The Bolsonaro’ing of Arizona – and America?

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Early Wednesday morning and it looks like Kari Lake – who had been polling well ahead of her opponent, Katie Hobbs, for governor of Arizona – will not be governor of Arizona. The appalling Gretchen Whitmer and Kathy Hochul will remain as governors. And “Incitatus” – John Fetterman – will be in the Senate.

Call it the Bolsonaro’ing of America.

The reference being to the loss at the ballot box of someone who appeared to be far more popular than his opponent and certain to win. Just like the Orange Man.

Until the votes were counted.   

The Bolsonaro’ing of Lake being especially similar and even more suspicious in that her opponent was more than just her opponent. Katie Hobbs is also, conveniently, Arizona’s secretary of state, which means she is the state official who has legal oversight and so power over  . . . Arizona’s elections. Including her own. This being kind of like having your estranged spouse’s attorney handle your divorce settlement. For this reason, Hobbs will never be acknowledged as the legitimately elected governor of the state, by millions of people in the state – even if a majority of people did vote for her rather than Lake.

This being catastrophic for “our democracy,” if those who say that cared about that.

What was on the ballot yesterday – and not just in Arizona – was the legitimacy of the system itself rather than who was running for office. The Left may have succeeded in diverting the “red wave” that had been predicted – and which in some cases, as in AZ, seemed certain. But it did so in such a way that the results will only further heighten suspicions that the fix was in, again.

Kari Lake wasn’t just ahead of Katie Hobbs in every poll. She was well-ahead of Hobbs in every poll taken since early October. How does a 3-4 percent lead (in the polls) become a 2 percent loss? Maybe because the polls were wrong. Or maybe because the votes weren’t right. Even if they were, many of those who didn’t vote for Hobbs will never believe the votes were right because of the fact that Hobbs was in a position to assure they were “right.”

Similar uneasiness percolates generally. With reason.

One goes to vote and instead of a paper ballot that can be correlated to the voter if there is any question about the vote, after the vote, the voter is directed to a computer screen and taps an icon that supposedly records the vote.

And maybe it does.

But who could tell? How would they tell?

The machine says so many votes for X and not-as-many for Y. But there is no way to establish whether the votes for X (or Y) were legitimate votes because there is no correlation on paper between the numbers in the machine and the number of voters. We are expected to just trust a computer – one under the control of private companies over which, the voters, have no control – with no way to verify the computer’s trustworthiness. It is not “denialism” to question this trustworthiness. It is due diligence. Those afraid of that often have something to hide – and something to gain by hiding it.

So why hide it?

Why this numinous, inscrutable manner of voting? Why is it being handled by opaque private companies rather than via some method of public oversight out in the open?

Cui bono, chico?

What is wrong with paper ballots that can be correlated with actual voters, so as to assure – if there are questions – that they have been answered? Would that not end “denialism”?

Would that not soothe frayed nerves on both sides?

The other problem with voting is this business of mass absentee and early voting. What is wrong with having Election Day – as we had for 200-plus years – and everyone who wants to vote showing up to vote on that day? The votes counted later that day. Not for days afterward.

Absentee balloting was – formerly – a thing used to enable people in the military, who could not be at the polls on Election Day, and others who could not be present on that day and at the appointed place for good reason (which had to be substantiated) to exercise their rightful franchise.

It became an alternative way for anyone to vote during the “pandemic,” when Election Day became Election Months – and so it has been ever since.

Thus was born the phenomenon of mass absentee voting – and ballot dumping. Crates of “votes” just appeared – and were counted. And when people raised questions about these “votes,” they were sometimes re-counted. But never were they vetted before they were counted – or re-counted. Ergo, re-counting them simply served to re-confirm the prior result.

Not whether the result was legitimate.

Ironically, the man singularly responsible for the transformation of Election Day into Election Months and for mass absentee balloting is the Orange Man. It is ironic, because Kari Lake’s (and many others’) candidacies were inspired by the loss of the Orange Man in 2020. Who may have lost the actual vote, too – but we’ll never know, either way – because of all that mass absentee voting he allowed to occur while he had the power to prevent it, but didn’t.

Instead, he set the precedent for it.

And now it has become practice, as inevitably happens when a bad precedent is established. For that reason, it may no longer be possible to use the vote to un-Bolsonaro America.

In the meanwhile, Incitatus heads to the Senate. One whinny for yea – a hoof stomp for nay.

. . .

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  1. Kari Lake War Room Retweeted
    Landon Wall
    We now know the party identity of 114,000 of the 292,000 early ballots dropped off on Election Day that have yet to be tabulated in Maricopa County:

    R: 47%
    D: 24%
    I: 29%

    Governor Lake incoming.


    Next Arizona vote totals drop at 8 pm MST (10 pm eastern) on Friday night will tell the story.

  2. Maricopa County’s humiliating faceplant deepens:

    Ali Bradley

    ‘AZ: Spokesperson for #MaricopaCounty elections tells me the majority of ballots won’t be done being counted until after the weekend. They initially anticipated 95-99% of ballots to be completed by Friday.

    ‘An historic 290k ballots were dropped off #ElectionDay causing the delay.’

    Nice ‘blame the voters’ riff, Ali. In a county of 4,497,000 inhabitants, 290,000 dropped off ballots on Election day. How dare they?

  3. Elections are an existential threat to democracy, whatever that is.

    When you are raised in a daycare from age two to five, you become conditioned to doing the same thing over and over all of the time. The daycare provider tethers all of the daycare children together and then go for a walk. Oblivion seems to be the ultimate destination.

    Fundamental change has occurred, Americans are babies, in the dark, can’t think, been brainwashed.

    Who believes any of this what is now believed to be a totally unreliable and corrupt gov? Cannot be trusted.

    … from the cradle to the grave, why must we all behave like children, lost, lonely children … – Joe South, Games People Play

    Don’t it make you wanna go home?

    • Oopsie, the song is Children by Joe South, was thinking of the song Games People Play. Meant to make the correction, overlooked it all.

      It’ll be okay.

  4. Accepting duopoly political parties, and seeing the same thieves and
    liars regularly in office, and expecting different results, amazing.

    I demand the option of two car companies only, Tesla and Rivian.

    Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting
    different results.
    Albert Einstein –

    PS And then, if a third political party (competition) is mentioned,
    some clown(s) will disparage it

  5. I am a big time lurker on Eric’s site. I send him a few bucks occasionally as I value his work. I comment occasionally. I follow politics. I talk to people and have a good idea of what people think. People are angry. I am as well. I see anger growing. Even the folks most of us seem to see as stupid followers. That is not the truth. Anger grows. It feeds on itself. Eventually comes the breaking point. It comes. Be ready. Prepare, it could come in a knock on your door in the middle of the night. Fight. The dam will break, the unleashing of the anger will resound through the ages, if any of us survive. PREPARE, FIGHT, SURVIVE bring on the new world.

    • Good morning, Ugg!

      Yes, I agree. It is palpable. What occurred on Tuesday is so gallingly, so obviously fraudulent that people see it. One could say, sort-of plausibly, that Biden may have legitimately won 2020 because so many disliked Trump personally, even if they liked most of his policies and the results of them. But with 70-plus percent of the country (in every poll) saying the country is in a dire situation? With every odds-making outfit (money on the table) favoring red over blue by wide margins? With hated people like Whitmer and Hochul on the ballot? And we are to believe they “won”?


      And if they did, even worse. Because it means we have reached a tipping point that transcends mere corruption. America is no longer America, just as Russia was no longer Russia after the October Revolution. And that means, it’s game on for those of us who are not mentally ill, rabid Leftists.

      • Well said, Eric. Unfortunately, there is reason to believe America is no longer America. As Bishop Sheen eloquently stated back in the ’50s, communism is what happens when a country becomes utterly corrupt and basically “dies.” The corruption invites the “vultures” (e.g. Gates, Schwab, Biden, et al) to come swooping in and feed on the decaying carcass of the once vibrant nation. Hope I’m wrong, but it looks like that’s where we’re at.

      • Eric,
        “And we are to believe they “won”?”
        But they did win. By hook or crook, they won. It could be that a great many are so fed up they just threw up their hands and said “to hell with it. I’m not voting”. Which is a perfectly legitimate response. Since it matters little in the final accounting. The FedGov is NOT run by the elected anyway. It’s run by the CIA, the FBI, The Federal Reserve, NIH, WEF, etc. They do not need your vote.

        • Hi John.

          You need to back it up at least one step. Who runs the various groups you spoke of? Who has benefited from both sides of the various wars and revolutions for centuries?
          They are the real enemy. The rest are just corrupt tools. Expendable when they become a liability.

          There is no saving this country. The old republic died long before any of us was born.
          The current Empire is well into decline. Its time to focus on saving those who can be saved, and let nature take its course. My focus is on my family and my community.
          This winter is looking more and more dire, as we progress towards it. Many, many people are not going to survive to see spring. I wish everyone the very best of luck. We are all going to need it.

      • Even that horrid J.B Pritzker (insert fat joke here) managed to get “reelected” in Illinois. Really?

        It used to be that politicians got reelected when they were in office during good economic times, and ridden out on the rail when it was bad. But even that has been thrown on its head. AKA Obama getting a second term during a pretty bad recession, so he should have been fired. Trump NOT getting second term with a very good economy…. Even that shows how fishy it is.

        There is NO way the Democrats should have held on as much as they did. This should have been a blow out much like when Reagan got his second term.

        Though on a local note for me (northwest Indiana). Jennifer Green got very close to beating Mrvan (most polls called it a toss up). Normally it’s not even close in this race in a “safe” Demo district (longtime corrupt Pete Visclosky retired two years ago finally). If nothing else Green forced Democrats to have to spend a fortune defending a seat that is normally very safe for them. I am hoping she runs again so they have to defend it, normally this district is seen as a lost cause to Republican party officials). But it could be changing as the district has to get bigger due losing house seats. It’s becoming more (red) suburban and rural (finally diluting Gary and Hammond metro areas).

        • Rich, in the early days of covid, when I still watched The News on local TV, I had to endure Governor Lardass blabbing about mandatory masks every evening.
          No way this guy could ever get elected to anything again, I thought. Same with the bossy St. Louis County executive, DOCTOR Sam Page, who has kept trying with all his might to bring back mask mandates there.
          But here we are. It’s obvious to me that this is what most people want.

