Orange was Right About the “China Virus” . . . but Got it Wrong, Regardless

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It’s suddenly “safe” – just like that – to show your face again. And it is also “safe” for the corporate-state propaganda organs – what is styled the “media” – to admit that the Orange Man may have been right about the China Virus. That it did, indeed, come from China – via the Wuhan Institute for Virology, with some funding help from the Friends of Fauci.

But Orange Man is still very bad.

He certainly does not deserve to be trusted, ever again.

He may have been right about where the China Virus came from but he was spectacularly wrong about everything else pertaining to it. Most particularly, he was wrong to literally stand by the almost-literally Dr. Evil who used the fear of the China Virus to turn America into something very much like China. A land in which government officials can simply decree and the populace is obliged to obey. For as long – and as hard – as the government officials say.

Parts of America are still “locked down” – something even China isn’t.

Americans were forced, en masse, to either pretend they were terrified (and so enable the terrorization of other Americans) by walking around like characters out of the Walking Dead, with absurd “coverings” over their faces – literally anything qualified, so long as their faces were covered – or accept a kind of Pariah status, like Untouchables in India, enforced by the fear as much as the “mandates.”

Millions of Americans are still covering their faces – including millions who’ve received what is styled “their” vaccines, which the Orange Man did not fail to push at Warp Speed. And now pushes on those who are “hesitant” to be injected with a substance that may do them more actual harm than the China Virus might do them.

And which the new president is doing his all to make sure they all get injected with. The greatest actual harm of all.

Which brings us to the greatest Orange Fail of all.

By standing beside Dr. Evil – whoops, Fauci – Orange Man let Fauci set the stage for what Orange Man later styled “the steal” – which would be funny, in the manner of a man who gripes about leaving his wallet on the counter of a seedy bar and it not being there the next morning – if it were not for the fact that something else got stolen.

Something irreplaceable. Something the Orange Man didn’t own – but which Americans once had a right to.

Honest elections.

Or a least, mostly honest elections.

Instead, we got what the Orange Man enabled: An election unlike any other election in American history. An election in which voters were discouraged from voting – in the flesh – and millions of actual or actually not “voted” via the mail. None of these mailed-in votes (or not) were vetted before they were counted and bags of them were counted after the votes – of people who’d voted in the flesh – had stopped being counted.

Voting laws in states like Pennsylvania were ignored or blatantly altered months prior to Election Night and contrary to the law – enabling forms of voting and of counting that were illegal, according to the law.

Whether the “steal” actually occurred is something we will likely never know for sure – much less by whom. In the manner of the public execution of John F. Kennedy.

But we know for sure that something fishy occurred. 

At the least, we have sound reasons for suspecting it. The man who was unable to fill small rooms on the campaign trail somehow managed to fill bags of mail.

Or had them filled, on his behalf  . . . by the Orange Man.

Perhaps not literally – but functionally. It amounts to the same thing.

The Orange Man enabled the “steal” – even if it didn’t actually happen. He certainly made it possible and so given us good reason to suspect it.

And he did nothing to stop it, despite having the power to do something to prevent it.

His defenders – astonishingly, there are still millions of them – say he lacked the legal authority; that he could not require states to vet mailed-in votes (or not) before they were counted. This is absurd. He had the authority to declare an unending – to this day – “emergency” which endowed him with practically unlimited powers. He let the governor-Gesundheitsfuhrers of practically every state assume de facto dictatorial powers. 

Yet he chose not to use his arguably legitimate authority as president – to see that the laws are faithfully executed – by making certain no mass skullduggery occurred as a result of en masse mailed-in voting, much of it mailed in months prior to Election Night but not counted until after the shown-up-to-votes were counted (a winning majority cast for the Orange Man) on Election Night and the counting halted while the mailed-in votes (or not) were counted.

And when they were – and just like that – the election result shifted from Orange to Red.

The Failed Orange Man then demanded an after-the-fact recount – but never a before-the-vote vet. He urged a re-examination of the dubious votes (or not). Which amounts to the same as recounting counterfeit bills so as to establish whether any money was stolen from the till.

He did nothing to prevent the counterfeit bills from being put into the till.

To those who continue to say, he couldn’t have –  I say: He didn’t even try. All he did was Tweet and bloviate about the pending “steal” – like a man standing in the path of a locomotive that’s still a mile down the tracks but obviously coming.

He never got off the tracks – and by doing so, left us standing there.

Left us with a country more like China than any virus ever could have made us.

. . . 

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  1. not to mention orange traitor has never mentioned -once- his deluded supporters held for five months without bail in washington dc or the murder of ashley babbitt

    • A great expectation it is that the deluded should recognize the deluded.

      Delude – “deceive, impose upon, mislead the mind or judgment of,” c. 1400, from Latin deludere “to play false; to mock, deceive,” from de- “down, to one’s detriment” (see de-) + ludere “to play” (see ludicrous). Related: Deluded; deluding.”

      Ludi – “(Latin plural) were public games held for the benefit and entertainment of the Roman people (populus Romanus). Ludi were held in conjunction with, or sometimes as the major feature of, Roman religious festivals, and were also presented as part of the cult of state.

      The earliest ludi were horse races in the circus (ludi circenses).[1] Animal exhibitions with mock hunts (venationes) and theatrical performances (ludi scaenici) also became part of the festivals.[2]

      Days on which ludi were held were public holidays, and no business could be conducted—”remarkably,” it has been noted, “considering that in the Imperial era more than 135 days might be spent at these entertainments” during the year.[3] Although their entertainment value may have overshadowed religious sentiment at any given moment, even in late antiquity the ludi were understood as part of the worship of the traditional gods, and the Church Fathers thus advised Christians not to participate in the festivities.[4]

      The singular form ludus, “game, sport” or “play” has several meanings in Latin.[5] The plural is used for “games” in a sense analogous to the Greek festivals of games, such as the Panhellenic Games.[6] The late-antique scholar Isidore of Seville, however, classifies the forms of ludus as gymnicus (“athletic”), circensis (“held in the circus,” mainly the chariot races), gladiatorius (“gladiatorial”) and scaenicus (“theatrical”).[7] The relation of gladiatorial games to the ludi is complex; see Gladiator.”

      And the man said, “Are you not entertained?!”

  2. Hey, just read a report in the UK papers about potentially opening up test and quarantine free travel between the UK and US – for those who have received both shots of the sacred Jab. Are any of you hearing this ? Very pissed off because I was hoping the US would at least be able to push back against the cabal… (though maybe im asking for too much)….

  3. Since elections are advance auctions of stolen goods ~ Mencken ~ in any case, who cares? The stolen was stolen! And the fruitbread ~ stollen ~ loses its “mind.”

    I’ve been asking for 25 years…suppose they threw an election & nobody codependently enabled the kabuki – nobody showed up to “vote” at all – what would be different the day after the tally was whacked?

    Not a damned thing would be different, of course. (Does “mask off” constitute difference?)

    The extras, like the leads, are directed & produced. Most all the world’s a stage. And the players on the stage are stooges, trained seals of approval.

    “Elections” are criminal & “voters” despite complete useful digitiot impotence, are criminal, too. And not just criminally inane, either.

    • Well-said, Ozman.

      This is probably the chief reason I do not vote. Unless there were an option to disband the criminal institutions of government, voting is nothing more than choosing which crook you wish to shepherd the criminal organization- and the most qualified [best liar] wins.

      Choose one of the pre-selected candidates who tailor their speeches to best appeal the masses who have been pre-programmed to demand more chains, and who argue about artificially created “issues” over which nobody but themselves should have say over, while they demand that you lose your autonomy too, since “their candidate won” and so thusly has “legitimate authority” over all matters great and small- while at the same time they fail to notice the real agendas of TPTB continue and grow exponentially no matter who is elected to play the parts in the longest running show, which keeps the ignorant entertained and pacified.

      • Nunz…I have no right to vote. Not because I am a felon. But because I’m not a criminal. Because I know what my – & your, everybody elses’ – prerogatives are. I don’t make fraudulent offers that can’t be refused.

