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The Iranian general “taken” out by the Orange Man may have been a bad man. Probbaly,he was a bad man. But what about our bad men? We have them, too. Arguably ours are worse, in terms of the body count, at least. Aren’t they – and whomever happens to be nearby when it happens – subject to being “hit” in return?

Why not?

And if they are “hit,” hasn’t the Orange Man lost any moral basis for complaint?

General Unpronounceable was accused and probably guilty of various nasty things. He may have been planning attacks on Americans.

A very nasty man – The Chimp – is known to be guilty of launching a war against the entire population of Iraq, murdering many thousands of them in the process. A country ruined – and occupied. People tortured in dungeons – on this man’s say so or at least complicit authority.

He was never brought to justice or even fined. He paints in retirement – not unlike the serial killer John Wayne Gacy, who eventually got what was coming to him. The Chimp insolently flaunts his getting away with it. Is invited to speak.

Is left unchained, at any rate.

What would be the reaction of the Orange Man if outraged Iraqis – denied justice, unable to get The Chimp in front of a “world court” or any court at all to answer for his crimes – sent a cruise missile to The Chimp’s ranch in Crawford, Texas to deliver some justice?

More people killed, most of them not nasty and having had nothing at all to do with either the Iraqi unpronounceable’s actions or those of the simian in retirement. One mafia  “family” wreaking drive-by vengeance on the cross-town “family” that machine-gunned them first.

Some will say, that’s different!


Some will say, our team good, their team bad!

But what if both teams are bad – and we’re not members of either one?






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  1. “I said, listen, you’re a very rich country. You want more troops? I’m going to send them to you, but you’ve got to pay us. They’re paying us. They’ve already deposited $1 billion in the bank.”

    So the American army is for sale. Nothing but mercenaries.
    Anyone who signs up for service from this point on is not doing “patriotic duty”, they are just muscle for the mob, sold as part of the protection racket. No sympathy for anyone stupid enough to sign up for that when they lose a limb or worse.

  2. Hey Eric, i think your last line says it best “both teams are bad”…. So many cases when one looks at the top – all sides are crooked. Ive reached the point when on things like this we’ve been lied to so much that I have no idea who is right and wrong anymore – just realise both are crooked as fuck and as you say, we’re not on any team here – so lets just sit back and hopefully keep ourselves, friends and family safe and away from this….

    • Amen, Nasir…

      As Carlin said, it’s a club – and we’re not in it. These people – the ones controlling things – move us around like pieces on a chessboard, toward goals we can only guess at.

      With regard to Iran and the Middle East generally: A fair-minded person aware of the history of American involvement – far too kind a word – in the internal affairs of these countries should desire to make amends, leave them be and mind our own business. I am not suggesting that there aren’t “evildoers” over there. I am stating the government of the United States has done much evil over there. That the Iranians, Iraqis and so on do not “hate us for our freedoms.” They hate us for the “freedom” the government of the United States feels it has to interfere in their affairs, to assassinate their leaders and replace them with agreeable (to the government of the United States) Quislings who abuse the people of these countries… and so on.

      The Swiss are not hated for their freedoms. I wonder why.

      • eric, the best friend I have left and I were talking. I warned him about the upcoming shitstorm likely to happen in the monetary system and how he’d never hear it on MSM. So he replied “I guess if you listen to them all(he gets nothing from internet news), the truth is in there somewhere”.

        Well shut my fuckin mouth and I won’t waste breath again. So as far as trying to warn others(and you would probably experience those “he’s full of shit” looks too if you tried with your statist friends, I’d bet we’d both agree that taking care of your friends helps about as much as what you’ve been saying and they’ve been tuning out for decades.

        As long as FIX , uh, FOX keeps up a narrative that doesn’t match the Clinton News Network or MSLSD, they’ll gobble up one or the other sources bs and walk around waiting for Bill O’Reilly to be declared the “savior” or look to the sky and wait for the latest tweet from Rachel Maddow…..or Jussie Smollet.

        Besides this site, I’m done proselytizing. Whoever doesn’t have the sense to put back some food, get as much money(nearly none for me but that’s another storey)as you can in cash(gotta be better than 0’s and 1’s on a bank account, stuff my freezers(just had one given to me which makes two large and two fridge freezers), I’m not gonna waste my breath.