      • Hello, Eric. I spent my childhood in what was then-Soviet Russia. Before my godmother passed a year ago (August), I told her “our world” (she grew up & walked out of hell, as well) was coming to everyone else’s world, and that they were not going to like it much. Right before she passed, I commented that “our world” arrived fast, and that I was hoping we had ten more years or so before SHTF. I would not go back to those childhood years of hell. On the other hand, it served me and prepared me well for now and the future, and I see & know what is coming. What I dread, is those Americans (not so much those in this group) who have had it good for so long, they are not going to be able to cope, and be an extreme danger to the rest of us who are trying to get ready and walk through what is inevitably coming. Call me a pessimist, and perhaps I am. But, I always did have that bad habit of “preparing for the worst, and hoping for the best”. The 2022 mid-term results did not surprise me in the least. The next two years, I fear, are going to be rough ones. There is nothing stopping the sadistic corruption of the last two years from reaching new levels that are going to astound people who have no idea the depths that evil can sink to.

  6. ……….nation of sheep ruled by evil wolves owned by satanic pigs….pigs… the wef/elite nobility/.0001% billionaires

    there used to be a bounty on wolves and wild pigs. when does the season open?

  7. Eric,

    I have a few thoughts about this election business, thoughts which I’ll share below.

    One, the mail ballots definitely had an impact. I went on our county’s website here in PA, and I looked at the summary results. If we were just considering Election Day votes (i.e. votes cast in person at one’s designated polling place yesterday), the GOP TROUNCED the Dems; it wasn’t even close! However, once the mail ballots were factored in, the Dems won the majority of the races here in my county. They ended up winning like 2/3 of the races in my county-all thanks to the mail ballots.

    For example, on Election Day, Dr. Oz got 14K+ votes more than John Fetterman did. IOW, if only Election Day votes were considered, Oz TROUNCED Fetterman! However, when the mail ballots were counted, Fetterman got 27K+ mail ballot votes to Oz’ 7K and change. This led to Fetterman winning our county by 6K votes or so overall. It was the same story for our governor’s race, our Congress critter’s race, and so on. In each case, the GOP candidate trounced the Dem on Election Day, but ultimately lost when the mail ballots were factored in.

    Secondly, here in PA, the GOP controls the state legislature. Unfortunately, most of them are corrupt RINOs. Thanks to those RINO bastards in Harrisburg, we have mail ballots! That’s right; our GOP controlled legislature here in PA passed the mail ballots in to law. WTF were they thinking? Why do something like that when it cuts your own throat? It’s not the first time those RINO bastards did something that was, shall we say, curious? It’s just the most recent episode of them doing something fugazy.

    Thirdly, the early voting business had been going on years before COVID, though it wasn’t quite as long or as widespread as it was during and after COVID. Thanks to Trump’s declaration of a state of emergency 972 days ago (13 Mar 2020); thanks to Trump not holding an in-person convention; and thanks to Trump not holding rallies; Trump played along with the COVID narrative. He legitimized and encouraged early voting and mail ballots.

    Fourthly, thanks also to Trump dumping helicopter cash on all the governors and their respective states; thanks to Trump not withholding any money from governors for engaging in tyranny; Trump enabled and encouraged the lockdowns and everything that went along with them.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts on this. While early voting was going on before COVID, Trump, by going along with, enabling, and encouraging the false COVID narrative, definitely poured gas on the fire. He also enabled mail ballots, thanks to his SoE and playing along with the false COVID narrative.

  8. With a 1% advance in counted votes — from 66% to 67% — Kari Lake (R) now trails Katie Hobbs (D) in Arizona by only 4,094 votes. In percentage terms, that’s Hobbs 50.1% vs Lake 49.9%.

    Headlines in the Gannett-owned Arizona HillaRepublic [it endorsed the ghastly Clinton crone in 2016] reflect rising D-party panic.

    Relax. With one-third of votes remaining to be counted — which may take until Friday — this is going to turn out okay. DemonRats are scared puppies. You can see the fear in their uncomprehending eyes.

  9. Maybe the elections were entirely on the up-and-up: no fraud, no shenanigans. Maybe Americans are just so freaking stupid, brainwashed and hypnotized that they believe the lockdowns, the masks, the vaccines, the money-printing, the war on reliable fuels – every single idiotic and destructive thing – has been and continues to be justified and proper. Because covid. Because climate change.
    As I have been fearing, the majority of Americans are stupid shitheads. They don’t read the things we read. They don’t ask the questions we ask. They have no curiosity at all. Yes, bad things have happened, but the experts did the best they could.
    We are so screwed.

  10. quoting EP: “One goes to vote and instead of a paper ballot that can be correlated to the voter if there is any question about the vote, after the vote, the voter is directed to a computer screen and taps an icon that supposedly records the vote.

    And maybe it does.

    But who could tell? How would they tell?”

    Very easily Eric. The voter gets a unique voting identification number only known to the voter, no different than your driver’s license or social security or just like your BANK ID.

    When you vote, your voting record is recorded in a central computer, like a BANK. You the voter can check that record from any computer, phone, or tablet, etc no different than you checking your bank balance. As soon as you make a deposit, or transfer at your bank, you can check from your phone or laptop. Voting should be that way also.

    If your voter ID, lets call it the VID number, is compromised, you just fill out some paperwork and get a new one, or apply online. Or, in each election, you are assigned a new VID number on your mail in ballot. The VID number could be 2022JACKSONOR12345678.

    The VID is exactly like a car VIN, it is encoded info.

    2022 is the year
    JACKSON is the county
    OR is the state
    12345678 is the voter in that region, and the highest number is the number of eligible voters in that county. Like VIN, the first application is 00000001. It is transparent, anyone online can check that votes in Jackson county Oregon do not exceed the number of voters.

    After the election is over, the paper record is kept in a vault, and the electronic tabulation becomes part of a permanent database. A method is provided for researchers to check each and every vote for accuracy, by surveying a neighborhood on foot.

    Now with all that said, why do we NOT have a simple workable 100% transparent voter method, unhackable, honest, and fair? Because those in power do not want that. If they can do it with money, they sure as hell can do it with votes, which is a more simple number, an integer with no decimals.

    I have made this point many times, how is it that Diebold, which makes banking machines that count every penny of every account perfectly every day, can not make a voting machine that does the same? Ahhhh. The customer (the state) does not want an honest machine.

  11. The Blue team retained ownership for the next 2 years of the continuing inflation and economic collapse that both teams created together. I saw a headline that this makes the Brandon admin “giddy and gleeful.” Whoop de do.

    The interesting aspect of this go around is how obviously the establishment/MSM/controllers used Orange Fail to faction-ize the R party. It’s portrayed like he’s his own “maga” party now, to be, at a minimum, demonized, and at a maximum, criminalized. “Trump backed candidates” known to be “election deniers” were running against Dems. Trump “won” this election or was “responsible” for that loss. Was embraced by this one or shunned by that one. THE litmus test. No issues really. Just personalities with him as the biggest “story.” I’ve never seen a former president used this way. Ever. It’s just another tell in how fishy the whole Trump story was/is.

  12. Why is why the US is not SUPPOSED to be a “Democracy”, it was meant to be a Constitutional republic, with a LIMITED Federal Government, the creature and SERVANT of the several states. Hence why the first ten amendments to the Constitution, aka the “Bill of Rights”, was passed soon after the Constitution was formally adopted, indeed, several states made it a condition of their ratification of same, indicating that they reserved the right to WITHDRAW from it if they believed they were “double-crossed.”

    Obviously, thanks in no small part to the tyrant “Dishonest Abe” Lincoln, that got absolutely turned on its pointy head. Once the Federal creature asserted its “author-ri-tai” over the states by force of arms, with MUCH bloodshed (imagine some five to six million perishing in wake of a latter-day Civil War, which would match the scale of tragedy of that ill-fated conflict of 1861 to 1865), it was a matter of the several states and factions therein fighting it out over who got to belly up to the trough first.

    It’s not simply stupidity, Eric, even though our modern government-sponsored indoctrination system, masquerading as “education”, does render so many a bunch of brain-dead fooks. It’s also that some of the fruits of the plunder are widely shared, to keep the illusion that it’s in the best interest of what HL Mencken would deem the great “Boobsie” to keep voting that way. Many who continually vote for this idiocy aren’t “stupid”, per se, they’re ignorant and simply don’t know any different.

  13. leftist winning = more of this…..

    Is Following ESG Criteria Breaking The Law?

    According to legal experts, ESG initiatives can cause companies to break antitrust, civil rights, and Employee Retirement Income Security Agency (ERISA) laws.

    “The way ESG is being implemented is completely antidemocratic, which is to say that they are just flouting laws,” George Mason University law professor Todd Zywicki told The Epoch Times. “They’re flouting democratically elected laws and bringing things about that are often illegal.”

    companies that take part in coordinated actions against other companies or industries could be violating U.S. antitrust laws

    It cites the Sherman Act of 1890, which prohibits “every contract, combination … or conspiracy in restraint of trade or commerce.”

    Hundreds of the world’s largest corporations have signed joint pledges through international clubs such as Climate Action 100+, the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), the Net Zero Banking Alliance, the Net Zero Asset Managers Alliance, and others to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

    GFANZ, which includes 550 global corporations as members, states that “all members have independently committed to the goal of net zero by 2050, in addition to setting interim targets for 2030 or earlier and reporting transparently on progress along the way.” GFANZ banking members include Bank of America, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs.

    Violation of Civil Rights Laws

    Beyond antitrust, another area where ESG may run afoul of America’s laws is where the push for racial and gender equity violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, or national origin. In step with ESG social justice goals, United Airlines announced in April 2021 that it would set racial and gender quotas when hiring pilots… ESG is racist….

    In a separate case, the courts ruled that COVID-relief grants by the Biden administration that excluded white restaurant owners were also illegal…..more racism…the leftists are racist….

    Violation of Fiduciary Laws
    A third area where ESG clashes with U.S. law regards the legal obligation of fund managers and corporate executives to act in good faith and in the best interests of investors and shareholders.

    The Employee Retirement Income Security Act, passed in 1974 to address corruption and misuse of pension money, requires that private pension fund managers invest “solely in the interests of participants and beneficiaries.” It set what is called a “prudent expert” standard of care for fund managers and allows fund beneficiaries to sue managers for failing to uphold this standard.

    While ERISA applies to corporate pension funds, many U.S. states have applied similar language to public pension funds. Currently, 24 states forbid ideological investing for their public pension funds, including ESG.

    An August letter to BlackRock, signed by 19 state attorneys general, for example, charged that BlackRock had a “duty of loyalty” to state pensioners who invested in its funds and that “your actions around promoting net zero, the Paris Agreement, or taking action on climate change indicate rampant violations of this duty, otherwise known as acting with ‘mixed motives.’”

