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When More Power’s Not Enough

It's interesting that - on the one hand - car manufacturers are making vehicles more powerful than any that have preceded them. GM, for instance, is about to debut the latest...

OJ’s Bronco vs. Today’s

Now that OJ's in the news again, hopefully for the last time, it might be worth going back in time again - to remember the Ford Bronco OJ was slouched down...

Why Manuals Matter

The manual transmission has become something of a rarity, even in vehicles that used to commonly come standard - play on words intended - with them, such as economy cars, sports...

How Times Have Changed

Not only did cars used to have ashtrays - they often had several. My '76 Pontiac Trans-Am has three. One up front for the driver and front seat passenger, two in...

Are Old Cars Practical As Daily Drivers?

This is an addendum to the Precious Metals story the other day; I thought it was worth going into the subject more deeply because of the interest in it expressed by...

Precious Metal Investing

Lots of people buy precious metals - gold and silver - to retain the value their paper dollars would otherwise be losing by not spending them. The latter being what's called...

What Most of Us Don’t Do Anymore

The other day, I started up my old muscle car. This involves something more than pushing the "start" button - which is how you start pretty much every new car (the...

The Decontented Car

Everyone has heard about muscle cars - but how many remember decontented cars? Often, such cars were both. Examples include the "5.0" liter iterations of the 1980s-era Ford Mustang that weren't Mustang...

A Lift That Works

If you like to work on cars you probably hate crawling around underneath one, trying to get at things you can't easily reach - or even see. This gets old after...

Ford Mustang: 1964-2028?

We already know that the first will be the last - again. Ford's Mustang didn't just precede the Chevy Camaro and the Dodge Challenger. It inspired their creation. Had Ford - under...
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