Motorcycle Clovers

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Regular readers of this column already know what a Clover is. It is someone who – among other things – refuses to move over to let traffic get by and go on its way when the Clover is driving well below the posted speed limit.

It is not their driving well below the speed limit that is the problem. People drive below the speed limit for any number of reasons, none of them illegitimate. Some aren’t in a hurry. Others may believe it is “safer” – or that it reduces fuel consumption (or extends the range of their short-leashed EV). Some are elderly – and aren’t comfortable going faster than they are comfortable driving, irrespective of the speed limit or the speed of traffic.

The reason why they’re not driving the speed limit (at least the speed limit; most speed limits are absurdly under-posted and traffic is almost moving at least a little faster than whatever the sign says) is immaterial.

It is the discourtesy that accompanies not recognizing you’re holding up others – who may have someplace they need to be.

The obnoxious, oblivious indifference to others – which being in a car seems to encourage in some people. Most people would never knowingly just dawdle in the middle of a busy sidewalk and expect other people to wait for them to decide to move. Yet more than a few will do the same basic thing when in a car.  Maybe because they feel protected from the frustration-generated wrath of the people they’re impeding – which makes the impeding all the more obnoxious, because there’s an element of bullying involved: I’m bigger than you – and I can force you to wait for me.

And – as it turns out – not all Clovers are drivers.

There are also Motorcycle Clovers.

These are particularly insufferable because they violate the code. Motorcyclists ride because they crave the freedom that riding provides. This includes the freedom to get around and even through (where lane splitting is legal) congealed traffic. So it’s beyond obnoxious when a motorcyclist uses his bike as a rolling roadblock – as in the video embedded in this article..

Bikes are narrow; they take up no more lane space – or not much more lane space – than a bicycle. And bicyclists have ginned up a lot of hate for blocking traffic. But this is unfair to the bicyclists, for several reasons.

One, they can’t help not keeping up with traffic – because (often) they can’t. It isn’t that they’re going slow just-because. It’s because that’s as fast as they can go.

Two, it’s easy to pass a bicycle – if a driver isn’t a fear-addled incompetent who has to have most of the oncoming/opposite lane to make the move – and then doesn’t, even then – because he’s afraid to.

It’s unreasonable to expect the bicycle rider to accommodate the car driver when the car driver could just pass the cyclist.

A motorcycle, on the other hand, has more go-power than most cars. A flick of the wrist and the bike is gone. So there’s no mechanical/functional reason for the person riding it to use it to slow others down – which is exactly what they’re doing when they passive-aggressively refuse to notice and accommodate the traffic they’re holding up.

But they haven’t noticed it?

In that case, they are dangerous fools who have no business being on a motorcycle, as maintaining situational awareness – what’s going on all around you, all the time, by constantly checking your mirrors – is literally a life-and-death thing when you’re riding a motorcycle. If the motorcyclist doesn’t know he’s holding up traffic, he’s not using his mirrors and that makes him dangerous – to himself as well as others in his vicinity.

If he is using his mirrors – and knows he’s impeding traffic – and makes no effort to wave it by or increase his speed or (if he doesn’t want to do that) pull off onto the shoulder (or the next place he can) to let traffic pass him by then he is something else.

It begins with a “c.”

. . .

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  1. I ride a sport bike on the tail of the dragon just about every weekend for the past 15 years and I have seen it all. People come from all over the country to get a sticker and clog up the road. We just go around them up on the pipe so they can have an earful.

    The problem is the lack of desire to be better human beings, both in skill building and just being decent to others.

  2. Some motorcylists ride as close as they can to the center line, so it is more stressful/risky to drive by them. They have plenty of room to their right, but don’t use it, as a sort of “alpha” move, and to say, “I could move over more, so you could proceed more easily, but I’m entitled to the whole lane, so I choose to use this space, right here, next to the line, so that you have to go slower and have increased anxiety driving by”.

    • More “Passive-aggressive” BULLSHIT by some fook with a sense of “entitlement”. He’d rather ANNOY you and dare you to attempt to pass him, or even move towards you to frustrate any attempt to pass! When I have to deal with that crybulling “shite”, I suppress the urge to send him tumbling into the ditch.

  3. While trying to bomb Germany back to the stone age,
    Eisenhower was impressed with the efficiency of the
    German Autobahn. He even recognized the constraints
    of the US Constitution and based the building of the
    similar US Interstate as necessary for national defense.

    So what did the US NOT include in our version of
    the Autobahn – unlimited speeds. Why? – our socialist
    “educational” system teaches conformity, not excellence.
    Socialist/loser rant: “As long as I’m at, or below, the speed
    limit I’ll drive in any lane and anyway I desire”

    • We have the same idiot drivers up here as . Recently, this stupid town discovered round-a-bouts, and now the DOT thinks it is cute and funny to install them everywhere. And then, they do not bother to maintain them in the Winter so slipping and sliding around them is quite fun. Also, the damned fools don’t know how to build them. They are way too narrow and one is constructed on a sloping hill. Also, no one knows how to navigate them. Hell, at this point I would be happy if the fools at the DOT figured out the concept of synchronized traffic lights, but know you don’t always get what you want. How about the left lane luggers getting out of the left lane? I would be happy with that, haha.

