Friday, May 20, 2022
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Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 5/17/22

Here's this week's episode of Wrongthinkful Radio with Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah. We talked about "crypto" - and what it really means - among other...

On “Regulations”

Government "regulations" (as they are styled) are crushing the life out of cars, in the manner of a python doing the same to its prey. But what the python does is...

Drive 55 Comes to Germany

German drivers may soon be “standing with Ukraine” - by moving less fast. It appears the Autobahn is about to get a speed limit, touted by those who advocate it as...

Crypto is Now Less So

While we're awaiting the collapse of the dollar, let's have a look at the collapse of crypto - aptly named because it's so difficult to understand, the almost-axiomatic clue that  a...

Diaper Errrata

There's something particularly weird about people who continue to wear Face Diapers - aside from the fact that these people continue to wear them, which is not unlike the continued wearing...

How to Double – Even Triple – Your Gas Mileage

There is not much we can do about the doubling-plus of the price of gas, which is a function of our money buying less as much as it is a function...

Diaper Report 5/13/22

Lenin - plagiarizing a line - asked, What is to be Done? About the ongoing self-Diapering of a fourth to a third of the population? Well, Lenin didn't ask that.But let's do. Almost...

Perfect Isn’t Necessarily Better

The fact that a thing can be done doesn’t necessarily mean it ought to be be done. Even if it can be done "better." Put another way, functionality isn’t everything. If it were,...

Affordable Used Cars Are Still Available . . . If You Wait for Them

Not all used cars are expensive cars - you just have to know where to look for them. And how to wait for them. A friend of mine recently did just that....

Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show 5/11/22

Here's the audio of this week's Underground Radio session with Bill Meyer over at KMED Radio in Occupied Oregon! We talked about $40 billion for Keeeeeeeev - nada for the Americans...
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