Hero Hassles Lawful Open Carry Citizen … Again

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Here’s another video documenting Law Enforcers making up their own “laws” – and hassling citizens who’ve broken no law.

The citizen is out in public, legally open carrying (no dispute about this) when two Heroes in an SUV roll up on him very aggressively – and then one of the Heroes even more aggressively yells “Gun! He has a Gun!” and unholsters his gun.

The citizen, doing nothing illegal or threatening (his hand is not even on his gun) is on the verge of a summary execution by the hysterical Hero, who seems to be itching to screech “officer safety” and blow the citizen away. And probably would have done so, were it not for the fact that the encounter was being video recorded by the citizen.

In pre-video times, the Hero would have probably shot the guy, then claimed he “feared for his safety.” That the citizen “made an aggressive move.” And that would have been that.

Which is why it is so important to document any encounter with a Hero. Especially if you decide to legally open carry. The Heroes seem to not like anyone except themselves being armed.

Another, somewhat calmer Hero arrives and defuses the situation. But he also doesn’t know the law. While agreeing that the citizen is legally open carrying and is not legally obliged to ID himself, he nonetheless doesn’t respect any of that and continues to pester the citizen about his disinclination to obey the Hero’s illegal “request” (made under duress) to identify himself.

These Heroes are incredibly dangerous to our safety.

Ignorant of the law. Making up laws. And threatening people with potentially lethal violence for not complying with their made-up laws.

Hut! hut! hut!




  1. This little piggy jackbooted your local goods and services market.

    This little piggy jackbooted your family and home.

    This little piggy laughed and laughed when someone protested “but but but when I was a young piglet the Heroes at least spoke english. Now they speak 50 shades of incomprehensible Americano, and squeal squeal squeal, I can’t comprehend a single one.”

    And I laughed too, because I speak fluid sail fawn text slang, and barking internet impatiencese and improper elevated status to concrete bound Alpha Cucks with deaf ears, but thankfully have the patience and ability to navigate and resolve modernity’s complex logarithms without any aid by anyone of oral mammalian throat noises of any kind.

    Will the Heroes ever self-regulate? Not by the hair of your chinny chin chin.

    Daryush Bang Quotes are Mostly Valid. He really is a red pilled rebel as far as understanding the game.

    Daryush’s Childish Belief In An Intervening God Makes Him A Miserable Illogical Mess In Regards To Acting On His Red Pill Knowledge. Most men are better of to leave the god stuff to kids and wives. It doesn’t usually translate well to real world reasoning and it leaves you powerless to battle the PTB and resigned to clinging to the leg of some tribal strongman.

  2. Fucking border patrol. I’d like to know exactly how far from the border this occurred.

    Border must be totally secured if they have the time to pull this shit, huh?

    • Hi Yeti,

      Yup – that’s the other thing… these border patrol dicks hassle Americans…. Often, the border patrol dick is an obvious first-generation “Latino” who speaks heavily accented English. Now, I have nothing against Mexicans or other such (have some relations who are Mexican). But that’s not the point. The point is some jag-off who can barely speak the language hassling Americans whose English is 100 percent American and are obviously not from some foreign land…

      • eric, about a dozen years ago a friend who’s a real wizard technician on some specialized mining equipment got sent to Canada by his company to pull a Canadian company’s butt out of the fire since they had no one with that ability and couldn’t find anyone in-country. He gets to the airport in Canada and is grabbed by their border patrol and shuffled off to a room to be under guard while they arranged for him to be put on the next flight going back to his town because he wasn’t 10 years past a DWI.

        I was looking at jobs on-line and this company is hiring drivers for concert tours. One thing they have in qualifications is no felons, even if you can pass the mandatory TWIC(FBI, background check, fingerprint, iris scan, etc) because Canada won’t allow you into their pristine country. Never mind they let in ragheads on the known terrorist list and give them the full-blown alien package of housing, food, and money. Well, hell man, they gotta give em money or they won’t be able to buy weapons.

        You can guess what sort of people are behind these schemes.

      • To maintain empire, troops from region B police region A and troops from region A police region C and troops from region C police region B. This makes sure the police forces have as little respect for those they police as possible and are more willing to kill them. Police must be separated from the population for empire to work.

        • It’s the very reason foreign troops have been trained in this country to police the US. You have even less in common with people you can’t speak with or even understand why they live as they do. It’s a win/win for govt.

          • Dear 8, Brent,

            The discrepancy between what government is supposed to be, and what it actually is, often baffles people.

            But it all becomes crystal clear the moment one realizes whom it is they’re actually serving. Not “We the Sheeple”, but the 0.001% corporatist elites.

            • Morning, Bevin!

              Even when well-intentioned (like a parent, for instance) the government cannot know what’s best for others and – more to the point – hasn’t got the right to so presume, either.