    Which country is ESG 99% compliant? You dont know? Sri lanka…

    If you believe the elite controllers flying around in jets…. while you and I go to McDonalds or Costco actually believe their own climate change lies, then you have been made as stupid as they tried to make you and as stupid as they need you to be to control you.

    • the courts ruled that COVID-relief grants by the Biden administration that excluded white restaurant owners were also illegal…..more racism…the leftists are racist….

    • a real conspiracy happening right now….

      companies that take part in coordinated actions against other companies or industries could be violating U.S. antitrust laws

      It cites the Sherman Act of 1890, which prohibits “every contract, combination … or conspiracy in restraint of trade or commerce.”

      they say don’t listen to conspiracy theories…lol…..they want you blind, stupid, mindless, compliant,

    • Anon,

      The Sherman Antitrust Act has got to be one of the most under-enforced laws out there. And we all suffer for it.

      In my (major) metropolitan area, just 20-30 years ago, there were literally hundreds of small and medium sized companies doing what I do professionally. They had to treat you & pay you well, because if they didn’t you could literally walk out the door, make a few phone calls, and land yourself a job doing the same exact thing at some place you liked better within a week.

      Well, what happened was, they all started to buy each other up or get bought, so now there are no more than a handful of large and larger corporations left. The labor market is much smaller, and the employees get paid and treated like crap. Because, well, if you don’t like it, what are you going to do? They’ll just get someone else, someone younger & hungrier, who costs $10,000 less and you’ll be out on the street. No competition for talent, any more (they haven’t figured out yet that there is a lot less talent that is going to be coming through the pipeline in the future).

      So, there you go. Penny wise & pound foolish, everywhere you look. Doesn’t matter as long as the profits roll in to [someone who is not you]. Profit is not a bad thing necessarily…but it isn’t always good clean fun, either.

  14. There’s a good article over at Revolver News about the cemented advantages the communists have, especially since Orange Turd ushered in covidized America. Also, it looks like Lake may yet pull it off. The fact that it’s even competitive with her toadstool of an opponent in AZ shows how very bad things are. Add in the crushing wins of absolute fucks like Pritzker, Kochal, and just fuck us now and get it over with Whitmer in Michigan. Unfugging real

    Note – along with some other commentators, universal suffrage=communism plain and simple. No one I meet in day to day life should be anywhere near a ballot box. Mark Dice videos are the perfect example of this. The population is frightenling stupid. I read like 57% of Gen Z are on medications. Completely believe it.

    • >The population is frighteningly stupid.
      If you doubt this, try watching one of Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking” videos on YooToob.

      • Mark Dice’s videos are also mind boggling. He goes around asking basic questions of ordinary people on the street, much like Jay Leno’s Jay Walking video’s. The people all laugh and think it is cute and funny to be stupid.

    • Mark3,

      Pritzker was never going to lose Illinois. I don’t know about the others, but Pritzker is in too deep with the Chicago machine for there to be any other outcome. Rumor has it that he thinks he’s going to be President, look for him to run in 2024.

      Sometimes they’ll let a Republican be governor in Illinois, especially if there isn’t a Chicago favorite or if it’s someone they think will play ball. Basically it comes down to whether Chicago forgets to show up at the polls that year (most of the rest of the state, with the exception of a few other smaller metros, is deep red).

    • Gen Z is also the queerest generation ever. Like 20% identify as LGBTQ+-/?.

      As a member of that demographic cohort, it’s unfortunately true. The silver lining is Gen Z conservatives are more conservative than Gen X and Millenial conservatives. Nick Fuentes is the de facto leader Gen Z male traditional conservatism (reactionary). Very intelligent and articulate. You would love his show, Mark.

  15. At least the current clown infesting the WH THINKS he’s in charge. The “Hildebeast” would actually try, and it’s not a good idea to piss off the “Mad Queen” if you want to keep you head attached to the rest of you.

    Who knows, she might even had brought back “Monica”, provided the jewess whore knows what a tongue is for…to Princess Isabella (Sophie Marceau), the movie “Braveheart” insinuates that William Wallace knew.

  16. I have a Very Very good friend who voted 6 times via the oh-so-secure mail-in voting and ballot harvesting system – twice in one liberal state and 4 times in another left-wing state. She voted straight Republican so the ballots probably weren’t counted anyway.
    What a crock of shit!

    • Doug,

      See my above comment; I discussed the role mail ballots played just in my county alone yesterday. If only Election Day votes (i.e. voting in person at one’s designated polling place yesterday) were considered, then the GOP candidate won hands down; it wasn’t even CLOSE! However, once the mail ballots were factored in, the Dem candidates won the majority of the races in our county.

  17. Trump’s chances in 2024 fell off the cliff in just the last few hours:

    click on last day or last week to see the details

    The biggest winner in the midterms is Ron DeSantis. The biggest loser in the midterms is Trump.

    (((Trump should bow out and move to Trump Heights in Israel.)))

    • Hi Jack,

      Amen. Indeed. Trump stinks like guests who’ve overstayed their welcome. Many people like the drift of his policies, generally – but loathe him, personally. This is understandable. Also, his refusal to disavow the “vaccines” he pushed says everything about him. His narcissism will be our undoing.

      • I like him, but:

        1) He’s actually much more of a moderate, in practice, than he’s usually given credit for. Look at what he does, not what he says.

        2) He put way too much trust in way too many people who were not remotely trustworthy. As a result, he let them stab him–and us–in the back. He also seemed to assume–particularly early on–that the D’s would negotiate in good faith & come together for the good of the country. Wrong! He trusted “The Science.” Wrong! He trusted the neoconservatives (apparently in an attempt to try to placate some of the R’s). Wrong!

        3) He gave up way too easily when challenged, e.g. in the courts. This could have been OK if he’d used that as leverage, as in: OK, I gave you some of what you wanted, now you have to give me some of what I want. However, he didn’t really do that (at least not effectively) and, because he gave up without going to SCROTUS, he left some really bad precedents behind.

        4) He spent money like there was no tomorrow and allowed the economy to be killed in 2020, teeing up the massive stagflationary disaster we are currently suffering through (and may be dealing with for decades).

        There was also some good stuff.

        1) He got the regulatory agencies to back off on some stuff, at least for a little while.

        2) Most people got at least a small tax cut.

        3) Didn’t start any new wars, wound down some old ones.

        4) Some pretty good appointments to the Federal bench that we likely wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

        5) Deferred to the state governors. This, plus a few judges, gave Federalism a massive, badly needed boost that just might, if we are very very lucky, save us in the end.

        In summary: Trump was the okayest president we’ve had in a long time. At least since Clinton, arguably much longer than that. Problem is, he could have been great–but he didn’t let himself be great.

      • Reports of the Donald’s political demise are probably exaggerated. After listening to a breakdown a few days ago of the GOP’s likely fortunes in the elections, particularly in the House, rather than the giddy predictions of a sixty or seventy seat pickup, Mike Rowe, the “Jobs” guy, pointed out that there’s about a 240-seat max in the House the GOP could expect w/o a huge political realignment which was not forthcoming at this time. Since about half of the work was done from the 2018 election to the current Congress, he forecasted a twenty to twenty-five seat pickup and a slight majority in the House, and appears to be correct.

        As for “The Donald”…my favoring him was always in the context that might have been applied had this been an officer appointment in the Federation “Mobile Infantry” (“Fleet” does the flying, “M.I.” does the dying…) of Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers”…i.e., he was “mine” until he was dead (or incapacitated, which should have also disqualified Biden and Fetterman long ago) or I found someone better. Could be Ron DeSantis, and he’ll be a LOT younger and more vigorous. But the leap-year bout of insanity known as the US Presidential Elections is still TWO YEARS away, a veritable ETERNITY in politics. Hopefully Trump and DeSantis, if indeed they do vie for the GOP nomination in ’24, remember the good of their party and the country before their own ambitions.

      • Agreed. And he has a dark side attacking DeSantis, when his slide in the polls is due to his own stance on the issues. He is alienating his base by backing the vaccine agenda. His own people boo him at rallies when he brings it up – yet he persists, doubles down.

        Alex Jones made a point about his vaxx stance:

        Regardless of the vaxx issue, his presidency ended in disaster, and I think there is no reason to believe next time would be any different. Like that article you wrote, DeSantis is a very competent politician, gets things done, and Trump is big on talk and a very bad manager – he likes to hire the wrong people then fire them to shift blame. Trump hired the worst of the worst Neocons, and they betrayed him. Bolton even wrote a book heavily criticizing him. Read what Rex Tillerson (CEO Exxon) has to say about Trump.

        But IMO what really disqualifies Trump is his slavish whoring to Israel. Israel did 911, and if you love this country, you should have nothing to do with Israel – since they are the real terrorists, not the Muslims.

        • Amen, Jack –

          For me, if there is a singular disqualifier, it is Trump’s deference to Fauci. No, worse than deference. He overtly supported Fauci by giving him the presidential platform, often literally standing next to or behind him, while the man spread his sickness, weaponized hypochondria, to tens of millions of people. He did not have to do this – and yet, he did. Why? Some say: He could not fire Fauci. Perhaps. But that isn’t the point. He did not have to legitimize him. He could have avoided being in his physical presence in public. Brought forth credentialed people such as Dr. Ladapo to counter Fauci’s lies and so undermined the whole evil operation. He did nothing, instead. He even wore a “mask” – which no one could have forced to do. I never wore the god-damned thing. Not once. But he “had” to wear it? Please.

          His incandescent narcissism is his greatest flaw. Trump is never wrong – about anything. If you question that, you’re a “loser.” Well, look who lost, loser.

        • Sadly, Yukon, DeSantis has already also pledged his support to Israel. That alone shouild immediately disqualify anyone running for office in AMERICA. Quite frankly, DeSantis gives me the creeps- always appearing with his enforcer goons in the background…not to mention the little trick he pulled with the felons who had their voting rights restored (He used a loohole to get them arrested and jailed for exercising their vote!).

          These politicians are ALL PSYCHOS and CROOKS!

    • Jack,
      Good. The last thing we need is another mentally and physically declining octogenarian as POTUS. Trump fairly well demonstrated in his term as POTUS that he couldn’t be bothered by the responsibility. He preferred handing that off to the very worst cabinet and advisory staff in history. Including his daughter and son in law.

  18. more leftists winning means more of this…..

    climate change mental illness……

    Shellenberger: Climate Fanatics Are Weaponizing Mental Illlness

    “Climate protesters are triggering widespread anger and signs of violence,” writes author and prominent critic of climate alarmism Michael Shellenberger. “And yet President Joe Biden, UN Secretary-General António Guterres, and other global elites are encouraging them, which is exceedingly dangerous and irresponsible.”

