Thursday, December 8, 2022
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The Month So Far

The EPautos official stickers (see image below) should be here any day now. They are free to any reader who makes a one-time donation of...

Volt Double Down

The Volt electric car has been a fizzle for GM - and that's putting it kindly. Only a small handful have sold - and...

Clover’s Colon Coughs

Here - for those who can stand it - are Clover's latest intellectual eructations:     clover 1,076 approved [email protected] xxx.xx.xx.xx Submitted on 2014/05/09 at 10:38 pm | In reply to...

The Electric Crack Pipe

I never "took" drugs - but I increasingly feel as though I'm the only one who's not on the pipe. In the June issue of...

Do Away With Dealers?

Did you know it's illegal to buy a new car from the manufacturer? That's right. In most states (48 states) so-called direct-buys are unlawful...

The Affordable Coffee Act

I mean, why not? If government - using its magical powers - can make health care "affordable" why not make everything people need (and hell,...

2014 Ford Fusion Energi

You'd think plug-in hybrids would be an easy sell. Unlike a regular hybrid, which has to burn gas at least some of the time to...

The Madness of GM

The economy must be doing a lot better than all the wretched indexes (number of people no longer even trying to find work, number...

Unwanted Exotics

Let's raise a glass to the Unwanted Exotic. It is very low production - and very high cost - and thus, rarely seen. Like a...

Hyperloop – Averting Global Collapse Via The New World Agora

Hyperloop Agora Proposal: 14% of the measured world economy involves the movement of people and cargo. That's 9 Trillion $USD. A system of prototypes and...
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