The “War” on Some “Drugs”

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I recently posted a video news story (see here) about a slightly built man with Down’s Syndrome who had his colostomy bag ripped from his body (and suffered a beat-down by police) because they believed the bulge that was his colostomy bag contained “illegal drugs.” A couple weeks ago, a man in New Mexico was subjected to multiple forced anal probes, enemas and a colonoscopy (see here) because cops believed he was harboring “illegal drugs” in his clenched butt cheeks.war lead pic

Such atrocities could perhaps be dismissed if they were aberrations – the actions of isolated, crazed cops in some cracker backwater. But they are terrifying because they’re becoming routine – because crazed – and unrestrained – policing is now the norm.

The origins of the American Police State can be traced back not to Nahhnnnlevvven – which merely threw gasoline on an already burning fire – but to the odious “drug war.”

The war on some drugs is actually a war on reason as well as ethics – with the inevitable casualties being human beings, not the “drugs” allegedly being warred upon.

It is based on the twisted notion that some people (government people, whether they are politicians or bureaucrats or their paid enforcers) are entitled to arbitrarily decree that some “drugs” (but not others, the ones they happen to approve of) are – presto! – “illegal” and that mere possession/use/sale/manufacturer (all peaceful activities as such that entail no victim, hence no crime) is sufficient warrant to eviscerate not merely the Bill of Rights but human rights. This demented crusade justifies random rousting of anyone, at almost any time, anywhere, if a cop (or a got-damned dog) believes that person might have the arbitrarily illegal item in his possession. drugs 2

The other day I was reading about a despicable but all-too-predictable case here in my area. A dirt poor dude who lived in a run-down single wide (until the SWAT team “took him down”) was sent to prison for two years – no parole. His “crime”? Manufacturing meth. That is, he had an old 2 liter soda bottle and some cold pills he’d tried to transmute into the proscribed substance.

The judge lectured the poor hillbilly about the “harm he has caused the community” – though as usual, no evidence was presented that the hillbilly had harmed anyone (except perhaps himself – which ought to be his business and can only be regarded as a “crime” by a society that believes people own other people).

But let’s say the prosecutor had found a person who was hurt in a car accident caused by one of the hillbilly’s customers. This is more or less what the judge meant by his use of the blanket indictment, “harm to the community.”

Let’s try to parse this logic. What if the winery down the road sells a case of its “drug” to someone, and that person subsequently gets loaded and then plows his car into a van full of children, killing them all? Should a SWAT team be sent to the winery? Will the wine maker be arrested and caged and sent to prison for two years on account of what someone else did with the “drugs” he merely manufactured and sold?


Why not?drug graphic

It requires a blank-out – the suspension of one’s critical thinking capacity – to take the position that, on the one hand, the meth-maker is a dirty drug pusher who is responsible for the negligent or criminal actions of his customers  . . .  but the wine maker is a respectable member of the community and not responsible for the negligent or criminal actions of his customers.

Of course, neither of them “pushed” anything.

They each made an intoxicating substance and offered it for sale. Neither forced anyone to purchase or consume the intoxicants. People freely chose to do so. And their subsequent actions – their free will choices – are not the responsibility of the persons who made the intoxicants any more than GM is responsible for what I do with the 200 MPH-capable Corvette they sent me to review.alcohol drugs

The fact that some people commit an irresponsible or even criminal act after using “drugs” does not mean everyone who uses “drugs” – of whatever type  – is guilty of or even likely to commit criminal acts. The proposition is absurd. And the idea that everyone who uses or makes or sells “drugs” is – ipso facto – criminal and ought to be treated as such, vicious and downright stupid, too.

If it is not vicious or stupid or absurd then  – to be logically consistent – alcohol Prohibition must be re-enacted immediately. If the meth maker is a criminal merely because some of the people who buy his product may cause harm to others after partaking of his product, then the government-run ABC store that sold a half gallon of 190 proof grain alcohol to the college kid who later took a dive off the third floor of a building to his death below is also a criminal enterprise and all involved ought to be rounded up and severely punished.

The half-brained uplifters and moral temporizers – the Clovers who rule us – cannot fathom such obviousness. Cannot grasp the sameness – and therefore, the arbitrariness and unfairness eludes them.

They demand group-guilt, not individual accountability.drug war 3

Their petty prejudices drive them. The “good Christian people” in my area enjoy their whiskey, their wine and beer. So those “drugs” – and alcohol is a drug (a potent one) as much as THC as much as Meth, as much as any other intoxicating substance – are socially acceptable. And so, legal. And thus, it would never occur to these holy rolling hypocrites to sic the cops on the beer truck outside the country store – notwithstanding that the local alcoholic wife beater is awaiting the next delivery.