    Let’s be clear about what’s occurring. Rich fanatics & the news media are weaponizing mental illness to advance a radical, anti-capitalist agenda. That’s textbook psychopathic behavior: lack of empathy, lack of control (panic), and anti-social behavior.

    Any doubts that this is about psychopathology stemming from fanaticism & nihilism, not climate change, can be put to rest when you consider that the main demand of the narcissists is a ban on natural gas, which is the main reason UK emissions have been declining for decades……and…..CO2 is plant food, it is not evil like these mentally ill fanatics say it is….lol

    The fanatical elites who are weaponizing mental illness are also waging class war. They are against cheap energy & industrial capitalism because they lift up ordinary people and close the gap with the elites, who want distance & inequality.

    Such is the case with climate activists.

    They are some of the richest and most privileged people in the world, thanks to cheap and abundant fossil fuels. Some of them, like the heirs and heiresses to the Getty Oil and Rockefeller Oil fortunes, are more directly beneficiaries than others.

    And yet they are actively seeking to deprive others, both their fellow citizens and Africans, of those very fuels, as well as non-fossil sources of productive energy, like hydroelectric dams and nuclear power.

    NOTE: the bat germ psyop the last 2 1/2 years was also weaponizing mental illness…so is the debunked germ theory….lol

  19. Let’s face it- We live among a nation of leftists. Even among the so-called ‘conservatives’. Talk to anyone among the general public, be it online or in-person -and I’m not just talking abouit big population centers and leftist cities…but even in ‘conservative’ small town and rural America, and try finding ONE [non-libertarian] who is opposed to “socialized medicine”; government-funded education and retirement schemes, etc.

    Americans are practicing communists. It’s almost getting to the point where you can’t find any who are opposed to welfare, because so many are on some form of it- even in rural fly-over land…be it farm subsidies, Medicare, Medicaid, Obozocare, Food Stamps, “healthcare providers”…bus drivers (School or transit- it’s all subsidized or ultimately paid for by tax funds), etc.

    Americans have become infatuated with all of this garbage….and far from giving it up to trade for liberty and personal responsibility…they instead want more slavery and stipends……..

    The End.

      • >“But without the FDA regulation you’d be eating rat poison”

        But according to current (establishment) medical “standards,” that is *exactly* what “Doctors” will prescribe if you are diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, as well as a few other abnormalities.
        >Warfarin first came into large-scale commercial use in 1948 as a rat poison.

        Warfarin was the active ingredient in the initial formulation of D-Con.

        Ich bin refusenik.
        Ich werde kein Rattengift essen.

    • Sadly, it seems I’d have to concur, Nunz. Mark Kelly’s people made it a big point to repeatedly expose people to Blake Masters’ (ambiguous and vacillating?) libertarian streak, such as it being “time to cut the knot” on Social Security. Those ads were probably somewhat effective, because, by God, seniors have “payed into it” their entire lives. Of course, who gives a fuck if you’re still working and being robbed daily so that, someday, you MIGHT be given your money back…

      But yes, Nunz. You probably know what looks I get when I tell people I have no obligation to fund their kids’ education. I have no obligation to buy their dogs food or to pay their car payment either!

      • If Masters was dumb enough to “talk turkey” about Social Insecurity, in a state chock full of geezers, even though he’s right, he deserved to lose. FDR saddled the country with this ill-considered idea, and LBJ expanded it so every drunk and druggie could avail himself of disability payments. May they both rot in Hades.

    • Excellent points Nunz.

      The country – hell, the whole freaking world – has devolved into a something-for-nothing free-for- all. And in order to live at even a modest standard of living now you are practically forced to parasite off others. With economic opportunity in the shitter and the cost of living thru the roof, is it any wonder why people behave the way they do?

      You need medical care, get someone else to pay for it (medicade/medicare/obozocare). Grandpa needs to retire, get someone else to pay for it (ss/ssdi). You need to eat, get someone else to pay for it (snap). You need someone to educate your brats, get someone else to pay for it (public Ed.). And on and on it goes. You can either sit still and allow the rest of society pick you bones clean, or try to eat out of everyone else’s dog bowl.

      To parasite or not to parasite, that is the question!

      • BaDnOn, Douglas, Dave,

        Such sentiments are so ingrained even among the most “conservative”, I’ve even heard them uttered by Tea Party-ers!

        We saw how Ron Paul fared, even among conservatives…….Proving that even if we had viable candidates, there’s no voting our way out of this communism because it’s been ingrained for GENERATIONS now, even among the most conservative- and we are in the process of seeing even what little conservatism exists being eroded away so as to exist in name only or in the things which have no political impact- i.e familial or social issues, while most remain ignorant of of the elephants in the room to the point where even talk of them is considered “conspiracy theory”.

  20. As others have said, the race in Az certainly isn’t over. Knowing the outcome is needlessly delayed to at least Friday, yes, but it isn’t over.

    Excellent nick with Incitatus, Eric! If that vote actually reflects the will of the people of Pennsylvania, then they obviously don’t give a fly-laden SHIT who represents them.

    Same with Hobbs, really. She’s an insufferable coward, as well as being the target of a successful lawsuit by a black woman for discrimination and retaliation, which is normally anathema and cause for shrieking outrage from the “Left”.

    • Even if only about a THIRD of residents of the Keystone state actually voted for “Incitatus”, and it were LEGITIMATELY counted (I doubt the tally was ‘legit, but sans any proof otherwise, no point in elaborating on it), even though it’d mean that he got trounced at the polls, it still indicates there’s all too many MORONS there exercising the franchise. Further evidence that “Democracy” is an utter, festering, steaming crock of shit. Not only should anyone receiving some form of governmental largesse be allowed to vote, for obvious reasons of an inherent conflict of interest, no one with any real “skin in the game” deserves to, either. That’s why not only felons and incompetents were barred from voting, but also the ‘ner-do-wells’ and the like, as what did they have at stake?

      IDK how such restrictions on the franchise could be justly and lawfully administered, but they’re seriously needed. As was observed in both installments of Disney and Pixar’s “The Incredibles”…”when everyone is ‘super’…NO ONE is!”

        • What you’re insinuating is that enough of the mail-in ballots are FRAUDULENT. It’s not necessarily as simple as running some card stock through a laser printer; you’d have to have the appropriate codes, including ISO 15416 bar codes and QR codes, which are commonly used for validation (not that hard to reproduce with even a 400 dpi printer), so it requires INSIDE information…like with the IT folks at the County and/or State Elections departments, as well as their contractors…like DOMINION, maybe? (IDK who PA contracts with). Given that so many techies are dyed-in-the-wool Democrats, would it be that hard to persuade someone with the appropriate knowledge to help pull off faked ballots that nevertheless will pass muster when compared to voter registration rolls? And who’s to say how many names on the rolls are of dead people, or even Haley Joel Osment’s, or entirely fictitious folks, as attributed to fictional lifer at Maine’s Shawshank State Prison, Andrew DuFresquene, who knew ca. 1960 or so how to create a fictional person to serve as the “bagman” for Warden Norton’s skimming off con labor project proceeds and bribes. Considering that Andy went to prison in 1947, and banking had gone through a considerable degree of automation by then, how he kept up with it from behind prison walls was a miracle of itself; but given the incentives, who can say what info Norton was able to obtain for Andy. The ability to create enough fictitious voters, or at least keep PA’s deceased on the voter rolls, is likely child’s play by comparison.

          • Doug,

            How can we KNOW whether the mail ballots were legit or not? How can we know? It’s not like the old absentee ballots where the voter was vetted prior to getting one; no, in many cases, mail ballots are sent unsolicited-often to the wrong people or addresses. Plus, a whole stack of ballots can be stuffed in to these drop boxes. Not only is that rife with fraud, but it enables ballot harvesting! Let me put it another way: mail ballots are so rife with the possibility of fraud that: 1) few, if any, other advanced countries use them; and 2) our State Department doesn’t allow them when overseeing elections outside the US, e.g. Iraq post Saddam Hussein.

            Here’s how the State Dept. conducts an election. One, it’s held on ONE DAY ONLY! Two, every voter dips their thumb in indelible ink, so they can’t vote again elsewhere. Finally, if the exit polls show a 5% or more greater difference than the reported election results, then it’s considered a rigged election. What is it we NEVER, ever hear on CNN and the other alphabet networks? The exit poll results by candidate. We hear about X% of women voting for A or B; we hear about Y% of minorities voting for A or B; but we NEVER hear the overall result, do we?

            Again, if we just went by Election Day results in my county, the Dems would’ve gotten TROUNCED; it wasn’t even close! Ah, but once the mail ballots were factored in, the Dems carried the day. Oh and BTW, there were late night ballot drops in Detroit again, and Gretchen Witchmer won. Who thinks THAT result is legit?

          • Doug,

            How do we know the mail ballots are legit? Really, how can we know when we don’t even see them until we get them? Even if there are numbers on the ballots, those can be faked, you know. How can we know when there’s no transparency in the system? See my other comment for more. Until voting and ballots are treated like cash and income receipts are (i.e. documented and tracked at every step), there will be questions about our voting system.

  21. Eh-hemmmm! Let us not forget that half the population of Arid Zone-A (AZ) these days is made up of former NYers and CAers….. These people move from their former abodes to get away from poor quality of life, high cost of living and high taxes…but are too stupid to realize that it was their own politics which created tshose things…and so they recreate the same things in their new commodes…err…abodes.

    • Bit of hyperbole there, Nunz. Actually the largest out-of-state contingent is midwesterners, such as current Gov Ducey (native of Ohio) and Kari Lake herself (native of Iowa).

      The Midwesterners in turn seem split about half and half between lib and conservative, with net impact nearly neutral.

      • **”The Midwesterners in turn seem split about half and half between lib and conservative, with net impact nearly neutral.”**

        Exactly, Jim! They cancel themselves out, so the NYers and CAers have a more powerful voice.

    • Don’t forget Illinois. Looking how that state is run (into the ground), no wonder it’s abbreviated “Ill”…

      The reason that I mention it is, “Arid-Zona” had aggressively backed the building of rather nice Spring Training facilities for it’s “Cactus League”, which now boasts 15 teams. In particular, they’ve backed the Chicago Cubs, both at their previous home of HoHoKam Park (now hosting the Oakland, soon-to-be Sacramento or Las Vegas, Athletics) and now Sloan (valve and other plumbing) Park, both in Mesa. Very nice place, and they’ve gone all out to have WGN televise those spring Cubs games and show off that nice AZ spring weather, to entice both winter-time “snowbirds” and retirees to come out there from the frigid Chicagoland. They’ve even backed a Portillo’s franchise there!