        I had some friends nearly two decades ago who did listen to me. They were prepared with lots of extra food, all sorts of things you need to keep on living when the grid goes down, etc. etc……and I just buried the last one alive.

        So SCREW THE WORLD, all the fools(me)are out there on their own. I try to get it across to my neighbor who might be 32 with 3 kids and spends his money on really expensive pickups, cars and the latest bs from MS and Google and such. I warn, he’s saying it’s just what everyone has been saying. peace 8

        • Eric, Eight, I have been thinking for the line “they hate us for our freedoms” is some of the dumbest shit ive ever heard. Think it was the chimp who said it around 911, but was always amazed at how people bought it up. I guess thats when I really started challenging things.

          But yeh it’s true. Having spent a decade out in Pakistan at the height of that “war on terror” (from the mid 90s – the mid 2000s) and can see how much it impacted Americas image in the region. And no – it wasn’t because of your freedoms…..

          It is interesting how this two sided debate has been created. The Fox vs CNN, and then thats sold to the population as a “free and fair” media. When no side goes where they are not supposed to.

          Anyhow we shouldn’t be thinking this anyways. Here in the UK we are being constantly told from all media outlets that a crisis is unfolding in our great nation and our dear masters are working tirelessly to resolve it. The crisis being that a lifelong freeloader, from generations of freeloaders (ie prince something or another) has been dazzled and charmed by another freeloading gold digger from your side of the pond and wants to leave his “duties” and not “be a senior member of the royal family” and go follow said gold digger and live his life out to the US and impart some of his wisdom about climate change on you guys…. I guess we should all be worrying and praying this horrible crisis which affects all our life is resolved effectively by our overlords….

          • Nasir, no arguments here. So much entitlement I’d find it hard to bear if it were me. That sort of thinking really doesn’t compute for me. I’m just a man, not a god.

          • “They hate us for our freedom” so enraged me, the first time I heard GWB utter it; it really cemented the fact in my mind that 9-11 was an inside job. The fact that 99% of Americans could listen to that with a straight face, and even believe it, really drove home just what an idiocracy we live in. Had to be the single most-moronic thing I’d ever heard….but everyone just ate it up.

            …and then they just whip out the voluminous “Patriot” Act (It was an act, alright!) which they just happened to have laying around anyway…..

            • Nunz, I’m with you. When he said that I could only think of his father and grandfather, both of which were treasonous beyond belief and deserved to die a million deaths decades before they died……if his father is dead.

              Don’t know what the big thing was at the funeral but Jeb and Laura’s mouth both fell. No surprise for the shrub though.

            • Hey Nunz,

              Problem: “They hate us for our freedom”.

              Solution: Take away our freedom.

              Hasn’t seemed to work, though.


              • Jeremy, that is the entire point of plutocrats trying to take our weapons away. Freedom is something they hate. Bloombergeren even hates Coca Cola over 16 oz.

                Soros hates fairly much everything. Trump, he’s right in there on the haters.

                Remember when they had the military drills(Jade Helm) on private property and in small towns? I was aghast(but shouldn’t have been)by the complacency of the people in those areas.

                I worked in Big Spring, Texas at the time. The talking heads were eating it up. They did perform one of their goals though. They killed Justice Scalia right there in the area I worked in every day. There were plenty people that had a lick of sense that accused the Clintons of killing him. It certainly wasn’t a “natural death”.

                To be honest, the people I knew didn’t even know about it except for those who watched MSM that ate that shit up. I felt like the only shrimp in the ocean. Your average person is clueless. My roomie didn’t even know what I was speaking of. Neither did my boss.

              • Hey Jeremy!

                I dunno- seems to be working perfectly. People are still buying it, 20 years later. There might be a little rumbling, as there always is after enough time has passed…but by then, it’s time for a new excuse…which will also work almost 100% for the next 20 years.

                Donm’t be surprised now if “Iranian terrorists” “attack us”. Gotta keep the war machine oiled ya know!

                Hey, if Trump were truly “hated by the elite”, they’d be bringing him up on international charges for killing General Salami……

                  • Oh, but Jeremy 🙂 since we’ve had all of these wonder wars, wherein “our boys” have “fought for our freedom”; and what with all of these wonderful agencies, like thew TSA and DHS “keeping us safe”, have you seen anymore “terrorists” blowing things up here in ‘Merca? (Unless of course they have the proper badges and black uniforms, et al).