        We were on the road, taking soundings of the Grapes of Wrath in Reverse, when I wondered why the flags were at half-mast. That Diana Ross of the Supremes, Ginsburg, had died. I snorted. Contempt. Disgust. Disdain. Which offended my female companion. “She did a lot for women!”

        “Power.” Human biology is pre-seduced, & pre-screwed, by it. Women are largely hardwired to want it & many men want it because women want it & they want women…&/or analogs•ynonyms.

        None of these ordinaries care how they get what they get, or how much ordinance it takes to take it, so long as they get it. But all will be done that can be done to steal it fair, square & legal.

        Gollum wants the ring-muscle, & he wants you to kiss it.

        “Nothing that Ginsburg ‘gave’ women was earned. Therefore none of it was deserved. None of it is legitimate. None of it is real, actual. All the affirmations in the world won’t affirm affirmative action.”

        Offense post, how deep a hole can you dig? The sound of her voice ceased even to echo. It might have been the sound of one hand clapping, in her minds eye, around my throat.

        Locus of control.

        It’s just a belief, where someone puts the power.

        But my companion, lots of people, will claim (because it’s “known to be psychologically healthy” to do so) theirs’ is internal, while simultaneously worshiping its external location.

        So nothing is inherent, inalienable, to these people. There are no rights. There is only got mine privileges, permissions, f/u money. Their heads water those headwaters…& so they are all headhunters, cannibals.

        If the court says RvW, that bug’s the air-cooled “law.” If the gov, bypassing legislature entirely, says “emergency,” it’s “the law” (not that legislatures make law, either). If the executive couch cushion off-gasses an order, it’s “the law.”

        And so it is.

        The law of the jungle.

        These people are savages. Barbarians. Cyphers. Automatons. Dupes. Synapse-fried high on time preference. Prerogatives? Can’t even spell it. But they claim to wear Technicolor Dreamcoats they call “civilized.”

        If I had the EMP(erors robes) button, I’d push it. Justified self-defense. Naked aggression oughta’ go naked, so it can see what’s there to see.

        Fun opening scene of Justified. He’s a Kentucky boy; now he’ll have to go back to Kentucky. :

        • I love to come here for these kinds of comments, to engage in some mental masturbation that opens the mind to new ideas and logic. Been at it for decades and still enthralled.
          And then I go back to my friends, family and acquaintances and have to deal with dumb and dumber.
          Thanks for the break.

          • It does pay dividends, opening up, outside the lines. Tho friends, family & acquaintainces do strongly tend to be coupons that have already been clipped, often with pinking shears, & ‘measure twice, cut once’ means the association cuts both ways. Irony & symmetry …cemetery.

            The one who brakes latest will exit corner quickest, assuming necessary negotiation skills & luck. ☺ (Thanks for taking a break.)

      • Fighting over the selected would-be Stalins and voting for tweedle-dum or tweedle-dee is a total waste of time, Nunz, I figured that out a long time ago. It just eggs them on thinking they have a “mandate” from “thuh people” to tighten the chains.

        “Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos!”

      • Nunz I loathe to see our “chooices” in 2022 and 2024. If a talking mummy and knee pads harris got elected how much worse could it be I supoose. Oh wait theres trump.

    • ahhahahah great article

      “On March 26, Kallman tweeted to his followers that he had received his first Chinese Virus shot and was proud to have created “v-safe,” a smartphone-based tool to remind others to also get theirs.”

      the idiot must have forgot the all saline version all the rest of the top dogs get

      • He probably faked his death and is living comfy with his new identity.

        Either that or they are killing of famous people as a taunt to normies: you are so compliant that you will line up for a 2 servings of pain and death.

  4. We can speculate as to Trump’s intention WRT his presidential ambition, but it seems to me no matter how good or bad he was, the entirety of Washington DC wanted nothing to do with him. And therefore they did whatever was in their power to stop anything he attempted. He’ll go down in history alongside Andrew Jackson.

    • Trump. Ugh!!
      If only Hillary had won. Or Rubio. Or Jeb!. Sadly we will never know the greatness, the repatriation of factories and jobs, the tax reform, the deregulation, the eerie peace and quiet from Iran, Norks, Arabs, drug cartels, and other bad actors. We could have had pride in America for a change, and more money in our pockets. Gas could have been $1.90 a gallon. Trillions of new debt would not have been force fed to us in under 100 days. It could have been a new beginning. Sadly, we got stuck with the least qualified politician ever as president.

      Sigh! I sure long for the days when the professional political class ran tings. Now that the Orange fail is beaten we can enjoy the brilliance of Biden- and the freedom to have sex with minors too. And we now have the compassion of Camala, the soaring oratory of Shchumer, the political skills of Pelosi, the insightful voices of The Squad, and the fairness of the least privileged among us having a real say so as to the dangers of white doctors, engineers, industrialists, pastors, researchers, technicians and mechanics.

      I feel vindicated when women, minorities and real soy men identify Trump as the problem. It literally makes me feel bigger, my future brighter, and enhances my willingness to take risks, invest, and grow. I can’t say enough how I love and respect all the fine, successful, righteous and free folks here who hate Trump. You make me feel better.

      • Hi O,

        But you miss the point… everything good you attribute to the Orange Fail has been rent asunder by his complicity with the weaponization of hypochondria; it is why – above all – he is no longer president and Biden is. These are facts, inarguable.

        I understand being disappointed. I am, too. But I am also feeling angry – toward the Orange Man – for letting Fauci become president and thus assuring Biden’s presidency.

        And, the Orange Clown is pushing the Needling of America. That makes me furious.

        • Let us not forget that it was Trump who authorized the first round of multi-TRILLION dollar printings of fiat hyper-inflation causing paper wealth-destroying FRNs…….. and his pardoning of so many actual criminals- including the King Of Medicare Fraud (Kushner’s buddy, who looted $1.6 billion), but NOT pardoning those who truly deserved one- such as Snowden and Assange. If anyone has any doubts as to Trump’s true intent and character, just those things alone remove all doubt.

          • He outperformed Bush and Obama’s first terms in the corruption department.

            The pardons were the icing on the cake. He even pardoned Jonathan Pollard’s handler. America First, my ass!

      • You’re right when you say there was no other choice but Trump. It was clear to me when I voted for him both times that he may have lacked political expertise but I had great confidence that he would do wonders for our economy and was pleasantly surprised at his foreign-policy achievements. But he didn’t have the political skills or even the courage required to take it to the enemy. Case in point number one, he fired general Flynn when he should’ve just given the critics the finger. Flynn was absolutely and unequivocally essential in taking on the criminals. But what did trump do? He did with all Republicans do and caved in to the enemy instead of telling them to go pound sand: Flynn stays, and fuck you very much! Case in point number two, he doesn’t have a Rolodex which means he doesn’t know who to appoint that would carry out our will and stop evildoers from having power. Case in point number three, he signed an executive order giving him unilateral powers to declare martial law for precisely the things that happened in the election. He chose to save his own skin and put the blame on Mike Pence instead. But the buck really stops with the president. These are glaring flaws that deserve criticism. Some people actually believe that he was working for the other side because the way he buckled under pressure. And who in the hell did he surround himself with? These people should’ve known who Anthony Fauci was and should’ve said get rid of him right away. He turns out to be a very well-intentioned guy, but as I listen to him and read his tweets I thought, “My God, this is the President of the United States and he has no power.”

  5. The fact that Trump did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop America from being turned into a dictatorship means one or two things: either he feared being summarily executed, OR…he’s one of THEM.

    • … or he is working the greatest sting operation the world has ever seen. Allow all the treason to be presented live and in color to the American people who, it is suspected, will demand action; not just the MAGA crew, but most of the rest, as well. Let everyone see the truth of where the Deep State wants us taken. Where is the truth? Unfortunately, I tend to agree with Mr. Peters. I’d lay it to a 90% chance he’s correct and a 10% chance it’s a sting op. Time will tell. Hope for the best. Plan for the worst.