      • Shadow:

        Are you in Michigan? Doing same thing here. It’s fashionable. In some places a roundabout is good. But they are being put in everywhere.

        • I live in Alaska..where the mosquitoes will eat you alive this time of year and really, I joke should be our state bird. I imagine you have colder winters down there…wet ones to our dry cold. Our winters just last 9 months is all, haha and complete with people who somehow forget how to drive on the ice and snow in a span of 3-4 months. I never could figure that one out…

    • Have you ever read what Robert Welch had to say about Eisenhower in his book “The Politician”? Can you say “crypto-commie”?

    • Funny thing is, the “Goimans” are all but hard-wired to “conform”. Part of the reason the majority went along with the Nazis. They werent necessarily that enthused about Hitler or Nazism, but he WAS “Der Fuhrer”, or, more precisely, Die RecihsKanzlieter (Chancellor of the Realm), so of course they obeyed.

      That “unlimited” speed on the Autobahn was really a postwar thing. There weren’t many traffic cops, prewar, because there wasn’t yet much traffic! It was obvious the real intent, in bypassing cities, was to facilitate rapid military deployment to the frontiers. The Autobahn did end up being used to move an entire Army across Germany…but it was commanded by Patton!

      The Germans were ok with an unlimited speed lane because accepting RESPONSIBILITY is also a cultural trait. That’s one reason you didnt see see cup holders in a Kraut car. You want to drink coffee on the road? Pull over at a roadside cafe and have a cup! When you drive, that’s ALL you do! Not drink, nor eat, yak on the “sail fawn”, or apply makeup! Hence why some blithering idiot bleating “S-a-f-t-e-e-e-e-y!” in a crusade to impose speed limits, or lower them, would be ignored. German law and society ALREADY harshly punish the careless and/or incompetent for bad driving.

    • I would not call tri-cycliers morocycles in any way, but today I saw them all over the place. They reminded me of over grown toddlers who probably should not be on the road.

      • Hi Shadow,

        Elvis rode them – when he got too fat to ride a motorcycle! That may be the thing. You pretty much have to be at least sort-of fit/able to get on/off a bike; balance and all. I can see that people who are very heavy or who have trouble with balance might got for a trike so as to be able to keep on riding, kinda sorta…

  4. “Most people would never knowingly just dawdle in the middle of a busy sidewalk and expect other people to wait for them to decide to move. ” -eric

    Plenty of those too! And morons in the stores. Totally oblivious and if you were to say “Excuse me.” they carry-on as if you assaulted them. From now on I should say “Step aside or die!”

  5. Those that hold up traffic like that are narcissists. They believe that the rest of the members of society should accommodate their beliefs, practices and driving skills (or lack thereof). As society becomes more and more narcissistic, this will occur more and more.

    That guy was not on a motorcycle though. That was a trike, which is something entirely different. They don’t follow the code, otherwise they would be on a trike.

  6. The two “Cs”. Courtesy and Common sense. I’m 68 riding motorcycles for 50 years now. This video is infuriating, the groups I ride with never “go clover”, the courtesy part.

    The other, common sense. Highways are there to get places efficiently, you dwadlers don’t have the right to waste my time. The civilization has decided on building highways with (supposedly) rational speed limits and with that you can plan your trip time to the doc, dentist, etc. You can see the sights same at 60 as 45, don’t be a Richard Cranium.

    With that, there are places to be slow and careful. Store parking lots, neighborhood side streets with parked cars. Zip thru and paste a little kid have that on your conscience forever? Ruin a families life? Don’t be a dope.

  7. Off Topic…. Watch the bizzaro nurses dance to CC.

    Why!?! And at the end, everyone claps!

    CC and Covid are the same. Both fake yet folks believe both exist,,, even many of those that ‘claim to be awake’.

    CC has been disproven at least three times in my life time. The last, “the end of all life” forecast by none other than climate expert Greta. just passed. Damn, we’re still here. Kill the cows,,, more crickets into the Italian linguine, and ignore the tor – pedos.

    The covid virus has yet to be purified.

    NO ONE, ANYWHERE in the world, has produced a scientifically verified Isolated, Stand alone, Reproducible sample of the alleged “SARS-COV-02” “virus” claimed without any real scientific proof to “cause” the mythical “COVID-19” “illness” “diagnosed” with a PCR process the Criminal CDC has had to admit can not tell the difference between the Mythical “COVID-19” no one has or can scientifically prove really exist and the common yearly flu.

    Yet many are still arguing where Covid originated. Absolutely nutzo. Here is where it originated,,, in a computer, it’s called insilico.