                    Now you see, if they ever stop “the war on terror”, those boogeymen will march right back over here and orchestrate some amazingly complex and perfectly timed event that no one in the history of the world has ever been able to do, ‘cepting Uncle- before…..even melting solid steel, while allowing paper documents implicating “the bad guys” to survive!

                    Just like “the war on drugs”! You know, if it wasn’t for those wonderful po-leece occifers, surely those drug dealers would have handed out heroine to every six year-old!

                    See how government “keeps us safe”?

                    • Nunz, Terry Gilliam must have been a prophet with his 1985 movie “Brazil”. Back then it seemed like paranoid fantasy to most people. Today it plays like current events.

                      There used to be a saying years ago that “It’s can’t happen here!”, as immortalized by Frank Zappa. Unfortunately as we can all see it has happened here and is going to keep getting worse.


                • “Don’t be surprised now if “Iranian terrorists” “attack us”. Gotta keep the war machine oiled ya know!”

                  Pretty easy to know “who” done it if they do attack. If a high level government or military leader gets offed, probably a real attack. If some nobody or insignificant target get taken out and the media hypes it as though it were the worst thing to happen ever, almost a certainty it is a FF.

                  Ever notice how the enemy never seems to target TPTB? Ever wonder why?

                  I really hoped that Soleimani and other high level killings would set the trend. About time the aholes that create the mess pay with their lives instead of some “economic draft” schlubs.


                    “His speech, “The Restoration of Deterrence: The Iranian Example,” focused on what he called an administration strategy to establish “real deterrence” against Iran following earlier Republican and Democratic policies that encouraged Tehran’s “malign activity.””

                    Someone needs to “deter” this ahole right in the head. Clearly the US psychopaths will continue to escalate unless they are stopped by force. There is no reasoning with someone this bereft of any mortality or sense of their own hypocrisy.

                    • When all you care about is power and money it’s hard to think about other things rationally.

                      Oh wait, it is rationale by their standards. You can’t make money without taking it from the very people who have the least and using it to fund weapons……where the real profits are.

                    • swamp, I’d say it goes much further back than that.

                      Don’t forget G. Washington headed up a force to steal money from farmers making booze and it was a huge money maker still in existence.

                      I have no doubt if any other group was making that much money they’d have gone after them too. Once you have centralized power freedom is the first victim.

                    • I can’t believe that the rest of the world isn’t getting together and stopping this BS- but I guess that’s what’s happens when you let yourself become dependent on the products that the empire controls.

                      Are they really going to let the US/Britain/Israel just ride to world conquest without so much as a whimper?

                      Dear goodness! I’m embarrassed to have to say that I’m a resident of this country- and I’d sure like to get out before it gets it’s comeuppance- which it surely will.

                      As usual, each successive administration is worse than the one before it- and Trump has proven no exception, even though he had an easy act to follow! I mean, he could’ve raped Girlscouts, and have been less evil than the Chimp….but instead, he has already, in three short years gone far beyond the evils of the Mulatto Monkey.

                      The scariest thing is, they’re not even making any attempt to hide their despotism and lawlessness anymore- they’re so assured of their invincibility now, that they’re just pretty much saying “Yeah, this is what we’re doing, what are you going to do about it? We’re a bunch of immoral pricks, but you you all gave us your assent, and you all consented to what we’ve been doing all along, when you sent your sprogs to our schools, and signed up to kill your fellow man in our wars, and took your neighbors money to support your bastard kids, and to work for our agencies! You’re getting the government you deserve!”.

              • Maybe they don’t hate us for our freedom, but they hate us, and they hate our freedom too. By hating our freedom, I mean that they fear that the slaves of their cult will want freedom like we have. (Women driving cars, going out in public without wearing a Halloween costume or being chaperoned by male family members, and many other things that we take for granted.)
                Eric- until I saw the accompanying picture, I thought that “the Chimp” was referring to the OTHER chimp- Barak Obama. Thanks for including the picture to clear that up.

                • Hi Nathan,

                  The point of the post was to ridicule the ludicrous notion that terrorism is caused by their hatred of our freedom, and to mock the sociopaths in charge who use terrorism as an excuse to take away our freedom.

                  They hate us with good cause, our “freedom” has nothing to do with it.


                  • Exactly, Mark3!

                    Isn’t that why we- Libertarians- are here? Because we don’t think it anyone else’s business to decide how we order our lives, famblies, religion/philosophy, busy-nesses, social relations/customs?

