What If Orange Fail Was Actually a Success?

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Many aspects of the failed Trump re-election bid are open for debate.

One thing that is not debatable is that Trump allowed hypochondria to be weaponized. The excuses don’t matter.

The fact remains.

And then comes the question: Why would a smart man (giving him his due; Trump is many things but he’s not an imbecile) permit the weaponization of hypochondria? A smart man would see – immediately, easily – the threat; that fear of “the virus” would be used to get people to vote absentee – or rather enable mass unvetted and thus easily fraudulent absentee voting and that would be the means by which his opponents would remove him.

Ergo, why let them?

Some will say: But he filed lawsuits! The courts refused to hear them! True. So? If what we suspect and what OF asserted was true then why didn’t the president – chief law enforcement officer of the nation, who swore an oath to defend the Constitution – not insist that the ballots be vetted and then counted?

Not recounted – after the fact. And without any vetting.

He had both the legal authority and the power to do it. But he did nothing – other than incoherently bloviate and Tweet, encouraging his desperate followers to believe he might actually do something.

To those who say he couldn’t have, I say – he didn’t even try. No announcement before the election that mass absentee voting (contrary to state election laws regarding voting) is problematic and the American people have a right to know who they elected and, accordingly, every ballot submitted prior to election day will be vetted to establish its legitimacy (e.g., that the person exists, is alive and actually did vote, as by signature verification) before it is counted.

But the Left would have keened in outrage! True. So? The Left always keens in outrage. Why didn’t the “brave” and “tough” OF challenge them? The case for making sure the vote is legitimate is inarguable – to reasonable people. As for the rest? Forget them.

It makes no sense . . . unless the Fail was part of the plan. It does make sense if the Orange Man was a pawn, a tool – someone playing his role and part of a plan.

In logic there is something called the principle of parsimony, which basically holds that the most likely explanation given the facts is the probable explanation – even if it doesn’t appear to make sense.

Using this principle – also called Occam’s Razor – it makes sense that we have been had. That the Orange Man was, indeed, playing a game of multi-dimensional chess. But for purposes of an outcome very different than “making America great again.”

What if the Orange Man’s presidency was intended to weaponize opposition to the Left by making it easy (by making it seem righteous) to characterize anyone who supported or even sympathized with anything the Orange Man did as a “white supremacist” or even an “insurrectionist” – i.e., someone dangerous to “our Democracy” who must be stifled (or worse) using any means necessary?

It is now a fact that a person risks his career – may have already lost his career – if identified as a “Trumper.” The pressure to not say anything in public – or even in private – that could be characterized as “racist” by the Left, which characterizes everything it dislikes as “racist,” is immense. People are literally losing the ability to work; are living in dread of being attacked for their non-Left beliefs, even Libertarians – whose core principle is the loathing of and aversion toward any kind of aggressive violence.

The entirety of the Not-Left has not only been disfranchised formally by the selection of Biden but also socially in that the consequences of being associated with anything that smacks of something the Left dislikes are sufficiently fearsome as to get many of them to sit down and shut up; to do what they are told.

Conveniently, the Orange Man enabled this wholesale de-legitimizing of the Not-Left by failing – or rather, by succeeding. And put the cherry on top by making himself into a spray-tanned cartoon; a public moron followed by morons.

It is very difficult to conceive of this being accidental or bad luck. Two words may suffice to make the point:

Joe Biden.

A confused old man beat the Orange Man. A man who hardly campaigned and when he did, he barely attracted a crowd larger than would easily fit in a high school classroom. A man with no charisma and nothing much to say who often said Alzheimerian things. This man succeeded in getting – so we are told – the largest number of votes cast for any candidate for president in American history.

Which he almost certainly did.

It is not difficult to receive as many votes as can be cast when they are not vetted. All that is necessary is to manufacture them – and weaponized hypochondria made this easy to do.

And which Orange Man did nothing about. Which he affirmed – by amen’ing talk of the “pandemic” and the “deadly China virus” and by Siamese-twinning himself to Pope Fauci XVII – who on the face of it was the Orange Man’s greatest enemy.

Who keeps their greatest enemy in their employ?

And when it was done – the weaponization of hypochondria – the Orange Man and his team of failures were serially unable to do anything about its inevitable and obvious result; i.e., “the steal.”

Well, to be fair, the Orange Man did do something about it. He associated himself with My Pillow Guy and Lin Wood – the latter promising to conjure a living Epstein to establish serial pedophilia among the highest echelons of the Left. Retired generals hinting that White Hats would save the day.

It made a good show and an epic fail. It also made millions of Trumpers look like toothless yahoos for buying into these various “krakens” which never came. Some of them are beginning to realize the “kraken” did come.

It arrived last year – when the Orange Man played his part in the weaponization of hypochondria.

That pivotal moment changed America forever. And the Orange Man was the one man who might have prevented it from happening because he was the only man who was in a position to do something to prevent it from happening.

The fact that he didn’t tells us the truth, the one explanation for everything that makes sense, however hard to come to terms with.

It is that the kraken was on us.

. . .

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  1. I think an even simpler explanation is the guy was just in over his head and had no idea how corrupt the system really is.
    I met DJT many years ago on a project in NY, I got to know him I think reasonably well over 3 months and my estimation was he was pretty much a regular guy from Queens.
    All the bluster and bloviation is primarily a show, a facade he seemed to think was necessary to survive in a very tough business environment.
    In NY you have to be perceived a certain way when dealing with the corrupt local government, unions and the mob.
    He thought that experience hardened him a stint in DC but he had no clue what he was really getting into.
    The controlled opposition theory i think gives too much credit to the other side. They are frankly not that sophisticated to set something like that up.

    • Hi Alex,

      Thank you for your post. It is interesting hearing about people behind the scenes. I think many of us have a face that we show to the public and a face that we show in private. We mold ourselves to the situation at hand or the person we need to become. It isn’t to say that we aren’t being ourselves, we are just showing another side. None of us are one dimensional and I think sometimes we forget that.

    • Hi Mark,

      I wonder about that. Trump could have pardoned him long before impeachment Mark II even became an issue. Heck, he could have done it years ago. I believe he did not do it because he regards Assange (and Snowden) as “traitors” for having dared to embarrass “America” – which for Trump means anything wearing a government-issued uniform.

  2. Well Eric ,you’re just a bit late to the game. If I recall correctly, from the beginning circa 2016, Ann Barnhardt called it just as you now have. She stated that this was all WWE Smackdown kafab theater. Trump was just playing his assigned role as the heel. You know, the wrestler that puts up a hell of a show but always loses in the end. Ms. Barnhardt called it some time ago. If you peruse her site you’ll find the articles.

    I always enjoy checking your site.
    Au revoir

  3. Brandon Smith of AltMarket.com, who has a pretty good track record where strategic forecasting and interpretation of current events are concerned, wrote some years ago that Trump was controlled opposition. The globalists needed someone to take the blame for their acts of perfidy and criminality i.e., the systemic strip-mining of the wealth of the middle class, the destruction of the USD, and the incursion of debts which cannot be paid, and all of the rest of it. The stand-in would need to be someone believable as an outsider, namely a “conservative” and someone against the prevailing regime. Once installed, this Trojan Horse would undertake the controlled demolition of the USD as the reserve currency of international trade, and help usher in the new era of globalist control and hegemony, while also deflecting blame for events away from the perpetrators and onto trad-Americans. According to Brandon Smith, that individual was Donald Trump, himself a billionaire and member of the ruling class.

    The early tip-off that DJT was not who he seemed was in his continued friendship and amity with the Clintons, and people like Soros.

    Of course, in the end it matters no one bit whether DJT failed because he was an imposter or he failed because he could not or would not get the job done…. the point is, he failed. Results are what matters; words are just so much hot air. Acta non verba, as the latin says, “Acts not words”… The point is that when our republic needed a Winston Churchill, Trump revealed himself to be Neville Chamberlain.

    • I have been reading Brandon Smith’s his writings for about a decade now, and agree he’s got a pretty good instinct and track record of prediction/speculation. A few years ago, he banned me from his comment section over a disagreement over his definition of fascism vs. a very credible writer from the 1930s/ 40s (per Rothbard/L. Rockwell) John T. Flynn’s (Author: As We Go Marching, read it if you want to know the really real about fascism) definition. Other than that, he’s alright.

      • “As We Go Marching” is indeed a sobering read. Published in 1944, it details the fascism of Italy, Germany and…the United States. Flynn posits that all of the idicia of fascism were already in place in America by the end of the 1930s.

        Flynn followed up in 1949 with “The Road Ahead: America’s Creeping Revolution”, in which he lays out — naming names and using concrete examples — the infiltration of American institutions by socialist forces. Those institutions included academia, the media, the corporate world, the monasteries, and of course the government. Although written during a Red-baiting era, the book does not see Communists as a real threat. Instead, Flynn asserts that those who identify themselves as “planners” are socialists in disguise and that they are far more dangerous: they will lead to totalitarian rule by sounding like they just want to improve things for society. Their real agenda is total control, but they are much harder to fight than self proclaimed Communists because they manage to sound reasonable and they have infinite patience. Looking at US history from the early 1950s through today’s situation, I have to believe that Flynn was right on the money.

        • The most fascinating thing about Flynn’s description of fascism is his disputing the notion that fascism is somehow of or on the “right”, which is what B. Smith believes (or believed at the time, this was a few years ago). As if it is some polar opposite to socialism and communism. This misconception is pervasive to this day. Like the people who consider themselves “Anti-fa.” This is what Flynn had to say and I quote from As We Go Marching:

          “The commonly accepted theory that fascism originated in the conspiracy of the great industrialists to capture the state will not hold. It originated on the Left. Primarily it gets its first impulses in the decadent or corrupt forms of socialism—from among those erstwhile socialists who, wearying of that struggle, have turned first to syndicalism and then to becoming saviors of capitalism, by adapting the devices of socialism and syndicalism to the capitalist state. The industrialists and nationalists joined up only when the fascist squadrons had produced that disorder and confusion in which they found themselves lost. Then they supposed they perceived dimly at first and then more clearly, in the preachments of the fascists, the germs of an economic corporativism that they could control, or they saw in the fascist squadrons the only effective enemy for the time being against communism. Fascism is a leftist product—a corrupt and diseased offshoot of leftist agitation.”