      • Hi Malachi,

        I once wished – desperately – it was so. That Orange Man was “playing 5 dimensional chess.” But when he began to push for Needling, I understood at once that he is one of them.

      • Malachi,

        He was a terminator from the beginning. And he did his job, infiltrating and causing division in and besmirching the face of the liberty/conservative movement. Sorry, but the only people stung were those who believed in him.

        • I will vote to put someone in the WH who will take no prisoners and who will begin arresting the treasonous bastards who wrote and executed “The Playbook” as well as all the rest who have turned against the American people and the Constitution in support of foreign powers and/or the pursuit of personal wealth.

          There is no place to emigrate to if this ship goes down; and those who run will find that they cannot hide.

          I stopped reading blogs that counsel suicide.

          • Amen, Retired –

            Realistically, there is nowhere to go. Unless one wishes to live an extremely primitive, survival type of life in some very out of the way place. That’s ok, maybe, when you’re 20 and have good teeth. Good luck with another 20 years or more behind you and several crowns, etc. And even then, the fight will likely find you. Better to just stand your ground, if the fight does come. I make no claim to bravery. But I refuse to live like a chicken, either – or some sort of vagabond, living in a tent in the woods.

            As far as voting: I’d prefer never to again. But I will, if there is any chance that voting will serve to contain this cancer and the more fundamental illness that underlies it. But Orange Man? Never again. His facilitation of Fauci deeply troubled me. But it has been his pushing of Needling that informs me he is as much the enemy as the rest of them.

            Maybe DeSantis. Not perfect – he went along with the “lockdowns” at first. But he has been on fire since. He has my cautious support – for now.

            • Eric, I agree with you about Trump. He was pathetically weak and he tried to appease his/our domestic enemies, so he fired Flynn and Obama wiped his brow, laughing as he dodged a bullet. Flynn was an absolute must to take down the corruption. And the appointments of Barr, Wray, Sessions, Bolton, and Haspel, told us that Trump likes the pomp of being president but wasn’t ever serious about reform. He is the only president I have ever seen that never seemed to meet with the military and intelligence communities, and for obvious reasons: they would not serve him.

              In politics, the name of the game is voting. Last century, my side was good at discouraging some kinds of people from voting, which is really what the Founders had believed about the types of people that shouldn’t have the franchise for obvious reasons. So when I read where educated people talk about not voting while I simultaneously witness the takers voting more often than they ever did before, I think that is an unwise surrender.

              Trump was an outsider, which was a good start, but he proved to be horribly incompetent. He is not secretly at work setting the enemies up for failure. Unfortunately, we need a president who will control the military and use it to arrest and punish those who have captured the government—A guy like Washington who will step down once he’s finished suspending the constitution for the sake of preserving it. He must not be afraid of the men in suits who have been calling the shots, literally, in this country since Kennedy was assassinated.

              • The military just sat by and watched as the illegitimate election proceeded. They did nothing, and would never do anything, to upset their steady paycheck. At the end of the day, as someone mentioned here, the military is just another welfare program. What incentive have they to enforce the actual will of the people? In fact, their loyalties lie with the apparat. They went to DC in January to defend the will of the oligarchs/parasite class, not us. They’ll never point their weapons at the domestic enemies. Unless the domestic enemies are us. They’ll do that. That’s easy. Killing us is easy. Fun. They probably want to, and would, if they didn’t benefit from or enjoy our slavery more.

                Trump was very popular with the military. Got him real far. They were friends up until the friendship required effort. Required sacrifice. Required risk. Turns out, much as they liked Trump, they liked Biden and the status quo more.

                So, I have no inclination that the military will ever be there to help us or increase our liberty. Regardless of the Commander in Chief. The opposite I find much more plausible.

                As for DeSantis, Noem, etc, I think they have a better chance at doing good, increasing liberty, by keeping Florida, South Dakota, safer havens for as long as they can. I’d prefer they just stay where they are. Not like the elections in 2024 will make a difference anyway. The fraud worked in 2020. They got caught. Nothing happened anyway. No repercussions. Nothing fixed. Nothing changed. They’ll do it again because who’s going to stop them?

  6. The only thing he was good at was infuriating his opponents. Which is why conservatives fell in love with the NY liberal turned Republican. For decades the only thing conservatives did was call leftists names. It started with Rush Limbaugh. Rather than come up with a strategy to promote conservative values, they just pointed at liberals and called them poopyheads. So when a master troll showed up claiming to be one of them, they all fell in love.

    Part of Trump’s legacy is that he left us with millions of people afflicted with the mental illness TDS. He quite literally drove them insane. How does this Make America Great Again? Now it’s virtually impossible to sell liberty and conservative values because the left can’t even think straight. They’re so full of hatred and rage they’ve gone full Marxist. Now what are we supposed to do? I used to have leftist friends I could at least influence. Not anymore. MAGA, my ass.

  7. I’m telling you, later this month, Trump will be inaugurated, and fix all that has gone awry. He will arrive in Washington in a tic-tac UFO piloted by Jeffery Epstein.

  8. Well said Eric; nothing more to add. Trump could have done much more, yet he didn’t. And his actions after the “election” were so feeble IMHO.

    Now, I feel this shift in the narrative regarding the virus origins is too abrupt. Are they trying to keep us distracted from the harms their NPI like lockdowns, masks, etc., have done…or worse, trying to sort of legitimize those? Or are they trying to push in a subtle way mass jabbing? (Something like “this might be an artificial virus, we don’t understand it fully yet and there may be some unknown long term effects, so better get the jab). Makes me wonder…
    Although I can tell you something: Fauci is a dead man walking.

    Right now our focus should be returning to full normal. And keep an eye to economic and monetary issues.

    Speaking about jabs and Trump, look what I found on Twitter:
    “America trusted Trump to be president. He brought us the COVID-19 vaccine, which activates our divinely granted and powerful IgG immunity to combat infection.

    We should use this gift – especially if we are NOT immune.

    #ScreenB4Vaccine and use the “Trump vaccine” to save America”

    And another one:

    The Trump administration’s COVID-19 vaccine is very effective and reasonably safe in folks who do NOT have already established immunity from a prior infection.

    So, #ScreenB4Vaccine…do NOT wait for an infection…because treatments are not worked out yet.”

    Hmm interesting. I am wondering if the opposite of TDS exists. And in any case, wouldn’t it be “taxpayers’ vaccine” more appropriate? What’s worse, the good doc seems to be turning a blind eye to the rise in myocarditis in young people (among many other issues). At least he acknowledges natural immunity.

  9. The Orange Man was an epic fail, but the current situation in the Senate enabling advancement of the left’s agenda is the end result of 300,000 Republicans not showing up for the runoff elections in Georgia in January.

    The only power the Republicans have left until the Midterms is the filibuster. If that goes away, then the Dems will have zero chance of getting a non-compromise VP nominee through the Senate in the event that something happens to Biden.

    Eric — Mittens for VP!

    • Roscoe,

      There’s also the matter that the problems with the voting down there were STILL IN PLACE for the runoff on January 5th! That didn’t help matters any. Also, then Senate Majority Leader Mitch McChao blocked the $2K relief checks, which hurt both Perdue and Loeffler in their races. I happened to be listening to Sean Hannity for a few minutes while in my car the day after, and he had political analysts on; BOTH of them said that, were it not for what Mitch McChao did, they both would’ve won by comfortable margins! By blocking the relief checks, he handed both GA Senate races, and along with them, the Senate majority, to the Dems.

      You might ask WHY would he do that? Sundance, at The Conservative Treehouse, answers that question better than I ever could. Oh, and read the sidebar articles too, especially the CNN pieces; they’re really GOOD! They give good insight in to how McConnell really works; they give good insight in to how devious and scheming he really is. Go here to read WHY Mitch McChao did what he did:

  10. If the Chinky virus is anything other than a virulent strain of the common flu, then what happened to the common flu? -Cause suddenly the usual 30-50K deaths in a year from the common flu have all but disappeared. So if the ‘Rona is really some man-made bioweapon, then it must have somehow obliterated the common flu.

