Hershey Car Show Corona’d . . . But Not By The Virus

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People make the intellectual error of attributing the shutdowns and lockdowns to “the virus.” In fact, the virus has had hardly any effect on anything – outside of nursing homes.

But government – the people with the power to shut things down and lock things down – has had a tremendous effect on everything. In the name of “stopping the spread” – a hideously dangerous notion – we have suffered an almost unlimited spread.

Of government.

Which has now had the effect of shutting down one of the country’s largest and greatest car get-togethers, the annual Fall Meet at Hershey, PA.

To those not hip, “meet” is a misnomer. Or at least, barely hints at what this actually is. Which is, one of the largest gatherings of car people held. It is the Woodstock of car shows – and more than just that, too.

People come from all over the country to sell – and buy – car parts. Hard-to-find parts for cars that haven’t been produced in decades. Sometimes, centuries (the Model T is more than 100 years old now). Bu if you need it, someone at Hershey probably has it.  It just might take a little while to find it.

But that is a big part of it. The fun, that is.

You spend hours – even days – walking the seemingly endless fields and rows and warrens of informal stands/booths and open trunks looking for what you’re looking for. Having chats with people who speak Studebaker or LaSalle or Hudson and other mostly forgotten brands.

Here, you will find the fluent.

And probably, what you need to complete that project you’ve been working on for the past several years. And even if not, you will find camaraderie. Among thousands and thousands of like-minded automotive aficionados. People who dig it – and get it.

All of it now officially Corona’d.

The Antique Automobile Club of America – which sponsors the event – just announced the Corona’ing. There will be no annual meet this fall – which is months away – because the organizers believe – reasonably – that it will be impossible to have thousands and thousands of people milling around in a manner that is government-compliant.

That is to say, playing Sickness Kabuki.

Imagine the absurdity, if you can, of people “maintaining social distance” at a swap meet. How, exactly, do you pick through cardboard boxes of parts from six feet away? How do  you speak with the owner of said parts to strike a deal for the part when you can’t understand each other because of the Fear Mask the government forces you both to wear? Every car shown with tape all around its perimeters, the viewers forced to stand on the “x”?

It’s not only silly, it’s unenforceable.

Which is why – “with great regret,” according to the official announcement – the AACA has decided to call the whole thing off and thereby deprive thousands and thousands of car buffs of the highlight of their year.

It will also, of course, cost the vendors – the people who put up hot dog stands and such – a large sum of money. But no matter. They are not “essential.”

Only government is essential.

Which circles us back to this evil business of “stopping the spread.” Read the words again, carefully. Consider what they say – and don’t. The latter being why they are evil.

Stopping the spread? Madness.


What would you say to someone who spoke in terms of “stopping the spread” of the common cold? Of the flu?

There are millions of such “cases” (another evil bait-and-trick) each year and always will be – because it is not possible to “stop the spread” of colds and viruses, which includes WuFlu.

The finer point – not to be spoken of – is whether you’ll die from catching cold, the flu or the WuFlu. Which of course you probably won’t unless you’re very old or very sick. It would be prudent to not attend a car show in that case – though forbidding you to attend would be tyrannical.

vector cartoon illustration

Closing down the whole show – forbidding tens of thousands of not-old/not-sick and so not in danger of anything serious people from enjoying a car show that no one is forced to attend is something far worse.

The AACA has caved to the government – which it fears more than it cares about serving the interests of the old car hobby as well as the demands of liberty, which is being trampled in a manner that is disgraceful and insufferable.

It may be time to-end run such Quislings – which includes, as an addendum, the same as regards all hair cut joints and stores and so on that are insisting on Fear Masking and “anti-social distancing” and otherwise enabling and accomplicing this tyranny.

Let’s socially distance  . . . from them.

Get haircuts from people who won’t insist on Sickness Kabuki as the condition of a trim. A meal – served without Fear Masks or partitions. A car show where you’re free to mill about, as you like – among others who aren’t terrified you’re going to kill them by exhaling near them.

Let those who are stay away.

There has to be someone in PA – somewhere – who has enough acreage and enough guts to open his place those who want to come to show and see neat old cars and find and sell parts for neat old cars. Who is willing to re-assert the American idea of free association.