          I will have to check out the Road Ahead. Sounds good.

          • Hi Hatteraszek. I believe Flynn was correct: fascism and communism are both leftist ideologies. As Rand pointed out, the primary difference between them lies in the issue of technical ownership of property. The former is characterized by private ownership in a technical sense, but control of the property by the state. In the latter, the state has legal ownership. In both, the state is everything and the individual is nothing, and that is what defines the left.

            Brandon Smith’s confusion on this issue seems to be shared by the great majority of people. That allows communist leaning politicians, academics, and “news” commentators to get away with smearing anyone who opposes their agenda as fascists or Nazis. In so doing, it serves as a major barrier to honest debate about real issues.

  4. your theory about Trump is just retarded. Do you really think the Left needed his help? They couldn’t have achieved any of this if Hillary had won in 2016 instead of Trump?! You’re an idiot if you think that. Just because YOU can’t figure out what is going on does not mean Trump is a traitor, which is what you’re saying. Stick to writing about cars, you’re clearly out of your depth here.

    • Max,

      I never said Trump was a traitor. I said he is just another politician; part of the system. That he did bot nothing to stop the greatest act of terrorism perpetrated on the American people – the weaponization of hypochondria. This is inarguable.

      I understand you don’t want to deal with it. It does not change the fact of it.

      And: Of course they could have achieved it with Hillary. But what they achieved with Trump is the demonization of everyone who doesn’t support Hillary – i.e., the left. To create the paradigm for the Great Reset that would have met with far more resistance under her rather than him.

      Regardless, it is indisputable that he failed to prevent the weaponization of hypochondria. He is therefore either complicit of incompetent to a degree almost unimaginable.

      • These OF threads really draw out the non-left bar in Star Wars crowd. Libertarian tactics? Dead zone. Haha. Still the best comment sections on the internet.

      • I started to develop the thesis that you presented here when I saw a president who did not make and fight for nominees that would investigate, charge, and prosecute the criminals who have committed crimes against the Constitution and the American people.

        Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Biden, Stroke, Paige, Eisen,….

        I’m being naive; we live in a country that let Ayers walk 50 years ago.

        • But to accept Eric’s theory we would have to believe that Trump was on board with A Plan before he rode down the escalator, and I can’t really subscribe to that.

          No, Trump was an outsider who terminated those around him who were in a way, outsiders themselves.

          Why fire Flynn? Just give the enemy the finger!

          Why issue an executive order empowering POTUS to treat a sabotaged election as an act of war to which he could lawfully respond to, but then not execute the order?

          You Tubers in the mold of Q, like Monkeywerkx, telling their viewers to break out the popcorn and enjoy the show when the show never happened. Praying Medic, Trust The Plan peddler….

          One. Big. Psyop.

          Now, all that is needed is a reason to declare all out war on guns and gun owners. Problem is, nobody is going to school.

  5. Orange Man was not a fail. He played his part to perfection: drawing down the curtain to show the world who the Wizard of Oz really was.

    Anyone with half a brain can now plainly see what has been happening behind the curtain.

    • Really?
      99% of the people still don’t have a clue what goes on behind the curtains. They wait for the Bolshevik media to tell them what’s going on.
      This nation is being led to it’s own slaughter and the sheep are too dumb to realize their leaders/media/executioner are one and the same.

      • Will did say “anyone with half a brain”. As George Carlin observed, the really scary fact is that half the population have less than average intelligence.

        From my observations while spending a couple of years talking to people for a living most people keep their views about politics to themselves and need to be prompted to reveal those views. Being the curious individual I am I used to prompt my clients. Most recognise they are being fed vast quantities of bullshit, do not trust politicians or public servants, and have a hearty contempt for mainstream media. That said, my client list was comprised of business people, not welfare drones.

  6. Agree. Finally someone brings up the most obvious flaws that were staring us in the face every day. He lied to the people about covid and he spent money like a man on a mission (most likely he owed some huge favors to bankster buddies). Look at the pic of him and Pelosi grinning like fools over the first Covid bill signing. It speaks volumes, political theatre at it’s finest.
    He had numerous options available from beginning to right up to the last minute and he either deflected or skirted them like a kung fu master, all the while looking like the hero. Now he’s worshipped by his groupies as a victim, and not a con artist. Anyone that questions this is treated like a leftist, the masses refuse to think things thru.

  7. Great article EP. If the game was legit in the slightest, they would’ve at least invoked their own rights that they would claim to have available to them under their very own rules, to get the outcome that they claimed to desire… But they didn’t, cuz it doesn’t have to make any sense when it’s based on lies.

    One of my favorite things Jones always says, don’t project your goodness onto them, there’s no thinking that they operate with the same morals and ethics or logic as you would.. shit’s just evil through and through

  8. One thing in particular that strikes me about the Orange Fail is that he squandered tremendous political capital in the wake of COVID-19. He could have leveraged COVID-19 to take certain actions that ultimately would have drained the swamp and taken power and wealth from the elites…and the citizenry would have been behind him — but he didn’t. So, what actions, do you ask?

    He could have closed the borders indefinitely and fortified our borders, up to and including a military presence on the borders.

    He could have restricted legal immigration, up to and including a moratorium, quarantine for immigrants a’ la Ellis Island in 1900, and sanctions against employers who violate immigration laws. That especially applies to China and other hot spots.

    He could have set uniform federal guidelines for mitigation measures focused on isolating the genuinely sick and vulnerable, as opposed to ham-fisted lockdowns that were inconsistent from state to state and industry to industry, and rooted in politics instead of science. Why, for example, must churches and gyms close, but not big box stores and pot dispensaries? What makes a gathering of 24 safe but 25 unsafe? Why weren’t “peaceful protests” dealt with as “super spreading” events, but holiday parties were? E

    He could have taken the bully pulpit to say, “This is what happens when we offshore critical manufacturing.” And he should have championed tax and regulatory policies to bring manufacturing back, especially for critical goods like PPE and medications.

    He could have taken on the pharmaceutical industry and the health care-industrial complex as a whole. The Orange Fail could have broken up monopolies and oligopolies, cut unnecessary waste and regulation, along with the Frauen and Herren that add cost and complexity at every level, taken on the health insurance mafia, and pushed for cheap and simple treatments like vitamin supplementation.

    He could have brought our troops home — and not just from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, but also Korea, Germany, Japan, and Italy…because COVID. He should have used those troops to do things like set up and staff temporary hospitals, distribute vaccines, do testing, and secure the borders.

    But he didn’t.

    • “…because COVID”

      Right–he should have weaponized hypochondria harder and in more of a right-wingy sort of way. That would have saved us for sure. No, this guy is what the great Joseph Atwill would call a “life-actor”–just another propaganda tool used to control opposition.

      He did a few things on the fringes such as reduce CIA support for Al Qaeda, only drop the $120 million of Raytheon bombs on empty desert in Syria instead of on Assad’s palace, and not obey Bill Kristol’s order to bomb Iran. But that can be explained as just for show–crises cooked up by the guys who really call the shots merely to threaten and traumatize us and soften us up by making us think we get lucky and dodge bullets sometimes thanks to the grace of just another tool of the Secret Police that rule us and have always ruled us.

    • The orange man did exactly what the small hats who put him office demanded he do. To believe otherwise is delusional……we are all raysist now!!!

  9. Mr. Peters, you have more honesty, intelligence, and insight than any of the political reporters or pundits.
    I have been saying Trump was a Deep State minion since mid-April 2017

    • Trump knows there is a depression in the near future , and the dems will help it along , the economy will stall this year and the dems will get the blame , in four years America will be in a world of hurt and a Trump Republican party will have plenty of ammo to throw in dems faces starting with pipelines and fracking .

  10. Passing this along from comment section at USAWD, wondering what your take is:

    Have you seen this breakdown of the capital riot and the shooting of the woman? It breaks down the fake blood, the fake medic, the actors, the gun that was aimed many feet below the woman’s neck (about the level of her shins) among other things. Here’s the link:


    • Hi Helot,

      I have no doubt much if not all of this is a show – a contrived performance – political WWF. With Orange Man playing both a “face” and a “heel.”

      • If this is true, the implications are that this is really just as you write, a political WWF… on a Very wide scale.

        It’s a bit reminiscent of the film, Land of the Blind.

        What is better than a big juicy steak?

        • From that video I keep thinking about all those swatt guys who didn’t apply basic 6th grade level first aide: find the wound, apply pressure, and whatever you do, don’t elevate a persons body like they did with her feet up above her head when they carried her Down The Stairs!
          I keep picturing the swatt guy fumbling with opening a band-aid strip while looking down on her. He can’t possibly be That incompetent, no way.

  11. Exactly. Recall when the hysteria was just getting in first gear, Trump said something like the virus may be hoax. The media went berserk. That was the sign that it was, is and remains a hoax. Trump should not have accepted the pandemic and Fauci’s sly lies.

  12. From this morning’s NY Slimes:

    Headline #1: We Fact-Checked Inaccurate Claims Repeated by Trump’s Lawyers
    Headline #2: Trump Is Guilty — The Editorial Board

    Re headline #1, the Slimes would have us believe that somewhere out in some white-bread midwestern town, salt-of-the-earth Americans straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting, in their honest flannel shirts and denim overalls, are earnestly sifting through facts to discern an objective, apolitical truth.

    HA HA HA HA [makes obscene hand gesture in front of crotch]

    The irony-proof, Russia-Russia-Russia Slimes cannot understand that their sewage outfall of baseless-baseless-baseless, guilty-guilty-guilty daily headlines means there’s NO SUCH THING as ‘fact checking’ by the seething rabble of tendentious leftist bicoastal activists who style themselves as ‘journalists.’

    And you can take that to the freaking bank.

    Thrash the Slimes. Sodomize the Lügenpresse.

      • Twitterists, for sure, overlapping with employees of legacy dead-tree ‘news’ papers, the kind that used to leave your hands dirty.

