Monday, May 16, 2022
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Encomium to Pontiac

It is coming up on the eleventh anniversary of the death of Pontiac, a fatality not so much of the 2007-2008 financial collapse - which delivered the coupe de grace -...

The Gone Ones

Tempus does fugit. I've been test driving new cars long enough that the first new cars I test drove are now Antique cars, literally. I recently found myself behind a '95 Mustang...

Gas Guzzling . . . Then and Now

I took my '76 Trans Am out yesterday; I needed a reboot - and it needed exercise. Drove the orange-painted, screaming chickened "gas guzzler" around for about an hour, taking my...

The Yugo and its Merits

The joke goes: How do you double the value of a Yugo? Fill up the gas tank! True enough. And yet, nearly 800,000 of them were made - all the way through 2008, a...

Doomed: Li’l Red Express, 1978-1979

High-performance trucks are back - but they aren't new. One of the first of the breed dates back to the height of the Disco era, 1978 - when high-performance cars had all-but-ceased-to-exist,...

Closing the Antique Vehicle “Loophole”

One way to save a lot of money - and avoid a lot of hassle - is to opt out of paying the annual "registration" fees the governments of most states...

Badge Funging

You used to be able to easily tell a Ford from a Chevy from a BMW from a Subaru. Now it's becoming hard to know whether what you're talking about has...

The Old Car Experience

If you’ve never driven an old car - as opposed to a used car - you have probably never experienced certain things that were once part of the experience of driving...

What We’ve Gained . . and Lost Along the Way

When every new car comes standard with air conditioning - and an LCD touchscreen - such things become given things. It becomes harder to make a case for more expensive things. Why buy...

The TRX vs. The TA

The '21 Ram TRX I am test-driving this week has more than three times as much horsepower (702) as the 455 V8 in my '76 Trans-Am made when it was new...
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