Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Fun Sometimes Costs!

There is a saying about horses for courses. It means: Don’t take a Cyldesdale to the Kentucky Derby. Nonetheless, it’s sometimes fun to do just that.  My ’83 Honda GL650 Silverwing isn’t...

Bad Times . . . Basic Bikes

If times get tough, getting around will likely become a major challenge. Gas may only be sporadically available - in addition to being unaffordable. Imagine, for instance, what might have happened...

A Meerakuhl!

It’s helpful when your old bike breaks down at a buddy’s garage. Especially when your buddy happens to be an old bike fetishist, too. One who just happened to have an...

Indoor Motorcycle Storage

After my divorce, I realized I needed a new companion. The problem being, “she” was living in the garage. I refer to my much-beloved and always faithful ’75 Kawasaki S1C, aka Little...

1975 Kawasaki S1 Rebuild: Installment Five

The old Kaw is starting to look like something again ... something good. At last! This latest progress reports begins with a short story about a lucky find. I happened to...

Bike Basics: The Oil Change

One of the perks of owning a motorcycles is that routine maintenance is -  usually - much easier to perform than a similar job on a car. Oil and filter changes,...

The Emergency Bike

I've written before about the soundness of owning - of getting if you don't already own - a motorcycle in order to remain mobile in the months and possibly years ahead....

‘Lil Stinker Won… But Government is Winning

'Lil Stinker - my restored '75 Kawasaki S1 "triple" - won an award at the big Ruritan car (and bike and tractor) show held yesterday. That's the good news - for...

How Often Have You Been Shiny Side Down?

A recent poll in Superbike magazine asked the question, "How many times have you crashed/been knocked off in the past three years?" The results of the poll, at the time I saw...

Night Riding

Some things are better done in the dark. Riding a motorcycle, for instance.  At night, you do not have the sun in your face. You have the stars, above - backlit, perhaps,...
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