        One such, the LaLa-Land Slimes chimes in with its own verdict-first, trial-later headline:

        ‘Trump team wraps up a short impeachment defense long on falsehoods’


      • Giggles:

        “House Managers changed their mind this morning,” said Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, a Trump ally, in a tweet. “Schumer blindsided. Pandemonium. They’re negotiating now to figure out next steps.”

        Meanwhile, Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii tweeted that it’s “time to subpoena and depose Trump,” as his lawyers “threaten to subpoena 100 witnesses” but not the former president. [source: Marketwatch]

        This is gonna be a clown show for the ages.

        One piece of advice to our good friends in the Senate: ARM THE WITNESSES! Ah ha ha ha …

      • If you want to be effective in your comments, you need to come out of the closet. Being anonymous lends negative value to what you say, and offers you no protection. The ubiquitous surveillance didn’t stop when Snowden exposed it. It didn’t miss a beat. It has acquired plenty of data to put you in a camp already. All they have to do is look at it. Which is true of each and every one of us, right, left, or Ancap.

      • Dear Anonymous,
        If you seek credibility for your comments, you need to come out of the closet. The ubiquitous surveillance didn’t stop when Snowden exposed it. It didn’t miss a beat. They already have enough info on you to put you in a camp. All they have to do is look at it. Same goes for all of us, Right, Left, Libertarian, or Ancap. Even pretend anarchists.

    • Hi Villages,

      Lincoln? The man was the original American tyrant; the man who eviscerated the concept of government “of the people, by the people, for the people.” The man who enshrined the consolidated/centralized state and reduced the states to administrative gaus of the federal Reich. The creature who sanctioned Total War on Americans who merely wished to not be governed by the people they did not choose to govern them.

      The “approaching storm” is the one Lincoln set into motion. The war on the states was entirely avoidable. Had Lincoln and his crew simply accepted the right of the Southern states to do as the American states had in 1776 – i.e., go their way, to live under a government agreeable to them – there would have been no “storm.”

      The man was a brilliant demagogue – I will give him that. He – and the Cult which deified him after his assassination – managed to transform resistance to tyranny as “rebellion” and get the people turned into slaves to venerate their enslaver.

        • Hi Mark,

          Thomas DiLorenzo has done a lot to chip away at the Lincoln Story but many Americans still revere Old Abe as a fatherly, heroic figure rather than the power-seeking tool he in fact was. I have a hilarious Copperhead pamphlet called Abraham Africanus I. If you’d like a copy, email me….

          • Eric,

            I’ve done a ton of reading re “Honest” Abe.

            He, his writings and speeches are worth reading and discussing.

            How about an article; maybe drawing a parallel between Abe and another politician of your choosing. Then you could upload the pamphlet to g00gle drive and show a link from which we could do the download.

      • Much like Obama, making brilliant speeches that in no way related to what he did. He bears personal responsibility for more American deaths that all other wars combined. It would have been far less costly than disposing of slavery the way England did. They simply bought the slaves and freed them. But slavery was a by product of the war between the states. As usual, it was about money. Specifically the outrageous tariffs that were collected in southern ports and used to enhance infrastructure in the north. The purpose of the Federal troops at Fort Sumner was to collect those tariffs, in a foreign port.

        • “But slavery was a by product of the war between the states. As usual, it was about money. Specifically the outrageous tariffs that were collected in southern ports and used to enhance infrastructure in the north. ”


          I (stupidly) engaged a “friend” recently on the subject of the Confederate Battle Flag, under which my relatives fought and died to protect their way of life.

          Surprisingly, we were having a “civil” conversation until he likened the CBF to the flag flown by the Nazi party.

          Sorry to say, I LOST IT!

          • Hi Proud,

            The trick is always the same: Use a truth to promote – and exploit – a much greater lie. Slavery was real and despicable. But the real cause for Abraham’s war was to war upon the idea of self-government, of independent states in a federal union. Just as “the virus” is real but has been used to promote and exploit something far more ambitious than “stopping the spread.”

        • Hi Ghost,

          Exactly so. Most people are, however, unaware of Lincoln’s background and his connections. They received the hagiographical account of St. Lincoln purveyed buy state historians such as Commager, et al. The state’s control over education is the thing which has made everything the state has done possible. Indeed, inevitable.

  13. The fault lies in us. Putting our faith in anyone capable of winning an election is delusional. They’re crooks by definition. Electing him to poke a sharp stick in the eye of the oligarchy was effective, but that ended the moment he was elected. As we should have realized. Our fault lies in the very thing that makes the Libertarian Party useless. Pretending that the corrupt and evil system can be used to defeat the corrupt and evil system. We have just seen a perfect demonstration that voting is useless. Where would the Psychopaths In Charge gain their authority from if no one voted? The system is rigged so that our only choices are evil, or more evil, and not a lot more. Just enough to convince us we need to play their game, and vote. If you still feel you need to vote, vote for the whackiest outlier you can. Poke them in the eye some more.

    • I have many times commented to those who voted for “the lesser of two evils” that they are still voting for evil. Most give blank stares.

    • The conservative masses are blind sheep, always looking for their next shepherd, media groupies without a brain. Look at them now, wandering around lost, awaiting further instructions from the Donald. Faux News and the NRA have betrayed them, don’t even tell them the Donald was a lie too. They can’t deal with it.
      The conservatives are toast, no leadership and none of them will think for themselves. This is not going to end well.

  14. Eric,

    As much as I love ya, man.

    “A smart man would see – immediately, easily – the threat; that fear of “the virus” would be used to get people to vote absentee – or rather enable mass unvetted and thus easily fraudulent absentee voting and that would be the means by which his opponents would remove him.”

    It’s easy to arm-chair-quarterback, after the whistle, but really?

    I do believe that Trump both

    1. asked the supremes to intercede, and

    2. asked Pence to honor his constitutional responsibility.

    For whatever reason us mere mortals will never understand (maybe physical threats to themselves or family members) both refused.

    As a degreed electrical engineer, working in the telecommunications industry since the bulletin board days, I can tell all that my analysis of internet traffic from Europe to the counties of the battleground states was HUGE during election night and into the next day.

    But no one (chooses to) listen to me.

    • Hi Clay,

      What you say is probable. And yet, he failed. Failed to even try to stop the weaponization of hypochondria (inarguable). Failed to do anything to “stop the steal” before the steal. As by insisting that the unprecedented mass-absentee ballots be vetted before they were counted. Then failed to act when “the steal” happened. From the article, to reiterate:

      Some will say: But he filed lawsuits! The courts refused to hear them! True. So? If what we suspect and what OF asserted was true then why didn’t the president – chief law enforcement officer of the nation, who swore an oath to defend the Constitution – not insist that the ballots be vetted and then counted?

      Not recounted – after the fact. And without any vetting.

      He had both the legal authority and the power to do it. But he did nothing – other than incoherently bloviate and Tweet, encouraging his desperate followers to believe he might actually do something.

      To those who say he couldn’t have, I say – he didn’t even try. No announcement before the election that mass absentee voting (contrary to state election laws regarding voting) is problematic and the American people have a right to know who they elected and, accordingly, every ballot submitted prior to election day will be vetted to establish its legitimacy (e.g., that the person exists, is alive and actually did vote, as by signature verification) before it is counted.

      But the Left would have keened in outrage! True. So? The Left always keens in outrage. Why didn’t the “brave” and “tough” OF challenge them? The case for making sure the vote is legitimate is inarguable – to reasonable people. As for the rest? Forget them.

      Is any of that debatable?

      • Is any of that debatable?

        Only that, with the entire cadre of ‘the swamp’, I congratulate him for four years of ‘the good fight’.

        I cannot imagine myself in the same situation. I would have quickly thought “f*** it”, life is too short.

      • He wanted to use Troops against the rioters but the military said don’t ask because the answer will be No.

        So couldn’t that be clue? That despite what the Constitution says about his powers, he didn’t really have anywhere near them anymore, probably not even from the beginning.

    • Clay,

      I beg to differ with you on Pence. Per the COTUS, Art. II, Sec. 1, it’s up to the STATE LEGISLATURES to determine and send the slate of electors; the GOP controlled legislatures in the swing states didn’t DO that! What happened was that the state GOP branches sent electors, but the state legislatures didn’t. Ergo, Pence’s hands were tied; there was nothing at all he could do. Don’t blame Pence.

      If you want to blame anyone, blame Trump. Blame Trump for not doing anything about the riots. Blame Trump for listening to Fauci. Blame Trump for IMPLEMENTING the national state of emergency via EO in Mid March; that gave the state governors cover to do their lockdowns! Blame Trump for not lifting the lockdowns, which opened the door to mail-in voting. Anyone with a brain could see the fraud coming…

      • I’m at a loss as to why people always play apologist; to corruption, and dereliction of duty.
        They obviously prefer the myth to reality. Fantasyworld is the norm to most today.

        • I’m not playing apologist here; I’m laying out the facts. Read the COTUS for yourself, and you’ll see.

          Now, if the GOP controlled legislatures in the disputed swing states HAD sent bona fide electors and Pence still did what he did, you’d have a valid complaint. Unfortunately though, that didn’t happen; the state GOP branches sent alternate electors, not the state legislatures. Ergo, Pence’s hands were tied.

      • There were several states that asked Pence and company to delay the certification for 10 days. Pence didn’t. Pence is a traitor.

  15. I think it’s important not to lose sight of the fact, Trump didn’t lose the election, in terms of who the American people actually chose. It was just that he wore out his welcome with the people who matter – our owners. He kind of crashed the party the first time. He was a nuisance. Loud. Irreverent. Reckless. Unpredictable. He was disrupting the proceedings, on a mostly superficial level as far as I can tell, but still enough to cause our owners concern.

    It’s important to understand what a Biden presidency really represents. It’s kind of like when a dog owner rubs it dog’s nose in its poop to teach it a lesson about doing a no no. (I’ve heard this discipline technique is ineffective) Think of the first election of Trump as the no no. Our owners found the most absurd joke of a president possible – Biden, and openly and unashamedly illegitimately installed him, first as the democrat nominee, then as president, and are now rubbing the electorates nose in it. The Biden presidency is an open mockery of, and insult to, the electorate. It’s a crystal clear statement. This is what happens when you don’t behave. We wanted to be nice, but you went and pooped in the living room (elected Trump), now you have to learn better.

