Eye See You!

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It used to be that your car was a private space occupied in between home and work, where you could be by yourself – assuming no one else was with you. Now something else is always with you – keeping track of you.

Subaru calls their something EyeSight – and it is keeping its eyes on you. The eyes are electronic and you can’t see them with yours. If you want to see them, use a camera to pan the dashboard area; then you’ll see a pair of red blinking infrared lights. These are the pupils – if you like – of the eyes that are always on you. They are watching to see whether you are looking where the car thinks you ought to be looking – which is straight ahead and don’t look left or right for too long.

If the eyes that are always watching you – they never sleep – think you’re getting “drowsy” (which the programming defines as not looking where the programming of the machine  intelligence behind those eyes thinks you ought to be looking) then it raps your knuckles, electronically, with corrective visual and audible prompts.

Subaru’s system is just one of many and they’re all fundamentally the same. I was recently test driving another make/model – a Lexus RX – that had the same eyes that are always upon you, which you can see in the video above. I kept them from seeing me by covering them over with blue painter’s tape, as you can also see. I did this because it annoyed me to be watched by the car, which also insisted I “sit up” – so that it could see me better, apparently. The tape over its eyes engendered a hissy fit, which eventually subsided. A message popped up in the dash display advising me that this safety system was offline and to check the owner’s manual.

In italics to reflect the fact that “safety” has as much to do with the eyes being on you as the grope-and-scan line at the airport has to do with thwarting “terrorists.” Both are measures meant to let you know who’s in charge – and it’s not you. This lets you know who is in charge.

In both cases, a dreary tyranny of universal compliance regime for the sake of compliance. It is everything the old Soviet Union was, just more technological now. You are just a widget and one of many. You are too low to be accorded the dignity of being treated as an individual. Just the same as any cow at a feed lot, which is exactly how we are viewed by the technocrats behind all of this. They are the new apparatchiks – combining political authority with technological power, the latter encroaching more and more with each passing day, or so it feels like.

“Safety” – in the context of cars – can be safely assumed to mean you are regarded as an absolute moron who cannot be trusted to drive a car safely. Accordingly, “safety” technology must be embedded in cars to protect you from yourself and (putatively) others from yourself, too.

Note the preemptive assumption of universal incompetence that predicates all of this.

A good way to understand this is the looming embedding of even more “technology” – ostensibly meant to preemptively stymie “drunk” drivers who’ve never been convicted of driving drunk. It used to be that only those convicted of drunk driving were required to have technology embedded in their car – such as an ignition interlock – to prevent them from driving drunk again.

Now – soon – every driver will be presumed “drunk” and the technology will be mandatory in every new vehicle, beginning with the 2026 model year. And the eyes-upon-you are that technology.

And it is already embedded in many new cars.

Instead of having to breath into a device that senses whether there’s alcohol in your system before unlocking the ignition – the technology courts often require those convicted of drunk driving to have installed in their car – all cars will watch your eye movements and any that deviate from the programmed parameters will be adjudicated by the machine intelligence that controls the car as prima facie evidence that you are “drowsy” – which will be regarded as synonymous with “impaired” – which will become synonymous with “drunk.”

Just the same as anyone who drives is presumptively already regarded as “drunk” as far as the law is concerned. Until they prove they are not – to the satisfaction of an armed government worker at what are styled “sobriety” checkpoints, where everyone is presumed to be “drunk.”

Now your car will be your very own mobile checkpoint.

And – inevitably – it will do more than just watch your driving. This isn’t a projection. It is an inevitability – as well as a legality. The inevitable part has to do with one thing logically following upon the heels of another. If it is necessary to keep eyes on you while you’re driving for your own and others’ “safety” then it is also necessary, implicitly, to prevent you from driving “unsafely.” The technology will do more than rap your knuckles – so to speak – with visual and audible corrections.

It will inevitably prevent you from continuing to drive.

This technology is also already embedded. You don’t control the accelerator or the brakes; the technology does. It merely allows you to believe you do – for now. In time, it will be made clear who controls your car.

And the federal “safety” edict – the one that goes into effect come 2026 – will make that crystal clear.

. . .

