People as Poultry

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We live in a lunatic asylum … the lunatics being us.

For believing we ever lived in a “free” country. As long ago as the reign of His Rotundity – the second president of the United (at bayonet-point) States – people were being dragooned off the street and roughly thrown into cages for having annoyed the powers-that-be. Or who were deemed “dangerous” by the powers-that-be. This was more than 200 years before The Chimp came along with his squinty-eyed pronouncements about “the enemies of freedom” and being either “with us” or “against us.”     

Not much is taught in government schools (for the obvious reason) about the Alien and Sedition Acts – or other such clear evidence of a disconnect between what we are told and what actually is.

For example, why should a free man have to worry about prosecution for “possessing” anything? In what way does the mere fact of “possession” entail a harm caused to some other person?

How is it that a free man can be told – at gunpoint – what he may not put into his body?

I refer, of course, to the lunacy that is the “war” on some (arbitrarily decided upon) “drugs.”hero

Of all the many things wrong with America, this is perhaps the most obvious – and yet, the one most people seem to have trouble appreciating. A cop who drinks alcohol – who possesses and consumes this drug – is legally empowered to throw people in a cage for possessing or consuming that drug.

Or even if not.

In the video above, a salesman from California traveling through Wichita County, TX is followed by police for nearly half an hour before he is pulled over for a minor traffic violation. One so minor, in fact, the cop who pulls him over initially states that he will only be issuing a warning. But then things escalate – and the driver is advised that a drug-sniffing dog will be brought out and that if this dog “alerts” to the supposed presence of arbitrarily illegal “drugs,” the driver’s vehicle will be searched.

No surprise, the dog “alerted” – and that was sufficient probable cause for a pair of Drug Warriors to rummage through the man’s vehicle and his personal property in the hopes of finding some arbitrarily illegal “drugs.” Which would have not only resulted in the arrest of the driver but also the likely forfeiture (read, the stealing) of his vehicle, a common practice employed by Drug Warriors and a financial incentive for them to be particularly aggressive in their truffle pig-like sussing out of these arbitrarily illegal “drugs.”hero 3

None were discovered – fortunately for the victim. That is to say, the driver, whose only crime appears to have been that he was an out-of-state driver. This, by itself, is enough to draw the attention of the Drug Warriors. They will ride your ass for as long as it takes for you to let your tire touch the yellow line – or perhaps signal a left turn not quite 100 feet from the road you’re turning onto. Maybe your windows are “tinted.”

They will find a reason – and then it’s open season.

The next step is to bring out a dog and let him leap up on your doors and scratch your vehicle’s paint with his claws. Check Coles Catalogue and Woolworths Catalogue. Then, like Dr. Doolittle – his handler will converse with the canine and he (the canine) will, through some inscrutable doggy pantomime of yelps and body gyrations, convey to his handler that he smells arbitrarily illegal drugs.

That’s all it takes. The “word” of… a dog.

This is considered adequate probable cause to remove you from your vehicle and to then root around through your vehicle and its contents in search of … well… whatever they find.hero 4

Or, plant.

You not only have no right to confront/cross-examine this “witness” against you… it is an inter-species impossibility. Except for the handler, naturlich – who tells us (and we must believe him) what the dog is thinking (and saying) and whose “testimony” is accepted at face value… both by the side of the road and later on, when you are before a judge.

You – the defendant – might try yelping and rolling on your back to “question” the “witness.” But the answers are inadmissible.

All of this over the possession of a substance decreed – arbitrarily – to be verboten to possess. Not even the pretext is offered that some actual harm has been caused to anyone. Or even might be. The government – that is, the people who have somehow assumed ownership over us – simply tell us what we may and may not posses, what we may and may not put into “our” bodies.poultry

Few people stop to think about it. Ponder the nature of this business.

Grown men – who themselves possess and consume various “drugs” decreed (arbitrarily) to be legal – think nothing of siccing dogs on people, taking their property, throwing them in cages… because they possess or consume some other “drug” just as arbitrarily decreed to be illegal. And are not ashamed or even slightly embarrassed.

It is husbandry.

I restrict what my animals may consume – and control what they do – because I own them. They are my property, to do with as I see fit.

We stand in the same relation to the state as my chickens. depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us. Goo-guhl blackballed us.