    ““First, in the section titled ‘Whole Genome Sequencing,’ we find that rather than having isolated the virus and sequencing the genome from end to end, they found 37 base pairs from unpurified samples using PCR probes. This means they actually looked at 37 out of the approximately 30,000 of the base pairs that are claimed to be the genome of the intact virus. They then took these 37 segments and put them into a computer program, which filled in the rest of the base pairs.” Dr. Tom Cowan

    And the moon is made of Blue Cheese. Guvment said so!

    • Yes, ken. They are exactly the same. Total made-up bullshit. They create a false narrative, point to existing phenomena as “evidence” supporting the false narrative, and then create fake test to prove the fake narrative. All the while they get credentialed “experts” to lie in order to support the fake test, evidence and narrative, while cancelling voices that try to speak the actual truth.

      Both use the exact same playbook, so why shouldn’t they use the same propaganda dance?

      PS, you’re a white supremacist, j-6er, transphobic, science denier for even raising the issue in the first place.

      • Isn’t amazing the bs that people will ‘believe’ while screeching “The Science!”
        Hope this chart turns out okay……

        Years Flu Cases Covid Cases
        2016-17 29 million 0
        2017-18 45 million 0
        2018-19 36 million 0
        2019-20 38 million 0
        2020-21 0.0015 32 million

        nuff said.

        • I CAN’T READ THE CHART … but there is an easy explanation of why influenza cases should have been so much lower in 2020 . 2021, and we should be celebrating that fact.

          Maintaining social distancing, and travel restrictions,
          especially the collapse of international travel.

          Social distancing works well to prevent the spread of influenza. The historical influenza social distancing scientific studies were only for three feet, but six feet would have been even better.

          The most important factor may have been children locked out from schools. Although they were in little danger of getting serious Covid infections, children are a main reservoir of other viruses. Closing schools should have significantly contributed to reduced spread of influenza and common cold viruses.

          Social distancing is the new fancy pants word for staying away from healthy people when you are sick. Known to be polite behavior for centuries. Don’t go to work or school if you are sick is the simple rule of thumb. And the R. Greene supplementary rule of thumb was: Don’t go to school if you are sick of school.

          For those people who claim SARS-2 does not exist, or that there was no pandemic in 2020 — just a bad flu year — you are stage 4 clueless tin hat conspiracy nuts.

          For those people who claim flu-related deaths were often called Covid deaths, that might make sense. But if you arbitrarily subtracted the average annual estimated US flu deaths (36,000) from the claimed Covid deaths, the total annual Covid deaths would only be reduced by about 10%

          And then you would have to explain the +17% increase of US all cause mortality in 2020, versus 2019. The only logical explanation, n my opinion, is the Covid pandemic. Not a bad flu season.

          • The problem with “people kept away from each other therefore the flu went down” thing is that, at least in our neck of the woods in northeast Wisconsin, we didn’t distance ourselves. Yes, schools were closed but all of our kids still played and hung out with each other everyday just like normal. Grocery stores and gas stations all stayed open, were packed to the gills an no, not everyone wore paper masks. I even knew more than a few taverns that were “illegally” stayed open and they would be packed until 2, 3 in the morning (of which I partook more than a few times!) The flu was non-existent among us.

            Personally, I went to work every single day i was scheduled, plus overtime. during the lockdowns, I didn’t get sick one time. I work nights so after about 6 00 PM, we could get away with not wearing masks because the karons in the office/managment were all gone. Observationally, it seemed like the only people who got sick (and kept getting sick) were the people who religiously wore masks, never got within 10 ft of another human being, kept there kids shut in all day, and were generally over-weight. Recently, it seems like people are chronically sick. These same people all seem to be the most vocal about “Staying Safe At Home” and about taking the Shot. Correlation? Don’t know, but it sure seems fishy.

            • SARS-2 traveled from Wuhan, China to many destinations that soon had Covid pandemics. Italy was one destination, after Chinese Italians (who often work in the Italian garment industry) returned home after the early 2020 Chinese New Year celebration in China. The disease can only go where the people who are infected take it. If you lived in a rural area in the US mid-west, there were probably no people flying in from China.

              The big question is why China allowed outgoing flights to other nations when flights inside China were banned due to their Covid infections.

              • Richard, you’re just regurgitating the propaganda. Please stop stating this like you have actual knowledge of these assertions. Your sole source of these “facts” is propaganda known as the media.

          • For those people who claim SARS-2 does exist, I say show me the evidence. And don’t give me some BS paper where somebody claims it exists or that there’s some sort of made up in silico RNA sequence. Show me the primary source information that this alleged virus has been isolated from every other material thing and that the isolated virus is the causes the alleged disease.

            • You see the problem with Shecky, right. All cute and cuddly on climate change and EeeeVeees but in for the kill on the really real, the one virus. “Stage 4 clueless tin hat conspiracy theorists.” What an asshat. As I mentioned to Ken, there seems to be a full court troll press on.

