Michael Moore Calls For “Strict Gun Control” After School Massacre

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Film maker Michael Moore quickly seized upon the tragic school massacre in Connecticut to call for “strict gun control,” while CNN host Piers Morgan implied that all handguns should be banned:

Michael Moore


The way to honor these dead children is to demand strict gun control, free mental health care, and an end to violence as public policy.
14 Dec 12


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  1. I am Michael Francis Moore. Five time Catholic Guilt Eating Champion.


    My Dad got me a job at Buick. I couldn’t hack it so I got a job at Mother Jones. Got fired there in four months.

    So naturally I sued for false termination. Backstabbed my employer for 60k. Used that money to backstab my Dad’s work by making the documentary Roger & Me about the CEO of General Motors.

    I rob from the productive rich, take a big cut, and then give the scraps to the unproductive rich. I keep rolling uphill like a giant jelly doughnut full of genocidal juju. Everyone I contact is crushed and rolls down. That way society collapses, and I can make more movies about society collapsing.

    • Moore, being a good clover, considers government force acceptable. More, he cannot grasp that government is nothing more than other people. He distrusts individual people – but somehow, when individual people band together and call themselves “the government” they become possessed of superior judgment, ethics – and so on.

      He’s a lazy slob – and I don’t mean just physically.

        • Dear iberns1,

          Watching Obomber chew the scenery in front of the TV cameras was enough to gag a maggot.

          What about the beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old blown to bits by the Man of Peace in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Libya?

          Did they not have their entire lives ahead of them — birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own?

          Where are his tears for them?


          • In Mesopotamia and Asia of old this would be step one:


            A life of slavery or even mob killing for the heads of the school district. And the chiefs of police. And every public official of family with any culpability.

            Demolition of the Lanza house and its entire neighborhood. Demolition of the school. Exile or enslavement of the entire Lanza family.

            Only impotent effeminate American sob sisters sit shiva in their sad rags. Act 1 Our face is lost. Act 2 Our weapons are lost. Act 3 All is lost. This has been a presentation of the CIA psyops theater and broadcasting company.

          • Dear lberns1, Tor,


            Just remember each time you hear the New Speak term “gun control” over the coming weeks and months, just remember to substitute the term “victim disarmament.”

            It’ll keep things real.

  2. Peter Lanza, CT shooters father, is the tax director for billion dollar defense contractor General Electric. Batman shooters father Robert Holmes, had been called to testify in the LIBOR scandal.

    Only mentally retarded parents surrender their children to the mentally retarded public school system. Parents reap what they sow.

    In the concrete block human confinement tax farms, the dumb lead the dumber beneath the fluorescent lights and the cameras to newly plumbed depths of dumb and stranger danger on a daily basis.

    Get along little bovines dogies, scurry and waddle down the learning chutes amid the DoE prerecorded footage of cattlemen yelling “hep! hep! college prep! hep!”

    This is what comes of substituting public goods for private goods.

    Mises, Hayek, and Rand foretold this long ago. Stampede the fences, Sheeple, it’s time to break free.

  3. Michael might as well ask for a chicken in every pot.

    It is a visceral reaction to a horrible action. Is the tool he used to commit his killings important? Would it have been better if he gassed students, used a machete, or threw poison at people?

    Why must the 99+ percent of responsible people suffer from the poor actions of a small group of people?

    I am willing to wait to hear for more data before I make more conclusions about this.

    • It’s the ultimate expression of collectivism, mithrandir; if ONE transgresses, ALL must be punished.

      No different than the government skool teacher who, discovering a tack on her seat asks the class who did it. Nobody confesses; so everyone gets detention.

      Or the Nazis who would raze an entire street if an officer were killed in the neighborhood. For regular troops, ten civilians were shot for every troop killed.

      I wonder what the unofficial ratio is in Iraq for every IED?

  4. I’m REALLY TRYING not to reach for the “Ol’ Ten Gallon Aluminum Chapeau” here…but it’s hard not to when my governor (Hickenpooper) just remarked yesterday that it was time to “revisit” common sense gun control.

    I wish I lived in a world where I could just grieve…

  5. Seems like Mr. Moore is calling for more bloodshed and violence:

    “demand strict gun control,”
    “free mental health care,”
    “an end to violence as public policy.”

    Think about that.

    An end to violence as public policy, as if the first two weren’t examples of violence as public policy. Psft.


    • Dear IAM,

      Michael Moore clearly didn’t get the memo on the Non-Aggression Axiom.

      Public policy is violence.