And let the government try to shut it down.

. . .

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  1. Glad to hear ppl are meeting anyway. Fairs, festivals, car shows, other shows… those are really nice positive events that help make peoples’ lives worth living.

    So these govt creeps must really HATE all people… shutting down the joy in peoples’ lives, and wrecking peoples’ livelihoods, etc is truly HEARTBREAKING. All because of nothing (or worse). The govt creeps probably thinks it’s funny.

    Just the tourism industry alone must be devastated (not just for the past couple of months but into the future too) — there’s alot of people that have jobs working on cruise ships, plus hotel staff, restaurants, etc. They all must be trying to find another job… but what are they qualified for and what other jobs can they find?

    • Hi Harry,


      And since when did this thing called “government” become the Decider of our lives? Americans have forgotten that our lives are ours – not the property of this thing called “government,” which after all is just other people who have titles, costumes and the effrontery to assert that they are the Deciders of our lives.

      It’s time to recover our senses.

      • Since they demonstrated that they controlled the Big Men with (clubs/spears/swords/guns). Most people would be horrified at the idea, that government is simply the natural evolution, of gangs of successful thieves and murderers.

        After all, they do wear the Funny Hat™, and thus their whims and dictates, MUST be “legitimate”…

  2. What I don’t understand is WHY this car meet was canceled. If it took place in April or May, I could somewhat understand it. However, this meet takes place in late summer, by which time the lockdowns should be long over. Shoot, the NFL is saying it’ll start playing in September! IIRC, they want to do so in front of full stadiums too. If the NFL can open up more or less on time, why can’t the Hershey, PA car meet not be held?

    • Because Corona!

      The idea is to make life intolerable- impossible – via “social distancing” and Fear Masking. So as to make the Corona Cattle mooooo for vaccinations.

      • I’m not getting a vaccination-especially when this one will MODIFY your DNA! The proposed corona vaccine works with RNA, which will fuck with your genetic code at the cellular level. No thank you!

        • Hi Mark,

          Me, either. They’ll have to strap me down – and if it gets to that, they’re not going to be able to do it while I’m still breathing.

          • Ditto Eric! Last vaccine I had when I was 14- The stinking Swine Flu thing in ’76. I wouldn’t shoot my mother….but if anyone with guns and needles breaches my closed gate….I’ll be shooting first. They’ll prevail in killing me- because i will not be vaccinated nor captured…but I’ll at least make it hard for them, and hopefully it’ll cost them something.

            Don’t wait for them to reach your door or fire the first shot. They’ll ultimately win….but don’t let it be at no cost to them.

      • Ya know why too? Because doing all this health-signaling nonsense gives the average person the idea that “This must be serious!”. It’s the script of a self-fullfilling prophecy.


        My 90 year-old aunt who lives in Flushing, Queens, calls my mother last week. My aunt lives in a co-op. My mother tells me “Aunt ‘Berta called; She said any time they go outside, they HAVE to wear a mask, and only one person at a time can use the elevator in their building now. See? This MUST be bad!”. (Yes, the politicians force yuou to act a certain way- so then that act becomes proof of the legitimacy of the supposed reason one is being forced to act….)

        But think about it!!!! A group of 4 people walk into their building…. Four other people- maybe a husband and wife, and two individuals are already waiting to use the elevator. They each go one at a time… It ends up taking 20 minutes for the last of the total of 8 people to get to their apartment after having entered their building!!!! (This, in a building where the elevator had been out of service for repairs last winter for 2 months…forcing people, such as my 90 y.o. aunt and 92 y.o. uncle to walk six flights of stairs every time they had to get the mail or go out!

        But it’s NYC- so people are used to living like thrid-world refugees and obeying the dictators…so no one even complains…much less rebels. And so goes the rest of the country! There is no one there even enforcing the elevator mandate….and yet the people dutifully comply voluntarily!!!!

  3. Several good signs everywhere. Here in Missouri, several thousand went to the Lake of the Ozarks, and flipped the bird at the Psychopaths In Charge. Likewise at several beaches, many of which happen to be in the most tyrannical States. MANY have decided that the lock down is over, whether CNN gets its panties in a wad or not. Though generally a hideous thing, the riots have demonstrated that the armed goons are mostly card board cutouts that can be ignored without to much effort. Perhaps at some point the fact that the armed goons are NOT racially motivated, and are equal opportunity thugs, though they do tend to prey upon those who can’t afford to sue them, will come to light as well.

