Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Opting Out

As official lawlessness spreads, respect for the law understandably wanes. Why should we obey when they do not? This double standard has existed for a long time - as for example in...

Getting Ready for Just in Case

Some of of you have probably seen and listened to the speech given by the character V in the wonderfully inspirational movie, V For Vendetta - which bears re-watching if you...

The Glaucomic Standard

Here is a thought experiment: Imagine that traffic laws were premised on the limited abilities of those least-able to drive. Who could barely drive. Speed limits set to “keep safe” people who have difficulty...

Latest Radio: David Knight Show 9/30/21

Here's the audio of my chat yesterday with David Knight, host of the David Knight Show. We talked about reasons for optimism amid all the depressing things going on - and...

Segregation Revisited

Americans used to oppose segregation - the legalized exclusion of a category of people from mainstream society (and commerce) based on the idiotic and evil assertion that every member of the...

Latest Radio: KMED/Bill Meyer Show 9/30/21

Here's the audio of this week's chat with Bill Meyer over at KMED Radio in Oregon; we talked about the decrees (and costs) of the administrative state and how these are...

Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 9/29/21

Here's the audio of this week's chat with my friend and fellow Wrongthinker, Bryan Hyde - who hosts the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah! We talked about Bidet's latest utterances regarding...

Diaper Report 9/28/21

What are they watching? The people walking around - again - with Diapers over their faces? It can't be what they're seeing - which isn't (once again) bodies stacking up like cordwood....

Remember When it was Just Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie & Chevrolet?

If you oppose forcing people to submit to medical procedures that may injure or even kill them - or simply oppose forcing anyone to submit to any medical procedure, period -...

Coop de Grace!

Well, it's almost - finally - almost done. The New Coop, which I've been working on for the past month or so as time - and weather - allow. Over the weekend,...
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