      Into this idyll of peace and contentment, wrote Pao Ching-yen, there came the violence and deceit instituted by the state. The history of government is the history of violence, of the strong plundering the weak. Wicked tyrants engage in orgies of violence; being rulers they “could give free rein to all desires.” Furthermore, the government’s institutionalization of violence meant that the petty disorders of daily life would be greatly intensified and expanded on a much larger scale.

      To the common charge that he has overlooked good and benevolent rulers, Pao replied that the government itself is a violent exploitation of the weak by the strong. The system itself is the problem, and the object of government is not to benefit the people, but to control and plunder them. There is no ruler who can compare in virtue with a condition of non-rule.

      Pao Ching-yen also engaged in a masterful study in political psychology by pointing out that the very existence of institutionalized violence by the state generates imitative violence among the people. The common idea, concluded Pao, that strong government is needed to combat disorders among the people, commits the serious error of confusing cause and effect.

      — Murray Rothbard, on Chinese Daoist/anarchist philosopher Pao Ching-yen

  6. Well Eric, this is no surprise to say the least. Obama will feign deep concern and publicly call for a return to the Clinton era “Assault Weapons” ban, magazine capacity limits, national firearms registration and the ratification of the UN Arms Trade Treaty. Rebecca Peters over at IANSA along with Pelosi, Sarah Brady, Feinstein and the rest of the ‘usual suspects’ are secretly overjoyed by this, mark my words. Oh, they’ll put on their front of deep concern, but just like the smirk The Chimp couldn’t suppress the day after ‘nineuhleven’, they believe the emoting public’s reaction to this heinous crime will give them a major boost in support for ‘sensible gun control laws.’ After all, this is a gun control advocates wet dream: small children killed, along with their teacher, an unstable young man does it then commits suicide, it was on school premises, high capacity weapons involved. This has the stench of an orchestrated false flag operation all over it. Maybe Michael Moore wrote the script himself…

    • This has the stench of an orchestrated false flag operation all over it.”

      Yeah, I’m wondering, too.

      It just seems more than a little odd that these events seem to be happening with increasing regularity – and if one is familiar with just the known (public, admitted) government mind-control operations such as MK-Ultra, it’s not too difficult (or beyond the scope of reasonable suspicion) to wonder whether, in fact, these atrocities were scripted.

      • Dear Eric,

        Didn’t you just mention Michael Moore and “Bowling for Columbine” yesterday or the day before?

        You must be like Allison BuBois in the TV series “Medium?”

        Man, I am dreading what’s going to come next. Eric Holder is going to go to town with this.

          • Dear Eric,

            Yeah. I suppose you’re right. The pace has picked up, that’s for sure.

            There was a brief lull after 9/11. But by late 2002, with the creation of the Abteilung für Innere Sicherheit, a dramatic acceleration in the growth of the national security state began.

            The reaction on our side has been equally swift. The radicalization of the libertarian thinkers connected with LRC, FFF, Antiwar.com and other hotbeds of libertarian thought, has also accelerated.

            More and more columnists speak of ridding ourselves of oppressive government altogether. Fewer and fewer speak of limiting government and “restoring the Constitution.”

            Funny. I myself made plenty of dire predictions about where the “advanced democracies” were headed, given their lethally flawed premises.

            But now that they have actually come to pass, I myself sometimes have trouble believing it.

            Before they were abstractions. I deduced them by means of priori logic. My intellect knew they were correct. But nevertheless they weren’t quite real.

            No more. Now they are all too real.

          • A teacher of mine spent about 5 minutes on the subject of Dumbocrazy:

            Told everyone to get up and stand on one side of the room…He wanted to know who had the most money on them and some dude “won” with like $60. He told him to go stand on the other side of the room. He then asked to raise your hand if you want the dudes money which almost everyone did…He then went up to dude and told him to hand over all his money…Dude handed teacher the money which he shoved in his pocket and then went to his desk and sat down. He told everyone to take their seat and that was the end of the lesson*

            Dumbocrazy is organized violence and should NEVER be tolerated in civil society…EVER!

            *Teacher was short on cash to make his car payment….Teacher wasn’t stupid.

          • Dear DD,

            Great anecdote!

            As Gandhi said, “You must make the injustice visible… ”

            That little bit of political theater sure as hell made the injustice visible.

            Funny how “champions of democracy” prattle on about “transparency.”

            That was real “transparency.” That made the true nature of “redistribution of the wealth” totally transparent.

          • Ahh, Bevin – Only thinking humans see injustice….They are not even near the numerical majority.

            Those who voted – Half the students wanted a share of the stolen loot and the other half were envy-ridden runts that just wanted dude to be a moneyless loser like they are…Equality, ya know! None of them even tried to get dude’s money back to him from the “external authority” teacher…NONE! (He did give it back at the end of class)

            Injustice is what the Democracy Parasites want! For Clover is a CRIMINAL! A retarded brat CRIMINAL!

