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To all of you who’ve helped me do what I do. Who’ve enabled me to keep this site operational in the face of Wokeness and probably worse to come. I also wanted to let you know I am working on alternative methods of facilitating donations – in addition to PayPal and the regular mail – and these will hopefully be operational soon. The intent is to give those of you who’d like to support the site a variety of options and make it so the Woke won’t be able to choke us out as easily.

I have Square in process and am looking into Gab. If anyone has suggestions for other methods, please let me know.

For now, I sign off with thanks – again – and promise to keep you posted!

. . .

Got a question about cars, Libertarian politics – or anything else? Click on the “ask Eric” link and send ’em in! Or email me at if the @!** “ask Eric” button doesn’t work!

If you like what you’ve found here please consider supporting EPautos. 

We depend on you to keep the wheels turning! 

Our donate button is here.

 If you prefer not to use PayPal, our mailing address is:

721 Hummingbird Lane SE
Copper Hill, VA 24079

PS: Get an EPautos magnet or sticker or coaster in return for a $20 or more one-time donation or a $10 or more monthly recurring donation. (Please be sure to tell us you want a magnet or sticker or coaster – and also, provide an address, so we know where to mail the thing!)

My eBook about car buying (new and used) is also available for your favorite price – free! Click here.  If that fails, email me at and I will send you a copy directly!



    • Any thoughts as to, why?

      I’ve been considering the Gab universe,… maybe this Winter?

      OT: I watched a bit of, ‘Off-Grid With Doug & Stacy’ & was reminded of how Eric wants to get an RV. Among other things, Doug talked some about the solar aspects of an RV, I like his perspective, perhaps you guys will too & find it useful?:

      • Helot, though I don’t have proof, Square seems kinda corporate-y, and I think they would cave and drop Eric the moment the signal was made. GabPay less so, because Gab has been attacked since it’s inception.

  1. Hey Eric!

    Thank YOU for providing this site/forum that’s helped keep my sanity, knowing there are others out there who can see what’s being done to us.
    As far as donations go I’ve always found snail mail to be reliable and (so far) unhackable.


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