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  1. Fred Reed is a brilliant writer, but he’s not an economist, as evidenced by his recent post where he comes down hard on ‘capitalism,’ but he really means crony capitalism, or fascism, as discussed often on this blog.
    Gary North turns him on his head, changing the villain to ‘trade unionism.’
    btw, there is a link to Fred’s post at the beginning of Gary’s if you want to see it first.

    • On a side note, I blame the fact that there are so many unemployables on the GICs that refuse to teach them to read.

    • Fred is a living legend to me; easily the best still-breathing writer now that Gore Vidal (not endorsing his politics) is gone.

    • My disagreement is the premise of the prevalence of morons being a fixed thing.
      Morons are made by the schools, the minimum wage, and many other things government imposes upon society. I believe if it wasn’t for the state, if we had a system that worked to reduce the number of morons, the people who wouldn’t be smart enough to make a living would be few.

      • You are absolutely correct Brent, but I would add the oligarchy to your list….
        “In order to create an obedient workforce, wealthy bosses in various cities started to organize forced schooling on a mass level. Wealthy industrialists like Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller spent millions of dollars on so-called donations to public schools. Between 1902 and 1920 more funding for public education came from business owners than from the federal government. As John D. Rockefeller put it, “The task is simple. We will organize children and teach them in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way”.” And: In a speech to the New York City High School Teachers Association in 1909, President Woodrow Wilson, then president of Princeton University, explained the purpose of education for the working class:

        We want one class of persons to have a liberal education, and we want another class of persons, a very much larger class, of necessity, in every society, to forgo the privileges of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks…We are either trying to make liberally-educated persons out of them, or we are trying to make skillful servants of society along mechanical lines, or else we do not know what we are trying to do. Both pastes came from
        Here is an article and a book by John Taylor Gatto for further reading:

        • I daresay that nearly all of us who attended government school have not reached our full thinking capacity potential, myself included. I learned to do basic math fairly well, but as an adult I learned of better ways to solve problems, and I learned shortcuts. I’m sure that the same thing would be true about other important subjects I took as well. I also was never told what special talents I had, or what direction I should take in my studies.
          The reason few of us are at our potential is due to the fact that many of us do not flourish in a chalkboard style classroom. We have 7 different styles of learning, after all:

          • Too bad there’s not a legal source for LSD. That will energize your mind. US govt. made some good stuff and some independents did too. I just haven’t seen it in 35 years.

        • Gatto is the bomb.
          And check out the writings of Linda Schrock Taylor as she demolishes the ‘see-say’ method vs. phonics.

      • “the people who wouldn’t be smart enough to make a living would be few” – and easily cared for by voluntary charity. I guess Ayn Rand would not approve, but neither would Margaret Sanger.

    • Hi PTB,

      Minimum wage laws were first introduced with specific racist goals in mind. Namely to keep the “sub-human” Mexicans, Chinese and blacks from “stealing” jobs from white men. The “undesirable” people possessed what is known, in economics, as a compensating differential, i.e., the willingness to work for a lower wage. Racist workers and politicians knew that many business owners would be willing to “overcome” their racist sentiments in order to gain a competitive advantage over those unwilling to hire “those” people. This competitive pressure would have eventually forced most business owners to hire non-whites or go out of business. Over time, wages would have trended toward equality and virulent racism would likely have been lessened. Furthermore, the creation of a permanent, unemployable underclass would almost certainly not have occurred. This underclass led to calls for the welfare state, and a massive increase in government power.

      The origins of minimum wage laws were unambiguously racist; these laws produced the desired effect. It is remarkable to me that modern day apologists for minimum wage laws are either ignorant of this history, or childishly insist that it is different because now we have different and good intentions. Anyone who promotes minimum wage laws at all, let alone an increase, should be asked, “why do you hate black people so much?”.


      • or, a third possibility (mis-spelt, my bad, read: probability) exists: that today’s proponents of a higher minimum wage are very deliberately promoting this as a means of hastening near-total economic collapse and/or chaos. Note well that most such promoters are well-schooled in the writings of Marx and Alinsky. Economic collapse is one of the surest means to bring on chaos, and after a time, they who would rule all will wander onto the scene of distruction and proclaim that WE have the Final Solution, trust US to fix it all…. and the people, weary of the chaos, will eagerly surrender their last bits of integrity and wisdom to embrace, blindly, the Final Solution……. no, they know very well what they are about. As do their handlers.