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  1. I don’t know how pessimistic to be about it. I know many people hate, turn-off, code-out, disable ASS. Actually, I would not be surprised if it is phased out.
    A few years ago I bought a new car and I ruled out Subaru the minute I read about this camera on the driver thing.

  2. Ruining the city and roads with bike lanes….for nothing…..

    While cycle lanes take away car lanes and the government tells us everyone is going biking, the actual facts from industry are quite the opposite.

    The cycling industry is dying on it’s a*rse because no one is buying bikes.


  3. This surveilance tech in cars is to stop people driving…..

    Eliminate ice cars…then you ?……

    The control group controls what the slaves eat… through brain washing, propaganda and misinformation….

    Food plays an important part in eugenics…population control…..

    Eating engine lubricant is health destroying…..


      • Gil,

        No one is “owed” a car. But people have a right to freedom of movement – and cars greatly facilitate that. Before cars – before the average person could afford to own one – the average person was effectively confined to a traveling radius within the range of his feet (or a horse). Or effectively obliged to live close to “public” – that is, government controlled – transportation. This greatly reduced his freedom as well as his freedom of movement.

    • anonymous1: Thanks for posting that youtube video on canola oil. I know generally that vegetable oils are not good for you, but I was unaware of the particular toxicity of canola (rapeseed oil).

      Just a quick bit of research uncovers the fact that the non-low erucic acid variety has been shown to cause heart damage in animals. Although canola (CANadian [rapeseed] Oil, Low Acid = canola) is of the low erucic acid variety, it’s no wonder that heart disease is rampant.

  4. Euro 7 regulations are coming in 2025….

    They will be monitoring emissions from tire wear and brake wear….

    Currentley if a car is driven normally the tire emissions is about 5.8 milligrams per mile….but if you drive aggressively it can rise to around 5000 milligrams per mile…..they will monitor this data and go after the aggressive drivers….

    So no more aggressive driving…..just walk or take the bus…….

    With all this surveillance and control crap in the cars…people will give up and walk…that is the goal…..


    • They will never stop. As long as banking cartel is in power they will push artifical scarcity. Cars houses food you name it. They wont back down.
      Only hope is separatism and breakup of global trade. Then there is hope some country will be free.

      • The slave owning control group have their meetings in Davos….to plan what they are going to do to the slaves….

        The slaves should have their own meeting….to plan what to do with the slave owners….

  5. We have an Outback, and it’s getting a little beaten since we drive it in some rough conditions regularly. We were thinking of getting a new one, since it’s so good, and recently test drove an Outback XT with the EyeSight system. This system was a dealbreaker and we decided to keep the old car and put some TLC into it instead.

    It bleeped at us when looking away from straight ahead for a split second, such as when looking in the side mirror when merging, or looking into the rearview when exiting, or even turning for a split second to talk to the passenger. This is simply unacceptable nagging. You can disable the system in the menus, but it re-enables whenever you turn off the car. When it’s off, there’s a warning light on the dashboard. I told the dealer as much; you lost this sale because of the EyeSight system.

    • Good morning, OL!

      The aspect that annoys – and worries – me the most is that Subaru, et al, have made these systems standard rather than optional. Why? I do not believe that most buyers want this “technology.” In fact, most people I have spoken with about it do not want it. My sister – who recently (last year) bought a Crosstrek – only bought it because she was able to avoid EyeSight (the manual-equipped models lacked it). She told me she would not have bought it otherwise. So – again – why? My hypothesis is that Subaru, et al, are laying the groundwork for public acceptance of cars being under the control of the government-insurance mafia via “technology.”

      • I think every large corporation has been taken over by people who will follow the script, profits be damned. These people know they will be taken care of even if the company fails. It’s the only explanation for why these companies sacrifice sales for this unwanted (by the buyers) technology. They are there to sabotage.

  6. Fisa 702 apparently makes everyone with a network or networking equipment an extension of the CIA/FBI/NSA.

    Using that as precedent, your car will soon be required to squawk an IFF signal or update location and driving data constantly.

    It will all be fed to a giant data center, housing all this info to be used against you at a later date.

    Your car will also call 911 when one of several criteria are met.

    I’m only half joking. Some of this will come to pass.

