“hero” Hassles Car Show

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Here’s a video of a “hero” preying on people attending a car show. Everyone’s behaving, no burnouts, even – but the “hero” spends all day circling the show, looking for any pretext to pull over a victim and extract “revenue.”

And they wonder why they’re despised.

. . .

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  1. Hero’s never seem to have enough time to investigate real crimes (like theft or vandalism) against citizens, but have time to be a nuisance.

    If he was assigned to “patrol” this car show (I am guessing he wasn’t, just happened along it), he should have parked that Charger and walked the show (h*ll they would have probably let him “show” the patrol car!). He probably would have even been welcomed by most even.

    It’s one of those cases, if someone else (a non hero) was doing something like that (riding around like that, in a unsafe manner), people would be able to tell that person to stop doing that and/or to get lost (or call the cops). But since its a cop……. Maybe someone in charge of the show should have found a pay phone and called his bosses to complain, though that could bring down even more crap.

    • Hi Rich,

      The sight of them triggers in me the same response that almost stepping on a rattlesnake crouched next to a fresh pile of shit triggers when I’m out hiking in the woods.

      I used to equivocate a little, try to find some reason to defend some of them, for some things, at least. But the ugly fulsome truth is they are all thugs by definition. No such thing as a “good” – one except those who quit. Any who do not are – no matter how “nice” and “fair” – armed goons enforcing tyrannical decrees that have no justifiable basis in morality. They trespass on our rights, they use violence and the threat of violence to coerce obedience, exactly as any schoolyard bully does only we are legally enjoined from defending ourselves against them.

      I’m sure there were also “decent” SA men, “just trying to do their jobs,” too.

      Yes. Indeed.

      • I know a few people who run car shows, and hero’s are often subjects of what do you do. Of course that is in private only among the organizers, god help them if that got out in the public……. Not really any good answers to what to do.

        Cause even if your not causing any real problems, some clover living nearby is going to dial 911 to complain about the noise, even if there isn’t any. I know one show that is a completely parked show (you can’t run your engines even ugh) and people STILL call to complain about noise…… The show dies because its no longer fun and there are too many rules that don’t seem to help………….

        Its a tough job organizing any open to the public event in my area to begin with. There are so many people living in my area that you don’t want being there. So you have to attract the ones you want, but at the same time discourage the undesirables from showing and wrecking everything.

        Its why we can’t have nice things anymore.

      • Yes. They are Atillas that work for Witch Doctors.

        Trained to be on the lookout to harvest privately held wealth under some pretense and make it their own, or their higher ups of their boys in blue predatory tops of the food chain of command.

        They have no regard for who or what they are dealing with. A 40 year full time productive working man can expect no better treatment than a 50 year lout that has never lifted a finger to do anything for anybody, not even his own family and friends.

        Probably worse in point of fact, because the pigs want to break him open like a pinata and get all the free candy and lunch money he’s hiding inside himself.


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