the engine isn’t running right...

The Buzzers Cars Don’t Have – But Probably Should

Most new cars have warning buzzers for half a dozen different things. Just not for the important things. Like, for instance, total loss of engine coolant. A friend told me her car’s heater...

Reader Question: Dry Gas?

Here's the latest reader question, along with my reply!  Robert asks: What, exactly, is "dry" gas? And what does it do? My reply: "Dry" gas isn't gas - it's actually a generic term for...

Forget Hybrids – Buy a Cheapster!

If you're really serious about saving money on transportation, the very last thing you should do is buy a new car. Particularly a new hybrid car. It's as counterproductive as trying...

Last Minute Car-Guy Christmas Gifts

Got a gearhead on your Christmas list - but you're not a gearhead and so have no idea what to get? Here are some last-minute suggestions for items to put under...
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