    • The “border” extends 100 miles inland from the actual border. It’s like having the Coast Guard run interdiction checks on I-287 around Morristown, NJ. (Use Google maps to get an idea of what I mean – and consider that the Great Lakes are also part of the coast, since they’re connected to the ocean via a canal. Border is worse… All across he country.)

      And as noted, we’re being hassled by those who aren’t too bright, aren’t too right, and ARE usually looking to hassle us, over obviously fraudulent “details.” (No, we’re NOT hiding ter’rists in the engine compartment of our Old-style Bug!) Note the Enemies: Foreign and Domestic trilogy by Bracken. These are animals, not humans…

  3. Wow! Yeah, there’s been “elevated” things happening to LEOs, but that stop was very unprofessional. The guy’s reaction was also uncalled for.

    When you challenge a LEO, what do you think they are going to do? They get nervous.

    The times I have encountered a LEO here, I have never had a problem. I open carry and conceal carry. The first thing one SHOULD do is hand over the DL AND the weapons permit. The LEO asks where is the firearm and I tell him/her exactly where it’s located. They are good with that and we get on with whatever business there is.

    Once again, there is a correct way to talk with LEOs and this guy didn’t do that.

    • The point is: the hero had no lawful right to even talk to the person carrying. He should have just gone by and left the guy alone.

      People answering the phone at the 911 center should be telling people: carrying guns is not unlawful (or even suspicious) and that they need to ignore those people and mind their own business.

    • Can a Clover be plastered on Harry? It might help to identify him to all reasonable and sane individuals that visit here.

        • Hi Harry,

          I didn’t think the man open carrying was at all confrontational. He was walking along, minding his own business. A police SUV charged up on him and two very aggressive armed government workers practically leapt out and began accosting him, one of them almost immediately (and without any legitimate cause) drew his sidearm and assumed a very confrontational stance.

          All the man did was assert his legal right to carry a firearm openly. His legal right to not have to present ID just because he is carrying openly.

          At this point, the armed government workers could have de-escalated the situation by accepting that the man was in the right, legally – and they had no legal business bothering him. Maybe apologize (gasp!) and wish him a good day.

          Instead, they escalated the situation.

          Why was it necessary for them to do so?

          And why – when they did so – aren’t they (rather than an innocent citizen) the ones being faulted?

          Just my weirdo opinion here, but I think that free men and women in a free country shouldn’t be accosted by armed government workers when their actions are within the law and (even more so) when they haven’t done anything to cause harm to others.

          Things are out of hand.

          When I was in high school in the ’80s, some of my friends drove trucks with shotgun racks and actual shotguns in them to school… no one thought anything of it.

          Kids walked along the road with .22 rifles.

          Now, we live in a police state. With jumpy – and thuggy – “heroes” out looking for trouble where there is none, escalating situations. We begin to hate them.

          This is not good for anyone.

          The solution is to dismantle the police state; focus on the relatively few real problems and leave the rest of us in peace. De-escalate where possible. Lethal violence as a last resort (as is required of you and I).

          And consequences for armed government workers who do not know/obey the law themselves and who make up – and attempt to enforce – their own laws.

        • That’s what I said when the tornado hit our barn and house. If our house and barn had simply moved a quarter mile to either side then tornado could have just gone on its path and not be bothered…..but no, house and barn both stood their ground……for awhile. Then the neighbors hay barn wouldn’t move so the tornado taught it a lesson it won’t forget and threw it over the other barn and into the house. After all, these piggies are just a force of nature……aren’t they? They obviously have the ROW no matter what the situation.

        • Harry,

          Since you think that the waylaid citizen had no place asserting his right to be unhindered unless in commission or suspected of having committed a crime, what amount of police overreach (the citizen was perfectly within his rights and the law) would be required for you to feel resistance to such offense was required? Or is there no limit?

    • Hi Harry,

      The thing is, there should have been no stop in the first place. Because the guy wasn’t in violation of any law. He was out walking in public, legally open carrying. He was not waving his gun around. Not acting strangely. His gun was holstered and he was merely walking down the street, legally open carrying.

      The whole point here is that a person who is not in violation of any law (and who hasn’t harmed anyone and has not threatened to) ought not to be stopped and – no matter how politely he is “asked” – forced to deal with armed and threatening government workers.

      He should be free to go about his business. Free to not answer their questions, show ID.

      Is this East Germany? Or America?

      Yes, it is “challenging a LEO” to assert your rights under the law. Aren’t LEOs supposed to know the law – and back off when their actions are not in accordance with the law?

      How about the LEO conceding, “Yes, you’re right. I’m sorry for the trouble. My mistake. Have a nice day”…. ?

      Are you arguing that we have an obligation to become supine and deferential, regardless of the law? To accept rather than “challenge” abuse of the law? To do as ordered?

      Again: There was no legal basis for the stop. For these Heroes to aggressively confront that guy and bark demands. It is inexcusable that the one Hero unholstered his gun – a very clear implied threat of lethal violence.

      The ugly fact is that average Americans increasingly find themselves in the position of “indigs” facing heavily armed, contemptuous and even murderous occupational troops.