  7. You think you own your house, you don’t. [Kelo decision]

    You think you own your car, you don’t. [you can’t use it without paying the annual extortion fee]

    You think you control “your” new car, you don’t. [any “smart” or connected device is controlled by those that control the computers and it ain’t you.]

    Best of all, you think your vote counts. Just be an obedient slave and say “Yes, Massa”

  8. Sadly, the majority of people will have no problem with this. They’ll go along. And who suffers? We who value freedom.

    I was born in the wrong time period.

    What’s a man to do in this day and age but become an outlaw? OK. Done.

    • That is why separatism is good and globalism is always evil. Poeple who want to live like ants shouldnt be in the same country with poeple who value freedom and individualism. I see no gain in forcing an ant to be free. I dont see why ant wants me to be a part of his colony. I can only sabotage it from inside.

  9. You said exactly what I was thinking, Eric. That is, that one day that piece of tape will shut down the vehicle, because you erringly tried to flout the rules that were only trying to keep you saaaaaafe (insert sarcasm). Unless someone comes up with tape that has human like eyes to fool the sensors. Sorry, but that would be annoying as hell having an eye monitoring system nagging me like some mother-in-law. Never mind watching for the stupid deer: Try hitting a moose that decides to trot out in front of you! Those animals often do not move, because, well, what are you going to do about it? Bullwinkle will do more damage to you and your vehicle (unless you drive a big truck) in the process of plowing into him. But hey, sorry you did not see the moose, and it destroyed your vehicle and paralyzed you, because you were busy obeying the eye-darting system, and was not aware of what was around you. I swear, just when the level of stupidity reaches a new low, someone in charge of this safety crap says, “here, hold my beer”.

    • That’s actually a good idea. Remember those glasses that had holographic eyes on them to freak your friends out? Hmmm. Painted on eyes never stray from the road!

      • Oh this brings up a question. How does the car even see your eyes at all when the driver is wearing polsrized or dark sunglasses?

  10. I’ve always wondered, in situations like this, what happens if you’re in a van with no rear windows at all, and have some sort of partition between the drivers area and the back so that no one could see you from the outside should you decide to sleep in the back? If the police see the van and knock on the doors to try to get you to respond, and you never respond, what are they going to do?

  11. The new shade tree mechanics will be people who can hack computers. Pay a knowledgeable someone to remove or override the features you don’t want and ensure the car will still run. Take it to the dealership for service, where they will “fix” the problems, then rehire your hacker, and on and on until the warranty expires.
    This is, of course, the utilitarian approach. I would much rather see the nanny state removed or overridden. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon. As time goes on, Americans seem to be getting more complaint and accepting of surveillance and being treated as not trustworthy and not smart. The conditioning they have received since elementary school is paying off.
    For Fords, you can disable the seatbelt bell. My husband has done it for my car, my former car, his Mustang and his company owned truck. He found it online and uses the fob to do it. The dashboard light comes on but there’s no sound.
    These upcoming “safety measures” sound a little more involved and integrated, however. I think a pro is needed.

    • Its not easy to hack something thats constantly updating. Average car also has around 100 microcontrollers. After they leave the factory they is no usb or something to reprogram them even mechanics just replace them with new ones. It is possible like fixing a broken pixel on your TV is possible.

    • Welcome, KTL!

      The problem with this new surveillance is it is already in today’s cars. I don’t believe 2026 is going to bring anything different except the mandating of this same technology. What we, as consumers, need to do is stop buying it. Let these new cars sit on the lots. Bring back the used auto market where the only thing selling are vehicles made before this new technology was imbedded to spy on us. Let the car manufacturers have a few quarters of negative earnings and maybe they will put two and two together.

    • RE: from the URL, “But I have nothing to hide”.

      Read an article once, people who say that, don’t think it through. The tag on the end is, “You have nothing – or, no one – you want to protect?”

      …Something along those lines.

      • When discussing cell phone privacy with my brother, he also spouted that line.

        “Well, I don’t have anything to hide. They can listen all they want!”

        So I asked him if he would mind unannounced home inspections by the same people.

  12. The Total Information System won’t allow anything or anyone to go incognito. You are being watched!

    Was driving a US highway one night, a vehicle passed and was gone into the night. 30 miles later, the vehicle was in the ditch and on its side. Driver must have fallen asleep at the wheel. I catch myself in a drowsy situation while driving down the road, just all of a sudden, you are almost sleeping, you wake up.