              • They keep trying, but the problem is they don’t have any evidence. The only thing they’ve got are comments like “Stage 4 clueless tin hat conspiracy theorists” so they just keep saying them to distract from having to address the actual question.

                I had a long (and I think good faith) discussion about this with BaDnOn a few months back. He said he was going to do some research and get back to me (I think he’s some sort of biologist), but he never did. If there’s evidence of actual virus isolation and that the isolated virus caused the alleged disease, I’m all ears. That evidence is just never produced though. Expecting others to prove the negative is an inadequate substitute for proof of existence.

                • Mr. Liberty,

                  I’m what you might call “busy as fuck” right now. In fact, I just had to take nearly a month out of my schedule to go help out my parents who just had a little run-in with your supposedly non-existent virus. They were both hospitalized and needed oxygen. My mom, being both elderly and having an autoimmune disease, might not recover at all.

                  There is, what I would call, overwhelming evidence for the existence and pathogenicity of SARS-CoV-2. Virologists just aren’t often in the habit of isolating large amounts of virus directly from bodily fluids for use in research. Hence the viral cultures…

                  I still want to post what may have to become a brief course in virology and molecular biology to the forum. But that’ll take plenty of work, and I’m heavily involved in building my off-grid life at this time.

                  Part of my construction efforts will be a lab, however, and when built, I’d be happy to isolate a little SARS-CoV-2 the next time one of us gets sick, or someone wants to make a “donation”.

                    • Helot,

                      When I can get to this study, I plan to thoroughly document everything, including even time-lapse video of cell cultures for ease in understanding what is happening.

                      Should I discover that there actually is no virus and there is some other cause for the suspected COVID illness, I will unabashedly admit my mistake and release my findings completely.

                  • BaDnOn: I wasn’t taking a jab (no pun intended) at you, but just pointing out the dearth of evidence of isolation and causation. You’ve got a busy life and don’t owe me anything.

                    Wishing the best for you and your parents.

                    • Mr. Liberty,

                      Thanks for the wishes; I appreciate that. And I didn’t feel “jabbed”, haha. Just letting you and others what’s happening.

                      One enticing revelation is that I’ve acquired an old scanning electron microscope for my studies. If I can get it to function is different question, so wish me luck. 😉

                  • Obviously, one would have sympathy for someone whose parents are sick. We’re not animale. So, sympathies to you in that regard. That being said, the my relative or friend got sick and/or died is no proof that the “one virus” is real. I’ve come across this argument, both implicit and explicit, several times over the past 3 years. People wield it like a weapon, usually as a first or last resort when told it’s jussa flu, bro. I call it the “what, are you dick or something, of course it’s real” fallacy. In that context it’s just a cheap emotional appeal. I reject it.

                    Also, I’m building a mini-Hadron Collider in my lawn shed. We can compare notes on some things when I’m done. 😉

                    • Funk Doc,

                      Good luck with your particle accelerator!

                      Also, I wasn’t attempting to guilt anyone with my parents’ illness. I think it was the ‘Rona, but that wasn’t the point of my mentioning it. It was definitely an exceptional respiratory illness and has caused us all a great deal of grief, as well as consuming a large chunk of precious time.

                      Now back to the grind!

                • Enlighten me. Aside from the nickname of the comedian (97 and still kicking…) as a diminutive for Sheldon, what’s it SUPPOSED to mean?

              • Actual evidence of isolation and causation would for sure. I’m not wedded to any belief about viruses other than I have not seen sufficient evidence to reach the conclusion that they exist and cause disease.

                • So you deny all of medical science concerning viruses? They don’t exist? Why would any one waste time trying to convince you then?

    • You must be the most stupid one on a site full of stupid people! The SARS-Cov-2 virus has been isolated multiple times around the world by harvesting it from ill patients and growing it in cell cultures. You cannot isolate the virus without growing it in another cell as all viruses require a host to live in! You are so dumb you think it can grow alone, you don’t know simple biology but think you can lecture others!!! Hahaha

      • Sounds like someone needs some cranberry juice. Orange mans goo got ya down? Maybe its time to start thinking about updating your boosters.

      • A virus is a sequence of amino acids, some dna, helix-ed no less, has no cell structure, hence, a virus. No cell membrane, no nucleus, no protoplasm, just a sequence of amino acids that happen to be a nuisance to humans.

        A genome consisting of amino acids, just happens to cause an illness, influenza, mumps, another virus. What are they, Guanine, Thymine, Adenine, and Cytosine are the amino acids, you’ll have some dna.

        Just happens to wreak some havoc from time to time. 1958 Asian flu claimed 1,000,000 lives in no time, at a minimum.

        What you gonna do?

        • Hey Drumph,

          Correction (maybe?)… Adenine, thiamine, cytosine and guanine are the nucleobases, which, along with a phosphate backbone and sugar molecules form DNA. But yes, they are sometimes transcribed into RNA and then translated to amino acids, in groups of three.