    There are a couple of articles that explore this concept with a little more detail:

    Our owners have a grand time with this Time article. They enjoy telling us exactly how we are going to understand democracy going forward, and like it.


    And the inestimable CJ Hopkins breaks it down beautifully here.


    • Hi Jody,

      In re OF “winning” the election: Perhaps. But we’ll never know for sure – because the OF failed to do anything to establish the fact. Yes, we can deduce it was stolen from serial irregularities. But the OF failed to prove it. I mean formally, in the way that matters.

      Some will say: But he filed lawsuits! The courts refused to hear them! True. So? If what we suspect and what OF asserted was true then why didn’t the president – chief law enforcement officer of the nation, who swore an oath to defend the Constitution – not insist that the ballots be vetted and then counted?

      Not recounted – after the fact. And without any vetting.

      He had both the legal authority and the power to do it. But he did nothing – other than incoherently bloviate and Tweet, encouraging his desperate followers to believe he might actually do something.

      To those who say he couldn’t have, I say – he didn’t even try. No announcement before the election that mass absentee voting (contrary to state election laws voting) is problematic and the American people have a right to know who they elected and, accordingly, every ballot submitted prior to election day will be vetted to establish its legitimacy (e.g., that the person exists, is alive and actually did vote, as by signature verification).

      But the Left would have keened in outrage! True. So? The Left always keens in outrage. Why didn’t the “brave” and “tough” OF challenge them? The case for making sure the vote is legitimate is inarguable – to reasonable people. As for the rest? Forget them.

      My point is: I’m sick of excuses and rationalizations. I understand the desire to want to believe OF wasn’t a con man, that he “tried.” But when it counted and when it mattered – he did no such thing.

        • Exactly, Helot.

          And the thing is, he didn’t even try. Not as regards contesting the weaponization of hypochondria. He enabled it. He agreed with the worst-case hysteria, including the nostrum that “2-3 million” would have died. Why don’t OF defenders acknowledge this? It is the key to everything.

      • Eric I get your point and agree 100%. Fighting to the death is not what con men do. Con men always have a keen sense for self preservation. Martyrdom is not their modus operandi.

        You are also right Trump did nothing to establish the fact of the stolen election. He could have. Can’t disagree.

        However it is incorrect to say we really don’t know if the election was stolen. Of course it was. They made it obvious while they were doing it. The election theft itself was meant to be brazen, apparent, unhidden. It was meant to mock and insult the electorate. Did you read the Time article? It lays out in great detail the mechanisms of controlling the outcome, put into motion years ago. The article was written as an intentional insult and announcement to anyone who had pretensions of participating in a will of the people style election. It said get it straight. We own you. We decide these matters. Get in line or we are coming for you.

        It is only accurate to say Trump allowed the theft to be implemented and did essentially nothing about it afterward. We will never know exact numbers. That doesn’t mean we don’t know what happened. We do know it is implausible that a ham sandwich of a human being who didn’t campaign, had no following, no base, no support in his own primary until he was installed on Super Tuesday, no message, not even a good slogan, and a universally unlikable running mate, could go on to get the most votes of any candidate in history, by a lot. All this on top of Trump increasing his support, even among minorities. It’s a silly nonsense. A thinking person recognizes this automatically. They are meant to recognize it automatically. Their noses are meant to be rubbed in the absurdity of a Biden presidency, progressive and conservative alike. This is what Orwell wrote about. Absurdity is to be embraced. Those who won’t embrace it expose themselves and will also be dealt with. We are seeing this now.

  16. Trump failed in 2020, but what of the events of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 that preceded 2020. It’s as if the Russian hoax, the deep state betrayal, the Mueller investigation, the Ukrainian impeachment, the constant main stream media propaganda, the big tech information manipulation and the uncountable daily actions of resistance to his agenda by the permanent bureaucracy never occurred.

    Can you imagine the outrage and hysteria that would have occurred have Trump called out federal troops to quell riots in states where governors had not asked for federal assistance? Or the insane reactions of leftist politicians and their media puppets from the “skyrocketing” deaths from the Wuhan hysteria should Trump not have followed the “science” and locked-down the economy? The trap was set, Trump was in a “lose-lose” situation.

    This country is on a path of moral and economic decline all too familiar in history. The path of Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela and countless others toward tyranny, poverty and misery. But “the orange man” failed, not the corrupt government, or lying media, or the schools with dumbed down education, or the churches with feel good religions, or every complacent American who believes freedom, opportunity and prosperity are some kind of birth right. It’s all the “orange man’s” fault,

    This is the libertarian version of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    • “This is the libertarian version of Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

      Not really. If Trump ever meant anything he said – while speaking out both sides of his mouth at all times about every issue, he alone was his own worst enemy. Please be honest. The man ran an incoherent train wreck of a presidency. No opposition was required to undo it.

      I just see Trump for what he is and had always been – A lifelong neoliberal NY city real estate con man. He decided it would suit his ego to be president, saw a good opportunity coming off 8 years of Obama with R team voters as his marks, and Steve Bannon held his hand and made it happen for him.

      I’m not deranged at all, just able to see the obvious. People tend to project onto others what they want or need to see. The r team (and not a few unprincipled and or intellectually dishonest libertarians) wanted a hero to latch on to. Trump capitalized on the situation. Listen, I’ll give the guy the credit he’s due. He’s an incredible opportunist. He knows people. Crowds. Knows how to work them. Charismatic. Knows what to say to who at the right time. He’s leveraged those abilities spectacularly well in this life. Unfortunately, those attributes do not a savior make.

      Not much more to it than that.

    • Hi Griff!

      I’ve pointed out to my still-defending-him friends that everything putatively positive the OF achieved in 2016, 2017 and 2018, etc. is irrelevant because it is all being undone. Because he Failed. This goes down hard, I realize. But try to put aside your anger – which I share – and consider the truth of it.

      You mention OF being restrained by “.. the outrage and hysteria that would have occurred have Trump called out federal troops to quell riots in states.” So? The Left was outraged and hysterical, regardless. These people are not going to be appeased by anything Trump does – or that we do, except submit to them. The fact is the OF didn’t act in a way that a president interested in defeating the Left would have acted. And in accordance with his duties. He could have gone on TV/made a statement that he will defend every American’s right to peacefully express their grievances in public but that violent rioting will not be tolerated. The radical Left would indeed have gone berserk. But the majority of Americans would have cheered this.

      Trump did not have to stand there for months like an orange ape beside Fauci. To so assert is absurd. He could have explained the facts about the WuFlu not being a mortal threat to almost everyone who is not already very sick or very elderly. He did nothing to challenge the worst-case hysterics and even amen’d them. Inexcusable.

      These are facts – not “derangement.”

      • Remember when the movie “Plandemic” came out? There were 2 or 3 other YouTube documentaries at the same time, and Trump said on Thursday he had a statement to make. Then by Monday, nothing, and Fauci was backpeddling his words from the previous week, he was scared. I thought Trump was going to have him arrested, instead, Trump starts playing along with the whole scamdemic. He betrayed the people!

    • Trump was not a heroic figure, but he was the “lesser of two evils”. The Biden administration will show that to be a fact every day for the next four years.

      • Why 4 yrs from now?
        Reality says there will be no 4 yrs, there will be no more voting our way out in 2 yrs or 4 yrs. The American people have shown themselves incapable of resisting tyranny. The left is running circles around TeamAmerica, it’s here and everyone is watching the noose tighten, all wondering where it will stop, if ever. But no resistance yet. We live in a nation of jellyfish.

  17. Or….

    OM was threatened. Maybe one day at 3AM several men in black suits ushered him into an idling white panel van parked at Mar Lago… He then received a special screening of the Zapruder film (from a different angle), saw simultaneous livestreams of all his grandchildren in bed and realized he had stumbled into not just a swamp, but Hell itself with all its attending demons surrounding him.

    They let him pretend to ‘fight’, blatantly pointed out how useless elections are, and allowed his grandchildren to be cancer free…

    • Hi Slant,

      I agree that’s possible. But the fact remains. He failed – or, succeeded. I am done with excused and rationalizations from these political con men. Either deliver on your promises – by acting, even if you don’t succeed – or be held up to ridicule for poltroonery or fraudulence.

      He took it upon himself to be the one in a position to act. He didn’t. Whether because he was threatened or because he’s merely inept or because he is a tool (and we his fools) is ultimately beside the point.

    • I strongly suspect every new POTUS since 1963 has been paid a visit by one or another CIA gang and shown the Zapruder film. Alternate angles aren’t even necessary, for the simple reason it’s the CIA showing the film. The implication would be obvious. True or not, Trump failed to accomplish anything substantive after he was elected. I never suspected he would. His usefulness ended the day he won the 2016 election. By electing him, the US voter spit in the eye of the Psychopaths In Charge, clearly demonstrating we aren’t pleased with them. How unfortunate that many of those voters fell into the ever present trap of believing this or that person is the answer to their prayers. No individual is capable of defeating the Psychopaths In Charge. We would have been far better served by spitting in their eye by electing other “deviants” as often and in as many offices as possible, without burdening ourselves with false hope in any one of them actually defeating the Psychopaths In Charge. Simply electing them would is far more effective.
      Tyrants don’t create tyranny, submission does.

      • Hi John,


        And: Each of us – as men – has an obligation to stand up at some point, come what may. I am not president so my stand is limited to refusing to ever wear the holy Rag or take the Jab and I will go down fighting, if need be. But I will fight. OM took the job. Was in a position to take a stand. Had an obligation to stand up. He didn’t.

        I pray for the day a man runs for the office and perhaps wins it.

      • Hi John,
        The logical conclusion to your statement is that elections and candidates do not matter ever since the last great man to occupy that office, JFK Sr.

  18. I think the Orange Man was just a front for the PTB, he said a lot of good things prior to 2016, especially questioning NATO, which is well past its expiration date since the break up of the Soviet Union. Also hinting at getting out of Shitghanastan and all the other forever wars; must have given the weapons merchants and Pentagram generals cold sweats just thinking about it. So what happened upon his election? He sent even MORE money to the Pentagram than they asked for for, started Space Farce (as if nukes orbiting the earth is a good idea), and rammed through a tax “reform” bill giving even more money to his wealthy friends and Wall Street banksters while crimping the few deductions left for us middle class serfs. The plandemic lockdowns were the coup de grace for the small businesses struggling to survive. He did exactly what his elitist puppet masters wanted, while pretending to be a populist.
    Mission accomplished.