    This idea that the ‘Rona is something other than the flu, and that it was created in China, is just more BS designed to take the attention off of our real enemies [The ones in DC. etc.] and foster “patriotism” and the fear that inspires people to support tyranny in tghe name of “keeping them safe”- the same as with “terrorism” and “WMDs”.

    And Trump is not only STILL pimping the vaccines, but has even ramped-up his support for them- the freaking lying hypocrite!

    • Looking back to all the political theatre; from Pelosi tearing up the speech and then the 2 of them grinning like a pair of thieves at the signing of the first stimulus bill, it’s like a badly scripted soap opera. Stealing votes and loyalty is one thing, but telling people to take the jab puts him in the same league as the rest of the mass murderers and corporate thieves, these people are truly evil and he’s sided with them.
      There aren’t enough excuses in the universe to clear him of that one.

      • The pandemic: it was the one play that HAD to be run. Trump ran it and so did a notorious blogger trying to pass him/herself off as one of us. They flunked the authenticity test and are anathema.

        • Hi Retired,

          In re bloggers – and pundits: I practically vomit every time I make the mistake of listening to Sean Hannity, who practically licks Trump’s cheek as he praises him for “Warp Speed” and the wonders of the Holy Anointing. There’s also Ben Shapiro – a very smart guy – who proved himself something else when he began to defend requiring “vaccines” as a precondition of being allowed to live.

  11. Regarding Fraudci’s fall, it’s something the system does to redirect the people’s inchoate anger away from the system towards a villain. It also serves to cement as “truth” the lies told previously. Oh, the virus WAS novel, isolated, deadlier than anything ever, and was directly responsible for killing 500,00 people or whatever. All the illegal, unconstitutional “health mandates” and economy/society destroying measures undertaken by gov’t at all levels should never be questioned or investigated because they were warranted and legitimate. All rendered implicitly “true”, just now it’s the fault of some sketchy gov’t funding of a nefarious research lab connected to Eastasia, er, I mean China. Cue the jingoistic outrage! And Rand Paul is the front man.

    If you believe any of it you believe all of it.

    These methods were previously developed and perfected by the financiers to direct blame for economic booms and busts due to overall corrupt financialization away from the Fed towards villains like Mike Milken, Dennis Kozlowski, Bernie Madoff, etc. They actually put those folks in jail but gov’t rarely does that to its own so Fraudci will likely retire with billions in stock, a fat pension and a mildly stained reputation.

    That Orange Fail is resurfacing now with his cast of fabulist flunkies really drives home the point that scam has moved on to the next act.

    • One other thing… It’s interesting that, as reported in a self referential piece today on 0hedge (read: suspicious since due to several opaque ownership changes that site has not been what it was for years now) the so-called “gain of function” being intimated as having been developed in Wuhan is some sort of insertion of, get this, of all things, HIV, into a coronavirus. Throughout the last 15 months there were even a few sketchy reports out of places like India and Australia of folks known to have “Convid” also “testing positive” for HIV. Now, even my ducks know Fraudci’s notorious history with respect to that “pandemic” of yesteryear. Ironic, also, is how the very existence of “HIV” is the subject of contentious debate. Jon Rappoport, the who literally wrote the book on HIV, AIDS, and Fraudci, titled AIDS, Inc. (sound familiar), lays out in great detail how an amorphous group of symptoms traced to other sources (common cold symptoms, malnutrition, pollution, toxic drugs, virtually any malady etc.) came to be known as a sort of virus supposedly of exotic origins (remember the sex with monkeys theory) HIV/AIDS to be solved with a deadly cocktail of drugs, AZT, that actually killed more people than it helped also pushed by Fraudci. Again, sound familiar? Back then he was even rebuked and censured by Congress, along with the head of the CDC in 2020 until Old Joe’s gal took over, Robert Redfield. Same players, same game.

      • These people like Fauce almost as bad as the dipshits who hang on their words and BELIEVE whatever they say. And then defend them! “Oh what he MEANT was…”

        Correct you are on the coordinated pivot towards CHINA being the CAUSE OF ALL OUR PROBLEMS. Even if the CCP released this shit, who cares. One, covid is fake & gay, and not dangerous. Second, it was the pedophile-laced US government who changed this place into a prison, with the ENTHUSIASTIC support of the zombies.

        Side note, Chinese are chill and respect the US more than half of American citizens do. I saw 10x the amount of American flags on cars, shirts, bags, et c. THERE than here. Their word for America is 美国, which means “The beautiful country.”

        The psychopaths are trying to get the American tax slaves to want to murder the Chinese tax slaves.

        • The masses refuse to wake up and see they’re being played, they just listen to their favorite media and will march off to war at the drop of the hat, just like in 1917/41. Tell enough lies and point at whomever is this weeks bad guy, and off they go. The lack of brain cells and cognitive thinking is staggering, but a given, they’ll never learn, despite being the most exceptional idiots to inhabit this planet.

          • So true, Wyo.

            Sad thing is, the creation of fake enemies to get the masses to do the bidding of their local tyrants has been going on for thousands of years. The masses truly never learn; but the psychos who would rule them learn very quickly…how to fool and control them.

      • We peons could have done something about it.
        When Fauci showed up as the front man I asked, who is this guy? I knew of some of his crap from wayback, but dug deeper. Anyone could have done it, and some did, but not enough.
        It would have been good to have some experienced duck hunters with their duck calls to be in the gallery to tune up and display their calling skills when Fauci took the podium. Of course they would have been labeled “domestic terrists” for a raucous display in the presence of such an august body.

        • Look at the opprobrium that Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin received when he held a hearing with real doctors from the field of actual treatment and collaboration on non-jab efficacy of easily available treatments that could have saved many thousands. Who was correct?

    • Hi X,

      And – of course – the woman pictured with the story is obese….. the extra 50 pounds of blubber she’s carrying being far more a health risk to herself than my healthy uncovered face.

      • The woman emotes, “[w]e just feel like we are sitting ducks.”

        She looks like she is a sitting duck for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

      • I had to go to the emergency room on advice of a traveling insurance company doctor . Of course my wife listened in and flipped out. It was no big thing but there was a big bill for hardly examining the skin condition. I got an aspirin substitute and that was that. I still use aspirin as that is all that I can get other than something that might turn out to be a Vioxx scam.
        Women are too emotional and do not read the literature that does not appear on the sailphone. It all comes down to me drinking a few beers that is the cause of any malady.

    • From the article:

      “We had people walking in, not buying anything, just chewing gum with their mouths open — a ‘see if anyone stops me’ kind of dance,’” said Mr. Mason, who is vaccinated but worries about infecting his toddler and the baby he and his wife are expecting. “I’m already taking prescription meds for anxiety. I had to increase my dosage to keep my heart from racing.”

      THESE people are the reason we can’t have nice things.

      Howa many “toddlers” and “newborns” have died of COVID. If you guessed zero – go to the head of the class

  12. Didn’t vote for Trump, everybody else did, he was going to win my home state easy.

    Next thing you know, there is pandemonium, chaos, maelstrom of the malaise.

    Donald is a great entertainer, can inspire a crowd, he can do it. All talk and no action. “Lock her up!” Didn’t happen. Baffles you with bullshit, for sure. Can’t really expect much more.

    All bread and circus, the election, the campaigns, the nutjob in the chair, Joe Biden, the court jester, the clown in charge of it all, all more of the same steaming pile of bull’s manure. All snake oil, the vaccine, snake oil, all bread and circus.

    There are a thousand ways to turn your attention away from your most pertinent part of your existence, your brain, it can get washed repeatedly and does, the noosphere is what you need to have to pay attention to get things done. Simple stuff, it is all problem solving and completion. You’re set to go.

    Forget Trump, Forget Biden, all distractions of any kind, all pure evil.