  4. I found it extremely interesting that when people were out protesting the lockdowns, all the media could yammer about is how the protesters weren’t wearing masks or socially distancing.
    Now people are rioting in the streets of every major city and not a word about the ‘rona and the risks these rioters are putting themselves and others in.
    And yes, I called one group protesters and the other group rioters and I meant to. The lockdown protesters were exercising their constitutional right to peaceably assemble and address the government as to their grievances. Windows weren’t broken, fires weren’t set, merchandise wasn’t stolen and although there were some guns in attendance (another media yammering point) no one was shot. The protests were done in the light of day, when members of government were actually present in their publicly funded lairs to be addressed.

    • Hi May,

      It’s just another aspect of the disease process. Virtue-signaling about Fear Masking taking precedence over a burgeoning national race riot (triggered by AGWs).

      • Actually, it was triggered by the Prog Media (did I just repeat myself?…) and their endless hysterics about it.

        That AGW should NOT have been doing that. Especially for that long. One of the others should have told him; Enough, lets take him in. He had three other officers there, so there was no reason for his conduct.

        But it is the media (and their pumping up, this racial angle for years) that caused this. Couple that with months of lock down, and 40 million people out of work, and this was predictable. In fact, I’m betting it was. This is just the next phase of the operation.

        This is a branch point. Lets see what happens next.

        • Hi BJ,

          I think it’s both. AGWs are out of control and have been so for a long time; long before Corona – and not just toward black people, either. The hate for them is palpable. I feel it, too. And I’m the demographic (middle-aged, college-educated white guy) who ought not to feel this way. But how else should one feel toward armed thugs who enforce tyrannical laws and who are themselves largely above the laws they enforce upon us?

          The lockdown is just more gas on a fire already lit.

          • Sadly I have to agree. Long ago it was an honorable profession. But that time has long since passed. Hiring former combat soldiers for the job, was a terrible and dangerous mistake.

            But its only to be expected. Given generations of people with little or no self discipline, and an unwillingness to take personal responsibility, the current enforcer class is the natural result.

            As is our current form and extent of government. It remains to be seen what the next act of this tragic play will be. But one thing you can be certain of, the Oligarchs will continue to rule, in one guise or another.

          • What really perverts things, is that the media only reports pig brutality and murders when they are perpetrated against blacks- which greatly distorts reality, as the vast majority of brutality is perpetrated against whites.

            You hear “Black lives matter” and “Blue lives matter”- but apparently whites are disposable- and any reporting on the misconduct of pigs seems to be solely aimed at creating a racial scenario.

            Having many pigs among my relatives (unfortunately) I can tell you that white cops are extremely careful to mind their P’s & Q’s around ‘boos, because they are under severe scrutiny from their immediate superiors and politicians and the media, because anything that happens to a jig -even if the pig is 100% in the right , will make headlines; bring out Al Sharpton, the NAACP, the ACLU, rioters, etc. -But ya can do anything ya want to white people, and no one will even hear a word about it. Mow down their whole fambly, and it MAY make the local news and 5 people may picket in the street for a day or two…..

            I used to have an email address that contained three words which all began with a capital K….my nephew the pig said I could no longer contact him via email, as it could look bad for him……. (Not that I corresponded with him- just used to relay messages from my mother).

            Locally, just a month or so ago, a white dude who was caught trying to break into a house, died while being arrested. There were a couple of articles in the local papers- and literally, 5 people walked up and down in the street with signs for a few hours….and we’ve never heard another word about it.
            (The guy had a long criminal record for burglaries and such- so it’s hasrd to care- and the protesters were his fambly members….but imagine if the guy had been black?!)

            Interesting thing too: No one would likely have ever heard of this in the local rags- as it seems the pigs were keeping it quiet- but a witness to the incident captured the thing on video and posted it on FaceCrook.