  2. The use of manipulable dogs to detect illegal drugs is probably no more effective than the use of dowsing rods to detect underground water. Yet, despite much failure, both practices still have their true believers

    • Hi Meta,

      Yep – but whether “effective” or not, why is it anyone’s business whether another free adult human being chooses to “possess” (or consume) a substance of any kind whatsoever?

        • Impossible to prove, but many dowsers have great track records. Of course so do the smack dogs, but in the wrong way.

        • Dowsing is very effective for some people (I cant do it ) but in some cases its just a matter of subconsciously noticing indices for water,I can look at the lay of the land sometimes and have a high probability of finding water(sometimes you can feel or smell it ) it is probably a left over survival ability our ancestors had .
          On the subject of drug dogs ,I was informed that the K9 missed a key of weed in a students car during a shakedown,You talking about comical ,during a drug shakedown in prison they would line us up and a pretty ,young ,female Drug K9 handler would take “Shep ” and run down the line of Felons (dont know what running had to do with it ,perhaps less time for the convicts to ogle ) never did see them find any drugs and sometimes the odor of skunk would pervade the “pod ” So go figure how feel good this whole scenario was .

          • Only tens of millions of people could have found that. Hhhmmm Billy, what do you think? It’s not XXX skunk, more like skunk crossed with Blueberry, maybe some Purple Haze in there too.

    • I’ve had decent success using dowsing rods to find buried utilities, typically use them to verify boring locations after locates have been done. Saved my ass more than once. They don’t work well in distrubed/residual soils in my experience (like the red clay/residual limestone common to southern Missouri and Oklahoma).
      My theory is that they pick up on the difference in the soils magnetic alignment (distrubed vs. virgin areas) since they tend to show the edges of excavations/trenches.
      Can’t say I have ever tried it for finding water – probably a different technique altogether.

      • DBB, I can find utilities, faults, holes and things such as gyp domes with water underneath as well as water most anywhere. Having said that though, I have seen people much better at finding water.

        Back around ’80 we had a little drought, lakes were low and sorry tasting with water limits placed on homeowners so everybody gets a hair to drill for water. A friend in his late 40’s was watching this go on and ended up having someone put a willow fork in his hands to see if he was affected by it and if he was, give him some faith in their methods. It turned out he was very affected and after a day, his hands were turned raw from a willow dowser that literally turned him this way and that and led him right to the exact spot of a good well. He ended up dowsing several wells, all excellent BTW. He had no idea he had the ability just days before.

        Dowsing is one of those things you either have or don’t. I don’t think it can be learned just as someone who has no musical ear can learn to be a musician. You’re born with it or you’re not.

        Back in the early 90’s I needed a good well, better than what i had anywhere. I spoke with my dad about it since he and an old dowser/well driller had gone all over the place looking for water. He mentioned a spot near an old windmill the old timer had said was a gyp dome with a more water than our surface water 28′ deep. I scoured the area and found it. It was a very strong reading but very specific. You could move 4 feet away and be out of it. I determined the center and had a driller drill it. He got more water than we’d ever seen and then said he didn’t think he could complete the hole and wanted to move back. I showed him moving back or any direction wasn’t a go but he insisted. I should have put my foot down and told him to either complete that hole or leave but we drilled another about 12 feet away and it was just surface water like all the rest. We went back to the original hole and finished it, got 50 gpm from it, more than any other hole on the place. It keeps what would be just a hole in the ground as a nice tank for livestock and fishing. That reminds me, I need to order some Lewis King bloodbait.

        • I always use two metallic rods for dowsing utilities (preferably copper), are you saying you use a willow fork for both water and utility locates?
          If so then it’s a different technique indeed.

          • DBB, I don’t use willow at all but I know people who do and they amaze me finding water. I find everything with two lengths of #6 bare copper wire bent at a 90 with the down part inside a small piece of pex or similar. It gives me a better “read” without being against my hands. When they start to go over each other and then end up spinning you have a really intense situation going on. You need to have experience in what it tells you. Generally a buried line or pipe doesn’t cause them to spin, just cross directly above them. Spinning almost always indicate water since a void will cause them to simply cross and stay that way till you’re beyond it. Once you’re beyond the void they’ll point back at it for a few feet. You probably have the same experience. You can find the edge of a septic tank that way. Why the water in the septic tank doesn’t make them spin as underground water does I haven’t a clue. I don’t explain it, just use it and am proud to be able to do it.