    There is a thousand head of cattle within a four square mile area, if you starve, it’s your own fault. Alfalfa has roots that go sixteen feet deep, you’ll always get alfalfa regardless of the amounts of rain and snow.

    You reap what you sow. Except for what gets eaten by all of the critters out there, nature provides and those that get first choice isn’t you, it’s the bugs, gophers, deer, every hare from here to eternity.

    A million acres of land surrounding my garden and the critters zero in on the bounty, the thieves. har

    • My mother figured out a way to cook our murdered rabbits by a 24 hour marinade and then into the pot with veggies and plenty of onion. She chided us for bringing too many home to fit in the pot. It would have been good to have one of those big Afrikaans kettles so that we could feed the neighborhood. I would have expected the neighbors to supply the veggies to toss in the pot to get their share.
      The mother was not some backwater hick, but a cultured Southern lady that found a reference in one of her history books on how to prepare bunnies for the pot.

      • BTW, our favored ammo was Eley CB caps as they wouldn’t attract the notice of the police as we hunted in town. We would sneak in the school after the safari to put our rifles in our lockers. My brother had eight Peter Cottontails hanging in his locker one time. If we knew something about tanning my mother could have gotten some cozy slippers out of it.

    • LOL. No way in hell. Where do people come up with this stuff? Nothing the man or his team has said regarding the election has played out. All this does is take people’s eyes off on what we should be focusing which is the changes that the WEF want to implement globally. Trump needs to go away. The more he talks the more I believe he participated in this this “plandemic”.

      • Narcissists like him will never truly go away. Expect him to at least run again in 2024. Makes me throw up in my mouth a bit at that prospect. But he still commands a cult-like following – one only look at Gateway Pundit, Breitbart, etc. to see this.

        And I’m 100% convinced he participated in the covid charade. He spoke with forked tongue – pretending to play the foil, while enabling and facilitating every act of tyranny and destruction along the way, including the emergency declaration and the warp speed needles. Piece of horse squeeze, he.

        • Fortunately, I don’t think that will happen. He will be too busy saving his business empire. I think it is all talk. This country is going to take a hard right turn in 2024 and Trump isn’t going to fit the bill.

          • Hi RG,
            I think by 2024 Trump will be trying too hard to stay out of jail to do much of anything politically. He’s screwed so many small contractors in his business dealings that they’re cheering on Cyrus Vance and the NYC DA. That saying holds true: you shouldn’t step on people on your way up the ladder because you might need them on the way down.
            I think Orange Man will look good in an orange jumpsuit.

            • Wishful thinking, Mike. 😊

              He will never see the inside of a jail cell….the oligarchy never does. Jail time is for us little people. Money allows one to grease a few palms….DAs, judges, etc.

              In 2024, he will still be playing rounds of golf at Mar A Lago while Melania is messing around with the pool boys.

            • Hey Mike!

              **”you shouldn’t step on people on your way up the ladder because you might need them on the way down.”**

              Hahaha! That reminded me of that Honeymooners episode where Ralph Kramden said the same thing! 😀

              I hope Trump gets what’s coming to him! (Then in-turn, the Dumbocraps too!). Wouldn’t it be nice if they all destroyed each other? Then maybe they wouldn’t have the time to destroy us!

              • People refuse to come to the understanding it’s the Uniparty, two wings of the same bird, trading places every few years and playing the idiots against each other. Pretty fun game when you hold all the cards.
                They keep filling their pockets at the expense of the tax slaves, who in turn keep enabling the game to continue, endlessly.

                • Hi Wyomarine,

                  Yup. I think many – me among them, I admit it – wanted to hear what they thought Orange Man was saying. We allowed ourselves to believe that – just maybe – he was a normal guy, a lot like us and wanting a normal America. Perhaps not a deep thinker but basically on the right track. Or at least, a more normal track.

                  We got played. He is probably having a highball with Fauci right now, both of them laughing as they clink their glasses.

          • RG – why do you think the country will take a hard right turn ? Think the people are just too dumbed down. They will simply be promoted more free shit and they will fall for it…. and even if they do – who in the republican party who will be allowed close to the top will go “hard right” ?

            • Hi Nasir,

              Simply put – Hell’s coming.

              I think Americans, even dumb ones, can only handle so much inflation, job losses, cyberattacks, public school indoctrination, gun control, and increases in crime, before they say “Enough.”

              Homeschooling in the USSA doubled last year. People are being randomly attacked for getting on a subway, eating at a restaurant, and just walking down the street. In one month we have experienced three major cyberattacks from oil to food to transit. More guns were purchased in 2020 than any other year in history. The richer are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Drug overdoses and suicides have skyrocketed. People can only take so much shit before anger envelopes them.

              The Fourth Industrial Revolution will meet the Fourth Turning. I think we have one more major crisis coming and I believe people will end up losing so much they will have no other choice but to fight. All of my bets for the Great Awakening occur in 2025.

              • Hi RG, yeh – sensible assessment. I hope they DO awaken then…. people are so dumbed down they just dont get it… they will simply be herded elsewhere, placated in some new way, UBI, or other goodies – and this thing can be pulled much longer. From what I recall, the roman empire itself took about 200 years from the first signs till it actually fell apart, and even back then there were able to pull it so long. Personally I think if people do wake up (at least in the US) theres more of a chance of succession or states before a nationwide “awakening” but thats just my take.

                • Morning, Nasir!

                  The Romans didn’t have sail fawns . . . technology is accelerating the corruption and thus the decline of the American Roman Empire. I would lay odds “America” – a single country – does not exist within 20 and maybe even ten years. Possibly five. It is not like China – where almost everyone is Chinese. There is of course the fatuous notion that “America” is a “propositional nation” – i.e., one composed of various peoples dedicated to a common creed. But that is nonsense, obviously so. This isn’t to say a propositional nation isn’t possible; it is merely that America is not one.

                  • True – technology will speed things up in our case. but that same technology can be used to keep the masses calm as well. If someone spends 6 hours a day on instagram – they have less time to rebel against the leaders. But I see your point – things do move faster today than in Rome.

                    I do think western nations could have worked as a propositional nation, but over the course of the last few decades – a new proportion has been introduced based on leftist / socialist ideas, mostly to support those in power and their buddies. Many people who understand the long term reality of things, and see where this is going do not buy into or support the new one….. while many who perhaps didnt do well under the original one (or who have figured out how to make a buck) support the new one. And thats where I see the real divide…

                  • Eric, n one probably knew why when it was written…but now it’s clear why the Bible says that the end-time events which will be a time such as has never been before, will all come to pass in the space of one generation!

                    You got it! Everything’s speeded up via technology and global communication.

                    When my mother was a little girl, horses with carts were still plying the streets of NYC…, in her lifetime, we have GMO crops, cloned creatures;every major city is now a cesspool…..

                    In my lifetime: When I was a kid, it was a big deal to make a call from NY to CA. and very expensive…now you can call Japan for less than what it used to cost to call NJ!

                    And everyone walking around with a tracking device/camera/record of all their personal details in their pockets……

            • Hi Nasir,

              I expect it to take a hard right – or left – turn. The idiot masses will consider one or the other variant of authoritarian collectivism to be their salvation. They are too stupid, ignorant and mean-spirited to consider that enslaving others entails enslaving themselves. Without guiding principles founded on moral principles, humanity is a dangerous animal.

    • I’ll believe THAT when I see it. And, so what if they do? I won’t be pacified. I was promised a free country, where the hell is it?! I can’t even say I was tricked out of my birthright, it was taken away and I didn’t get so much as a mess of pottage in return.

      • You were NOT promised a free country. Several of the founders stated that constant vigilance is required to maintain it. That if you don’t protect it, it will disappear. Our freedom was lost when Lincoln’s war on America centralized, and made omnipotent and ubiquitous, the Federal government. It’s been slowly eaten away ever since.

