Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Anything related to speeding tickets, driving & stuff like that.

The Irony of Saaaaaaafety

It is said - we are told (lectured) - that "speeding" is "unsafe." This dictum is regularly enforced by cops who "speed." Often, they "speed" to a much greater degree than the...

The Auto Bahnned

A simp by the name of Paul Hockenos of CNN thinks that driving on the unrestricted speed sections of theĀ  German Autobahn is a "chilling" experience for "the timid," such as...

Learning Helplessness

It's astounding they still allow kids - allow adults - to ride bicycles without training wheels. Probably not for much longer. Keeping them affixed might prevent someone from falling over. The same...

No Net Driving

Why take off the training wheels? Ever? Wouldn't it be "safer" to leave them on - even after the kid learned how to ride the bike without them? It would help prevent the...

Driver Re-Education

"History," said Henry Ford, is "bunk." What he meant by that is that the "history" they teach in government schools is largely "bunk." It is either false outright - as for example...

More DWV (Driving While Vaccinated)

Here's another one! Every day, there's another one. Every time I go for a drive I encounter one. Or more. Here's one more:

Driving While “Vaccinated”?

Here is another case of what appears to be Driving While "Vaccinated" - the latter always placed in air-fingers quotation marks to mock the fact that these drugs aren't vaccines. But they...

A Teslian Clover (and Another Variant)

Here is a view from behind of a Tesla Clover, driving at not-"ludicrous" speed, in the left lane, pacing the car in the right lane - and thus making it difficult...

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety First! . . . Again

If you've ever wondered why it was so easy to get so many people to Stay Home - and "mask up" - when ordered to by government Safety Nannies, go for...

How “Safe” They Aren’t

The other day, I published an article about passive passing. About how people have been conditioned to regard a safely executed fast pass as "unsafe" - and for that reason, most...
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