  19. I am honestly surprised by how well Trump did. Given the situation and the constant horrible treatment by everyone in DC it should have been an 80-20 blowout for Biden.

    He wanted to be a wartime president, but without the war. Instead he tried to go to war with the DC leviathan. The leviathan quickly figured out that his primary weakness is no interest in details and delegating them to subordinates. So simply feed the subordinates bad information and you’re golden. There was a story floating around that the cabinet members “figured out” that he would always select the second option on a list, so the story goes they simply ordered the lists according to what they wanted instead of good choices. And they never did get the press leaks under control, in fact they might not have even cared.

    That and the fact that everyone in DC assumed Hillary would ascend to the presidency, so the republicans didn’t bother to show up. When OM won they had to scramble to get cabinet positions and other key positions filled. The leviathan sat back and watched them flail around, then made sure there would be no policy changes that had any impact on the salary positions. When the world shut down from Wuhan Flu they basically said “I told you so.”

    Rainwater will destroy granite. But it takes 100 years to erode away a millimeter. Sometimes cracks can form, and if the water collects and freezes it can make big changes to the landscape. But Trump wasn’t the rainstorm that would crack the granite, nor was the bureaucracy willing to let the cracks from.

    • Trump’s greatest contributions may be two. They may even be accidental.

      One: He has a way of unhinging the Left and drawing them out.

      Two: He set the stage for what could happen later, by putting the onus on state governors for the response to the ‘Rona. Good, old-fashioned federalism. No one else in DC would have done that, not in a million years. OM did a lot of things wrong, but this potentially could be the single most important thing that he got right.

      • I agree, Publius –

        But the things you mention were not the result of conscious effort – i.e., a policy pursued. The Left loathed Trump because he’s a kind of avatar of WASPishness, which they loathe instinctively. He is also a bluto – a vulgarian – and they loathe that as well. But he has also proved himself incapable of articulating any principle – “America First” and “Make America Great” aren’t principles; they are slogans – much less defending them. What he did was throw porckchops of hope to Americans who desperately imputed old American virtues into him and saw him – not unreasonably – as a way to avoid the loathsome Hillary and the loathsome Left generally.

        I was among these. And we all got played.

        • “avatar of WASPishness”

          great point Eric.

          So maybe we need a “person of color” at the helm, espousing a populist agenda.

          Oh yeah, we have such a person, she is one aneurysm away from the presidency. 😉

          • Hi Clay,

            I’m only attempting to dissect the reason for the Left’s visceral hatred of Trump. I am not suggesting we accept the Left’s view and go “diverse.” That said, I would love to vote for someone like Walter Williams (RIP).

        • Eric,

          Of course not. We all knew how unprincipled he was in 2015. He kind of flies by the seat of his pants–like The Chimp, in a way, although I wish OM had trusted his gut more and his advisors less.

          I just hope it was enough for whatever comes next. It’s up to us, now, and we’d better figure it out PDQ.

      • Well, one thing I’ve learned the hard way is that governors, mayors, and state and local legislative and judicial organizations have A LOT of unchecked power over our lives — probably more so than anyone in DC.

  20. I’ll add to what BaDoN and Anon said. For me, there are significant tells here. One is the total FAILURE to stop the rioting! Two, Trump never did anything about Soros, the man behind it all. Three, he ordered the shutdown of the economy, something that would do him in. Four was not only the weaponization of hypochondria; it was his pushing Remdesevir and Regeneron. It also opened the door to mail-in ballots. Five, he surrounded himself with Swamp creatures!

    Pres. Trump could’ve stopped the rioting; he had three avenues open to him to stop them. One was to sic the national guard or military on ’em. Two was to get the BATF involved, since Molotov cocktails are considered “destructive devices” under federal law, and BATF would’ve had jurisdiction there. Three was to freeze the assets of Antifa and BLM; starve ’em of their funds! It’s not like this has never been done before. I remember Jimmy Carter freezing Iranian assets during the hostage crisis. Also, IIRC, FDR froze Japanese assets prior to WWII.

    Trump did NOTHING about George Soros-nothing! Isn’t Soros on record as saying that it’s his life mission to bring down the US? Isn’t he also providing the money to Antifa, BLM, and other pet causes of his? Wasn’t there a NY Times headline saying that he’d given $220 million to his pet causes? So why not freeze his assets? Why not starve him of his money, which fuels his causes? Isn’t it said that money is the mother’s milk of politics? Why not freeze George Soros’ money, so he couldn’t engage in mischief?

    Furthermore, why wasn’t George Soros KICKED OUT of the US? After all he’s done, isn’t he deserving of it? Oh, and you know his BIRTH nation, Hungary, had the good sense to kick him out, right? WTF didn’t we? Why do we let this America hater stay here?

    Could it be because Donald Trump has done BUSINESS with George Soros in the past? How many of you know that he lent or gave Trump $160 million for the Trump Tower in Chicago? Could that be why DJT did nothing about someone who, by all rights, should have his citizenship revoked and expelled from the country? What does it say that I can even raise these questions?

    Three, DJT, by issuing his three executive orders (state of emergency, etc.) in mid-March, DJT gave COVER to all the state governors, both GOP and Dem, to lock down their states. Not only that, the states get federal money for following these orders! Why did DJT put them in place to begin with? As a successful business man, wouldn’t he know the DISASTROUS effects of closing down the economy? Why did he shoot himself in the foot, especially when it came to his signature achievement? Why did he torpedo that which was his ticket to re-election?

    Four, if you’ll remember, Trump initially touted HCQ as an inexpensive, readily available, and effective remedy for the the China Virus. Why did he all of a sudden stop? Why did he go along with St. Fauci and promote Remdesevir and Regeneron? Why did he push the Holy Jab? IOW, why did he whore himself out to Big Pharma?

    Why did he also go along with the weaponized hypochondria, thus opening the door to mail-in ballots? You know that NO European nations do mail-in ballots, right? Why is that? Because it’s rife with fraud-duh! He didn’t know that? Why did he let this go on and cut his own throat in the process?

    Finally, why did he surround himself with Swamp Creatures? I don’t mean just Fauci and Birx, either; I mean his entire cabinet. You mean to tell me that DJT didn’t know capable business people he could’ve brought to Washington to head the departments? Why didn’t he bring on anyone from America’s Frontline Doctors, such as Dr. Simone Wood? Why didn’t he bring in Dr. Scott Atlas earlier? Why wasn’t he kept on? Wouldn’t it have been good to have solid, contrary voices when going through a situation such as this?

    I could go on, but you all get my point. DJT gave significant tells. One was the total failure to stop the rioting when he had options to do so. Two was letting George Soros skate. Three, he blew up the economy, which was his signature issue, his bragging point Four was the weaponization of hypochondria. Five was surrounding himself with all these Swamp Creatures! You mean to tell me he didn’t know capable business people, both in and outside of the Trump Organization, who could’ve headed the cabinet level departments? Sorry, I don’t buy it. Anyway, I agree with Eric; I think Trump was a Judas Goat-end of story

    • Those are some good questions, Marky.

      I can try to play Devil’s advocate with certain things, like the riots. You could make an argument that he was preserving states-rights/local government relations. But, once the rioters were firing fireworks and throwing all manner of nonsense at a federal court, didn’t it then become an Insurrection-Death-Apocalyse-War, like did the Trumpers invading the Capitol?

      No, I’m afraid that trying to rationalize Trump’s horrible decisions in so many areas will only push people into the world of delusion, or perhaps force them to cover their ears, close their eyes and exclaim “Na-na-na-na-na!..”.

      • AFAIAC, the moment the rioters started tossing Molotov cocktails around, the feds could’ve gotten involved. I actually checked the section of the US Code that defines and prohibits destructive devices, which Molotov cocktails are. While I understand the states rights issue, once it was obvious they weren’t going to stop the riots, then I think DJT could have and should have stepped in.

        Even so, the feds COULD have frozen either George Soros’ assets, or they could’ve done that with his organizations. Freezing their assets would’ve cut off funding for the rioting. The rioters didn’t get to Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, etc. on their own; someone PAID for that! Someone also paid for all their equipment. Why wasn’t the funding cut off?

        • Trump could have easily done better than that. He could have had Soros extradited to Hungary.

          If Trump truly “tried but was defeated”, he would have pardoned Julian Assange as a final FU.

          • Exactly, Horst –

            Assuming the OF actually was a man who believed in liberty. Rather, he has shown himself to be a man who believes in authoritarianism. He practically wore a hole in the flag by leg-humping it to the degree he did. His mouth must have sores from all the badge-licking, too. How does either thing benefit “less government,” much less more liberty?

            Assange and Snowden are American heroes – unlike armed government workers. The Orange Fail reverences the latter and despises the former. He pardoned various thugs and crooks, but not two men who did more for America than he ever did.

            Maybe Mitt Romney will put the OF on the ticket in 2026.

            • Yup, militarizing the police does not equal freedom for the people, most of which are too dumb to realize the chains are being tightened, on them.
              It’s all political theatre, and the masses haven’t figured it out yet. Remember when Pelosi ripped up the speech, ALL THEATRICS! And they get away with it because they know the people won’t do anything but grumble.

    • Soros is small fry compared to the real folks behind the curtain. Look back at the last 100+ yrs and you will see the Bolsheviks have had immense power, all the while hiding behind smaller figures like Soros. FDR and Churchill were frontmen for their handlers who will remain mostly nameless. And so it goes on.

  21. I will reiterate here what I’ve said elsewhere.

    I’ve believed from the beginning that Trump was a “terminator”, or infiltrator, set as a sort of contingency plan, should Hitlerly fail to be elected.

    He was sent to divide the amalgamation of the Freedom Caucus, remnants of the Tea Party and other conservatives that were uniting to possibly cause some actual and meaningful change.