    • There’s NO constitutional mechanism for removing either Biden or Harris from office besides impeachment. Moreover, there is a proscribed line of presidential succession that includes Nancy Pelosi as 3rd in line. There’s no way that Biden could be removed and Trump installed-not that it would make much of a difference…

      • Agreed. However, we are so far gone I would not be shocked if there were a coup at some point (a real one, not a fakey-fake photo op like Jan. 6). I have noted that the military is the ONLY institution left with any public trust, and this has been the case for years. This, I believe, is part of the reason why the National Guard has been called to do Needle Duty.

        Having said this, I also believe that the country is so fragmented right now that any coup would solve exactly nothing, and dramatically increases the already-stratospheric risk of mass civil unrest culminating in outright civil war. With nukes. Not cool.

        It’s like the old story about the greedy boy and the jar of nuts…the only solution is to let go. But TPTB refuse to do that.

        • I think many people on both sides are going to be in for a rude awakening when it comes to the military in any insurrection or coup. I’d say the right will be shocked to find that 50% of the military will just follow orders and turn their weapons on us citizens if so ordered to do so. Just like so many conservatives i know who blindly, before 2020 “backed the blue” in everything they did and watched in absolute horor as the blue “just followed orders” from wannabe local dictators regarding lockdowns and then turned around and didn’t bother to protect anyone from the wrath ot pantifa and blm in the summer riot season. But those same cops were more than happy to pounce on anyone who defended themselves from the mobs.

          Likewise the left is going to be shocked to learn that 50% of the military isn’t going to just follow orders and will openly side with freedom loving individuals in this country. That is why you see the ptb with such a hard on to purge the military of who they call white supremacists. What they are really doing is trying to purge the military of conservatives.

          • No tyrant has ever been short of armed goon enforcers. They don’t exist without them. IF it comes to a little hesitation, they all get a big fat pay raise, and that’s the end of it. Trust the military? Not me. That is the institution that decided using nuclear weapons on civilians was a good idea, and did so, twice.

            • Is there an example anywhere in the history books of a military, in the course of a civil war, insurrection, rebellion, or whatever, going against their masters? At their core, they are trained to follow orders, not their conscience. If they hesitate, then they will become dead marines and then they’ll be in a world of shit. They’ll kill us or drone strike us on command, as failing to do so would mean a bayonet in their own back.

              • Well, actually I think there was. If I’m not mistaken, and I was once before, the Czar’s Cossack guard turned on him in the Russian Revolution. Of course there are a multitude of instances where a military junta took over the government from the existing one. They haven’t typically been much of an improvement.

              • Things didn’t turn out to rosy for Caesar or Robespierre and history has thousands upon thousands of coups, but I think the only truly successful one is the American Revolution, in which the goal was for the freedom of the individual and not another military installed government.

                • Regarding the American “revolution”, this is something where precision in language is needed to properly define an event. When discussing the founding of this country in my homeschooling endeavors, I always note that, in the days of the “founders”, they described it as the “war for independence”, which, stated differently, is a “secessionary” war. The likes of which was attempted again by the Southern States in 1861 but which ended in defeat and continued “union” by coercion. A “revolution” is properly defined as a contest to control the government of a jurisdictional entity that remains whole. I believe these terms have been purposely conflated by gov’t schooling to muddy the waters concerning the perceived legitimacy of secession. That and the false notion that the war between the states “settled the science”, so to speak, on the issue.

                  • One has to also properly define “military”. There’s a big difference between citizens who grab their guns and join a regiment of fellow citizens who accept command to fight for a cause they believe in, vs. professional soldiers, vs. what we have in most countries today -especially here- in which one joins a government organization and submits to brainwashing, and essentially becomes a mercenary who does what he is told without even knowing the [true] reason why, much less having any stake in the matter, other than a paycheck or “benefits” and fear of punishment.

                    The latter is nothing more than a terrorist organization which does the bidding of those who control it.

                    If anyone thinks that the military will help the cause of liberty or of the good side, just remember the images of the National Guard relieving the good home/business-owners of New Orleans of their “lawful” weapons during Hurricane Katrina.

                    How can those who sign away their own liberty defend anyone else’s?

                    • I know you know this but just to be clear, the founders and their constitution defined your first iteration of the term military as a “militia.” They defined the second iteration as a “standing army” to which most of them were vehemently opposed philosophically due to historical abuses and the constitution relegated to be raised for no more than 2 years at a time. It’s no wonder the term militia has been so viciously demonized since at least the early 90s (maybe before?) while the standing army has been relentlessly valorized since forever.

              • Exactly. If they had a conscience, they would have bailed long ago, because numerous times in their very training, their consciences are tested, and those who don’t bail early on can be counted on to disregard their consciences as they get deeper and deeper. The deeper they are in, the less likely they will ever hear any remnants of conscience, for to deo so would be to admit that they are monsters for having ignored their consciences so many times in the past- so instead they justify what they do as “being for the ultimate good”….and drink a lot.

          • Ant, guys – theres an interesting thing ive noticed about western armies over the past decade or so. Most of their developments have been for urban warfare, and a lot of focus has been on say intelligence, social matters, etc rather than the old school battlefield warfare. Some say this is due to the changing nature of the world. but I disagree to some extent. Looking at the Pakistani military (which is now fully working with China) or say what you hear about the Russian military – these guys are still about hard core warriors with no fear, while developing proper battlefield kit, along with new more advanced aircraft and missiles. The US on the other hand – the F35 is a joke. Cant afford the F22 any more. The commander in chiefs focus is on better fitting flight suites for pregnant woman….

            That shows me that they couldn’t even be bothered to take on a real army like say China or Russia anymore – and most of the developments are for urban deployments and operations to control civilians…. now given they are not going anywhere in the (growing) sphere of influence of Russia or China – where else can these things be used, other than right back at home…. Maybe im being too negative but thats the way im starting to see it.

  13. A part of me always suspected the orange man – was he an actual outsider or really just controlled opposition put there by the establishment. I mean though maybe he wasn’t himself a swamp creature, he did thrive off other swamp creatures. There was such a change in his perception some time from the mid 90s to the mid 2000s. I say because when I left the US in ’94 and mostly stopped following the western media, he was a complete joke – every few days you’d hear what hes messed up, where hes wasted his fathers money, what business went bust, while at the same time seeing him with models and stuff… he was probably an early version of the Kardasians….. Then when I moved to the UK in ’05 and got back into the western media, he was suddenly this real successful hard corbusiness man having written books with people drooling all over him for him. What changed apart from his appearance on the apprentice and perhaps the rise in real estate values (in line with general inflation over 10 years). I never go that…. then when you see him placed in a presidential primary at a time when everyones pissed off at the costal career politicians who always screw them over one way or another….
    I dont know but I wouldn’t be surprised if the swamp had something to do with this…. too many coincidences really

      • True, A. We didn’t have too many viable options….never do. Neither candidate was moral and both bowed them (or were) big money. I had a hard time believing he truly left the swamp, but he did articulate such pretty words and provided a sense of hope after the disastrous Obama years. He was an enigma that many of us put on rose colored glasses to not see the spots that were clearly there because we liked what he had to say and we foolishly believed it was the truth. No one will be arriving by horseback, car, or UFO to save us and we need to accept that.

        • There are NEVER any moral candidates. The Sociopaths In Charge make sure of that. The one and only useful purpose Trump served was to inform the rest of the Sociopaths In Charge that we were not happy. It was over the moment after he was elected.

          • He never fulfilled ANY of his political promises and yet his fan base worships him……..for accomplishing nothing. Empty words and promises, yet these stooges won’t wake up he played them. right down to telling them to take the jab. And yes, he’s one of them, just look who he covered for, every time. All his people were arrested, while he did nothing to put the opposition in the slammer.

            • Did nothing? Oh, nay, nay! 😀 He did a LOT….he did everything he could to do exactly what the globalists/Neocons, and Democrats would have done! He bombed Syria…just like Obozo and O’Biden did (and like Hilary was itching to do); He started mass inflation by authorizing the first round of TRILLIONS in creation of fiat money! He let more illegal invaders in than Obozo did…etc. etc.

