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Anecdotal but Interesting

To use - or not to use - synthetic oil in engines made decades before synthetic oils were in common use . . . that's the question! And there are several answers. I...

Helmet Laws

If you ride a motorcycle, "the law" - that is to say, busybody people who write them  - probably requires that you wear a helmet when you ride. If you don't,...

Motorcycle Clovers

Regular readers of this column already know what a Clover is. It is someone who - among other things - refuses to move over to let traffic get by and go...

My Bike is Like an EV

I was out riding my motorcycle the other day and it occurred to me - as I glanced at the odometer, which you do out of habit if you have a...

The Air Bag You Wear

People ride motorcycles because they aren't cars - and this goes much deeper than the obvious. Motorcycles are free of almost all of the crap that has been forced into cars, most...

Some Therapy

Sometimes brakes stop you - from going. It happens when the brake calipers clamp onto the rotors and don't let go. This happens, typically, because the pistons inside the calipers have gotten...

Hardly Able

People who ride motorcycles still care about motorcycles - as opposed to all-too-many-drivers, who view cars as appliances. Who have been conditioned to view them as such. Evidence of this disparity in...

Waiting for Spring

When the priests sealed the door on King Tut's tomb, the Pharaoh was left to sleep for the next 3,000 years. Spring often feels that far away in late December, as...

A Meerakuhl!

It’s helpful when your old bike breaks down at a buddy’s garage. Especially when your buddy happens to be an old bike fetishist, too. One who just happened to have an...

2023 BMW K1600 GTL

Spend $50k on a new BMW car and you get a four cylinder engine. Spend half as much on a BMW bike and get a six cylinder engine - and a power-to-weight...
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