      Even the term you used – LEO – is indicative of this. Of the power imbalance. These buzzcut, jacked-up goons are enforcers.

      Whatever happened to keeping the peace?

      • Is this East Germany? No.
        Is this America? No.
        Is it sufficient to argue only for a more rational and equitable Theater of the Absurd false matrix of imposed “National” behaviors? No.

        Our lives our not things to be graded on a curve.

        There is much more to argue about, this is just a beginning.

        From infancy, you were turned over and diapered and indoctrinated by Mommy Matrix to become supine and deferential on command, regardless of the absurdity of it all.

        You are limited by design in your ability to conceive of who the heroes that have hassled you really are.

        It was first Mommie Dearest and probably Dear Old Dad as well. They were indoctrinated and mechanized to replicate a robotic matrix upon command. And they instilled that in you when you were at your most helpless as well.

        They were not Heroes. They went much farther than merely hassling you along the way. Go to bed each night. Go to school each day. Look after your pile of trinkets and enforce the private property matrix the way we’ve taught you. Be a good drone, eric. That’s a good boy.

        Its doubtful your parents raised you under the NAP. It’s more likely they used their superior size and control of vital resources to keep you servile and submissive to their parental jackboots at every turn.

        Your family. Your friends. The authorities from your earliest childhood. Were they not also LEOs? Law Enforcement Officers who did what the Matrix demanded of them. Even when it demanded destroying all that potential you once had to be a free thinking and acting human being.

        They eviscerated your mind. And gave you a head full of useless automaton bugaboos that you think have some kind of value. Totally blanking out the pitiless way every “good thing” you know because your proud to be an American. Where at least you know you don’t have it as bad as an historical East German.

        Libertarian car guy. Free man who writes what he likes, because he doesn’t have a master.

        How free and libertarian are you really? Isn’t Harry53 a lot like you and me? He doesn’t see that he is a law and order Cuck. But we are also blind. To our Cuck upbringing that was imposed upon us by an authoritarian populist idiot mob.

        Merely wishing for a less oppressive Matrix. The one from the 70s that you and I can both still remember. That’s really not enough to ask for and fight for, when you think about it. Now is it?

      • Humans demand conformity. It does not matter to the majority of americans that someone has violated no laws because by being different he is asking for it as far as they are concerned. Then when the weirdo is confronted by a cop people will decide he hasn’t been polite enough, submissive enough, etc and so forth.

        Another odd thing I’ve noticed about humans is that they’ll violate the property of someone else, they’ll act badly towards someone else, then if that person isn’t perfectly polite to them they get offended. If that person doesn’t beg them to turn the stereo down in a apartment building or dorm but sends the message by banging on the wall…. they are offended. Ask them to leave private property and they’ll get offended it wasn’t done politely enough. Why does someone who is acting rudely, intruding, etc deserve behavior that is absolutely polite? I don’t get it.

        • Is not the Globalist Universalist demand that all neighbors, everywhere, must be respectful of the intrusive old Cucks who demand everyone must always respect his endless “right” to absolute peace and quiet. How can believing in this fairytale be compatible with individual freedom.

          The cloveritic demand for silence is an illegitimate intrusion into animal freedoms that even the apes and lower mammals enjoy.

          This Pakledian “We Need Things That Make It Quiet” is an arbitrary convention that the 1,000 or so great men of the world have sanctified as a worldwide Fatwa, and nothing more. Only a mind-controlled Walking Dead corpse would relish such a stale Orwellian reality that is always silent as the grave.

          Surely there are some occasions that call for loud and boisterous behavior. And even for reckless abandon as far as respecting every iota of property and boundaries 24/7 in a totalitarian manner.

          If my 6th grader cuts through your property on her way home from school. You do not have sanction to blow her head of for daring to step into the Islamic sanctity of your back yard like some infidel scofflaw.

          Or what if her friends are out on the sidewalk at midnight, listening to their YouTubes and talking loud while you’re trying to sleep. How much is it really, to soundproof the front of your property. Isn’t this the better, lasting solution. Instead of going all Mao and Stalin at everything that offends or inconveniences you?

          You have rather an occasion to physically engineer your property so such things don’t occur. Yelling and threatening at every instance of non-compliance is how we’ve gotten here. Using reason and vision to secure our property is how we’ll escape this totalitarian nightmare.

          If there is legitimate consensus for a “fair” volume of noise, and easement onto the property of one’s neighbors, that is one thing. But where is this anywhere the actual case?

          I doubt I’m being very persuasive, or on point with the particulars, but I’m pretty sure on underlying principles, I’m right. If only I were Scott Adams and understood the art of persuasion better.

          The Persuasion Reading List

    • “The first thing one SHOULD do is hand over the DL AND the weapons permit.” That’s what ‘they’ will tell you, but you shouldn’t need to show a weapon permit, because you shouldn’t NEED a weapon permit.


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