              If only he had done nothing!

              • True.
                I’m aware who DJT’s handlers are, his father Fred was in cahoots with them in WW2 and they helped the young DJT up the ladder, and bailing him out a few times too.
                He owed a lot of favors from the 1990’s that were well rewarded with several stimulus packages last year. And why are all 3 of his adult children married into the tribe?

                • Uh-oh! That’s one truth (the Tribe) that seems to be denied on here, despite it’s glaring conspicuity…..

                  Ah well, at least we’ll get a visit from Jason Flinders now, who’s been noticeably absent of late.

    • Trump is a Rothschild stooge. Bailed out by them. He owns stock in Pfizer, Moderna and J&J. He has made hundreds of millions with Soros and was even a co-defendant in a civil money laundering lawsuit with Soros. There is so much more. Doesn’t anybody research these people!?

  14. Re the “steal”: I have often said that we should simply use purple thumbs as evidence of having voted…as we have encouraged other countries to do. If it’s good enough for Iran, why not here?

  15. Nothing you say here can be disputed. Trump had the power yet he did nothing. I questioned it constantly and can’t forgive him for this. Allowing fraudci to run rampant on the public. Allowing a gangbuster economy to be shutdown by little tyrants like the weasle in nj. It is unconscionable. Yet i know this is not a popular opinion, but if given the choice between keeping the current pedophile and hooker in the white house or putting orange man back in i would still go with the orange man 100 out of 100 times. My preferred strategy would be to split the country up and let left run rampant in their little hovels while the rest of us try and get back to the roots of the constitution.

    • In a way, this country deserves the kid sniffer. He’s the perfect metaphor for what the United States has become – old, rotten, enfeebled, angry, hateful, forgetful, perverted, and cartoonish. At the very least, he’s reminded some of the political opposition that they have a pair. People have become too complacent, and Orange Fail served as a type of weird narcotic or anesthetic. Maybe four years of abject misery will induce some serious introspection. Then again, maybe it won’t. 😩

      • BAC,

        Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose

        And we are a LOOOONG way away from that.

        People won’t figure it out until they are forced to do so.

        • Before people can figure it out, they first have to care. I don’t see that happening any time soon given the record of the last 75+ years of history.

        • Hi Publius,

          I think we may be closer than many imagine. The Jenga tower is built on sand; it depends on serial debt-servicing and it would not take much to topple it. How many Americans own their homes? Or even half of them? How many could pull together $1,000 in cash money for an emergency? How many are in massive debt and dependent on a weekly check- whether from their employer or Uncle – to stay housed and fed? One day, those checks will stop coming.

          That day could be tomorrow.

    • I won’t be voting for anybody. The POTUS isn’t in charge of much. He’s a stooge for those that are. Voting only validates their tyranny. What if they had a war, and nobody came? What if they held an election and nobody voted. From where would they gain any authority at all.

      • Vote or no vote, it’s just an exercise in masturbation. The only authority they have comes from the barrel of guns and those who are willing to wield them in service to the tyrants. But if they can pacify the slaves by making them think that their vote gives them a voice, the slaves are a lot easier to control, and remain a lot more productive, and willing do the bidding of the (s)elected.

    • Failure of leadership on multiple accounts.

      I agree, orange > pedo, but orange was so in over his head.

      I think he’s been winging it most of his life and when it came time to be a man, he wasn’t

      • I dunno- Seems like DJT did exactly what a lifelong Democrat NYC real-estate developer/Casino owner would be expected to do- including fooling all of the people who voted for him.

  16. ‘just like that – the election result shifted from Orange to Red’ — EP

    Not only twentieth-century Americans, but also most folks overseas to this day will instantly grasp Eric’s reference to ‘Red,’ as in communist. Historically, red and even tints of red (e.g., ‘pinko’) unambiguously signified parties of the militant left.

    And to a lesser extent, blue was associated with the rich, the conservatives, the Tories.

    But in a bizarre switch, a know-nothing graphics editor at (where else?) the New York Slimes decided to invert the scheme because ‘red begins with r, Republican begins with r; it was a more natural association.’

    Yeah, right — Democrat begins with d, so does dogshit — so why not color D-party states brown? It’s a more natural association, for d-d-damned sure.

    It goes to show that we can’t have a functioning mass media staffed by individuals aggressively ignorant of history, symbolism and their own culture. Such NPC drones serve merely as stenographers for the Deep State, dishing out the day’s quota of thin gruel and poisoned pabulum.

    I used to follow
    Yeah, that’s true
    But my following days are over
    Now I just gotta follow through

    And I remember what my father said
    He said Son, life is simple
    It’s either cherry red
    Or midnight blue, oh oh

    — Lou Gramm, Midnight Blue

      • Incredible eye contact in that scene, but they’re both hot.
        My first intro to G forces came in a ’67 GTO, friend’s buddy gave me a ride home and he burned rubber at every light. I spent yrs running dirt bikes trying to catch that feeling again, just quit a few years ago in my early 60’s. Friend of mine is in his late 70’s and still racing enduros. And as he was famous for saying, couches kill more people than dirt bikes.

        • Excellent, wyomarine!

          A fast bike captures the feel of a fast car and is more like a muscle car than a modern fast car – because the experience is a mix of both power and wildness. The thing is just barely under control – and the feeling of controlling it is what makes it so exhilarating. I love my Trans-Am for the same reason. It’s not as fast a Hellcat but it feels more ferocious. Stab the gas at anything less than about 30 MPH and the back end fishtails – it’s the best!

  17. While I voted for Orange Man as the lesser of two evils (the MUCH lesser of two evils), he was still an evil. I would still refer people to the Deep Capture web site ( for what may be the best accounting of what happened in the aftermath of the election. Basically, in a nutshell, Trump’s team was filled with incompetents (apart from Sydney Powell, General Flynn, Patrick Byrne and a few others) and never had a chance. Another source I would like to think is trustworthy is Millenial Millie, though she is quite the cheerleader for Trump, but I think her information is good.

    It’s time for Orange Man to ride off into the sunset. He had his time. While he did a few good things (like eliminating medical insurance mandates), there were a lot of missed opportunities on his watch.

    • “It’s time for Orange Man to ride off into the sunset.”

      Agree. Unlike other wannabes, he DID have his chance, and he blew it (whether or not intentionally, only time will tell). There are no hypotheticals, we have seen what he did and didn’t do when he was at the helm, and there is certainly no reason to give him ANOTHER chance.

      He is just a distraction from someone who may be able to keep the hounds at bay, although I am losing hope. We the people are the last (and only) line of defense.

      Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • I’d like to propose a Constitutional amendment.

      Basically, it goes like this: If sufficient conditions are met (likely by circulating a petition), a national referendum is triggered. The referendum would be simple: Should we send the entire Federal government & all its employees home without power or pay (effectively dissolving the entire thing) until the next election?

      If the people vote yes, then all of the federal statutes, all federal debts, and all court decisions are wiped clean, and the states have to start off again from scratch with the next presidential election (this would mean up to 4 years with no federal government). No ifs ands or buts about it. No taxes, no spending, no nothing until then.

      The world will keep spinning on its axis, I promise you (trust The Science on this one), and I do believe we’ll all be better off for it.

      • Part 2: If the Federal Government is so dissolved, all participants are forever banned from any future form of Federal employment, contract, or service.

  18. It matters not where the virus came from, because it can never be definitively proven. It matters much that such a virus was being deliberately developed with financing from the NIH which Fauci was in control of. Regardless of where it was made or where it escaped from, or if it indeed somehow magically appeared in nature. It matters much that the tyranny we have suffered over a virus a bit more dangerous than ordinary, is likely the result of US funds being spent TRYING to develop a more dangerous virus. Whether they created this one or not, they were certainly prepared to take full advantage..