          Molecular biology is actually an advanced and fascinating field, as is bioinformatics. Like all knowledge and tools, however, it can be used in evil schemes to nefarious ends. Or, as in your case of the ’57-’58 Asian flu, nature sometimes produces some rather unpleasant RNA or DNA wrapped in various packages that tends to self-replicate at our expense.

        • Virus isolation 21st century style

          They have a soup they make in their labs.

          This soup contains human and monkey cells, toxic chemicals and drugs, and all sorts of other random genetic material. Because the cells start to die, the researchers ASSUME a bit of mucus from a patient they dropped in the soup is doing the killing, and THE VIRUS must be the killer agent in the mucus.

          This assumption is entirely unwarranted. The drugs and chemicals could be doing the cell-killing, and the researchers are also starving the cells of vital nutrients.

          There is no proof that SARS-CoV-2 is in the soup, or that it is doing the cell-killing, or that it exists.

          Yet the researchers call cell-death “isolation of the virus.”

          To say this is a non-sequitur is a vast understatement. In their universe, “We have the virus buried in a soup in a dish in the lab” equals, “We’ve separated the virus from all surrounding material.”

          Virology equals “how to spread bullshit for a living and scare the world.” Other than that, it’s perfect.

          *******************Here is the proper method. ***********

          In as concise terms as possible, here’s the proper way to isolate, characterize and demonstrate a new virus. First, one takes samples (blood, sputum, secretions) from many people (e.g. 500) with symptoms which are unique and specific enough to characterize an illness. Without mixing these samples with ANY tissue or products that also contain genetic material, the virologist macerates, filters and ultra centrifuges i.e. purifies the specimen. This common virology technique, done for decades to isolate bacteriophages1 and so-called giant viruses in every virology lab, then allows the virologist to demonstrate with electron microscopy thousands of identically sized and shaped particles. These particles are the isolated and purified virus.

          I’m waiting for a link describing a ‘properly isolated virus’.

          • The whole thing of the “one virus” is so retarded by now that you’ve got the troll parade of Shecky Greene, Cashy, and earthluvr spouting “it’s real” in unison. Even Joe Six Pack Douchetard knows that’s BS by now. The regulars around here hitching their boats to these morons should really reconsider their positions.

        • Research shows the virus was isolated early in the outbreak and has since been isolated many times in multiple countries.

          An article in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization said researchers first isolated the virus in December 2019, and in February scientists analysed the genome from 10,022 samples to understand its variability.

          An article published in the journal Nature in February detailed how SARS-CoV-2, a novel coronavirus, was isolated by scientists in Wuhan.

          It said full-length, near-identical genome sequences for the virus were obtained from five patients at an early stage of “an epidemic of acute respiratory syndrome” that began in the Chinese city on December 12.

          The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said SARS-CoV-2 had been isolated in its lab and had been available for free to researchers and scientists to study since February.

          An article in the CDC journal, Emerging Infectious Diseases, detailed how US scientists isolated SARS-CoV-2 from a patient in January. Journal articles also detail how the virus was isolated in Korea and Germany.

          In Australia, it was isolated from the first person in the country diagnosed with COVID-19, a Wuhan man who was admitted to a Melbourne hospital with fever, cough and laboured breathing.

          • All of these papers are conclusory and so is your statement:

            “It said full-length, near-identical genome sequences for the virus were obtained from five patients at an early stage of “an epidemic of acute respiratory syndrome” that began in the Chinese city on December 12.”

            You believe in its existence because somebody told you it exists in writing. That’s not enough. I want to see primary sources showing (a) isolation of this alleged virus from every other material thing and (b) that this now isolated virus is the causative agent for the alleged disease. I have yet to see such evidence and I have looked for it for years now.

      • “You must be the most stupid one on a site full of stupid people”

        Congratulations, earthloser, you have worn out your welcome here in one day, which is a new record. It took me two days.

        If you keep returning with hostile, insulting comments, the webmaster will eventually ban you, and then wonder why he waited so long.

      • Uh huh, and to test a patient for covid they use the PCR test. You know, the test that cannot tell the difference between covid, the common cold, and the flu? The same PCR test that Kary Mullis himself said was not to be used to diagnose because it is too sensitive? Please….

        • Shadow: The believers simply ignore this though. They just can’t accept that they fell for the psyop.

          “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
          ―Mark Twain

          • How very true. They have too much pride and arrogance to ever admit they were wrong. So, they will go to their graves savagely attacking with sheer hatred the ones who were right all along.

      • So GTF off this site if it is full of people who are so damned dumb compared to you, the all-knowing genius. I mean really, we would hate to pull you down at beat you with our stupidity and ignorance.

  8. Eric the motorcycle race car driver says: “It is the discourtesy that accompanies not recognizing you’re holding up others – who may have someplace they need to be.”

