Sunday, September 25, 2022
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More DWV (Driving While Vaccinated)

Here's another one! Every day, there's another one. Every time I go for a drive I encounter one. Or more. Here's one more:

Latest Radio: David Knight Show 9/21/22

Here's the audio of my conversation yesterday with David Knight, host of Real News With David Knight. We talked about the Happy News that the "pandemic" is over as well as...

Henry Ford vs. Elon Musk

Henry Ford was the antithesis of Elon Musk. The latter uses government to force people into cars that are more expensive and less practical, thereby diminishing personal mobility. The former designed...

Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 9/20/22

Here's the audio of my talk earlier today with my friend Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah. We talked about the great news that the "pandemic" is...

The “Pandemic” is “Over”

Isn't it wonderful that the "pandemic" is "over" - now that Joes Says So? And just like that, it is. Except, of course, it isn't. The declared "emergency" isn't, at any...

The Temporary Reprieve

The Biden Thing and those pulling its strings wants you to think things are better - just in time for the midterms - because the cost of a gallon of gas...

Driving While “Vaccinated”?

Here is another case of what appears to be Driving While "Vaccinated" - the latter always placed in air-fingers quotation marks to mock the fact that these drugs aren't vaccines. But they...


The Biden Thing is working on another thing. It is a "plan" - which always means force - to "de-carbonize" the "transportation sector." This means more than just cars. It means...

Libertarianism and libertarians . . .

Part of the problem – as regards libertarianism – is that it’s a philosophy or moral code rather than a political movement. Which it probably can never be – because the...

The Crime of “Aimlessly Walking Around”

Here is a video of an Armed Government Worker physically assaulting a couple of guys for the "crime" of "aimlessly walking around." The real crime, apparently, was that one  of these...
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