      So add the “Land of Lincoln” to that list of places that shed off excess Dummycrats to infest the Grand Canyon State. However, it did elect for many years Carl Hayden and Dennis DeConcini, but that was long before the current gaggle of loonies.

    • A lot of time, effort and money has been spent hiding, scrubbing the internet clean of any and all information on subjects they don’t want people looking at…..or attacking, demonizing and doing fake, fraud, bs, liar, fact checking of all related info…

      such as….dominion voting machines, the bat germ hoax and the germ theory…

  22. I had hopes but also fears that this would not be the night that told FJB to go to hell. We still may get the house, but I am being realistic about that at this point.

    Shall we put some blame where it should go to the RINO’s: McCarthy and McConnell. McCarthy did not do what Gingrich did in 94 and provide people something to vote *for* in addition to lots to vote against. Gingrich’s contract with America was mostly reforms aimed at themselves in congress, which did curb spending for a short while and provided an illusion of balancing the budget (for whatever good that did) which Clinton claimed for himself. McConnell used the re-election fund as his own personal resource to secure loyalty or get even with his enemies. Did cocaine Mitch help Herschal Walker at all? And hey Herschal…WTF were you doing bringing the Rino Lindsay Graham down to Georgia?
    We need to clean our own team before we think about another election.

    I did talk to someone whom I think might have been an independent just before the election the day before yesterday. He asked me if my candidate (Joe Kent) had accepted the results of the last presidential election. Regardless of what assurances I could give him, it shows the level of effective propaganda that has been disseminated into the minds of the low information voters. They don’t want to be associated with the perceived insurrection-conspiracy crowd or the Orangeman. The guy I talked to (retired) said his wife was completely leftwing and unreasonable. He was, I think concerned about where everything was going but likely couldn’t get past the institutional propaganda he had been listening to.

    We may be too far gone, too many have figured out that their meal-ticket is Marxism. We only can make it difficult for the Marxist, but we need to think like guerrilla fighters now in a country taken over by enemies within.

    Maybe time to break out the bottle of $400 scotch because times are going to get interesting.

  23. We sure are enduring some punishment for our collective insolence in denying clintigula her coronation in 2016. Clearly they vowed that will never happen again. Apparently, we also have to be destroyed for good measure. Makes me wonder – would we have been better off with (cringe) her? Minimally, no c19, scaled election fraud, Ukraine, and the trajectory of our death spiral.

    • BAC,

      I thought about exactly that the other day. But I think that we still would have had C19 just not the lockdowns. Big Pharma has been working that for quite some time and Shrillary surely wouldn’t keep them from it. But a whole lot of the bullshit that we’ve had to endure otherwise might not have been as bad as it turned out.

      I think maybe, more importantly, if it had been some other Republican (than Trump) that none of this would have been such a catastrophe. Trump just couldn’t STFU about so many stupid things. He still can’t and I’m praying that enough sanity among Republicans will prevail to keep Trump off the ballot in 2024.

      Trump made it so the establishment had to go for broke. They did and they won. They’ve managed to deeply brainwash so many people. I don’t think it can be undone.

      Dumb ass Trump has recently been attacking DeSantis. Trump has a “big announcement” coming on 15-November. Gee, I wonder what they could be, huh? The man is disaster for this country on all sides.

      But anyway, I doubt that things would be a whole lot better had 2016 gone differently. It almost seems as though it couldn’t have gone any differently which, to me, suggests a set up. But, who knows, huh?

    • Join me in prayer, brothers and sisters: dear god, put your thumb on the scale for Kari Lake. At least give us one thing to sooth the misery of this fucked up country, if only for a short while.


    • Just wait until the necessary amount of mail-in ballots “magically” and CONVENIENTLY appears, all for Ms. Hobbs, of course.

  24. Any system that would give you the choice in Georgia (brain-damaged football player vs. whitey-hating Communist “preacher”) or Pennsylvania (Sling Blade stroke victim Frankenstein’s monster vs. carny trash Turk TV doctor) is not workable. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding on supper and 50-plus one is not a rational basis for a system of governance.

    The problem with this system is we encourage mass participation when most people don’t have the cognitive capacity to make informed choices. We need fewer voters, not more. Even removing the normal Democrat shenanigans, demographics and the movement of people from Blue states to Red states is souring the waters in many once-reliable Republican states.

    • What should happen is Congress should return to the original plan laid out by the Constitiution: The House of Representatives population varies with the population of the people (ideally maintaining a fixed ratio of representative to represented), and the Senate selected by the state’s legislators, as they see fit. As it is now, we have the worst possible outcome: Masses of people voting for very very little representation. Political hacks putting party first because running a campaign to win with such large populations requires mass media campaigns. In this sort of enviroment, name recognition and brand loyalty become the most important factors. And voluntary dilution of power is completely off the table.

      The sad fact is, until someone figures out that 537 people (Congress, President and VP) shouldn’t have the power over the 333 million people of the country, nothing will change. Most voters lack the imagination to even consider increasing the size of the house, let alone having access to their representative. Because it’s always been this way. My great grandparents had far more access to their politicans than I do, and that’s not counting the security details between me and my representative. Add in all the bureaucracy in the executive branch (and the three-letter agencies) too. All working together to do whatever they feel is the priority of the day.

      • >maintaining a fixed ratio of representative to represented
        and I maintain that a reasonable number would be 30,000 constituents (total population, not registered voters).

        And for those who would say, “But the building isn’t large enough,” I say, “In today’s world you do not *NEED* a building. Everything legitimate can be done via remote audio/video participation. I have seen this in action, and it works very well at the local level.”

        Bonus: your elected representative could spend more time in his/her district, directly accountable to the citizens he/she is elected to represent. No need to maintain a separate residence in District of Criminals, or pander to special interests to raise campaign funds.

        Bottom line: there is no way in hell anyone can “represent” 700,000 constituents.
        The present system is a sham, and an extremely bad joke. It is evil.

        • Or, you know, maybe these oversized nation states need to be divided up. Not only the US, but China, India… anywhere the population has no possible control over their government. But there’s the “you go first” problem. The big central state has no need to break up the providences, and the larger states would just beat up the smaller ones until things ended up worse than when it started.

          If global population continues to decline (and I think it will, either by war or propaganda, likely both), the trend to global central authority will subside. It simply has to because there won’t be enough productive people to mooch from. But it won’t happen in my lifetime.

          • >But it won’t happen in my lifetime.
            No shit.
            Do you think the GIW (Gov’t in Washington) would allow State of Nevada to secede?
            NBL. Reason should be obvious (weapons test sites, etc.)
            Ditto New Mexico (LANL, SNL, etc.), South Dakota (missile silos), etc.
            But here is a start:

            “Do the people of San Bernardino County want San Bernardino County elected representatives to study and advocate for all options to obtain the county’s fair share of State funding up to and including secession from the State of California?”

            >As of 10 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 8, results showed a majority of voters backing Measure EE, with 50.44% voting in favor to 49.56% against.

            But of course,

            >Both the state Legislature and Congress would have to vote to approve the county striking out on its own, which experts say is extremely unlikely to happen.

            Gee, really?

      • The difference also is that the First US Congress had about 65 reps, serving a total population, as determined by the 1790 US Census, of about 4 million souls, of which about 700K were SLAVES. Also, the Wikipedia article cites about 813K white males aged 16 and over, so presumably about 750K were at least 21 and therefore eligible to vote. That’s about one rep per 12,000 eligible voters (it can be presumed that many of those 750K were either ner-do-wells, drifters, or simply didn’t own property, so probably only about 400K actually voted in any given election, and quite a few states had their Presidential electors directly picked by their respective legislature).

        Modern telecommunications does enable a US rep to serve more than 12,000 voters, but it should be obvious that 435 reps spread among 340 million or so is stretching things a bit thin. As well as their pay and other perks (remember the House banking scandal of about thirty years ago?) which have effectively given us a latter-day House of Lords in DC. I say expand the amount of reps to about 1,300 or so, BUT, don’t pay them more than a per diem, or grant them pensions, and limit how often the House convenes, else, they STAY in their respective districts to serve their constituents! It should be returned to civic-minded part-timers, with an interest to dabble in politics, not a professional class of grifters.

        And yes, repeal the Seventeenth Amendment. Let the states figure it out for themselves. If they want a popular election to pick their Senators, let them handle the bother and expense and deal with the consequences.

    • 100 percent about informed choices. I consider myself pretty well informed, but I get stumped by so called choices in judicial races. The only issue I have with the law is getting speeding tickets, so I don’t know which one of those cock sucking judges is worth more than a cup of warm spit. I don’t have the cognitive capacity for deciding judgeships. Nor do I have the give a shit factor.

      I think the whole process of voting is messed up as we are voting on races we shouldn’t. Eg. US Senate. Prior to 1913, US Senators were sent by the state legislatures, not by the “people” which translates into corporations and media gaslighting “choice.”

      I really don’t feel like voting ever again.

      • Hi Henry,

        In re: “I really don’t feel like voting ever again.”

        Me, too – I think. At last. What’s the point? Either the majority are Leftists or the elections are rigged by Leftists. The only weapon left against this is not voting at all. If enough don’t, the reality of “our democracy” becomes very clear indeed.

        • Eric,
          Even if you are voting against something you are voting FOR something else. What “else” are you voting for? A different cadre of psychopaths that presume to kill you if you disobey?
          What if they held an election, and nobody came? From where would they gain their authority, since they “won” nothing? Of course such is unlikely, but is it any less likely than picking candidates with a moral foundation and ethical principals? There are none.

          • I know, John. You’re right. But it is hard for me to overcome the instinct to try to hold the line, by whatever means available. But this “election” proves there’s no point even trying to fix the system by using the system. It must be torn down, stomped into the dust and then we start over.

            • Eric,

              As David Knight has often pointed out, the only way we get our liberty back is at the local level. It’s at the local level where tyranny can be implemented-or not. I’ll continue voting at the local level, I think. As for state and federal offices, I don’t know. As you pointed out, the election, thanks to mail ballots and all that go along with them, was rigged. I discuss that in detail in an above comment.

            • Hi Eric.