                    If some group of criminals in DC does not have the moral right to determine those things for us, how much less for those on other continents?!

                    And if any individual thinks it is any of his business, then he should go and do something about personally- and not use the resources and political clout of his neighbors to do something in our name.

                    And notice too, that their society where they practice the things that modern Americans find so reprehensible, is not collapsing and full of bastard children and broken homes and men who think they’re women……

            • Don’t forget, “you are with us, or you are with the terrorists”.

              Easy choice, when given an ultimatum by an asshole…….

              Kind of like, you are going draft me for your war? Who do you think I will shoot first if you hand me a loaded weapon?

              • Hell yeah, Anon! Fight the bigger, closer enemy first! Leave the other one alone, ’cause I have a strong feeling that if we weren’t always playing in his backyard, he wouldn’t be our enemy. He certainly never did anything to me……but the douche who made the ultimatum sure has…and he has had a big hand in ruining my country. I KNOW who hates my freedom!

  3. Is he dead? Pictures indicating so are easily faked. You know this is corruption writ large, since MS Maxwell is still at large (??), and we have seen none of the blackmail info published. No videos of children being fucked at all, even by non celebrity pedophiles. They have the highest profile criminal in ages in custody, but somehow have no footage of any thing that happened even near his cell near the time of his “murder”, and no accounting from those responsible for monitoring the prisoner. I find it hard to believe Epstein had no “dead man” mechanism in place to expose all his blackmail victim’s crimes. So, is he dead?

    • JWK, I can’t tell you WHO is dead but the person they performed an autopsy on certainly is, even with broken neck bones. Did he kill himself, he’d have to be two people to do it the way the autopsy shows.

    • “The man was a government employee. He was doing his job.” I think you just answered your own question.
      That would be a good answer here too. LOL

  4. Trump is an asshole who has no morals – no principles – nothing he isnt willing to sell out. He just committed murder on folks who are supposedly fighting our common enemy ISIS and al qaeda. It was pure murder. to get some more insurance against impeachment and more shekels from Adelson. Its counter to everything he ran on. What a loser.

    • Hi Mark,

      I’m disappointed as well. I have about as much faith in what the government tells me as I do in the honor of a street ‘ho – who is more honest about her profession. Another war is the last thing anyone needs – except the politicians and their parasites, who profit from it.

      • eric, this was clearly a move by the deep state. This guy had been more effective in bringing peace between other countries and was trying to aim their militaries at the true enemies, ISIS, a construct of the US and a couple other fringe groups.

        Every “terrorist” group we’ve seen in the middle east has been funded and armed by the US. After all, how can you make money when there isn’t a war. The Brits and their machine guns proved over a hundred years ago that mechanized warfare and men with swords and camels are soon vanquished by such.

        In the Tehran conference of 1943, Roosevelt said the US was dedicated to controlling the middle east forever and that’s what has been done. Not long after, the Brits got actual word of what was said and they all cried “Oh, the Empire is lost”. Indeed it was, militarily, but don’t get too down, their bankers still pull the strings of the world including the US.

        I’m not expert on history but my reading of it, and the conclusions that can easily be drawn should be evident to any thinking person, something we’re almost devoid of in this country.

        I suspected Trump was actually going to be the ultimate politician coming from an obvious place of power but speaking as if he was one of the working people of the country. And why not, doesn’t everyone have towers with their name on top all over the world? Hell, I”m replete with em. I still have a disconnected tv antenna on one of my “towers”.

        “Some” people are catching on and it’s not the ones with the most money and the most to lose, it’s the ones who have gobbled from the govt. teat and believed every piece of bs they’ve been offered by FIX, er, uh, FOX. And if that weren’t bad enough, there’s a huge amount who haven’t enough sense to not believe the Clinton News Network and MSLSD.

        To think it’s going to get better as our schools mulct even more money from us for educating chilluns whose parents are dumbasses and they’ll surely fall right into to same doesn’t give me much hope.

        I realize the alternative murderous rug muncher from Arkansas(I apologize to everyone from that state and you’d be right if my state foisted off the shrub on you((he’s really from Connecticut)) since he performed the worst terrorist act ever, in the entire world with maybe the exception of the evil Truman when he dropped two bombs on women and children. At least he didn’t lie about it I suppose was his only saving grace(could saving grace exist for a monster?).

