Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Will They Ever Undiaper?

Do you remember when you saw your first Effaced Face? For me, it was around January of 2020 - at the Sweet Donkey Coffee shop, where I used to spend a few...

Mobility in Bidet’s UnAmerica

It is not an accident that gas prices have gone up by $1 since the beginning of this year - since the beginning of the Bidet regime. By next year, gas...

Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show/KMED 9/23/21

Here's the audio of this week's gabble with Bill Meyer over at KMED in Oregon! We talked about defective air bags, the disappearing V8 and the new Supra via BMW: . . . Got...

Gas Mileage and Your Truck

V8s are disappearing from trucks - as V6s have already all-but-disappeared from cars. As engines, period, will shortly disappear - if the handful of people (there at most a few thousand...

What’s the Plan, Stan?

A useful measure of intelligence is future-time orientation - i.e., thinking about what might happen tomorrow (and next year) and taking steps to prepare for it. In the past, this meant making...

Precious Metal

The other day, Toyota unveiled the 2022 Toyota Tundra - which will no longer come with a V8, even as an optional engine. Instead, it will come standard with a twice-turbo'd...

Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 9/21/21

Here's the audio of this week's Bryan Hyde Show; we talked about the latest "safety" fiasco - and how it ties into the "health" fiasco. Also, some thoughts on disengaging from...

Defective Bags, Defective Jabs

“Safety” can get you killed - again. Word is out that the same government-mandated airbags that had to be recalled in the tens of millions on account of their propensity to shred...

Diaper Report 9/20/21

Today, a Face Diapered juxtaposition. On the one hand, this enraging video of a toddler being practically suffocated by his handlers at a day-care center. The Diaper - for his face -...

The Toyota Canary in the Coal Mine

You have heard of the canary in the coal mine. The saying refers to a warning of imminent danger; that it’s time to act - before it is too late. There’s a...
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