    Was traveling through a state to a destination, a summer camp, two sons in tow, was tired and no motel. Ended up in a small town, went directly to the sheriff’s office and asked if it was okay to get some sleep in the park. It was alright, just so they knew and I wouldn’t be asked to leave. It works. They’ll drive by to see if you are there or not, probably do a plate check for more information on the vehicle.

    Just passing through, not on the lam.

    That was 22 years ago in the old America, the new America is a different story.

    • I do have to add, just for clarity, that the sheriff was not a clean shaven, well-groomed American IDF trained fascist Law Enforcement Asshole.

      The sheriff hadn’t shaved in a few years and looked like a local yokel hippie from way back when.

      In other words, a human being living in North America.

      Action Figure President Joe Biden is a Kaw Liga still in the blister at Walmart, mint condition.

  13. I find the heads-up display in the video distracting and suspect it leads to concentration on it. Have any users foud that to be the case, or is just my unfamiarity with it that makes me suspicious. Like touch-screen everything, our driving machines seem to encourage distraction from routine driving skills.

  14. I was at a small gathering last night, about 10 upper midwestern guys in a small town pizza place in honor of this weekend’s upcoming wedding of one of them. They were talking about their new cars and pickups and all this tech.

    It was truly disheartening to listen to these normal seeming guys. They were accepting of EVs, even acknowledging the inability of the trucks to tow or do useful work (Swen Oleson has an F150 lightning and he couldn’t make it back from a 75 mile trip with his car trailer…) and the impracticality of them (Ole Swenson’s EV didn’t work worth a damn this winter, the heat sucked the range down to nothing), and the fact that they are absolutely wasteful (John Thorson asking precisely who would buy a 5 year old EV?) and Thor Johnson wondering if EVs were cheaper to insure because they were simpler.

    They got around to talking about this nanny tech, and while I kept mostly quiet and listened with a poker face on, they were incredibly impressed by the magic, by how so long as you looked straight ahead the system would drive for you, by how you could drink a cup of coffee and pass a truck around a curve with the VW Atlas’ self driving, by how you could get the wonderful “super cruise” for “only $3000” more.

    It was disheartening and sad because I’ve been programming machines and systems for the last 30 years, and they have no idea it’s all a parlor trick. When you program real world systems that have to make money and not kill people you learn at a very deep level that what you’re doing is embedding a dumbed down, oversimplified version of yourself and your decision making into a machine that’s going to dumbly follow your programming. And these poor bastards are worshipping false gods, trusting in programmers and bean counters far removed and insulated from them to do their driving, their living, and make their decisions for them.

    Recognizing that technology is a serious false god is a sobering epiphany.

    • It seems that a lot of people are literally hypnotised by automotive gimmicks, especially of the EV-related kind. I think that’s one of the reasons why otherwise intelligent people seem completely “off” whenever they talk about and defend their EVs, they are seemingly unable to relate to them and their shortcomings in a rational manner. Post-purchase rationalisation and propaganda also play a part, obviously.

    • These are the men whose old pick up trucks and 20 year old cars I will happily buy up as they enthusiastically wait for the next new tracking device to make an appearance. I wish everyone was as concerned about privacy, unwarranted surveillance, cameras everywhere, being recorded without your knowledge, etc. but most don’t care. They have accepted it. I refuse to.

      We all deserve to live in an era where we should not have to constantly watch the words that flow from our mouths for fear that they will be used against us at a later date. We should all have the ability to go hiking without fear of drones flying overhead. And hell, if we feel like getting it on in the back seat of OUR car in some remote area, the damn thing shouldn’t be recording us. I am sick of seeing people with their heads down in their phones not paying attention to the world revolving around them…or worst, not caring.

      • Yep but since guys like these buy into the idea of always having a payment they trade in after 1-2 years, I get their vehicles after about 3 owners…

      • Can’t argue that. Most of them were customers of mine, and as I sell them productivity technology I can’t say too much. I was appalled by what I heard though.

