Friday, June 24, 2022
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Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show/KMED Radio 6/16/22

Here's the audio of this week's underground radio transmission, emanating from Occupied Oregon! Bill and I discussed the Orange Fail - among the other fails he's ultimately responsible for:   . . . Got...

Red Flag Laws Aren’t

The most alarming thing about what are styled "Red Flag" laws isn't that they threaten to take guns away from people. It is that they aren't laws, at all. Well, they aren't laws...

If You Voted for It

Did you vote to pay $5 for a gallon of gas? You're already paying 15 percent more than that, actually - since the buying power of a dollar has declined by...

Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 6/14/22

Here's this week's transmission of Wrongthink Radio with my Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show, somewhere in Utah. We talked about the legacy of the Orange Fail as it...

Funeral for a Friend

Death, said the wife of King Edward I’s weakling son, comes for us all - whispered into Longshank’s ears as he lay dying, in the movie Braveheart. She also told him...

The Truth About EVs

Electric cars are not all bad. But neither are they all good. The problem is that most Americans - who have never driven an electric car - are mostly unaware of the...

The Federal Military

It seems to me the U.S. military - which might more accurately be styled the federal military - is simply the enforcement division of the federal government and the corporations that...

15 Percent Less Gas – and Money to Buy it With, Too

It's ironic that the Thing responsible for causing the price of gas to double (on its way to tripling) at the same the value of the money we're forced to use...

Diaper Report 6/10/22

Here we are, mid-way through the year and almost three years into the Weaponization of Hypochondria era. You'd think this endless obsession with getting sick might cause those who continue to...

The Greenest of All Vehicles

The “greenest” vehicles on the road do not have plugs - nor batteries, either. Excepting the very small one that serves to start their engines. They have no electric motors, either...
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