              As the Founders started over? Do you remember who was funding the federalists? That was one of the reasons they wanted a strong central government. With a central bank. They lost the first and second bank of the US to wise patriots actions. It wasn’t until 1913 and that bastard Wilson that they managed to finally impose a central bank on the US. The rest has been all too predictable. Are you familiar with the a book called The Creature from Jekyll Island? G. Edward Giffin has done a massive amount of research of original historical documents. The so called Federal Reserve, is neither federal nor a reserve. There is a rather interesting video on Rumble. Its called All wars are bankers wars. It goes into some of the historical details of the schemes and antics of those behind the central banks. I hope you find it of use.

        • That suits these grifters just fine, Eric. They can make up a phantom voter as easily as they can concoct fake ballots.

          The only “weapon” is a LITERAL one. That’s likely what it’s coming down to. Same choices faced by aggrieved colonists in 1776 and/or Southerners in 1861. Nothing’s guaranteed, save death and taxes, just a matter of whose bullet you catch or who “mulcts” ya with the taxes.

          • Doug, I’m afraid you’re right. As the fella once said, we have three means of resolving our problems: the soap box, the ballot box, and the ammo box. After yesterday, I think that it’s safe to say that the first two methods have been, shall we say, exhausted?

  25. I carefully studied the election betting odds on John Stossel’s website.

    The idea behind betting odds, is that money is riding on the outcome, and it is not subject to polling, and the bets are overseas not in vote fraud Amerika.

    So what happened, the stole the election, and here is the proof:

    Thus with Congress split, the “thing” will continue to destroy what is left of Amerika, there will be no impeachment of the sniffer thing.

    Smirking crazy cat lady drunk Pelousi said to Fox News, you would be surprised by the results. Yep

    • A GOP-controlled House of (mis)Representatives in the 118th Clowngress, which appears to be shaping up, despite their efforts to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, can issue impeachments all the live long day against “Creep Joe and the Ho”. But unless 67 Senators are willing to vote their corrupt asses out, they’re not going anywhere. The possibility that 17 Democratic Senate seats could be flipped were virtually nil from the start, so it’s useless to discuss something that’s not politically possible.

  26. “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.” Uncle Joe Stalin



    Polling is organized lying for the purpose of discouraging voting by those who pose a threat to the people in charge of the polling and who hold or control political office(s). Close to 90% of Americans think we are “on the wrong path”, and are worried about their economic survival. Do you really think there’s even ONE DEMOCRAT that has a chance of being legitimately elected or reelected? Come on… WAKE UP!!! Biden’s approval rating is 9% – yes, you read that correctly 9%. Does it make sense any Democrats would win an election without massive cheating?


    Voting is a ritual to pretend you had some say in how government is run. You don’t. You are owned and are being managed by ruthless psychopaths, who have friendly politicians, all dressed up in red , white, and blue, who are trained and selected to rule over you with lies and deceit.

  27. The problem with sane people with something akin to moral foundation and ethical standards is that they cannot comprehend the insanity of socio/psychopaths. There is nothing they will NOT do. Regardless of moral, ethical standards.

  28. We should have faith in computers deciding elections? Computers are the ultimate moron. They believe absolutely every thing they are told by their administrators, and act accordingly. I think it was Stalin who said “It matters little how people vote, it only matters who counts them” (paraphrased). Or what counts them.
    There was abundant election fraud when there WERE paper ballots. Which means there is overwhelming fraud in digital/mail in voting.
    Not that I vote, since I do NOT give them permission to threaten my life if I disobey. Even in the fantasy that the elections were legitimate.
    They aren’t. And rarely have been.

    • John, as a lifelong (30+ years) software engineer that writes software for the DOD, we should have ZERO “faith” in computers deciding elections. Likewise for the largely misrepresented fallacy of “AI”.

      The people that put these systems in place should likewise have ZERO expectation of being taken at their word and should expect nothing less than unannounced shakedowns.

      Unless and until that happens regularly, nobody has any legitimate claim to expect anyone to trust the results. Is Jesus Christ writing the software? Even if he magically was, I’d still want to see it and have it inspected and functionally verified regularly.

      Over the past several years, I think unbeknownst to most people, the government has adopted what they literally call “zero trust” policies. Not kidding in the slightest. Verbatim.

      However, that “zero trust” is (unsurprisingly) only pointed externally from the government outwards. I think the reason for that particular policy and the unilateral direction of it, speaks for itself.

      Zero trust indeed.

      • ‘Zero trust indeed.’ — EM

        Zero trust, from OUR point of view, means open source software on voting machines. But the ONLY such voting machines in operation were just used yesterday in Ashland, Newington and Woodstock, New Hampshire.

        Corrupt ‘black box’ voting machine companies such as Dominion and Diebold continue buying off bent government officials, despite the obvious abuse potential and impossibility of fully auditing what happens inside the black box.

        • This has been a known issue since Halliburton got the voting machine contracts shortly after the (disputed) 2000 election.

          It only got into the popular consciousness very recently.

          • Funny how for 2000 and 2004, it was the Democrats screaming bloody murder about rigged voting computers. Then we get this funny missive for the 2012 installment of “Treehouse of Horror” on the Simpsons:


            As someone’s who’s at least nominally LDS, I kinda took offence that *cough* “Brother” Mitt Romney’s temple garments, which, since he’s a long-time practicing Mormon, he likely wears in most circumstances, are ridiculed as “magic underwear”. However, Homer’s preference for his Commander-in-Chief “Going Commando” is no less stupid than some rationalizations that I’ve heard over the years for picking a candidate.

    • Election Guard has “been used by Dominion, as well as Election Services, Hurt Intercivic, Clean Ballot, Election Systems and Hardware, BPro, and Smartmatic,” Stone claims.

      “In other words, 100 percent of the voting machines and voting systems in this country are using the same software that Dominion has been using to switch votes.”

      For the past several weeks, reports about Dominion’s vote-counting software altering votes have been flooding social media. Numerous sworn affidavits contend that administrators have backdoor access to the systems, allowing them to switch votes at will.

      Attorney Sidney Powell, who is working independently on behalf of both President Trump and the American people, says she has in her possession solid proof of this, not to mention the fact that more than 100 Dominion employees have been caught purging their LinkedIn accounts in recent days.

  29. Well at least now the government can get on with the very important tasks of shutting down Twitter and continuing the proxy war in Ukraine.

      • I know. I live in CO-3. The limousine liberal from Aspen was presented as a rancher. The “ranches” of Pitkin county have mansons, horse stables and grow such staples as… lawn grass. They have senior water rights too. The least they could have done was run someone who knew Hunter S Thompson. Fight crazy with crazy, right?

        But it is a little odd that they don’t have a winner yet, especially with all the shenanigans in Mesa County last time.

        • RK — half an hour ago, Wikipedia reported a 90%-complete 149,421 (Frisch) to 145,946 (Boebert) tally as ‘100%.’ Now that deception is erased and replaced with zeros.

          It’s like watching the Narrative being constructed in real time, with a few false starts thanks to overly enthusiastic (or simply impaired) wokesters.

          • Interesting. The thing that really suprised me was that I saw very few yard signs for Frisch outside of Aspen and Glenwood Springs and an overabundance of signs for Boebert. I mean, the Republicans blanketed the I70 corridor, US 50 between Grand Junction and Montrose, and even in my neighborhood. But I saw a ton of pre-roll ads on YouTube, newspaper endorsements etc, for Frisch. The divide was obvious. Vote for a return to the status quo!

            • When I recently visited my friends in SW VA, along the route from Southern MD, I saw endless “Yesli Vega” signs. Maybe a couple/few other “for Congress” signs but not a single one for the POS liberal that won over Vega.

      • per Wackypedia:

        “Frisch, a Jewish American, and his wife Katy Frisch live in Aspen, Colorado.[10] They have two children, a 16 year old son and a 15 year old daughter.[7] Katy Frisch is president of the Aspen School Board.[14] Adam lived in New York City before moving to Colorado in 2003.”

        • A J-O-O transplant from “New Yawk” living in Aspen. Anyone outside of that expensive ski resort town that votes for him deserves whatever misfortune befalls that district.

      • Another of the “Chosen” transplanted from “New Yawk” that likely bitches about how he can’t find a good delicatessen in Aspen.

    • RK,
      That’s a very abbreviated list, but your point is spot on.
      Government can now get on with destroying our liberty, prosperity, and in many cases our very lives.

    • RK, I might have said it here before but I’ll reiterate my suspicion about Musk. He is the “cleaner” (as in Pulp Fiction or Breaking Bad) in the case where the election outcome became an adversarial situation for the establishment. I’m pretty sure his function here was to burn all the receipts and wash away all the things that could get important people in trouble.

      Watch as Twitter continues being what it has always been. Sure they staged a couple of embarrassing fact checks and made bold claims. All slight of hand IMO. Pretty sure the script says that Musk cries uncle in 3… 2…

      • You may have a point EM. The Agency used to contract out dirty work to Hughes corporation because it was a private company. Elon has shown he’s happy to play ball with Uncle, as long as the check clears. What better honeypot than Twitter? And if he can actually get a workable verification process in place, that’s just going to make it even more useful for “international relations.”

  30. The results look shady to me; but how would you prove it? And if you could, would the courts even hear the case? The only solution would be going back to how it was done in the past. You voted on election day and absentee balloting for the military and people who can’t make it too the polls. This won’t happen because TPTB don’t want it. Interesting times coming.

  31. anonymous1: “Depopulation vaccine advocate Bill Gates also designed the fraudulent election software used by Dominion”

    I doubt that one. If Bill Gates designed the election software, Ron Paul would have won every race last night.

  32. With about 1,000,000 votes not counted yet, Hobbs leads Lake 894,081 to 864,008. So 30,000 votes is not an insurmountable lead with 1,000,000 to go.

    Question is where those remaining million votes are from. Smaller counties are 80-90% complete; Kari Lake won most of them. Slow counters are the state’s three largest:

    1. Maricopa (62.6% complete): Hobbs 52.0% / Lake 48.0% [60% of statewide votes]
    2. Pima (52.1% complete): Hobbs 61.6% / Lake 38.4% [liberal Tucson, U of Arizona]
    3. Pinal (47.7% complete): Hobbs 50.2% / Lake 49.8% [home of Sheriff Mark Lamb]

    Maricopa has an estimated 634,000 uncounted votes, versus 218,000 for Pima and 87,000 for Pinal. Maricopa County is roughly balanced between D’s and R’s. But suspiciously, Dominion vote tabulator glitches were mainly in R-leaning northern suburbs.

    This may come back to bite Katie Hobbs, when those untabulated, hand-marked paper ballots from the 20% of malfunctioning Maricopa County voting stations get counted. They should lean Republican.