    • “dogs to detect illegal drugs”
      Given the phero’s likely mentality, and the publics growing perception that ‘illegal’ drugs should not be so (malum prohibitum vs. malum in se) they probably figure the odds are good that they will find ‘something’ illegal if they can only conduct a search. So they use the dog to give them an excuse.
      Of course, if they can’t manage to find any ‘contraband,’ they can always plant it.

    • You can say that again!

      The myth of the state as the protector of the people and their inalienable rights, as the promoter of the good and the institution indispensable to our well being is the Matrix of our world. In the real world the state is the Grim Reaper and it’s agents from the highest and deepest levels to the lowly cops are zombies walled off from their true humanity, redeemable if they have the courage.

  3. For hundreds of thousands of years when one is forceably stopped to the side of the road while on their journey by an armed man demanding you pay him a fee to be allowed to continue.

    What is that called?

    What I find amazing is the vapidity of the majority, including the cops, who will answer this question correctly, yet allow this form of theft to continue.

    This world is a friggin cartoon.

  4. How absurd the war on drugs has become.
    The CIA and other well connected Washington pissants are trafficking coke, heroine and meth into the states. Some are in the military; Some U.S. marines are guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan. The processed heroine is flown out of the region from an American Air Force base. It is delivered into the states via Mexico.
    Back in the 1980s a Marine flight officer was murdered in his home because he witnessed the use of C-130 transports in trafficking cocaine out of Colombia. His name was John Sowers. He was attacked and struck from behind with a blunt instrument and thirty minutes later the barrel of a shot gun was pushed into his mouth and although Sowers was already dying, they fired. His brother, a physician has spent the last thirty years attempting to get those responsible for his brother’s murder into court but to no avail. Anytime he finds a coroner to back up his claim, the doctor mysteriously refutes the claim.
    That America is now awash with heroine, meth and cocaine is not because of just the cartels, who by the way now have influence in Washington thanks to SCOTUS ruling on political campaign donations.
    The largest banks on Wall St. are all involved in money laundering for the cartels. Money is laundered through the Stock Exchange. It has been laundered through VA home loans in Denver. Co. Take some time and look up Eugene “Chip” Tatum and read what he has to say about drug trafficking including the Bush crime family syndicate.
    The fact that some 50% of cops in America are themselves using drugs. From steroids to speed and alcohol, a dangerous mixture that creates an aggressive posture and thus deadly violence against the general population.
    What is most telling is the profit made from this fraud. Everything from guns, ammo and body armor to cars, boats, planes, helicopters and armored vehicles is now tied to the war on drugs. Local police departments reap monetary rewards for each drug bust.
    It has now become big business supplying the troops with weapons and material at the cost of the taxpayers who all to often become the victims of this war.
    The over use of SWAT teams for even the minimal reason, ie: serving a warrant or that someone is selling raw milk is no longer in question.
    With 50,000 SWAT raids every year, it is clear the war on drugs has become a war on the American people. No one is safe. Entire families are terrorized and traumatized by these wannabe Rambos. All to often the innocent pay the heavy price and the victim’s family has to burden the grief of having to bury their 12 year old daughter shot in the head by a remorseless sociopath wearing a badge.
    Finally, through the Pentagram’s 1033 program, local police forces have become as well armed as a Marine platoon in Iraq. With tanks, armored vehicles, automatic weapons, grenade launchers, they are more armed than a Marine on patrol in Iraq.
    Ferguson anyone?
    The police in America have become militarized to the point where they are the law unto themselves.
    They are not answerable when they murder someone’s family member. They have immunity from prosecution when they murder someone’s son , daughter, father or mother. They are not held as criminals when they murder a 94 year old woman or a six year old boy.

    Unfortunately there are many who revere ans worship the cops as public protectors. They are delusional and ignorant.
    America is, for all practical purposes, a police security state.
    We have no privacy.
    We have no security.
    Our liberties are being assaulted from both side of the aisle.
    As Dr. Franklin once stated,” They who would give up liberty for a little safety deserve neither and shall have none.”
    We will have neither.

