Friday, October 22, 2021
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Good Names… Bad Cars

The good thing about a bad car name is you've got no expectations. Not much to live up to - and so, little to disappoint you. Achieva, for instance. But wasting a good...

How Uncle Killed Pontiac

The French philosopher-economist Frederic Bastiat wrote about the unseen repercussions of government interfering with the market's natural progressions. In other words, what might have been. Perhaps the saddest four words in...

The TA Corona’d!

I took the Great Pumpkin out the other day, to try and pump some much needed carbon dioxide into the very cold air. Some greenhouse gasses are badly needed - to...

The Fixable vs. The Tossable

Being able to fix rather than replace things is probably going to become of greater interest in the years - perhaps weeks - ahead. One such fixable rather than tossable thing is...

Muscle Car Classics of the ’80s… Get ‘Em While You Still Can (Afford ‘Em)

Back around 1980, the now-legendary, much-coveted and Big Bucks muscle cars of the 1960s and early 1970s were just tired old cars; common sights at seedy used car lots - and...

Roadrunner with Richmond 6 Speed Transmission

A good friend of my father's has a modified Roadrunner with a 440.  For performance and improved gas mileage he has a Richmond six speed (ROD).  He has had it for...

A Tale of Two Bullitts

Smokey and the Bandit made the second generation Trans-Am an icon of the '70s - but it was Steve McQueen's attempts at getting airborne in a big block Highland Green...

Doomed: Lincoln Blackwood (2002)

When something works once, it's reasonable to assume it might work again. Then again, maybe not. Back in the late '90s, Ford's Lincoln division managed to outsell crosstown rival Cadillac almost entirely on...

The Bandit is Gone . . . And Not Just That

Burt Reynolds is gone and with him a different America. He was in his early 40s when Smokey and the Bandit appeared back in 1977 - at first, regionally. The flick was...

Doomed: AMC Eagle (1979-1988)

American Motors Corp had a rep for being, well, different. Broke, too. The lack of money tied into the different drummer-ness. Oddities like the Ambassador and Matador, the Hornet and Gremlin ... and of course,...
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