Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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The Art of the Ride

Why ride a motorcycle?  You are exposed to the elements. It requires concentration, involvement. You cannot text. You may get wet. You are fully in control of the thing, especially if it’s...

Dumb – As Seen in the Rearview

We all do dumb things - which we thought at the time we did them were smart things. One of the dumbest things I’ve done over the past several years was...

Nostalgia, Already . . .

We will sell no wine before it’s time. So said Gallo pitchman Orson Welles, a long time ago. Nostalgia is like that. It takes time to develop. We are not usually nostalgic...

2022 BMW R18 Transcontinental Walk Around

Here's a look at what I used to love about new cars... on two wheels: Full review will be up in the next day or so!

The Emergency Bike

I've written before about the soundness of owning - of getting if you don't already own - a motorcycle in order to remain mobile in the months and possibly years ahead....

Don’t Forget to Remember

When you're down, it's time to get out. I remembered this important axiom of mental health yesterday. Or rather, I was reminded of it, by my girlfriend - who gently suggested we...

Old Bike Asterisk *

Ever try finding a firing pin for an Iowa Class battleship's 16 inch guns? They probably didn't make very many - and the ones they did make were last made probably...

Bridging the Supply Gap

Getting around may become harder in the months - and years - ahead. What good is a car without gas? Or a motorcycle without tires? I've written previously about the many merits...

Reader Question: Old Bike Retrofit?

Here's the latest reader question, along with my reply! Ira asks: I'm in the market for a motorcycle dated earlier than 1980. I'm in NYC and my pickings are very slim. Do...

New Wheels Without All The New “Features”

There is a way to get a new vehicle without getting all the new “features” such as an engine that turns itself off every time you stop for a light, brakes that...
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