        Well, every election in the last 20 years has caused the Libertarian party to gain sometimes up to a ten fold of votes. That still leaves it in the weeds but this past election in Texas it gained some significant numbers.

        Having said that, I might make the journey and vote for independents and I might stay home.

        We’re on the cusp of sectarian war in every state of the union(sic). That reminds me, Natchez Shooter’s Supply has a pretty good sale going on magazines, not of Home and Garden variety. If I had any money I’d buy a CNC AR lower machine and sit at home melting beer cans and making lowers. (what are you doing today? Oh, I’m making some lowers. I thought you did that yesterday. I did.

        I can’t leave without posting this missive that I consider to be the ultimate truth boiled down to a conciseness you rarely see.

    • Our last (P)resident droned thousands and bragged that he was “good at killing people”. Google it. Trump does not want a war, but like Reagan, he is being accused of wanting to start WWIII. As far as your assertions about Trump, they are wild and based on nothing but your ignorance.

  5. “And if they are “hit,” hasn’t the Orange Man lost any moral basis for complaint?

    Not as far as most Americans are concerned. They believe we are the indispensable democracy and the exceptional People so for all others Do as we say, Not as we do.

    Now as most know or should know the US funds and arms ISIS, Al Qaeda and variants. The General they killed was extremely good at eliminating this scum. In fact he pretty much eliminated them in Iraq. This was causing a lot of problems for those in the regime change crowd.

    What many do not know or disregard is there were a dozen or so high ranking Iraqi officials killed along with this general. He was in Baghdad to try to work out a peace plan with the Saudis. The media never mentions this. Sort of speaks volumes when you take out a dozen or so of your supposed allies generals and diplomats to kill one person.

    The US Baghdad compound the protesters almost breached is actually a US Intel center. There is also another in Kabul Afghanistan which are used to spy on the locals and pressure the Iranians. This is an entirely different animal than that of the Libyan embassy. Its like a 150 acres with its own water and power. No “REAL” sovereign would allow such a thing but Iraq is owned by the US for now.

    Even though asked to leave the Iraq is basically a colony. The US is thieving half their oil production,,, and will never leave until forced,,, same for Syria as the oil there is also stolen. Staying in Afghanistan is due to its border with Iran. There is no way to find where the stolen money from the oil goes as they obviously hide the books well but probably is used to fund and arm their proxies.

    Americans are oblivious to this as they really don’t care. The propaganda fed to them on a daily basis has convinced most that lives in the NA/ME don’t matter.

    Europe and the UK cultures are being destroyed by refugees from these countries bombed out by the West and brought in by nefarious people with an agenda. (Soros types) If the NeoCons in the US get their way and destroy Iran millions more refugees will be pouring into the EU, UK and West and will certainly contribute to its demise as they hate the West, not for our nonexistent freedoms but because the West destroyed their homes, livelihood and killed many of their relatives.

    The US has not been without a war somewhere since WWI. Americans are numb to these never ending wars to enrich the war production industries. They even make money by these wars by owning stocks in the industry. If you watched the markets during the recent ‘crises’ you would have noticed the stocks of Raytheon, and other war material producers jumped. These Americans cheer on the war mongers. It’s the money…

    Finally it is amazing how the US gov is provoking more rioting in Iran over the overzealous air defense commander when in 1988 American Navy USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air 655 killing 290 persons. President Bush never apologized and in fact gave out medals. He stated he wasn’t an America apologizing sort. If not for President Trumps unnecessary, aggressive and illegal stunts the Iran air defenses wouldn’t have been on such a high alert and the plane would have been on its way unharmed. No condolences here either from the US but is making as much misery from it as they can.

    Pompeo is a liar and even admits it in the following link. In an interview he was asked about the imminent attacks the murdered general was planning. He said basically there was a different time line of imminent when the government uses it than the time most Americans think of. In other words imminent could mean from now to eternity. He also said they did not know who, what, or exactly when the supposed attacks were to be made. IMO it reeks of the WMD claim back in the day. They use the same playbook over and over, and unfortunately it works.

    • Hi Ken,

      Well-said. And sadly said. It’s a tragedy made possible by one – the ignorance of the general public and the general public’s reflexive jingoism. I dread the blowback that will inevitably hit us all.

      • Hello Eric.
        Right on.