          • Hi Eric, it warmed my heart (pun intended) to see the fire engulf the station that housed those pigs; sadly it will be taxpayers who end up paying for all the destruction. I wonder if this might be the tipping point for the nascent police state being imposed. The fact that the AGW who choked the poor slob to death was charged (belatedly) with murder is a hopeful sign; that the other 3 just stood there and watched makes them accessories, not to mention cretinous excuses for humans.
            I think the massive demonstrations nationwide are making our overlords a bit nervous, I read an article stating the supremes were thinking of trimming back the whole “qualified immunity” bs for AGW’s which started with the courts and the “just us” system in the first place. Perhaps the Sociopaths In Charge feel the heat of the torches coming their way and are willing to toss the frontline of useful idiots under the bus to deflect the anger away from themselves .

    • Let it burn. Maybe this will become the conflagration that brings the whole rotten structure down. Can’t happen soon enough.

      • Not going to happen. The Oligarchs will continue to Rule, in one guise or another. While it may be Good to be the King! Its even better to own the King. That way, when the rabble eventually comes for the King, you fade into the background, and wait for the next King. And the next, and the next, and the next…


        • I get it, believe me. Just can’t figure why anyone would want to lord over this hollowed-out fetid corpse of a once decent country.

          The divisions are wide and deep, with little commonality or sense of purpose left to bridge them together. Compound this with the virus charade, tyrannical governors and mayors running amok, Big Tech censorship, cancel culture, an economy in shambles, ad nauseum, and what do you have left worth saving or ruling over?

          • Simple. Out of Chaos, Order… Once the survivors are beaten down enough, they swoop in and “save” those who remain. Then, they can force their “sustainable” agenda on everyone. All neat and tidy. Or so they plan.

            Some how, reality never works quite as neatly as the Oligarchs simulations and plans, would have them believe. But when dealing with such Monsters, thats only to be expected.

  5. “the people with the power to shut things down and lock things down – has had a tremendous effect on everything. In the name of “stopping the spread”

    I am not trying to be picky or obstinate but these morons, these freaks, these idiots, from the President, Governors, Mayors, Commissioners do not have this power. There are no legislated laws covering social distance, mask wearing etc. There are no legislated laws that allow them to shut an entire economy down. They are dictating and making shit up as they go, “law enforcement”, now Gestapo, are hideously enforcing and the majority of “we” are accepting it without even a whimper.
    Again Eric, just my nickels worth. Sorry to say,,, a lot of folks have been misled about this. Everywhere on MSM they insinuate that these creeps have this authority. When we act like cattle they will treat us like cattle.

    • Hi Ken,

      Power and legitimate authority are not the same thing. They do have the power to do so as long as most believe that they have the authority.


          • Hello Jeremy,,, Oh yeah, I understand. And yes many believe the garbage officials have the ‘power’,,, or so the manipulated polls say. Many more are scared of the Gestapo which is illegally enforcing the illegal rules being conjured up out of thin air much like our money they are also destroying.
            If most believed the moon was made of Blue cheese would that make it so? Someone has to bring up reality which is what Eric does.
            We are supposedly a nation of laws, not a nation of believers. We are supposed to have unalienable rights that are guaranteed and that government cannot remove those rights for any reason.
            What you are suggesting is that we are now a majority rules democratic tyrannical POS,,, rather than a free republic. If that is the case should Eric and the rest of us don masks, just shut up and do as we are told? Because if we don’t force them to obey the law of the land then that is what will end up happening.

            • Hi Ken,

              My first comment to you was not intended to be critical or to say that you were wrong. You objected to Eric’s use of the word “power” but seemed to use it interchangeably with “authority”. That was the distinction I tried to make. Power and authority are not the same thing. For instance, a strong man has the power to rape a weaker woman, but obviously does not have the authority to do so.

              Many people accept the exercise of power because they falsely believe that legitimate authority lays behind that power. I was trying to agree with what I saw as your broader point, I just think it’s important to make a distinction between power and authority. And no, I don’t believe at all that because many people believe that the State has authority, just because it says so, that the exercise of power is legitimate. So no, with respect, you did not understand my point. We’re not at odds here, I just did a poor job of explaining.