    Yesterday Kari Lake promised a ‘come to Jesus’ moment for these poorly-run elections. Katie Hobbs (current secretary of state) bought these new Dominion machines after the 2020 audit, claiming that the old audited ones were tainted. All that money spent, and this shambles is the result.

    • Just for reference, in Wisconsin, Senator Ron Johnson (R) holds a 27,300 vote lead, with about 163,000 votes (5%) remaining to be counted. But the media hasn’t ‘called’ his victory yet.

      In Arizona Kari Lake, down by 30,000, has a lot more running room to catch up, compared to Sen. Johnson’s opponent. So don’t give up yet.

  33. I really want to believe some of these elections were stolen, as the alternative explanation, that voters actually prefer leftist authoritarians, is to just too frightening.

    Can you imagine that a majority of voters can be abused to the point of being “locked-down,” yet they would still vote to keep these monsters lording over them? Holy Stockholm Syndrome!!!

    • Well, in at least one case, I’m pretty sure that the absolute moronic fools — that are the majority in PA — did vote for Fetterman and “anything blue” because (IMO) they’re brain damaged in that way.

      My wife is from PA. Her and I are both very libertarian, don’t believe a word the government says, yadda, yadda.

      OK, we go to PA on holidays and for the family reunion. While they seem more/less functionally “intelligent” enough (i.e., get out of bed, get dressed, go to work, etc) they are absolutely brain damaged when it comes to politics, trust in government, belief in “the common good”, yadda, yadda.

      I don’t speak a word of anything outside of maybe the weather or stories about dogs and the like with these people. And boy do they try to dig!

      And I think that probably, as many people have opined over the years, that the majority *everywhere* is just stupid. Which makes “democracy” a stupid idea.

      That’s absolutely THE biggest lie that I was ever told and believed most of my life, i.e., that somehow the preposterously stupid idea of “everyone gets a vote” is somehow the highest order of civilization. The people of PA and apparently most people in this country keep proving that to me.

      As the few people with their heads not up their ass have speculated, this can only be corrected by the inevitable collapse that is the only likely outcome. I don’t think that I’ll live to see it (at 57 years of age) but it can’t be avoided forever.

      • EM,
        “I think that probably, as many people have opined over the years, that the majority *everywhere* is just stupid. Which makes “democracy” a stupid idea.”
        People can be smart. Mobs (majority) are always insane.
        I think I referred to this the other day, R A Heinlein once said to the effect that “At what point in time did the majority become smarter than any individual”.
        Democracy: The 51% putting a gun to the heads of the 49% and forcing them to obey the 51%. Gee, I’m so glad we have “democracy”.

        • Hi John,

          It’s worse than just stupid – which is a problem that has always existed. It is that stupidity is no longer shameful. It is almost admired. Being almost literally illiterate (as well as innumerate) in addition to being dishonest is no longer automatically disqualifying for an alarmingly large number of voters, who are now fully represented by one of their own.

          • Eric,
            There is nothing “almost” about it. It’s the very purpose of public education. The lowest common denominator is the guiding principal. Social justice: bringing all down for the goal of “equal outcome”.
            It’s expansively “admired” in the case of the trans movement. Preying upon adolescents that are often sexually confused, having never experienced sexuality before.

          • > Being almost literally illiterate (as well as innumerate) in addition to being dishonest is no longer automatically disqualifying for an alarmingly large number of voters, who are now fully represented by one of their own.

            Logical conclusion is that the system is working as designed. 🙂

            So, where does that leave the ostensibly “thinking” minority?
            Galt’s Gulch, I suppose…

      • It’s simple math. The Democratic Party is the largest voting block at 38.78% of the registered voters.

        We like to think that independent voters determine elections, but really if every registered Republican votes straight party line they’d still need 11.6 million independent voters to reach parity with the Democrats. That’s about 1/3 of independent voters, just to get to zero. And independents include greens, Bernie bros and communists, not just Libertarians.

        Doesn’t help that the connected class looks at China with envy. They want to get rid of all the mess of opposition. As does the bureaucracy. Five year plans, that’s the way to Utopia! Why, they built the largest dam ever! They have high speed rail! They have social credit! They can lock down entire city-states in minutes! Just don’t ask where the restaurant gets the oil for their deep frier…

        • RK,
          Reminds me of a line from a Creedence Clear Water Revival tune, “Who’ll Stop The Rain”.
          “Five year plans and New Deals, wrapped in golden chains”.

        • Simple solution RK. Providing there was a will, the way is easy. Wipe ALL voter rolls across every inch of the nation. Start from scratch. No whining and crying. If you still want to participate, you have two years to show up, in person, with ID, reregister.

          A national, searchable data base, accessible to everyone ensures no on can vote more than once, in more than one place. I suspect we would end up with 10s of millions less dead and multiple voters.

          But that is the kind of solution that would be unacceptable to our deep state kleptocracy. Remember there are less than 1000 of them, whoever them be. Thats like 20 in each state. Theres millions of us. Its as John K says ‘Many more have died living under tyranny than have died fighting against it

          • Start voting for power-mad people at the local level. Works great for California. Anything that the feds do has to be accepted by California or it ain’t happening. Enough state legislatures do that and maybe the feds won’t matter as much.

          • Norman,
            “Wipe ALL voter rolls across every inch of the nation. Start from scratch.”
            And how long before we get right back to where we are? There’s simply too much money involved for psychopaths to stay out of it.

            • It took about seventy years to get to this level of Voter fraud. If we use Chicago circa 1950s as the baseline. Although my guess, it started during the war of northern aggression, with Taminy hall in New York.

              No mail in ballots, One day voting only. One verified person, one verified vote. Open source, software with searchable data base, accessible by all. Move to a new state, your automatically off the old states rolls. I’m not saying the will is there, or it wouldn’t turn into the CF it is now. I’d like to see someone propose it, just to see the wailing and lamentations of those who now game the system

              But you are correct sir, there is no way to cure the bloodlust of psychopaths. There is no political solution. We now have more people waking up, whatever good that does. My wife is now on board. She was so cute, how exited she was, thinking Kari Lake would take it and the wave would come along and impeach Biden. I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was all a staged production. Now she sees it. Wont be voting again.

      • > the majority *everywhere* is just stupid.
        Maybe not stupid, but definitely easily (mis)led.
        And all it takes is an unscrupulous politician (but I repeat myself).

    • Mister – there is no doubt in my mind that the whole of this country prefers leftist authoritarianism. Otherwise, they might have to think and do stuff. Think about what it takes for someone like Hochul or Whitmer or Fetterman to even be a candidate for something, and then receive voting approval from fifty percent of the electorate – that wouldn’t happen in a sane society.

      Most of this same electorate cheered the lockdowns, the bizarre reordering of things, and the face diapers – 2020 polling, for what it’s worth, backs this up. They sneered and jeered at us, ffs. See, they like this, they want this, they need this, and they see nothing wrong with this. And so, it will eventually and inevitably reach where this is all going, and the rest of us are along for the ride. Should get interesting.

    • Hi Mister Liberty – was just watching various polls on the TV (think it was Fox)- one question was “do people want the government to do more or less”. Something crazy like 62% said they wanted the government to do more. If such a majority of people want more government in their lives, results like this are not surprising.

      • Nasir,
        Any time I think of government, I pray for gridlock. The first election I voted in back in 1972, I voted for the Communist Party candidate for POTUS. Thinking “this would through a wrench in the works”.

    • Mister,
      What else would you expect from people that have been through public education, and taught to avoid critical thought at all costs, and simply believe all they are told?
      “No child left behind”, translated to “memorize the “facts” and don’t think to much”. Teaching to the test.

    • “ that voters actually prefer leftist authoritarians, is to just too frightening “

      Oh, it’s the norm here in the Soviet of Washington. That the congress freak Jayapal was re elected with 84% of the vote should convince you.

      Our senate vote similar, Corky’s missing twin Patty Murray won handily over common sense normal gal Tiffany Smiley. Of course all the local media in the tank for libs here.
      The RNC missing in action, no push back on the lies from the left – “they’re going to end Medicare and gut Social Security!”

    • If you’ve ever read the nuclear holocaust classic, “Alas Babylon”, the protagonist’s friend, a Doctor Gunn, transplanted a few years prior from MA, struggling with his practice to make enough to buy out his irresponsible ex-wife who’s a gambling addict, tired of the staggering alimony payments, hears Randy Bragg’s account, taken from his older brother, a bird colonel in the USAF, who he’d just seen a few hours prior down in Orlando at what was then McCoy AFB (my Dad was stationed there in the early 70s, I recall it, the base was closed in ’75), that war with the Soviet Union was imminent. Dr. Gunn asks Randy if he’d been drinking. Randy replies that no, he was quite sober. The doctor rues that while it’s good that Randy, a thirty-ish bachelor who lives in his family’s longtime home and, aside from his own occasional fees as an attorney, lives comfortably as a bachelor off a trust fund set up by his late father, a prominent judge, and the income from the orange grove their home resides upon, isn’t simply drunk, it also means that he’s serious and probably right.

      Enough voters prefer their enslavement because they perceive it as security, even though the actual figure is seldom anywhere near a majority. However, enough of those otherwise not looking for a handout are taken in on the basis of innuendoes and envy. As for why they don’t vote these “monsters” out? Because they’ve been told that it’s these same monsters that keep them “safe”, and they’ve swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker!

  34. Not surprised figured there was no way they were going to let Kari Lake win. She was too telegenic, articulate, smart and determined. In fact by last week I’d gotten fed up with Fox’s red wave predictions. I get how this is going to go now.

    • It looks like Darzan will likely lose Oregon as well. Michigan re-elected Whitmer who absolutely destroyed the state over the last few years. Right now Florida looks like the only safe space for any libertarian or conservative.

      I am not shocked with what happened last night. A little disappointed, but not surprised. The country is too divided to be saved.

      I don’t know what Trump’s big announcement is on the 15th of November, but he decides to campaign for President he is a fool and should be trounced. DeSantis showed he is the leader of the Republican Party. Trump proved that his brand of politics has run its course and even people that backed him have grown tired of his antics. He is a man child and needs to be put to pasture.

      • Think I’ve said this before but thinking trump is more to disable the republican party and make it difficult for any sensible candidate to stand. If he goes against Desantis in a primary all they will do is destroy each other and split the more libertarian vote, making it easier for a more establishment republican to win.

        • Nasir,
          Indeed! Trump Derangement Syndrome is not just on the the left side. I have a much shorter and easier to understand description. Zealotry. They will not even look at any thing else. Trump is either evil incarnate, or he is the second son of God.