    This strategy worked. Regardless of how aware Trump was regarding his mission, he executed his programming, while his guise as a bombastic blowhard worked as both a clever distraction and as a cause for defamation of his followers.

    While seemingly opposing the “Deep State”, Trump actually provided little resistance to the tyrannical momentum building within, and, in fact, added to it by promoting authoritarian mechanisms, such as walls, bans, “law and order” (not OUR laws or OUR order), and accelerating Fed-driven debt.

    He mounted no resistance the Plandemic, and it served as both an efficient totalitarian takeover, and to further divide the sheep from the wolves, with those wolves being marked for termination (silencing, cancellation, arrest, etc.) which is being carried out at this time by the Oligarchs and their Tech Lord aides-de-camp.

    Have a nice day.

  22. There were many “tells” – but it takes time to process them. Many (myself included) wanted to believe for a time that right would prevail…but also assumed wrongly that Trump was somehow “right.”

    He was not my first choice for Prez, not even 2nd or 3rd, but he was the “choice” America was given to allegedly represent the “right.”

    But many tells included his friendships w/Clintons & Epstein, driving through the first Stop the Steal rally on his way to the golf course, not capitalizing on his alleged “infection” to make known that convid wasn’t really a threat, etc.

    The last point comes from Trump not going back to the HCQ, and also promoting a lie that “convalescent plasma” was even available for a disease that hasn’t been isolated (as of Dec 2020 the FDA acknowledges that no known samples of SARS-CoV-2 are available in the US – this is also true around the world).

    Time to shrug.

    • The main reason I voted for Trump was stated on Lew Rockwell: all the right people hated him. That and the Libertarian Party ran another washed-up Republican (“Feel the Johnson”).

      • Interesting that your source claims that SARS-CoV-2 was isolated in Jan 2020. What do you make of the FDA’s report (updated Dec 2020) that I posted in another thread? “No SARS-CoV-2 isolated were available at the time of the development of the test…” (p. 43 under “Performance Characteristics” https://www.fda.gov/media/134922/download)

        What about the journalists and scientists who have FOIA’d health ministers in other countries for evidence of SARS-CoV-2 and received none?

        What about the reward $ offered to anyone who can prove the existence of SARS-CoV-2?

        What about the very small chain of DNA that is alleged (assumed) to be part of SARS-CoV-2 (30+ pairs out of a possible 30,000 and not dissimilar from other viruses)?

        • Anon-

          1) Working today, so bear with me… And thanks for pointing out the line in question! This just looked like a huge testing protocol to me, and I quickly developed glazed eyes when I tried to find this before.

          What I think of it is this: This is Revision 6. I believe the statement was probably valid in the initial paper, whenever that was. I easily found Revision 2:
          …Which was from March, 2020. The first paper was logically earlier, of course.
          I think the CDC is just shitty at revising things. 😉

          • Agreed re CDC and Fedgov in general (I was once a Fed).

            But it begs the question, why wasn’t the TEST revised, esp. if, for sake of argument the 1st FDA report (stating no known isolates) was published before Jan. 2020. So the report should now read something like “at the time of the development of the test there were no known isolates available, but since their discovery the test parameters have been revised…”

            Without reprinting the entire doc, the previous couple of pages of the report also clarify that the “test” “cannot rule out infection by other pathogens”, “doesn’t detect the presence of illness,” and various other disclaimers).

            • Anon,

              Agreed! Why indeed? That’s government work, for ya! I’m not here to defend THOSE bozos.

              Secondly, yes, I believe they’re telling you the truth with those statements. You could be infected with SARS-CoV-2 but die of the flu, or malaria, or tuberculosis. Absolutely. And probably a decent cross-section did, and they called it “COVID”.
              Also, yes, the test doesn’t detect the presence of illness at all. It doesn’t even really detect the presence of viruses. It only detects certain (supposedly unique) strands of RNA. So I could seed your nose with these RNA strands in your sleep, and the next day you go get tested, and you look positive as all hell! But you’re neither sick nor infected. ;p

              • Thanks for the thoughtful responses. Another thing that I can’t quite get my head around is why the “vaccine” isn’t simply a source of antibodies or weakened virus. Why mRNA? What could be the need for such a thing when(if) the samples of the virus (and antibodies) are available?

                • Anon,

                  Firstly, a source of antibodies wouldn’t be a vaccine, but something like convalescent plasma, which might (MIGHT) work as a treatment, but isn’t a “vaccine”.
                  As for why it wasn’t just a weakened virus or perhaps just spike proteins or whatnot…
                  It’s difficult to say. There were MANY attempts at vaccines, and some were just those strategies. I’d be curious as to how successful they were, but haven’t investigated lately.
                  Either the mRNA attempts were the most successful, or there was need for a (super) large-scale experiment with this technology. I think it was just A TAD irresponsible to release these mRNA vaccines in grand-wholesale and expedited fashion to the ENTIRE WORLD like they did, but that’s just me!
                  Now, the biotechnological principles are well-founded, but, to my knowledge, this technology hasn’t been used in a human vaccine before.
                  Also, essentially, they streamline the process by skipping the culturing or protein production step of vaccine manufacture. That might be a big reason for the success of these mRNA vaccines. YOU become the cell incubator in this case. YOU are the protein production unit.
                  Ain’t it cool?

        • 2) RE: FOIA requests… Don’t know, I’d have to investigate.

          3) (and No 2 for that matter) Cool, who’s offering the cash? But the bigger question is, what would they take as proof? If I were to take some sputum from a suspected COVID patient, work it up and spin it down to isolate the suspected virus, then take that same viral supernatant and both prepare electron micrographs from it, and also sequence the RNA, as well as, perhaps, do some Western blots and whatnot to elucidate the presence of the supposed capsid proteins and spikes, would that be enough? Perhaps I’d have to culture the virus and then perform the same tests?

          Well, if I had the time, equipment and a willing COVID patient, don’t threaten ME with a good time!

          But, that’s pretty much what is done in that “Emerging Infectious Diseases” paper.

        • 4) RE: Small chain of DNA:

          I’m assuming you mean RNA? Have anything further on that? Because if there is a 30-base-pair RNA sequence, in SARS-CoV-2, out of 30k, that is not dissimilar to other viruses… Um, yep, probably. There are probably many such sequences.

        • You are correct, the original paper by Zhu, et al did not isolate and purify the “virus,” they even admit they did not meet Koch’s Postulates.

          “Most likely causative agent” was the finding.

        • Hi Hatteras –

          I’m a Ph.D. Immunologist. I’m extensively published, and a former professor at a medical school. I have postdoctoral study and training in virology, and have studied and published on influenza. I don’t support any of the official positions or response to this sars pandemic. That said…

          Hate me if you want, but Rappaport is full of shit. He makes for great sensationalism for people who don’t know better and can’t read a scientific publication to save their life (nor can he, but never mind). His rantings sound like the musings of an uneducated buffoon – no concept of molecular biology nor how research is done. Isolation is not and has never been the standard for viruses, as they cannot grow or propagate in isolation. In any event, sars-cov2 has been isolated, imaged, sequenced, and fairly extensively evaluated.

          • Hey BAC,

            Good to know! I’m a Master’s level chemist and nanoscientist (officially), but I’ve done some dabbling in molecular/cell biology, and plan to do so much more!

            Nice to make your acquaintance. 🙂

          • Thanks for the reply. No hate. To be fair, Jon R. has done and is doing some important investigative journalism and I think his heart is in the right place regarding exposing the tactics and (usual suspect) players in this scamdemic. As I admitted, I’m a little uneasy on the science. I’ve seen him challenged in the comment sections and, unlike Eric here at EPAutos, he’s not directly interactive.

            • Challenging official narratives is healthy, we need more of it. Just wish the challengers wouldn’t disservice themselves by presenting narratives that aren’t grounded in reality, or done in a way that lacks credibility. 🙂

              If interested:

              1) Zhu et al. N Engl J Med 382:727-33 (Feb 2020) – provides TEM images (transmission electron microscopy) of isolated virus

              2) Wu et al. Cell Host Microbe 27:325-328 (Mar 2020) – genetic phylogeny of the virus

              3) Wang et al. Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis e-publ (April 2020) – review article of the genetic sequence and origin of the virus, summarizing research from Dec 2019 through April 2020

              4) GISAID.org – database from Germany that maintains shared virus sequences, variants, and global epidemiology from labs around the world

              • Not to be argumentative or question your sincerity, laudable personal positions and notable credentials but CCP scientists 3/4 links? 1 German Merkelist? Without even delving into the science, red flags are flapping in my mind. Do you find these valid? It’s the same kind of stuff the NC govking quotes in his emergency rules justifying masks and lockdowns.

                Reality. There’s talk now on the Left of a Fedgov reality “czar.” Reminds me of a Karl Rove quote from ‘04. “Guys like Suskind were in what we call the reality based community. Which he defined as people who believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality. That’s not the way the world works anymore. We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And when you’re studying that reality— judiciously, as you will, we’ll act again, creating other new realities , which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to study what we do…”

                • I was addressing concerns that the virus wasn’t isolated. Chinese scientists were the among the first to publish. US and European labs didn’t start publishing until the spring (and since Americans and Europeans don’t study science anymore, you’ll find most publications with Chinese or Indian authorship anymore). And NEJM is one of the most prestigious peer reviewed journals there is. Gisaid has been around a long time, built long before Merkel, and was built on flu studies, they added covid as a public service.

                  Look, there are tens of thousands of scientific publications on SARS. Hundreds of labs around the world. Which ones do you want me to cite?

                  On reality, the whole past year has been one giant mind-fuck. I’m beginning to think none of us are real either – just bots. 😉

                  • I appreciate your input and am just generally suspicious of the whole affair. Whether “the virus” actually exists is a linchpin type issue. So many studies…around the world… all leading to some degree of “science” driven anti-liberty insanity. Nothing to see here… If CCP scientists’ research forms the basis of any claim, I’m skeptical. Commie Indians too. Just sayin’. Any coincidence the result is that the U.S. has already turned into China in so many ways. Can’t wait for social credit scoring to become “official” policy. Because science or sumpin’… like “just do what you’re told” and it’s “common sense” to wear 2 masks or maybe 4.