        Which is why,,, like George Carlin,,, I don’t vote. Money and Power. Yes a little trickles down but to me,,, it doesn’t justify all the destruction and killing. We have plenty of problems in our country that needs attention rather then playing big bad empire.

        • Ken, I just remembered something from the 80’s. I was trying to get away from trucking and worked a thankless job. You could tell because I never got thanked or a raise.

          Right in front of everyone in the lab one day I said I had doubts about the good of the “trickle down effect” that was supposed to be lifting us all as the rich got richer. “I can’t tell the trickle down effect is doing anything although I do feel a trickle and it’s warm and smells a lot like the post the dogs mark”. Even the worst statist said “I think you may have something there”. He should have. He was older than me, had a bunch of kids and didn’t make shit for shinola.

  6. Hi Mark,

    In 1953, the CIA orchestrated a coup against the secular, democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran, and reinstated the dictatorial rule of the Shah. “1979” was insurance that the US wouldn’t do it again. Funny, the US is always blathering on about Democracy but Mossaddegh, insufficiently subservient to Western interests, had to go. It is likely that, had Iran been allowed to develop its secular democracy, the subsequent course of Middle East history would be entirely different. The coup led to the rise of Islamic extremism as a political force and destroyed the enormous good will felt by Iranians toward the US. 1953 led to 1979, and the radicalization of the Middle East.


    • Certainly the CIA was involved in the Mossadegh coup, but the American role is often overstated. The British, who were afraid that their oil company was about to be nationalized by the Iranians, were the principal actors and beneficiaries.

      The irony, of course, is that Britain had nationalized just about every industry in it’s own country between 1945 and 1960, yet got outraged when the Iranians tried to do the same damn thing…

      • Hi X,

        I’m aware of Britain’s role but they solicited, and received, help from the CIA. It was a CIA operation. Certainly, the Iranians consider the US, not Britain, to be the main culprit. In any case, the post was intended to demonstrate the insanity of interventions, as they always lead to blowback, one way or another.

        Kind Regards,

  7. All I know is that our embassy was attacked; our people asked for help; and unlike Benghazi in 2012, our people GOT the help. You want to repeat 1979 all over again?

    • It appears likely that truly is all you know. For example, you seem unaware that the attack on the embassy in Benghazi was made possible by the US Sociopaths In Charge, by their destruction of yet another stable, prosperous Islamic nation, and yet another murder of its leader. In fact, Gaddafi had changed his attitude to refute “terrorism”, and was in fact assisting the US Sociopaths In Charge in their quest to destroy “terrorists”. Not to mention that the reason for the abandonment of the US citizens in Benghazi is that the US Sociopaths In Charge were transferring arms to ISIS in Syria through Benghazi, while at the same time professing their desire to destroy them. The abandonment of personnel in Benghazi was evil. An extremely tiny evil compared to the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of innocent non combatants the US Sociopaths In Charge have murdered, or starved to death with sanctions.

    • Maybe if we wouldn’t be meddling with, bombing, and hostilely occupying these nations, they wouldn’t “attack us“. But noooooooo, we have to redraw the map of the Mid-east for Israel and Exxon.

      It’d be like the schoolyard bully sitting on your bike and then after punching you in the face when you complained about him being on your bike, says “He started it! He threatened to push me off the bike!”.

      Funny too, regardless of the party…..they all continue the same wars, and the same overall agenda. I’m not saying “United States Of America” or “America” anymore…..from here on out, it’s “Israel’s Bitch”.

      Trump is now guilty of cold-blooded murder in time of peace; and now that Neocon bitch Pompeo has admitted to lying about “imminent attacks” it should be obvious just how unfit Trump is at making decisions, if he can be deceived and manipulated so easily.

      And while he’s ordering hits on people who have done nothing to us….his DOJ has just quietly backed away from their investigation of the crooked busi9ness dealings of the Clinton bitch! How’s that for justice? Kill the innocent….let the real criminals go scot-free (How many reporters and whistleblowers and witnesses to Clinton crimes have been “suicided”? I think it’s up to 40 now…)

      I’m embarrassed to think that I was even a little cautiously optimistic about Trump when he was first running. This is why I don’t vote. It would kill me to think that I had given my assent to such evil. It should be a given by now, that anyone who even makes it to that office, can be nothing but an evil corrupt tyrant.

      Now that Epstein’s dead, I wonder who the new blackmailer-spy is?


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