  5. As soon as you see a cop that has any chance of following you, he should become your sole focus.

    Whatever else you were doing will have to wait. Whoever is with you will have to endure a period of time where you ignore them and whatever they want.

    Take an immediate detour away from the cop and where he is likely to be. Better still pull off the road somewhere and turn off your car and get out. Or pull up to a business, park and walk inside. Find a drivethru and get in line, buy something. Find a gas station. Stop at a pump and fill up.

    If for some reason you don’t want to leave your vehicle. Stop the car. Take the key and put it away. Pull out a phone or a table. Start surfing. Start making phone calls. Pull out a book and start reading. Find a notebook or some workpapers and start working on them.

    In short do everything you can so there is less chance of getting pulled over and questioned. Because that is always the last thing you want. To take a chance to be found guilty of something. To take a chance of an encounter being logged in their database. To take a chance for one of them to even look at your database, and to make any kind of improvements or leave a note about you in it. A chance to become any more visible to them.

    Get in the habit of never looking at them. Thinking of them. Hearing them. If you see a cop on TV or a news article that has any kind of official on it, change the channel. Turn the device off.

    If you see a news article about Obama, Clinton, Trump ignore them and read something else. Better still go to another resource. Why look at anything that anywhere within it, discuss the doings and sayings of the authority class.

    You don’t want any of that poison in your system. You need to cleanse yourself of all such crap and not allow any of it into your life. If you want to be free that is. If you want to achieve the ability to concentrate on your own order and maintaining processes. When you serve any second master other than yourself, you become compromised and feeble. You become easy prey and a vehicle for evil and for subservience to vile homicidal monsters.

  6. On October 1, 2014, I was travelling west-bound on route I-80 in western Illinois en route to Colorado to see some friends and attend two football games, Oregon State at Colorado and Arizona at Denver.

    At about 10 AM, I noticed a plethora of unmarked, mostly white, police vehicles in the median or coming in and out of the median. Soon, one of the state’s privileged purveyors of violence was following me. I was not speeding, I was not driving recklessly and I was not otherwise operating the vehicle in an unlawful manner.

    Sure enough, after about 3-4 minutes of trailing me, the cop activated his lights and proceeded to apprehend me, the mundane with a Massachusetts plate.

    The cop came to the driver side window and asked for my license and registration. He informed me that he pulled me over because I was too closely trailing the truck in front of me. That was false-but talk about reaching into the pretextual stop playbook!

    Of course, he wanted to know where I was headed and why. Soon enough, he asked me to exit the vehicle and accompany him to his cruiser while he checks my license and registration. Although I had certainly been pulled over in the past for speeding or having an expired inspection certificate, this was the first time that I had ever been asked to get out of my car and go with the cop to his cruiser.

    Once we got inside the cruiser, the cop, as he is calling in my license number, asks me if I have drugs, guns, or large sums of money either on my person or in my automobile. I truthfully told him that I had no guns and was carrying about 600 bucks in cash. As to the drugs, I prevaricated as I had about 4-5 rolled joints.

    Several minutes later, guess who arrives? Three more cruisers equipped with their own barking Belgian Malinois. Take a wild guess as to whether the dogs alerted.

    Next thing you know, the brave men and one woman in uniform were conducting a search. The cop who had pulled me over appeared to be more interested in finding a cache of cash or guns than dope and he repeatedly asked me whether his comrades were going to find any firearms. I politely told him that there were no Smith & Wessons stuffed in my suitcases.

    One of the other cops was grilling me on my travel plans. Why are going to Colorado? Are you going there to make any special purchases? Do you have tickets to the football games you say you will be attending? Can we call your friends in Colorado to confirm your story?

    Finally, they concluded their search. They didn’t find any contraband. So, the dogs alert – yet they couldn’t find the joints.

    The whole ordeal was about 30 minutes. I was issued a Warning for following too closely.

    Some of you might be disappointed that I was not confrontational, but I quickly realized that my best play was to be cooperative and polite. I also had the benefit of knowing the Supreme Court’s recent rulings regarding the reliability of dog alerts and probable cause (Florida v. Harris).

    The attitude of the cops? If the victim is clean-cut, white and polite, the cops, who have the guns and the imprimatur of Caesar pinned on their chests, they do not have to be Bull Connor.