                    • Hatteras,

                      I continued with my input below, but as to what you’re saying here…
                      I’m a scientists, and I HATE what so many of these goons have done in the name of science! Science exists to further our knowledge and understanding. I’m fiercely libertarian, and believe foremost in the individual using (OR NOT) science to make his or her decisions, but liberty is first! Without that, science is DEAD, because “The Science” will always be what some despot says it is.

                    • To me it is all a loss. My cats are chewing their kibble rather than swallowing it whole. Do they know something of making the best of food shortages in the fifth industrial revolution? Those damned cats have a stash of twenty franc coins from various principalities, so unless I end up with an Archie Bunker, or Donald Trump lawyer, the pussies will get on fairly well until the local law firm is sold out to NY banksters.
                      You think that I am nuts. Fair enough, but I do not like sub zero temperatures and want to go run up the miles on my CTS-V manual to be able to get a license plate that the cops cannot fault.

                • No amount of true scientific research can ever convince Jon or his faithful. He’s got an answer for everything. A know it all who’s never so much as picked up a pipette, but he can sure tell all those virologists, who are apparently misinformed about their own research, they’re a bunch of dupes. And I, someone who spent years in the lab, spent years teaching medicine, knows how to read, review, and critique scientific publications, have just had the wool pulled over my eyes all this time. Gosh, if only Jon had showed me the error of my ways. To think, if I only had Jon to teach me how to isolate viruses.

                  C’mon man. Get real.

                  • Hi BAC,

                    Amen. I get depressed when someone like that gets a platform because it serves to delegitimize legitimate opposition/criticism. The “My Pillow Guy Factor,” if you like.

                    One can make a solid, factual and readily comprehensible “case” to any reasonable person that Sickness Kabuki is both absurd and dangerous; that hypochondria has been weaponized; that the major media/government have been terrorizing people by deliberate exaggeration of the problem, by withholding context – and so on.

                    That’s how we fight this.

                    • Your disagreement or lack of position on the controversy of isolation is your prerogative. Your MyPillow guy analogy is a cheap shot. Jon R. is on our team. Just because he doesn’t instantly defer, or God forbid questions, the “experts” doesn’t make him illegitimate or de-legitimize what you consider legitimate criticism. Don’t be surprised if your taking this one instance of the “science” being settled by an appeal to authority or a white coat and, and following it to its logical conclusion, that your told the same thing justifies lockdowns and diapers. Remember, it’s the “science” and those folks went to school and worked in the field and know their stuff and you might hurt their feelz if you question them.

                • Hatteras,

                  I have to agree with BAC.

                  I read this, and the impression that I get is that Mr. Rappaport hasn’t a fucking clue when it comes to modern cell or molecular biology. He acts as though his mind is completely blown by some, these days, routine lab manipulations.

                  For example: “…Researchers’ claims of having “sequenced” the genetic structure of the virus are very misleading, because the sequencing is done without direct observation of the virus.”

                  Direct observation, as in with your own eyes? Because that’s impossible. Would he take an electron micrograph of viruses that came directly from a patient as proof? He might call it “just a bunch of fraudulent computer pictures!”.

                  ‘”I can guarantee one thing: If a medical journal opened up its pages to a frank and protracted discussion, from all comers, about this “process of isolation,” you would see fireworks exploding in all directions. Within a few months, there would be raging global debate about the authenticity of “isolation.”’

                  Probably like giving an out-of-the-blue quantum mechanics presentation to the general populace. and then an open discussion. You’d get commentary such as “What electrons?! I ain’t never seen one!”, and “Your machines are just busted! That’s why you think all that stuff about energy levels and stuff.”.
                  Sadly the case, and I’m really not trying to be elitist or condescending. Hell, you had a guy recently die in his steam-rocket trying to prove the Earth was flat! Many people are scientifically illiterate and not at all reasonable.
                  Also, Rappaport’s blind, differential analysis on tissue samples from 1,000 people COULD be done, but do you think that would satisfy him? I’m not sure.

                    • Hi BAC,

                      Indeed – but that picture is worth 1,000 words! It is my mission to ridicule every double-dealing, unprincipled political frauds and fails. Trump qualifies on all counts.

                  • I detect an esprit de corps aspect to this discussion and that’s understandable. I appreciate that your input has not been simply to call Jon R. a “stupid-head” but to try to at least entertain the notion that real effort is being made to ask tough questions of sacred cows, even though you may not like the vessel through which they flow. And that not all the “official” answers have been satisfactory.

        • Hatteras,

          Hahaha, I see BAC’s take on that. And I’ll check it out, but my initial thoughts on Rappaport is that I concur with BAC.

          But I’ll read this for feces and levity and get back to you!

          • I’ve read through some of your replies to others and, while I could be completely off the mark here, you seem to be making some of the same types of statements Jon R. makes regarding the sort of goal-seeked, for lack of a better word, nature of these isolation claims. The link I posted relates to the FOIA claims but if you follow his posts, he makes other claims disputing isolation as well.

            • Hatteras,

              Not sure what is meant by “Goal-seeked… nature of these isolation claims”. Perhaps finding something that isn’t there simply because you want to find it?.. Not sure I’ve gone in that direction, here.

              I read the article and…

              “The soup contains animal and human cells, toxic chemicals and toxic drugs, and other genetic material. Some of the cells are dying. The researchers preposterously state the dying must be the result of the virus attacking these cells.”

              WTF soup?.. Does he speak of a sample from a patient’s body? Why are there “animal” cells?

              “This “proof of isolation” is on the level of claiming the sun is the moon, Alaska is a small town on Saturn, and a rabbit is a spaceship.”

              Hahaha, was I supposed to get high before reading this? It’s cool if so, just needed to know beforehand.

              As for the FOIA requests, I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe the requests were made in unintelligible ways. Maybe the gov’t stooges were incompetent. Maybe a combination… I’ve gone to the “fluoride free” website, but that’s an additional can of worms and will take some time to parse through.

              • Thanks for your input. If you do dig deeper into that site, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts but don’t stress it on my account. As a regular reader for over a decade, I’ll admit Jon R.’s style is an acquired taste, for sure. He’s been at the investigative journalism game a long time and, with respect to medical fraud and other related issues, has seen it all and written the book. You have the basic idea on goal seeking. Kinda like dialing up cycles on the PCR test to create cases and dialing them down to reduce them, like what the CDC officially did one hour after Biden was inaugurated. I’ve seen you acknowledge irregularities with the CDC/other gov’ts in other replies as well as regarding the FOIAs. I just don’t believe these things are honest mistakes. Not with everything that has gone on recently and in similar, past attempts, by the same seriously conflicted people/organizations to try to do the same nefarious things (Bird Flu, Swine Flu, etc.)

            • Okay Hatteras,

              I got to the crux of the lady’s argument. I see what she was asking, and I get it. Rappaport just put things in humorous language. 😀

              She asked if someone directly isolated the virus from a COVID patient, WITHOUT being cultured and allowing the virus to replicate as to produce a decent amount for analysis.

              By the “soup”, she was talking about the culture itself, in which certain monkey cells are sometimes used to propagate more viruses. The virus is then isolated, and tests run. So she believes that the methodology might produce some errant virus unrelated to a human infection.

              The viral samples came from this case:

              They ran FULL genetic sequencing on those samples. There were also no other pathogens identified.

              I’ll see myself, when time permits, if I can find anything satisfying this woman’s requirements. It CAN be done, but in order to get enough viral material for testing, cell culture procedures are used. Viruses don’t propagate on their own, or in agar media like bacteria.

              This all said. If one were to present to this woman or Jon Rappaport evidence of the virus gleaned ONLY from a sample from a patient, would that be enough, or would they incredulously claim something about “spontaneous protein spheres, because you used CHEMICALS!”?

              • Thanks again for the analysis. A lot of these folks that Jon R. amplifies, kinda like the anti-vaxxers, are bird doggers, for good reason. They respond to Jedi mind tricks. That being said, past performance doesn’t guarantee future results but I do see patterns that raise questions.

        • Hatteras,

          As a kind of post-script here, I’d like to say this:
          There have been so many questionable and downright fraudulent claims used in the name of “science” with COVID-1984, that I can’t figure on why Rappaport is attacking something that is much more solid.
          Face-diapers for example. At best, studies of their efficacy are ambiguous. At worst, masks may be detrimental, in a number of ways. But there was no good science justifying their use, especially in the beginning of this fiasco. And there appears to be zero (0) correlation between mask-mandates and the course of the virus.
          That’s an easy target. Easily defensible and effective for offense.
          Instead of the easy targets, though, Rappaport seems to want to shoot at the tanks!

          • BaDn, Hatt, and BAC

            I’ve enjoyed reading you guys back and forth. I’m impressed with your credentials and in depth discussion. The virus existence topic is one I’ve spent some time researching and musing over. Are any of you familiar with Jeremy Hammond? He’s an investigative journalist also. He’s done some work that I found helpful on this topic.


            I have to admit I have a minimal science background and am unable to read technical research and do my own critical analysis of it. Perhaps if I was trained I could but I’m not and I can’t. Someone like me is left in the position of looking at the research and understanding what little I can, then I just try to find the best representations of all sides of the argument and see who makes the better case.

            In this instance, I see very few taking the virus doesn’t exist view of Kaufman, Rapapport and Sardi among the very many preeminent experts that all agree that the response to this germ is fraudulent, criminal and insane. Since so many of these establishment narrative challengers have been destroyed for the positions they’ve publicly taken, I can’t imagine they would fail to mention the virus doesn’t exist if they thought that was the case.

            On the other hand, I sympathize with Kaufman, Rapapport and Sardi because so much of what is called science related to virology, microbiology, immunology, medicine and vaccines is not well defined, rightly controlled, standardized, repeatable, transparent or done in good faith. Deception, fraud, conflicts of interest, group think, narrative service, just so stories and integrity deficit rule the day. It’s easy to see how one could be tempted to call the whole enterprise a bunch of half baked rubbish, as Rapapport seems to do.