      • RG, the only thing the establishment and I can agree on is Trump must not be allowed near the WH again. He failed spectacularly, and the coof proved he’s too dumb and credulous to lead – every tyranny of FJB can be laid at the feet of this orange clown, his operation warp speed, and his state of emergency that remains in place. His ego and childish behavior create a circus sure to follow him wherever he goes. Let him rally people, wave the flag, and serve a role as the carnival barker he is.

        • Hi BAC,
          I once had high hopes for the orange man as well, he promised a lot of things that made sense – wind down the forever wars, get out of NATO, etc. Unfortunately when he was elected he reverted to his grifter self and wasted his four years in office; now he just goes around calling people names like a 12 year old, though that’s probably unfair to most twelve year olds. Now I wish he’d just sit down and shut up.

        • Hi BAC,

          He needs to lie with Melania next to the pool and play golf all day. He had his chance. It has run its course. I voted for him in 2016 and 2020. I don’t regret my votes. He showed how bias and dangerous the Deep State is. He also had some good policies, but he can’t keep his damn mouth shut. There is a time and place and sometimes the best policy is to say nothing at all. He apparently missed this very simple kindergarten lesson. His cutdowns and pushdowns for people who didn’t deserve it shows he has as much class as a three-year-old. The three year is not mentally developed yet, what is Trump’s excuse?

          • Amen, RG –

            The man seems incapable of ever admitting he was wrong – about anything. That means he is incapable of learning from his mistakes. Such a man is unfit for great responsibility.

      • RG,

        Tina Kotek is detestable. I don’t know why ANYONE would have voted for her given the COVID tyranny Oregonians were forced to endure under the soon to be ex governor Kate Brown, who was also VERY UNPOPULAR. And yet, it does appear Kotek will be governor despite wanting to be Kate Brown 2.0. She’d likely make Kate Brown look sensible by comparison and decree all sorts of insane ideas like mandatory COVID jabs for ALL Oregonians or bans on gas powered cars.

        There’s also an AWFUL measure that appears to be passing called Measure 114, which would be a de facto ban on gun sales. This measure would effectively leave law abiding citizens defenseless against criminals and government officials with tyrannical ambitions.

        • Hi John,

          Because the majority of people only know how to circle the Republican or the Democrat on their ballot. They have no idea what the issues are, nor do they care.

          My uncle and I just got into a small spat this morning. He blamed the Supreme Court for overturning abortion for why the Republicans lost. I stated the Supreme Court did no such thing. They sent the decisions back to the states which is where it belonged. If the states passed laws against abortion that was the states right just as much as it was the right of the state to make abortion legal.

          Maybe the Asses fear mongering worked better than anyone anticipated. I, personally, never thought that killing a fetus was more important than $10 bread and $6 gas, but what do I know.

          • RG,

            There’s someone I know who might have voted for the Independent candidate for Oregon governor but likely voted for Tina Kotek because she’d “Protect a woman’s right to choose” or “Her Republican opponent is some election denying White Supremacist”.

            Betsy Johnson, who is a former DEMOCRAT State Senator, ran for Governor herself as an independent and actually seemed to draw votes away from Kotek for a while, but in the end, many DEMOCRAT voters who might have been repulsed by Kotek seemed to vote for the candidate with a “D” next to their name, despite the fact that Portlandia is effectively a s— hole, crime is through the roof, there’s a big homeless crisis, and the soon to be ex DEMOCRAT Governor acted as a QUEEN during the COVID “pandemic” and was the MOST UNPOPULAR GOVERNOR in the whole country. But “Yeah, things are bad in Oregon, but let’s vote for Kate Brown 2.0! She’ll magically fix everything!” The people of Oregon are either REALLY STUPID, or there was mass cheating/ fraud somewhere with Oregon’s Vote by mail system.

      • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I “picked” Trump in 2020 because, given the choices out there, it was akin to Lt. Jean Rasczak, after one of his NCOs is grabbed by a flying bug on “P”, to be eviscerated (the “Loo-tennant” puts a round through the hapless man’s head as the ‘bug’ devours him alive, to put him out of his misery, and tells the rest of his “Roughnecks”, “I expect any of you to do the same for me!”), and promotes Private Johnny Rico to Corporal on the spot. He tells Rico, “You’re mine (corporal), until you’re dead (highly likely given the Roughnecks’ mission) or I find SOMEONE BETTER”.

        We don’t even know if DeSantis really wants to be POTUS in ’24. But given that he’s far younger and more vigorous, and tends to “draw fire” less, I’d say he’s a better choice. But Trump can and should win in ’24 IF the election is reasonably fair. However, 2020 wasn’t, I’m not convinced this mid-term was (less notoriety, but already the anecdotes of hanky-panky are coming out), and why, pray tell, would it be any different two years hence? That’s the REAL problem, the “Banana Republic” that we’ve devolved into.

        Don’t kid yourself that if DeSantis declares a Presidential run for ’24 that he won’t be savaged by the Lamestream Media as readily as Trump was. No amount of “humility” will matter with those assholes; and there’s no sense in appeasing them. That’s what Trump brought to the fight, and that’s WHY he became our 45th POTUS…he dispensed with the “niceties” because he knew there was no point in being “nice” to a bunch of crazies and crooks who richly deserve either the rubber room or the gallows.

    • When it comes to female politicians, the general rule is, “would I ‘do’ her?”. In most cases, Republican and/or Libertarian women are more attractive than the typical Democrat (there have been EXCEPTIONS), so that “yardstick” generally holds up.

  35. Honest question – what did you think was going to happen? They tell you what they are going to do, they do it, then tell you what they did with a shit-eating grin on their face (witness Fetterman). They ask, what are you going to do about it? And they are right.

    Cannot vote our way out of this. Going to have to wait for collapse.

  36. ccp involvement…again?….. brandon and the leftists are in bed with the ccp…..

    Firm That Owns Dominion Voting Systems Received $400 Million From Swiss Bank With Connection to Chinese Government Before Election
    December 2, 2020

    Dominion Voting Systems has financial ties to the Chinese government, according to filings

    An investigation into SEC filings has revealed that the firm which owns Dominion Voting Systems received $400 million dollars from a Swiss bank with close links to the Chinese government less than a month before the election.

    The investigation centers on Staple Street Capital, which acquired Dominion Voting Systems in 2018.

    Dominion Voting Systems operates voting machines in 28 states and has been accused by President Trump and his supporters of being involved in deleting millions of votes for Trump in addition to switching votes to Biden on election night.

    “On Oct 8, 2020, Staple Street Capital filed SEC Form D offerings and sales amount of $400,000,000 with the Sales Compensation Recipient identified as UBS Securities,” states the investigation, which also notes that another payment of $200,000,000 was received in December 2014.

    “UBS Securities is a Swiss investment bank which owns 24.99% of UBS Securities Co LTD, a Chinese Investment Bank. The remaining 75% of UBS Securities CO LTD is owned by the Chinese government,” states the report.

    The overall owners of UBS Securities Co LTD are;

    – Beijing Guoxiang (33%)
    – UBS (24.99%)
    – Guangdong Comm. Group [zh] (14.01%)
    – China Guodian (14%)
    – COFCO Group (14%)

    Aside from UBS, the other four owners of UBS Securities are all Communist Chinese front groups.

    Beijing Guoxiang is a state owned asset.

    Guangdong Comm. Group 100% stakeholder is the Guangdong Provincial Government.

    China Guodian is state owned enterprise administered for the SASAC for the state Council

    COFCO Group is a state owned enterprise under the direct supervision of the SASAC.

    SASAC The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) is a special commission of the People’s Republic of China, directly under the State Council.

    The revelation that Dominion Voting Systems has financial ties to the Chinese government via UBS Securities will bolster claims by Trump supporters that foreign actors working on behalf of Communist China may have sought to meddle in the presidential election to help Joe Biden.

  37. Depopulation vaccine advocate Bill Gates also designed the fraudulent election software used by Dominion

    November 25, 2020 Ethan Huff

    In a new video, the illustrious Roger Stone drops a major bombshell about Dominion Voting Systems, alleging he has proof that Microsoft, at the direction of billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates, designed the software used to commit election fraud.

    The longtime political veteran who is helping spearhead the “Stop the Steal” movement for election integrity in the United States says that Microsoft developed what is known as Election Guard, which is capable of hiding votes, switching votes and altering election outcomes.

    Election Guard has “been used by Dominion, as well as Election Services, Hurt Intercivic, Clean Ballot, Election Systems and Hardware, BPro, and Smartmatic,” Stone claims.

    “In other words, 100 percent of the voting machines and voting systems in this country are using the same software that Dominion has been using to switch votes.”

    For the past several weeks, reports about Dominion’s vote-counting software altering votes have been flooding social media. Numerous sworn affidavits contend that administrators have backdoor access to the systems, allowing them to switch votes at will.

    Attorney Sidney Powell, who is working independently on behalf of both President Trump and the American people, says she has in her possession solid proof of this, not to mention the fact that more than 100 Dominion employees have been caught purging their LinkedIn accounts in recent days.

    On top of that, Dominion representatives changed their minds at the last minute and decided not to meet with Pennsylvania lawmakers about the allegations, which clearly suggests that they have something to hide.

    “The denial by the mainstream media that there’s any evidence whatsoever is ludicrous,” Stone correctly points out, debunking the bizarre and nonsensical media claim that there is “no evidence” of election malfeasance.

    “The evidence is overwhelming and compelling. Whether Sidney Powell, a fine attorney who isn’t given to making claims she can’t back up in court, can bring a case without the cooperation of the Central Intelligence Agency and the FBI to come clean remains to be seen.”

    Bill Gates’ actions are the epitome of treason
    That Bill Gates is connected to Dominion is really no surprise, considering his “philanthropic” organization paid Black Lives Matter (BLM) “students” to count ballots in key battleground states.

    The so-called “Campus Vote Project” recruited what were described as “young black students” to flood polling places as poll workers, replacing elderly polling place veterans who were told that it would be too scary to work at them this year due to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

    Gates is also behind the mass vaccination campaign that is being rolled out at “warp speed” to inject the entire world with Covid-19 jabs. According to Gates, the world will only be able to return back to “normal” once everyone is vaccinated with his “cure.”

    The infamous “Antifa U-Haul” incident in Louisville, Ky., has also been linked to Gates, who reportedly funded the shields and other riot gear that was supplied to BLM “protesters” following the Breonna Taylor verdict.

    They say that where there is smoke, there is also fire. The same can be said of Bill Gates when it comes to fraud, deception and mass genocide. If evil lurks, Gates is almost certain to be hiding in the shadows.


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