          • Dear DD,

            “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until a majority of voters discover that they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury.”

            The authorship of this quote is disputed.

            Not that it matters. What matters is “Is it true?” Clearly, it is.

            That is the sad reality.

            • I prefer more evolved.


              Human consciousness grows in fits and starts… in between long periods of apparent stagnation. We who reject force as the basis for human interaction are the leading edge, if you like. The rest will – it is to he hoped – follow in time.

            • I’ve often thought that the X-Men movies (like the Matrix movies) can be looked upon as having double meaning. The outward plot – and the inner plot.

              We – adherents of the NAP principle – are “mutants,” from a certain point-of-view. And as in the movie, it’s the result of natural evolution….

      • Let’s review:

        Sirhan Sirhan, now openly admitted not RFK’s killer; drugged.

        James Holmes, MKULTRA poster-boy…he’s studying mind control techniques, and his shrink is airforce.

        They’re coming for the guns. Hard.

        Nevermind these things happen in victim-disarmament zones; how many school shootings have to happen before we reverse this idiotic policy and allow teachers to carry?

        Nevermind that England’s crime rate doubled after gun confiscation.

        Nevermind Australia’s crime rate nearly doubled after their “buyback”.

        Nevermind the Breivik shooting in Norway, with their strict gun-control.

        But I don’t think this is THE false-flag; these are side shows to accomplish disarmament. They need a big one; something to shake the sheeple out of their ugly little awakening, and get them back into the “fold”.

      • We will know more as the shooter’s background comes out. His father and brother seem to be corporate mucky-mucks. If this was a guy who just flipped out then this event could very well fade from the media. It seems government needs to control things. Random events seem less exploited than ones with obvious ties that the ‘kook’ (that is the well researched does the leg work have to prove their points) media find.

        Another thing is how the mainstream media hype is likely triggering such actions in the minds of unstable people. Unstable people who want to ‘make a mark’ or some nonsense. Some people want to be villains. Then again what is the mainstream media but mind control? Setting people’s perceptions and thoughts.

        • It is amazing how fast the Sandy Hook narrative is being dissected.

          I don’t have a clear picture; the more I read the more inconsistencies I see…

          …but something’s certain–it ain’t the way it’s painted.

          Gotta love the Moloch-owl painting the “parents” gave Anderson Cooper.

        • Probably another dramatically staged portion for the well produced based on a real story TV news. They likely didn’t have footage of cops storming the building (maybe because the cops didn’t, or they just didn’t get it on video, we don’t know) but needed it for the narrative. So they created it. But they couldn’t use the actual school because it’s a crime scene, so they did it at the one on the other side of the interstate assuming that the audience would never know the difference.

          I make this assessment because most of the footage is at the correct school. It’s just the dramatic packaging to sell the official story that they needed these few seconds of the cops storming the building.

          It’s what I expect out of the TV news these days. It doesn’t tell us anything about the reality of the events, only that TV news is faked to fill in story gaps. Dramatized. Made easier to digest.

          Of course the media calls anyone who starts to see their methods “conspiracy theorists”. Sadly it works because people make the leap from fake news to fake event. That’s an error. We just know the news we are getting is at least in part faked. We can’t say anything more than that.

      • Dear Dom,

        I believe the Phoenix, Arizona Christmas 2012 false flag nuke subject came up.

        We’ll see soon enough. It’s only 10 days away.

        In any event, the date per se is irrelevant. New and improved false flag operations are surely in the pipeline. It’s only a matter of time when they’re given the greenlight.

        Yesterday Fast and Furious. Tomorrow a nuke in Phoenix. The idea is already floating around in our collective consciousness. Remember the TV series “Heroes?” A nuke in NYC?

        Look at the intensity of the reaction the Connecticut shooting has provoked. Now imagine how far a nuke in a major metropolitan region would go in providing the pretext for not mere authoritarianism, but out and out totalitarianism?

        Never mind a full-fledged nuke. Even a dirty bomb would be enough to stampede most of the Sheeple into screaming “Take away my rights, please!”

        Some clover posted a comment at a Connecticut shooting incident news site. He wrote: “Fuck the Second Amendment.”

      • Dear Dom,

        Meanwhile, as you noted, “Congress calls for accelerated use of drones in US.”

        So “They the Masters” are loading up with weapons on our dime, to be used against us, even as they disarm “We the People” by invoking the very authority we purportedly delegated to them?

  7. hey Micheal….

    Lets outlaw murder, heroin and prostitution while we are at it…..

    You know…when we ban something the criminals always comply.



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