    Eric, you are a busy guy, but most people are not busy at all.

    Most people Eric don’t have to be anywhere anytime soon. Most people in Amerika don’t even work, they collect checks, and where they need to be right now is Starbucks getting their double shot peppermint iced latte. After downing a couple of those their caffeine laced circulatory system makes them in a hurry to drive their brand new SUV fast.

    The town I live in 97% don’t do a damn thing but fly BLM flags and post yard signs in support of the latest libtard cause. Drive anywhere you want in Amerika (and I have many times) most Amerikans are on easy street and bored shitless.

  9. Just set up speed traps all over the place, read the license plates of all drivers exceeding the speed limits, then mail them a ticket for 250 dollars. It’ll slow down speeding drivers.

    If you want to go the speed of sound, buy a jet. You’ll be somewhere in no time.

    Plus, the state transportation people will make some money. Double Plus Good!

    Being at an age where going to beat hell isn’t that important anymore, I travel the gravel and back country black top at not break neck speeds.

    No more 90 mph in a 65 zone.

    Gettin’ so you’re going to have to have a good solid Toyota pickup truck and mount a machine gun to the bed. All your friends will too. America can go all Afghanistan in a heartbeat. Chicago is there now.

    Car owners in Japan drive theirs for three years, then buy new. Buy a used Tacoma or Tundra from those guys.

  10. Ive run into a few motorcycle clovers. As well as semi clovers. They come in all shades. I used to ride a bicycle a lot. Lately not so much. The cellphone plus the dangerous designs of vehicles made since 2007-11 make fir a palpably more dangerous riding environment. In addition, i dint see the complere streets movement as helping. The last thing i want as a cyclist is sime hyper cautious car clover behind me. I want drivers to pass quickly and get out of the way, not hovering. Stay away from cyclists and motorcycles.

  11. I like to drive slow because my fuel economy goes way up, see chart:

    Plus I know the math about when you travel, driving like a maniac – zooming at full throttle from stoplight to stoplight does not save time, but it does waste gas. Everyday, some mad fool zooms by then at the next light I pull up next to them. It’s gotta hurt their ego.

    If most people slowed down and took their time things would be most pleasant, they would still get there within a minute or two if they drove fast. But that will never happen if you are young and full of testosterone and want to get laid, or if you are jacked on coffee or meth or both lol.

    I wish they had slow lanes and more pullouts. Why should cars have all the paved roads, shouldn’t there be lanes for walkers, bicyclists, scooters, and slow Geo Metros? I think so. We all are forced to pay tax, and small slow vehicles should not be on the road with cars that weigh thousands of pounds. People who walk or ride bikes, and now electric skateboards should definitely be on their own path.

    • I would like to add that we could have paved bike trails, painted in gold leaf, lined with emeralds for the kind of money blown in Ukraine, some $200 BILLION down the shit hole so Ziolensky can acquire more mansions and Swiss chalets. That gay actor thanks you for being so god damned stupid.

      Take 200 billion and divide by 50 states, that is 4 billion per state for bike paths. And that was just the latest war, they spent 2 trillion on the gulf wars. We could have skyrails and high speed trains that link coast to coast.

      But no, we had war and killed millions, wounded tens of millions, because our leaders are all ziowhores. Amerika is Talmudic madness expressed writ large, out west every city is a drugged out homeless zombie shit hole. That is what we created by following Jews.

      • Well said Jack,
        Every day that I get my teeth rattled driving on our potholed roads I imagine how much better off we would all be if not for the trillions of dollars sluiced through the Pentagram.

        • You wouldn’t happen to be a tel aviv troll?

          “Try to get smarter and not get tricked into dumb things!”

          Uh huh. I see that your comments are all verbatim MSM narratives. Nothing dumb about that! I will be reading all your comments to get smarter, I sure don’t like being dumb because I got the Jew narrative wrong.

          I read yesterday you said CO2 was a poisonous gas. That is seriously smart, about the same level of intellect as little Greta claiming the sky is falling.

          So earthluvr why do think Obongo has two mansions at sea level if we are all going to drown from melting ice soon?

    • I like to drive slow, too, but there is no hard evidence that slow speed limits or even a national slowdown that occurred in 1974-1976 saved gasoline. Fleet fuel mileage did not statistically change before or after the 55 mph was imposed and rural interstate highway speeds dropped from an average of 65 mph in 1973 to 57 mph in 1974. Fuel mileage stayed at a stubborn 12 mpg until 1979-80 when the number finally climbed to 13 mpg.

      This chart from the EIA blows away all arguments for slowing traffic speeds through speed limits. The supposed benefits of slow speeds were destroyed by the acceleration, deceleration and uneven traffic flow caused by the 55 mph national speed limit. Those issues became worse over time as Carter imposed stricter sanctions on states that did not show an average of 55 mph on all affected roads (HPM-30)

      Slow down? Me Never. My mileage doesn’t change enough at psls to make it worthwile. I will continue to go 80 on long distance trips to save time. Extra fuel be damned.