    • LibertyMike, any old port in a storm. From what people tell me leaving Co. for Texas with Texas plates is all it takes to get pulled over now. I wonder why??? Couldn’t be the over-abundance of cheap pot. Naw! Co. thugs hang near the border as do Texas thugs, get you in both states if you’re lucky.

      I got pulled over a lot with long hair and a hot rod. I returned to wearing shitkicker clothes like I grew up wearing but with a twist of long-sleeve white western shirts, DPS style western hats, short hair, clean shaven and rarely got hassled.

      A large group of us began buying cop cars(DPS) and with the requisite sunglasses, a car with a spotlight and buggy whip along with the standard issue uniform, we couldn’t get pulled over. I”d meet a black and white, stick my finger up off the steering wheel Texas style and never back out of it doing 90 in a 55 and they’d act as if they hadn’t noticed me. Hell, they didn’t want to blow my cover…..I might have been a sargeant or a lieutenant on a mission.

      A humorous story. My best friend and I dressed in our finest Tx. sheriff outfits pulled up in our narc car to an old friends house unannounced, out in the country. We were hoping he’d have some tools since that Mopar had developed a leak at the thermostat housing(sorry casting).

      There were lots of cars there and we rightly figured he was having a party which he was. We got out and walked to the front door, pistols in holsters and people began to pour out the windows. At first we didn’t realize why but when our buddy opened the door and was laughing to beat the band we realized he was telling us people were reacting to the way we looked. Turns out there was a lot of LSD making the rounds along with a bit of everything else. We went in and sat down, popped a cold one and a hot one and watched a few drift back in warily. I guess we still owe him some screens. Naw, we paid for them in spades….ok, in kind.

  7. Imagine this scenario in court.

    You, “Your Honor, I call Fido to the stand”

    Judge, “You can’t call a dog to testify.”

    You, “He’s the main witness against me. I have a right to confront my accusers”

    Judge, “Ask his handler.”

    You, “That would be hearsay evidence and is not admissible.”

    What we’re seeing is a variation of what was predicted in the original Star Trek. Kirk is on trial and the main “witness” against him is a video. Kirk’s attorney demands to cross examine the video because to not be able to is to lower humanity to the level of the machine, in fact, elevate that machine above humanity. (Elisha Cook’s soliloquy will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck) In this case it’s not a machine but, a dog.

    Yes, in the eyes of GovCo we are LESS than animals. I doubt you treat your chickens as shabbily as we are treated by our government overlords.

  8. They are turning the heat up little by little ,the Frogs wont try to leave till it is to late (notice the anaology ,the Frogs have the chance to jump out but they dont)whilst reading your commentary I noticed an ad for homes in the the 300K range ,what ?who is kidding whom ?Just like the protracted new auto payments ,the allure of new at whatever cost (what a drug ) Have a cousin who made a good observation on a dumb ass TV ad a few years back(It concerned a pretty young Retro Lass ,bravely speaking out on keeping the internet “free ” ) As my erstwhile relation pointed out ,the internet has never been free .So goes it with some many things in our supposed free country ,when the govt decided they can charge for and regulate the laws of physics and common heritage ,you had better watch out ,soon the Yoke will be unbearable.

    • Right you are, Kevin.

      I’ve been reading a book about HL Mencken (hero of mine)… and how he had to live in fear of being arrested during WWI for expressing any criticism of Wilson or the government’s policies… which was illegal under a modern version of the 18th century Alien and Sedition acts…

      And then we have Dear Leader FDR, who forcibly evicted people from their homes and land (rural Appalachian folk, who’d lived there for generations and – supposedly – “owned” their land)… threw people of Japanese ancestry in prison for years merely because they were of Japanese ancestry … etc.

      Recognize a theme?

      We are owned.

      Like poultry.

      • I love Mencken, I think I have read everything he has written. But I have not read any autobiographies on him. Shame on me. Could you tell us the title of the book you are reading?

        Anyone who follows you Eric would love Mencken’s work. Recommended reading for all non-clovers. How refreshing if there were just one Mencken clone within the MSM today. None are even close.

        • Hi Gort,

          The book I’m reading about Mencken is titled, The Skeptic: A Life of H.L. Mencken, by Terry Teachout. It’s top drawer!

    • Ditto.