              • Jeremy,,, this stupid thing has me so mad it’s hard to even stay coherent. They have taken all the fun out of life. No partying, No games, No races, No dining, unless you don’t mind Stupidville. Went riding,,, stopped at a restaurant where they put plexiglass between my wife and I. The help were wearing masks and gloves as was most of the customers,,, didn’t take cash. Got up and left. Insane!
                A nation of insane zombies in two months. Some of this anger may be seeping into my posts so no offense meant.

                • Ken, the really tragic reality, is that its ALL about power. Couple that with the illusions/delusions that have been pumped into most people minds, and the only wonder is that matters aren’t worse… Yet.

                  Authority is just another perception. It can be created, shaped and manipulated.
                  Media are just the current Court Intellectuals, in that regard. It is up to them, to handle that perception. Look to the “educational” system for the other piece of the puzzle.

                  In the current situation, Authority stems from wearing a Funny Hat™. How does one get a Funny Hat™? By winning a popularity contest. Other wise known as an election.

                  After one dons the Funny Hat™ One has the Authority, to give orders to the Enforcer class (the big men with clubs/spears/swords/guns) and be obeyed.

                  Its fear of those Big Men, that under lies the Authority of those who wear the Funny Hat™.

                  Now you know the basis of human society. That reality is why most people prefer their illusions/delusions, to the stark and cold reality of power.

                • Amen, Ken –

                  As I’ve said, too, I won’t have it. If this is “life” henceforth it’s time to take back out lives – even if it costs them.

    • In many states, the gov’t MAY have this power. Just before 9/11, the feds encouraged states to pass the Model States Emergency Health Powers Act. 30 some states passed parts or all of the MSEHPA, which gave governors legal cover to do what they’re doing now. The fact that these laws are unconstitutional is glossed over. But yeah, thanks to the MSEHPA, many states are acting under color of law to do what they’re doing…

    • Great points ken & others. Our employees (govt) do NOT have the authority to order any of these things lately. If they really wanted to do so, they could easily do a national election and the people would vote on it. WHY don’t they simply ask the people? Because they’re dictators committing high treason.

    • You can bet when these assholes go into session, they will try and pass laws on “social distancing” and “Personal Protective Equipment” Blue states will go first and then about half of the red states will pass, albeit less restrictive laws. But both will be restrictive. Compared with what’s in place today. Force lockdowns and social distancing through order first adn then pass less odius but still odious regulations through legislation later. It’s bad.

  6. The REALLY scary thing is:

    I called the veterinarian the other day to make an appointment to get an outside cat neutered (NEVER needed an appointment before- but since so many people had been hiding in their houses the last couple of months…there’s a backlog now)- So they put me on hold for a minute…and while on hold they had some TV talk show playing- and the yammering broads on it are talking about some long-anticipated upcoming event…and one of ’em says: “IF we will be allowed to have it”.

    But the way she said it…. As if it were the most natural thing in the world- Not a hint of resentment or anything; just a cheery “If we’re allowed”- Like a 5 year-old being happy at the prospect that mommy might let him play in the yard. As if it is just a given that Uncle has the right to determine all that goes on; as if they are children, waiting for prospective permission which they might obtain if mommy decides that conditions are right, and that it’s safe to go in the water…


    To parody Eric: “And they wonder why I don’t watch TV!”

  7. All hope isn’t lost, there are meets in Jersey going on lately as we speak, and I’ll tell ya, I can count on my one hand all the masks I’ve seen, everyone else was hanging around like nothing happened, cops didn’t bother us and while the oldest car was a C4 Vette and mk3 Supra, still an awesome time.

    By midsummer, this’ll be dead like Grandma and forgotten about, even if there are still sheep’s who won’t turn back from the slaughterhouse

    • Hi Zane,

      Several good signs here, too. Widespread Fear Mask disobedience; no hassles from any store/shop so far for not wearing the stupid things, either. I also just saw a huge billboard for Duck Duck Go – urging people to use it instead of Gooooguuhl.

    • Zane,

      On Phillipsburg, NJ’s main drag, there’s a cheese steak and burger place. The food is good (even if it’s a heart attack waiting to happen), and you’d better bring a healthy appetite when you go there; I speak from personal experience. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I passed it on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. It was PACKED! It looked like pre-Corona. There was a healthy crowd; bikes and cars packed the small parking lot; and there was NO physical distancing going on. It was nice to see that-especially in Jersey of all places… 🙂


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