  12. Yesterday’s bicycle ride was late due to a call that ran long, didn’t get out until after 14:30. It was hot, over 95º F(reedom), so I was dogging it. Along the route a car pulled up behind me and sat there, because the driver was making a right turn about half a block ahead. I’m going under 10 MPH up a slight grade. They wouldn’t pass. This is on a very wide road with plenty of room and I’m over near the gutter. I wave them on. They don’t pass. Fine, I offered, they refused, I’m not going to expend more energy than my pace just because they can’t take a hint.

    Then there’s the opposite situation. I’m almost to an intersection, car comes up behind, flies past me. Ten feet later, cuts me off and makes the right turn.

    Both scenarios are bad because they don’t make sense. Some people get flustered around bicycles and react badly. Then if it happens and the rider gets into a hissy-fit (it happens a lot unfortunately) it just makes matters worse.

    Kids riding bikes was the introduction to the transportation network for most of us, but with the rise of play dates, skate parks and hyper-scheduled childhood I think a lot of that horse sense is never learned. Kids don’t really ride bicycles today in my neighborhood, these days they’re on powered skateboards. That’s fine, but they’re on the sidewalk all the time, never venturing out on to the street until they get their learner’s permit.

  13. Being self aware is 90% of it. I was driving my 38 year old non-turbo diesel truck up mt evans in co which goes up 14000 feet. That high, my top speed was 10mph in 1st gear chuffing smoke all the way. New cars would come up behind me all the time and I would pull over and let them pass. Never had a conga line. I dont understand why its so hard.

    It got funny because a dude in a new bronco passed me 4 times because he would always stop to take photos and then I would slowly pass him again. We started waving at each other as I never stopped.

    • One of the biggest, if not the biggest, frustrations about driving in Colorado is the flatlander towing a travel trailer over the high passes. If you’re lucky they’ll not have enough power to speed up in the straights and you can get around, but too often they get the Texas Redneck package so they romp on the gas in the straights then panic in the switchbacks. And because they don’t believe in mirrors they don’t notice everyone behind them. I’ve had people honk and flip me off for passing them because I was being “unsafe.” Hey Tex, I drive Berthoud Pass once a week, I know what I’m doing. Why don’t you get the hell out of our way so we can actually drive?

  14. Imho, a species related to the Motorcycle Clover is what I refer to as, ‘Pushy Shovey’ (Shovie? not sure on the spelling).
    They are often encountered in grocery store isles, most often they are women, usually older ones, however; some males can be in this group. (Notice, I didn’t use the word, men.)

    Their habits include, but are not limited to: reaching in front of you in order to grab something off the shelf, either in blissful ignorance of the concept of personal space or good manners, or they are looking for a fight, I can’t decide which.

    They do not respond to communications such as, “Excuse me!” Or, “Excuse me, am I in your way?” And, never do they utter such signals as, “Pardon me” while moving in on their intended target. I imagine they are humming the words “Me, Me, Me, Me First!” in their heads as they go about their way.

    Often, they will actually lightly brush up against you or lightly shove you in order to get at the item, or to squeeze on by down the isle, while ignoring the fact there are other ways to reach their destination which takes no more time and effort than it does to bully their way through, or to wait ever so briefly for you to grab an item off the shelf and move on your way & out of their way.

    Sometimes, they’ll follow you through the store & try to repeat the behavior. It appears as if they are looking to fight over a head of lettuce or who gets a certain can of tomatoes because they secretly or openly yearned to be in a brawl on The Jerry Springer TeeVee show? Idk.

    While I’m familiar with their habits and have observed them in the wild or of heard numerous encounters by others, I don’t experience much close contact with them as they seem to avoid men, their usual target is women. Is that the equivalent of the conga line behind a Motorcycle Clover? Idk. I.e. a woman likely won’t ‘do anything’ in response, same as the drivers behind a Motorcycle Clover won’t ‘do anything’ such as attempt to pass? I just don’t know.

    Bizarro World.

    • Thats funny helot,

      I see these types in the store often. My theory is they are the same ones who were crazy for the ‘social distancing’ fad we just came out of. The worst clovers of all are the ones who don’t understand that roads are for motorized vehicles, keeping up with the flow of traffic. Walking in the middle of the street, not moving to the side without showing an attitude is going to get some people run over, some day, where I live.

      The kids out in the sticks get off the bus and wait to cross the road as traffic permits. Like civilized people of the past would. Kids in the nearby city (30K+) wander into traffic without a care, not looking, expecting everyone to cater to their P-pass, special people privilege. I cant wait until those ass hats ‘against oil’ start trying to block the roads around here. Reminds me I need to go to the store and get more popcorn.