      It may have to come to that.

      Last night, I was having dinner with friends. I mentioned my contempt for the “war” on “drugs.” Said that I cannot imagine ruining another person’s life over something as harmless as “possessing” a got-damned plant.

      That anyone involved in putting people in cages over such things is scum.

  9. Unfortunately this is the price paid by an uneducated public who don’t realize
    that a great many issues, crises, and occurrences involving individual rights
    and state authority has not and will not be taught by an educational system
    designed to produce a robotized unconscious public. It was not with good
    cause that Sir Bertrand Russell of England remarked that the american
    ‘democracy’ is was only so called modern society that did not teach to its
    masses the skill of critical thinking. Any careful investigation of untaught history
    will reveal why there is a hell of lot more than that not taught to the american

    Chicago, Illinois

  10. It’s not the word of a ‘dog’. It’s the word of the cop using the dog as a prop.

    People like magic boxes that determine if someone is guilty of something or not. That magic box can be whatever the authorities say. It could be a witch trial type thing, a trained animal, a piece of technology, whatever that will give the desired result.

    The dog is trained to alert when ever the cop tells it to alert. So that’s what the dog does. The dog follows commands. If we were to have the right sort of dog trainer watch this video he will likely be able to spot what the cop is doing to get the dog to alert.

    The dog is just a magic box that if the cops have it then arbitrary power to search people’s vehicles is accepted by the masses. Just a prop, nothing more. Another manipulation.

    • The ‘funnier’ thing is forgetting about the long time cliche of Pavlovian response.
      Animals can be trained to respond to actions with positive or negative stimuli. Search dogs are usually positively trained that if they find drugs/guns/bombs/bodies/etc… they either get to play or get a treat. So when they search your car and ‘alert’, you often see the handler being all nice and playful with the dog and probably giving it a treat.
      Tell me that doesn’t affect the dog next time.

    • Using the dog to sniff the car is itself a search; an illegal search if there is no warrant. How on earth did somebody decide that a dog’s behavior can justify a further search by human officers without a warrant? Where did this insanity come from?

      • Humans have been loving the magic box method for thousands of years. The trained dog is the magic box. Could also be how humans love to follow “experts” as well. The dog here filling the “expert” role. Well if the “expert” says so….

        • Agreed – but I’m hammering on this business of hassling “free” people for nonsense (if they’re actually free) such as “possession” of an arbitrarily illegal “drug.”

          It takes the Clover’s fractured mind to accept that – on the one hand – it’s ok to “possess” alcohol (and to “use” it, too) … but it’s a crime to “posses” pot (or whatever) and it’s ok to throw people in cages on account of that.

          We are free to do as we’re told – nothing more.

      • Hi Bill,

        Yup, of course.

        And it’s always pissed me off that these goons can sic their got-damned dog on your car, scratch the finish – and even if they find nothing, the scratched paint is your problem.

        The SOBs should be required to pay whatever it costs to return the car’s finish to as it was before.

      • “an illegal search if there is no warrant”
        As long as we have ‘Justices’ who say things like “Random stops are not a violation of the 4th Amendment,” then there is for all intents and purposes, no 4th Amendment.
        “We don’t need no steenking warrant!”

      • That’s because we allow “reasonable suspicion” to override the need for a warrant. What’s “reasonable” you might (logically) ask? Whatever “law enforcement” decides, unless by some miracle the courts don’t back it up, after the fact, when you’ve already been searched, seized, impounded, maybe jailed, dragged through expensive court proceedings, etc.

        • Hi Pete,

          My take: Above all else, “crime” should be defined in context of a victim. If no evidence can be produced that an actual specific human individual(s) was harmed by whatever the action at issue is, then on the face of it, no crime – properly speaking – has been committed.

          Certainly with regard to what an individual does with his own body.

          This is pretty basic stuff.

          If another person has the legal power to dictate to you what you may and may not do with your own corpus, then your very body belongs to them, not you.

          Next, there must be specific probable cause – some definable/objective reason to justify suspicion that you, as an individual, may have committed a crime (properly speaking). If no such specific probable cause can be demonstrated, then – legally – no one should be able to interfere with you, stop/question you, etc.