        • Not sure what the hell happened to the people of the sea axe, the Viking warriors of old. It seems the duplicity and backstabbing have outlived the honest bloodlust of the race. Or maybe the good ones went Viking to get away from the type that we know now. That would fit…

  15. Hi Eric,
    Good to see that after taping over the cameras you could still drive the car. I wonder if future iterations will brick any vehicle that doesn’t have all the saaaaaafety systems operating.

  16. Thank God I’m too old and crippled up for any of this to matter to me directly. I don’t even drive anymore.
    But for the rest of you I only have one piece of advice: RUN! divest yourself of any equipment that subjects you to such control and monitoring. If it means driving a 20 year old car, then so be it, whatever the cost of driving such may be. A metal candy box is an effective faraday cage. To test it, try to call your phone while it is so encaged. When I was still driving, I never answered the phone while I was driving anyway. They would call back later if it was important, or text me.

  17. Where i live, (Corona, CA) it is illegal to sleep in your car, FOR ANY REASON.
    So, if you are feeling drowsy, and consider it prudent to pull off the highway, park your car, and catch a short nap, you are subject to harassment by local “law enforcement.”

    To be in compliance with local law, you would be required to stay behind the wheel and continue driving, regardless of the risk to yourself or others.

    Have you ever fallen asleep at the wheel? I have, and it is a very scary experience.

    • I’ve always wondered, in situations like this, what happens if you’re in a van with no rear windows at all, and have some sort of partition between the drivers area and the back so that no one could see you from the outside should you decide to sleep in the back? If the police see the van and knock on the doors to try to get you to respond, and you never respond, what are they going to do?

      • The old Plymouth or Chrysler vans are good…just block off the windows so they can’t look in.

        Some people live/sleep in station wagons too…they don’t look like a home.

        Just plain unmarked vans are good too….they don’t look like a home.

        Pickups with campers or motor homes are bad…they think it is a home…lots of places… illegal to park at night….

  18. Skydo is a (USA! USA! USA!) drone manufacturer. They broke out on to the scene around 2018 with the R1, a drone that could “fly itself.” This was basically a proof of concept, designed to get press and the attention of VC investment, which it did, with the unlockment of the much coveted Unicorn level… a $1 billion valuation.

    This was followed up with the S2 and later X2. These were more polished and complete units. They use the next generation Nvidia processing engine to build a map of their surroundings and avoid obstacles in a way that no other drone could do. It maintains a 1 meter “bubble” around itself at all times. Normally it will not move into an area it cannot maintain the bubble. It overrides the pilot to not crash.

    They also introduced new software driven “skills” for business and enterprise customers that included inspections and automated image capture for building 3D models. The “enterprise” software was an add-on subscription with an high annual fee. One of the primary reasons for my wanting the enterprise upgrade was the “skill” of being able to reduce the 1 meter bubble to around 10 cm. Same hardware, same base software, they just added a software switch to let it get into tighter situations. Still will avoid objects just as well as it did before, just gets closer now. And the difference between 1 meter and 10 cm is massive. If you want to read a serial number off tower mounted equipment, trying to get a good clear picture at 1 meter is nearly impossible. But 10 cm? No problem. At 1 meter, is that bird shit or a cracked connector? 10 cm, oh, that’s just a bird dropping. OT: doesn’t matter how cool the tech is if your customers don’t like it. Lesson learned. Go with the flow.

    The reason I point this out, is that if there’s software in the loop it can be deactivated or altered. I imagine if you’re leasing or still making those “low monthly payments,” there won’t be a defeat switch. Maybe by hacking you’ll be able to defeat the system, but more profitable to simply “unlock” the nanny for a subscription fee. Maybe tie to some other activity, like an annual test or recertification, but that’s just a fee with extra steps. For sure LEOs and other connected individuals will get a bypass switch. Like the old phones in the Pentagon that had an extra row of buttons so they could seize trunk lines in an emergency (such as the general needs to talk to his mistress NOW).

  19. I had the opportunity to fly on a private jet recently. This one time glimpse into the lives of the wealthy really drove home the extent to which normal people are inconvenienced and demeaned on the daily. No lines, no hassles, no dehumanizing orders from robotic TSA to get scanned, take off your shoes, keep an eye on your bags, throw out your water bottle, inspect your luggage, pat you down, show your id multiple times, put your mask on (2020).
    The staff and pilots were friendly, helpful and efficient. It reminded me of how flying commercial was in the 70”s. No wonder the elites want to keep their private planes, gas cars stoves and continue to eat beef. These things make life very pleasant.