      • Yes, pedestrian clovers are quite obnoxious! The worst are those who cross other areas that are open to vehicle traffic, and not just streets. Like at supermarkets going from the parking lot into the store – many just blunder on off the curb (or out from behind a row of cars) without ever giving so much as a quick glance side to side. It is as if they have no awareness of that the area they are crossing is open to vehicle traffic….
        With the way these people behave, it’s no wonder pedestrian accidents are way up. That, and add in cell phones and ear buds and it makes perfect sense.

        • Hey Lee,

          The grocery store parking lots are the worst. Its like People all the sudden forgot to look both ways when crossing a street. No situational awareness whatsoever. At our store, many meander down the middle of the parking lot without a care, Bumbley bumbely bumping, gazing down at their shoes, or their phone. I think it might have something to do with ‘safe and effective.’ Don’t ever remember this many unaware Zombies in the recent past.

          • Sitting in the car parking lot watching can be an amusing way to pass the time. It is the same up here. Zero situational awareness even when it is dark out all the time. Noses buried in their phones…not paying attention to anything, walking out in front of moving vehicles, etc. Same thing in the grocery store. I always wonder if that is the same dumb fool who is a left lane lugger out on the highway who refuses to pass anyone, and refuses to move over? I-phones may have been a great new invention and technology but at the same time, I cannot help but wonder if people lost their decency and common sense in the end?

            • Hey Shadow, I thought about putting one of those loud aoooooogaah horns that plays dixie on my truck. I’d hit it right as one of them walked in front of me. Problem is, with all the Myocarditis challenged people, one of them would like;y stoke out, and their family sue me.

              • LMAO, I think it would be funny as hell to watch the clueless pedestrian jump out of their skin. Serves them right for not paying attention. Didn’t anyone tell them not to walk out in front of a moving vehicle?

    • While choosing products,,, for instance, pvc fittings,,, very often the employees (especially Lowes Depot) actually push me out of the way to explain how something works to some dumbshit, usually trying to impress a female. I used to stand back while they explain things to the mind numbed customer but not now. I stand my ground. When they approach I spread my feet to keep my balance when they try to knock me away and then tell them I was their first and therefore have squatters rights. Boy does that piss them off.

    • I usually say “you’re excused” in that situation, seems to flummox them the most as they’re at a loss for a response.

    • Don’t even get me started about people in stores….there are the kind you describe plus many other annoyances. There’s the clown who parks his/her cart sideways in the middle of the aisle so that no one can get around them, and then they look surprised when you say “scuse me”! And the ones that just barrel out from an aisle not seeming to realize that they are entering an open area where there is very likely people going to and fro also pushing carts. You’d think they’d get to the end of the aisle and just ease out and look to see if someone is there…
      And then there are what I call the drunken penguins. If you’ve ever seen vids of large colonies of penguins in Antarctica where the birds just wobble and wander around, seemingly having no purpose other than just milling around. Except you give those birds a good, strong drink and then watch them blunder around aimlessly, looking here, there, stopping, blocking pathways, and apparently being totally ignorant of their fellow flock mates.
      This is what grocery and other large, busy stores are full of. And it drives me nucking futs! I feel like yelling “for crying out loud – get what you want and get moving!” My husband can’t understand why I am not a fan of shopping (though I’m perfectly happy shopping online). I do like to look at things, even if I don’t buy, but I can’t stand to so while having said flock of drunken penguins milling all around me.

  15. I quit riding because my neck of Dixie is now full of carpetbaggers. Too many cotton fields turned into subdivisions, high rent apartments, and stores. Too much traffic. Too many idiots on sail fawns. Too many yuppies fussing over their $10 cups of Starbucks.

    I’ve got years of 2-wheeling under my belt. And I just don’t feel comfortable riding anymore.

  16. It’s a common thing seen on the road. Many, if not most drivers oblivious to the needs and wants of those they are holding up. Waiting until the car in front of them is 50′ away before they start moving at a traffic light is a common example. If you are at a congested intersection, the polite thing to do would be to CLEAR that intersection as quickly as you safely can. Not dawdle around on your cell phone until you happen to notice it’s your turn.

  17. That is a rare situation where a fast accelerating EV would be an advantage to pass the guy, rather than a slower accelerating ICE vehicle. Not that there was much traffic, but that is ONE advantage of EVs. Maybe the only one.

  18. Areed, Eric. However, there are even worse examples. To wit, several years ago I was heading up to the Blue Ridge Parkway from the Piedmont. These uphill, winding roads are mostly 2 lane with no reasonable passing zones. They do, however, have multiple lane segments to allow passing. I was following about 20 dawdling cruiser bikes up the hill when we hit the multi-lane, they spread out to cover both lanes, staggered!! I did manage to weave through in a Miata but, no one else in the conga line could get around these self-centered pricks. Moments later the 2 lane returned and I never saw them again.

    “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
    ― George Carlin

  19. That’s not a bike, and that’s not a biker. As you know, of course. Totally different machine, and totally different mindset. “Motorcycle” for someone afraid of motorcycles.


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