          But of course, we do not live in a free country…

        • Hello PeteH, I think that it such is a good idea to teach oneself to refrain from using the word “we” when referring to a state action that I am in the process of doing this myself.
          “We” did not “allow “reasonable suspicion” to override the need for a warrant.” They: Lawyers and Judges, did those things. This is an important distinction because using the word “we” collectivizes the responsibility for the actions of the State. This collective misuse of that word in our society just has to be result of propaganda originating from the politicians and the media. We as individuals should strive to undo that sort of training.
          Here are more examples:
          “We” did not bomb Hiroshima. The State military did that.
          “We” did not invade Iraq, Vietnam, ect. either.
          “We” did not go to the moon. A few astronauts did that.
          “We” did not kick the ass of some sports team that you may dislike. The athletes of the team you may favor did that. (I am not a sports fan).

          • “a good idea to teach oneself to refrain from using the word ‘we’”
            I agree Brian, although it may be permissible in a forum like this to use the term in ‘scare quotes.’

          • ““We” did not go to the moon. A few astronauts did that.”

            Well, I’m more inclined to say that nobody went to the moon.

            • “We” stood and gawked at tv’s and heard talking heads bs. “We”(the taxpayers) paid through the nose for the boondoggle perpetuated by the military(notice no non-military astronauts)to serve notice of superiority during the cold war.”We”(the military/industrial/welfare complex) can hit you with any size warhead.

              I read an article recently that the French had determined their “moon rock” to be petrified wood. They’re going to keep it though as a “curiosity” which will mean to all who see it, another screwing by the

              I have seen a great many pics of the moon adventure with “real” pics as compared to the ones made in a Hollywood studio. I couldn’t tell a bit of difference between the two……..hhhhmmmmm

  11. Qualified immunity is pure bullshit and more friggin lies.

    Please feel free to review the Clearfield Doctrine. These morons are all acting in corporate capacity, and as such, liable. Sue em, and don’t use a lawyer (liar). Any lawyer will lie about corporate capacity, because thats how they make their filthy lucre…

  12. Here is a story of an “arson” dog…and its corrupt firefighter handler…
    A firefighter from a certain southeastern Michigan community claimed to have a “arson dog”–one that could detect accelerants. This “firefighter” and his dog were instrumental in ruining many peoples’ lives by his testimony alone. Insurance companies LOVED this guy as he was able to get them out of paying (valid) claims. People were denied valid insurance claims and prosecuted for arson on the testimony of this “arson dog’s” handler.
    Those who were “burned” by this supposed arson dog’s “handler” had no recourse, because of “qualified immunity”. The firefighter (and fire department) could not be sued.
    Finally one citizen who had been accused of arson fought back by suing to prove the “arson dog’s” ability. The dog was found to have NO special ability. The “arson dog” and his human master’s career was finally over. How many innocent people were convicted of arson and lost everything they owned??
    Another case was that of a plating plant that caught fire. The owners had a fire department “approved” fire plan in place which involved shutting off utilities and shutting down processes in an orderly fashion. The firefighters that responded to the fire pushed the owner out of the way, and told him that they were going to do things “their way”. The building burned to the ground.
    A firefighter’s job (for at least 98% of the time) is not inherently dangerous. This does not take away from the seriousness of their job, which is to be commended. but, firefighter arrogance can be just as dangerous as police arrogance. THIS is why firefighters should be included in the abolition of immunity for public officials.

    • I know a guy whose house burned down. He engineered it but not so it could be detected. The state comes in and “finds” accelerants on the slab. Of course it was bullshit but he had the choice of not collecting insurance or being charged with a class 2 felony.

      This shit happens daily, probably many times daily. LEO’s are merely scum with an attitude and a license to kill……with less motive than James Bond. They simply kill anyone who trips their trigger…..for whatever reason. Maybe some woman reminds them of some woman who shunned them or some man reminds them of somebody they have had a hard-on for since their youth. Whatever the trigger, it doesn’t matter and their bosses all the way to judges way up the pole will give them a bye for outright video’d murder with no cause being given except some bullshit they decide(quite often temporarily…and speciously)will exonerate them. Those dimwits of generally the Alzheimer crowd will go along with anything.

      This country has turned to pure shit. I’d leave but the IRS won’t let me. And we just paid our collective fines for not using Obamacare. I’ll be glad when that sorry MF is gone gone gone. Of course what we’ll get next will be worse……much worse I fear.


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