            • Hi Jody,

              I’m in the same position as you. I’m not a trained scientist, so it’s difficult to read the technical papers and truly understand them. However,anyone can understand that wearing a bandana over one’s mouth and nose cannot stop the spread of a sickness one hasn’t got. One can also know that if one is not already in very poor health and elderly, this virus is an extremely remote threat of anything more than a “positive” test and perhaps not-feeling-great for a few days, as per the usual seasonal flu. That young, healthy people are effectively at zero risk. That it is insane – unless the object is evil – to “lock down”an entire society and impose onerous and degrading rituals upon them.

              The rest is for the specialists to divine.

              • Agreed Eric. Just a tiny bit of honesty and critical thought can go a long way. It isn’t usually necessary to understand every minutia exhaustively in order to make reasonable decisions.

            • My take from the start is that something unusual is triggering, perhaps but not necessarily causing, some unusual patterns of mortality. To ignore that is as bad as screaming that the sky is falling.

              My personal belief is that one’s immune system has the most influence on how well one resists whatever that is. Simply looking a the distribution of deaths (certainly over-attributed to The Covids) points me in that direction. For years I have wondered why the winter month have been so difficult with regard to viral infections. The D3 premise makes perfect sense in light of that. It also (credibly, not exclusively) explains the positive correlation of the reported higher rate of infection with skin color.

              So, already well up on the grim-reapers list at 82, I am cautious but not hiding in the basement. I wear a bandana to get past the mask warden at Walmart. I can be confrontational, but I do not like to be confrontational for confrontational’s sake. She is just doing her job. It immediately falls to my neck and no one inside seems to care. I haven’t had to be confrontational with any of the managers because they have not chosen to be confrontational with me. They smile and nod as if I am double masked. I will not name the national merchants with whom I regularly do business who welcome me bare faced for fear they might be put on the cancel list. Even fearing that a bit, I will compliment Winn-Dixie, though, for being the only grocer in the area to let me walk in any direction I liked, in any aisle, all through this mess.

          • Morning, BaDnOn –

            Amen re Rappaport. I am not maligning what he has written regarding the existence of “the virus” – heck, I’m not in a position to say, either way. But – as you have written – why not focus on the inarguably absurd – and evil – pushing of strange rituals on healthy people? That is something apt to gain a lot more traction.

            • Perhaps the answer is that if you accept the premise that this situation is indeed a “plandemic” as BaDnOn calls it (and I agree), then it is a logical conclusion that TPTB wouldn’t need (or want) a “novel” CV to suddenly appear…that takes the control of the plandemic out of their hands. I believe they tried, through the Wuhan lab, to create a “novel” CV, because CV’s are thought to be so ubiquitous already (and no vaccine currently existed for CV). It would explain why tests and patents existed prior to the “discovery” of the “novel” CV. It also could help to rectify the reason why the FDA paper, which is now on its 6th revision, still doesn’t acknowledge the “discovery” of a novel CV. Misinformation, disinformation, and confusion among experts is a hallmark of a psyop.

            • Eric – Not to belabor this, but for the record Jon R. routinely addresses all of the issues you think are the “real” issues, sometimes in a parallel way, like “assume everything is as presented”. The isolation issue is a root issue subject to some controversy. Choosing to ignore it or blithely assume the “experts” are acting in good faith on that issue but not all the others is a choice that others can make subject to their own knowledge, judgments and instincts.

              • Hatteras,

                For the record, I’m certainly not attacking Rappaport’s character or other work with what I said here. I don’t know him or read him. His heart very well may be in the right place, but maybe his effort is misdirected at times.
                And yes! For Christ’s sake, don’t just take someone’s word for granted because they’re an “expert”! Always question things, think for yourself, and reason through problems critically!

            • Eric,
              Yes, it’s unnecessary to get mired in technical papers, especially with this issue. For example, it appears that Cuomo is about to lie in the bed he prepared by sending infected people back to live with the then uninfected people in nursing homes. He could be in some deep shit, now, and rightly so! It doesn’t so much as take a C+ in English class for someone to understand that what he did was stupid and wrong!

      • I’m long past caring if it’s been isolated or not. It’s somewhat irrelevant. The completely ineffective and destructive response by our beloved tyrants is the issue. Various viruses are around us all the time. Some a bit more dangerous than others. Exposure to them is critical to maintaining our immune system. Our immune system is like a muscle, if you don’t use it, it will stop working. Preventing exposure to any virus is like trying to prevent our exposure to air. It ain’t happening. And now for the latest and greatest. “It’s mutating”, which is the critical factor in why no effective vaccine has ever been successful against a corona virus. One of their major features is that they all mutate, rapidly and wildly. How convenient that such will present us with a constant need for more and different untested vaccines, ongoing for all time.

        • “The completely ineffective and destructive response by our beloved tyrants is the issue.”

          Exactamente, Mr. Kable.

          And the rest as well. Quite the market, isn’t it? The ‘Rona shot might become as ubiquitous as the flu shot, and just as necessary for your continued health (not at all for most). Along with the cold and allergy medication industry, it could become quite lucrative.

        • Yes, our owners (our beloved tyrants) and their actions are the foundational issue. Still, if the virus didn’t exist at all I would want that truth to be my starting point in understanding this whole mess. I prefer to have a coherent understanding of a situation, rather than a disconnected or internally inconsistent one.

  23. The Orange Man’s fail was in himself.
    “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” (Julius Caesar, Act I, Scene III
    America, like a Greek tragedy, put it’s faith in correcting a corrupt system into a flawed man.

    This country was on a course to third-worldum when the overtly corrupt Bill and Hillary took office. (I know it was corrupt with others). The Monkey took us to war with a country that did not attack us and we spent blood and treasure for no reason. Then the community organizer took over to seal the fate of the country by remaking it into a socialist paradise.

    Orange Man’s fail; he was a narcissistic, arrogant politically-naive developer who thought the government was one big development deal, and just like a construction project, even though everyone has self interest the government would work on his team. He had no idea of the corruption within the FBI and CIA down to the field offices that wanted him gone and were willing to take risks to get him. Sort of like the scene in the movie The Untouchables, when Sean Connery tells the young Eliot Ness: “Who can you trust…nobody, because nobody wants you here.”. OM should have fired 10,000 people and hired (off the tree) kids out of college to replace and he would have done better.
    He trusted his presidency to a swamp creature and bought into his fear he was snake-oi selling to shut down the economy and empower himself, (to which the economy was gong to get OM re-elected).

    A flawed egotistic man was all we had to stall-off the soviet styled government and enablers we now have. If anything good that happened; OM exposed who these Marxist are and openly what their goals are for all of us to see. Will America stop being woke and wake up?
    I will kill Commodus, I leave the fate of Rome to you.

  24. My best guess is that early last year the deep state told OM that if he didn’t do what he’s told, they’d make him disappear.

    A more sinister theory would be that OM was actually (s)elected in 2016 to drive the left insane, and HP was (s)elected in 2020 to drive the right insane. Throw in a blatantly fake pandemic to turbo charge the drive to insanity. There are extremely powerful people that would love to see the death of the USA.

  25. Spot on Eric. Democrats got screwed by Obamas ‘change’ campaign and Republicans got screwed by Trumps ‘make America great again’ campaign. Politics will always be just two different wings on the same bird of prey.

  26. Well, let’s see. The congresscritters are trying to impeach a President who is no longer in office? Is he no longer in office? High level ministers in the Italian government participated in the US election fraud and were arrested/charge over in Italy. Because a foreign gov. interfered, the election was void and now the US military (not just the National Guard) is occupying DC. All a coincidence I guess but from what I hear we have to wait until March to find out what is happening behind the scenes and why the White House appears to be unoccupied (ie, no JB).

    To top it off, the federal reserve note is in a state of collapse, and we are already seeing shortages.

  27. I generally agree with you, Eric, but cannot do so this time.
    It’s “election fraud” that put biden in office…the “coronavirus plandemic” was part of the scam as there was (and still is) worldwide hatred for President Trump for putting America first.
    Changing election rules on the fly and rampant fraud is what put biden in office. Let’s not forget the millions of fake ballots that mysteriously appeared after the conclusion of the election.
    The states that certified these “election results” are also complicit in the steal.
    State election officials should also be brought to task for their criminal behavior.
    President Trump could not do much to counter the “double whammy” of coronavirus and election fraud…as even the courts were in “on the fix”.

    • You hit most of it on the head. One thing I keep pondering is why it was allowed to happen? Trump well knew for more than a year that the election was going to be faked up against him. He did nothing. I just wonder for a person who is so smart what happened there. Was it deep state skunks who had been embedded in his administration? Was he in on the scam from the beginning, kind of like a modern day Judas selling us out? Was he told he would be JFK’ed if he put up enough fight to beat the deep state fraud? I know the scamdemic had a big part to play too…but it was just strange that Trump just gave up in December.

      • Hi delow,

        I began to feel uneasy about the Orange Man last summer – when he continued to abide the presence of Fauci. More than that, stood beside him, mute, while Fauci weaponized hypochondria. I tried to allay my uneasy feelings but they were right. He let this happen – and there’s no getting around it.

        • I think this shit show impeachment trial indicates that you might be right, Eric. It’s hard to imagine that Trump is so stupid that he continually hires the most incompetent back stabbing people he can find. One of his lawyers actually said yesterday something to the effect of “wow, you Democrats have done a really good job of presenting your case, I don’t think I can refute that”! Another of his lawyers is on record saying he thinks Trump is a crook. And these are the guys he chose!? Nah, something else going on here. Nobody could be that dumb. As you say, for some reason, he’s letting this happen.

      • Further along the lines you address, it was clear within 24 hours of the polls closing that massive fraud had occurred. Why didn’t the OM have federal marshals secure the voting machines and ballots until forensic analysis could be carried out? All we got was tweets and dithering for a month and a half, followed by lofty rhetoric and half-baked legal actions. The only explanation I can think of that makes sense is that the fraud was supposed to stand, the OM knew it was supposed to stand and assented to it, and that it was intended to be a cause for strife and the subsequent crushing of opponents of the regime.

        • I can answer that. In the presidential election the STATES are still in charge of elections and not only contributed to, but actually perpetrated the vote fraud. Despite both visual, audio and forensic evidence these STATE electors CERTIFIED the fraud. Every state official who was a part of this should be prosecuted, but THAT will never happen.
          As to voting machines, they should be banned.


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