    • Indeed, John –

      And Orange Man did. I think he wanted the “steal” – so as to recast himself in the minds of his followers as a kind of Orange Heathcliff anti-hero, broody and misunderstood – raising money, selling silver coins with his visage embossed… keeping the worship (and money) flowing.

      • Everything he did was part of the program. Keep everyone divided. Keep the image that “their” guy is different and that each party are contending teams. All part of the act to keep the circus going while the people behind the curtain take all of the wealth and power.

        Keep the slaves happy and fighting “the good fight”.

        • Every single government is founded on the notion that it has sole authority to kill you if you disagree. Sane behavior should not be expected. The expectation of a moral foundation among any politician is delusional.
          Politician: One most adept getting the most people to believe the most preposterous lies the most often. Usually a sociopath.

        • I think Trump is a sadist. He gets his jollies by having downtrodden whites (right-wing NPCs) under his thumb making fools out of themselves. Do you believe he’d invite any of those rubes for lunch at Mar-A-Lago?

          • One of my cousins used to work for one of the country’s biggest advertising agencies, in NYC, in management. I met the CEO of the company once. I was quite young, so I remember the guy’s use of the term “Joe Sixpack” to describe the average person- as it was the first time I’d heard it. His opinion of the average working-class person was pretty low- he described them as “probably not being able to count to 10”. While I’d say his opinion was certainly not innaccurate, I always picture Trump having that exact same attitude toward those voters whom he wooed- only even more so, because Trump is certainly a lot richer, more powerful, and more famous than the CEO of that ad agency.

            • Yup. And I picture those dupes wearing Orange Fail branded face diapers while driving their brand new $80k pickup trucks bought on 10 year mortgages, I mean loans…

              • Around here I see giant Trump flags flying on kitschy $50k Wranglers. There was even a Trump-themed Jeep parade recently.

                Makes me so sick. What the hell has this piece of NY sewer trash done for them?

                The idiocy is absolutely breathtaking.

              • Hey Ya Eric!
                Sad thing is, when the doofus was vying for re-election, he wheeled out the “Lock her up” mantra occasionally….and instead of the fools whom he was catering to saying “Why didn’t you do it in the four years in which you could have?”…they instead just cheered!

                All of these pols have become better showmen, and better understanders of human nature than PT Barnum!

                “There’s one born every sixty seconds”…and they all vote!

      • Eric,

        I think he did want the steal, only he miscalculated and thought his 3 appointees along with Thomas and Alito would be his fail safe if feckless republicans did what they do best and curl.up into the fetal position when mean things are daid about them by the msm and on socialist media. I don’t think he thought the court would allow obvious shenanigans to stand. He was horribly wrong on that. I think part of it was to keep his supporters in line while sending those afflicted by the original virus TDS into a frenzy.

        Our miscalculation was trusting him to call an end to the madness before it took on a life of its own. His miscalculation was not realizing how deep the swamp really went.

        • It’s hard to reason with an apologist who just won’t give up on the worship.

          Or as Gore Vidal said ‘The new American religion, presidential worship” Yeah, I know he was a liberal fag, but even they get some things right too.

          • Hi Wyomarine,

            I have most of Vidal’s books; he may have been a leftie and gay but he was a superb writer – much better than the forgettable – and forgotten – establishment hack William F. Buckley! If you haven’t read Vidal’s historical novels, check them out – Burr is among my favorites.

            • Haven’t read any of his books but was quite impressed with several documentaries on him. Quite the intellect. And I agree with most all of his thinking.
              Yeah, Buckley was an arrogant ass.

              • Hi Wyomarine,

                If you enjoy historical novels, you’ll like Burr. His compilation of essays – United States – is also very good. I also don’t necessarily agree with all of his politics but the man was incredibly well-read and almost always thoughtful. His writing, elegant. I recommend reading him.

          • Undeniably true. And a lot of worship’s but one convenient vowel away from warship. Might makes right is the rite.

            As for Vidal, he had a lot of truth in him. Political family, multigenerational, so out of the beast’s belly. The moral courage he writes of, below, I think was on display during his debate with “crypto-fascist” Buckley. Astute:

            “Give a sissy a gun & he will kill everything in sight. TR’s slaughter of the animals in the Badlands outdoes in spades the butcheries of that sissy of a later era, Ernest Hemingway. Elks, grizzly bears, blacktail bucks are killed joyously while a bear cub is shot, TR reports proudly, “clean through…from end to end (the Teddy bear was yet to be invented). “By Godfrey, but this is fun!” TR was still very much the prig, at least in speech: “He immortalized himself along the Little Missouri by calling to one of his cowboys, ‘Hasten forward quickly here!’ Years later he wrote: “There were all kinds of things of which I was afraid at first ranging from grizzly bears to ‘mean’ horses & gunfighters; but by acting as if I was not afraid I gradually ceased to be afraid.”

            There is something strangely infantile in this obsession with dice-loaded physical courage when the only courage that matters in political or even “real” life is moral. Although TR was often reckless & always domineering in politics, he never showed much real courage, & despite some trust-busting, he never took on the great ring of corruption that ruled & rules in this republic. But then, he was born a part of it. At best, he was just a dude with the reform play. Fortunately, foreign affairs would bring him glory. As Lincoln was the Bismarck of the American states, Theodore Roosevelt was the Kaiser Wilhelm 2, a more fortunate & intelligent figure than the Kaiser but every bit as bellicose & conceited. Edith Wharton described with what pride TR showed her a photograph of himself & the Kaiser with the Kaiser’s inscription: “President Roosevelt shows the Emperor of Germany how to command an attack.”

            I once asked Alice Longworth just why her father was such a war lover. She denied that he was. I quoted her father’s dictum: “No triumph of peace is quite as great as the supreme triumph of war.” A sentiment to be echoed by yet another sissy in the next generation: “Meglio un giorno da leone che cento anni da pecora.” “Oh, well,” she said, “that’s the way they all sounded in those days.” But they did not all sound that way. Certainly Theodore, Senior, would have been appalled, & I doubt if Eleanor really approved of Uncle Teddy’s warmongering.” ~ “Theodore Roosevelt: An American Sissy” – Gore Vidal

            Fake it til you make it does not make it. But method actors get lost in character all the time. It’s a kind of “socially” acceptable schizophrenia. And it is everywhere, “normal” according to the voting of/for conformity. Go along to get along…but also give the audience what it wants, including what it has been groomed – including enculturated – to want. Bread & circuses…now, if only all the tinpot Commodus’s would more regularly corner themselves into coming down into the arena to meet a Maximus…or if Max’s weren’t so Min on the ground….

    • It matters…but only if you want to see if you can do something about it.

      You can’t make China do anything. If it was the wet market, there’s nothing the US can do about it except maybe put out a travel advisory. But if it was the Wuhan lab, you don’t have to fund it & you don’t have to collaborate with their scientists (assuming it was their fault). In the event that it was a deliberate release by the CIA or the Army, you can start revealing documents, revoking commissions, and the like. Heads should be rolling left & right (figuratively speaking).

      There’s lots that could be done. Problem is, there are no leaders–just a bunch of lying weasels and charlatans who probably attended a cocktail party where they were told to load up on stocks in vaccine companies.

    • As a young Marine I went thru chemical warfare school over 40 yrs ago and learned about gas masks and nerve agents and how people do the funky chicken while dying. They could kill half the planet in a week if they so desired, but this was nothing more than tear gas, an irritant designed to create panic in tandem with the lying media stirring the fear factor, and it worked immensely well. The fish took the hook and now you can’t remove it.
      I was out in the mtn’s of NW Wyoming today, 20 miles from town and a young woman with a child drove by on a 4wheeler, both wearing masks. People do wear bandannas occasionally for dust but this time it was definitely a covid mask. I can’t even summon the words to describe this level of stupid, when she should be breathing in the cool mtn air. But this is where we are as a people today, brainwashed idiots who can’t and won’t think for themselves, rather, allowing the smarter ones like Fauci to make their life decisions.
      There is no way up or out of this anymore.


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