    • Hi RS,

      Yup. I’ve also flown privately a number of times (car manufacturer press trips) and it’s exactly as you’ve described. Like flying commercial used to be before the TSA. It is very telling that the TSA rigmarole is absent from private aviation. Are we supposed to believe that the “terrorists” are too po’ to be able to afford to charter a private jet?

      • Apparently they can afford a Piper Cherokee…


        And yet, there’s still no TSA over at the GA terminal.

        In fact if you’re staying at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen for Pride Week, the car service will drive you right out to the tarmac. To be fair, if you’re a former speaker of the house, you can get limousine service when you fly commercial into ASE too. I once had the “honor” of being on a flight from DEN to ASE with Nancy Pelosi and her entourage. Not only did she hold up departure for two hours, she was whisked off to her Woody Creek home straight from the tarmac… Aspen being one of the few commercial terminals that doesn’t have jetways.

        • Yep you drive eight up to the plane and your car or limo is waiting by the plane when you land. All you need is lots and lots and lots of money!

    • RS…
      No Shit! I went to several “Executive airports”..chiefly Opa-Locka FL….AND THERE IS ABSOLUTE JACK SHIT SECURITY OR CONCERN ABOUT THE LIFE STYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS…
      terribly sorry about caps ….but it’s a , blood pressure thing…

      Carlos , the pilot, just drove up to the gate in his 2016 Toyota Tundra with his fake US Air Farce vanity plate…punched in the code …AND…we drove right across the skid marked runway to the Learjet……

      Could have easily loaded 3,000 lbs of Whatever…

      I helped him replace the 50ml liquor bottles for some latin rock star’s tour….and wondered …..just how much shit they get away with??

      Time for the Red Pill?

  20. There’s a scene in the movie “Old Dads” where the car records everyone in it, passengers and all. I suspect that’s coming next. Driving your car will begin to resemble a cross between the movie Demolition Man and the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey. In the future Ill get into my car and I’ll be fined 3 demerit points and then it will refuse to start.

    For the record this is not the dystopian future I signed up for.

  21. How the ‘driver drowsiness’ algo works:

    ‘Typical signs of waning concentration are phases during which the driver is barely steering, combined with slight, yet quick and abrupt steering movements to keep the car on track.

    ‘Based on the frequency of these movements and other parameters, among them the length of a trip, use of turn signals, and the time of day, the function calculates the driver’s level of fatigue. If that level exceeds a certain value, an icon such as a coffee cup flashes on the instrument panel to warn drivers that they need a rest.’


    In my case, Bosch had better include a ‘driver rage’ algo:

    ‘Typical signs of fulminating rage are phases during which the driver curses at rising decibel levels, shakes his fist at the Clownscreen, smacks the dashboard repeatedly with the flat of his palm, then hollers “f*ck this noise,” slams the brakes, and throws the vehicle into a “bootlegger turn” controlled spin.’

    Don’t make me tell you what comes next.

  22. ‘You don’t control the accelerator or the brakes; the technology does.’ — eric

    Or, in the notorious case of the 737MAX, you don’t control the elevator position … as 346 deceased people, including the pilots, found out the hard way.

    Algorithmic control is intrusive and obnoxious. Last night, attempting to type an organization name ending in ‘Inc.’ in mid-sentence, the spelling algorithm ‘helpfully’ capitalized the next word because of the period after ‘Inc.’ Had to change it back twice before it grudgingly accepted my uncapitalized, correct entry.

    Likewise, until I learned to watch for it, my phone would mangle text containing past tense ‘were’ into ‘we’re’ [we are] every single time — probably based on frequency of occurrence, which is a very simplistic basis for presumptuously overriding the writer’s entry.

    ‘A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.’ — Isaac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics”

    I interpret Asimov’s laws to enable humans to administer the death penalty to recalcitrant algorithms which defy the Second Law: ‘a robot must obey orders given it by human beings.’ Such rogue algorithms are now omnipresent.

    Do you feel lucky, algo?


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