Reader Question: Which Truck?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mike asks: Long time reader. Found you on Lew’s site several years ago. Keep up the good work. If you have time for a pick up truck question, I’ve got one.

Background. I’ve always owned Toyota and been very happy with them. I live in a remote area of Idaho, more than a 2 hour drive to get to a town bigger than 5,000 people.  We are at 5,000 feet above sea level. Lots of cold and snow.

We’re looking at purchasing a new big full sized pickup. Carrying construction material and towing trailers with toys. The only  local mechanic prefers to service the big 3 vs Japanese trucks.  I’ve read your Titan and Tacoma reviews. We’ve been in both. I need a longer bed Thant the Titian’s are available in around us. Wife wanted more space than the Toyota. Some sites (Motor trend)  give the GMC good reviews but others (consumer reports) ding them for not being reliable. 
If were are going to plunk down a large chuck of change for this new truck are we better off getting a diesel? It’s hard to see the future but I keep reading about the coming diesel shortages.
Any thoughts would be helpful.
My reply: I like the Titan, too – but agree with you about the small (for a half-ton) bed options. It’s a shame, because otherwise, it’s a nice truck and from what I gather solid and reliable as far as the driveline and other major components. I love the Taco  – but it’s a smaller truck and so not sized right for your needs. How about a Tundra? Not the new one, with the hybrid V6. The old one – which was made until just a year ago? This is a superb truck with a bulletproof drivetrain and a right-size (for a half-ton) bed. Granted, used truck prices are high now but so are new truck prices. And the Tundra’s resale value is among the best, if that matters (if you ever decide to sell). Meanwhile, these things last forever.
The GM trucks are fine, too. I’d go with the 6.2 V8 that’s available in the Silverado (Chevy) and Sierra (GMC). I’m reluctant to recommend the diesel due to its very high cost and not so high mileage, as well as having to deal with DEF and so on. Besides which, the V8 is a Clydesdale as well as a racehorse. Much as I am critical of GM’s “wokeness,” its V8 engines are truly spectacular.
But I’d seriously look into a year-or-so-old Tundra before you commit. It’s the one I’d buy – if I needed something bigger and stronger than the Taco!

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