Nor send the SWAT team to kick in the door of the wine-maker at 2 in the morning and cart him off to prison for the “crime” of making an intoxicant.

Only the pariah “drugs” are “illegal,” the object of no-holds-barred prosecution and punishment.

Clovers are psychopaths. Not only are they unable or unwilling to think. They have contempt for it. Their personal, subjective feelings are what matters. They don’t like this drug – but that drug (their drug) is ok.

This is why we have forced anal probing – and thugs in costumes ripping the colostomy bags from the side of mentally handicapped people. Because of the unwritten coda that people who partake of socially unacceptable, arbitrarily illegal “drugs” are an open-season class of subhumanity.drugs lasty

The new Jews, if you like.

But just as the “good Germans” who didn’t sweat the fate of the Jews ended up learning the hard way, once you permit the arbitrary abuse of any individual – let alone a class of people – it is almost inevitable that all people will end up being arbitrarily abused.The fact that you didn’t do anything doesn’t matter.

Think about that next time you see those blue and red lights flashing in the rearview. And reflect on  what may be about to happen to you.

Throw it in the Woods? 

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  1. What would you do differently, if you were told it’s likely you only had three years to live,… or three days?

    I know someone who faces such, it’s not set in stone of course, it could apply to any of us, at any time, too?

    It certainly puts a crimp in any kind of prepping/survival plans.

    If, you’re lucky and (and I applaud you) a wealthy fuck, like Paul Walker was, well, you prolly don’t need to respond, you just keep on living life as always, right?

    But if you’re the lower class working stiff/slave….? [Or not?]

    What would you do?

    ….Pretend nothing is different?
    …Run to ‘The Doctors”?
    …Embrace alternative medicine and hope for the best?

    …Sell everything and move to a beachfront property? …In Florida? …In Mexico?

    …Sell everything and move to a Nevada property to be near the whore houses?

    …Sell everything and move to a Colorado property to be near legal pot?

    …Move in with your extended family? …And maybe be miserable? Or happy?

    …Fight the system on the way down?

    Yeesh, I guess I ask because it’s likely I’m next. …Then you, if you aren’t already ahead of me?

    Pardon me for asking, I know it’s a sucky question to ask and no one wants to face, but it’s hitting me square in the face. And you all seem like a sound sort of lot to ask. Loads better than the bunch I work with.

    “Yeah, Honey. I’m not drinking more.” … “No, I’m turning the computer OFF.”

    In the background a General Motors employee is asked what his retirement plan is, his reply was, “Work until I drop.”


    On my browser, there’s no link under the words:


    Post your questions -or submit a guest post for consideration.”

    Just a heads Up.
    It’s prolly due to my needing an update?

    Anyway, due to the last comment I’m thinking (as code) ‘The roads are Wet!’

    A.k.a. The Moon is Down.

    And, WFD.

    • Now , now drink your Koolaid, thats it ,thank you for your sacrifice, who needs Freedom?
      THEY CAN TAKE A LONG WALK(on a short pier) Why in the Hell do we put up with this shit? We must be “Good Germans” (Like I told the Judge when He asked if I needed some time to get my affairs in order”GET ER’ DONE” a Hell of a ride for a poor Country Boy who thought prison was for Criminals)
      What would I do? probably indulge in many of the things that are arbitrarily illegal, I despise those “Holier Than Thou” bastards, I wouldn’t become another “Walter White”, I would know for a certainty, I would be free of those suckers in short order( Finally figured out the Officers Job wasn’t to protect Me, rather to uphold the law.)

  2. That’s right. And ban those gun toting citizens, they just kill too many people. How many did they shoot in LA last Thursday?

    L.A. and rain CHP says freeway crashes jumped 81% Thursday
    Joseph Serna – Los Angeles Times
    Crash data from the California Highway Patrol for Thursday confirmed what many drivers experienced during the clogged morning commute: L.A. and rain don’t mix, sometimes with deadly effect. There were nearly twice as many accidents on Los Angeles freeways during the rainstorm compared with the dry conditions of a week earlier, the California Highway Patrol said. CHP Officer Jennifer Cassidy said there were 243 accidents reported between midnight and 6 p.m. Thursday compared with just 134 collisions during the same time period a week earlier when the freeways were dry — an 81% increase. Among the crashes Thursday were two fatal wrecks in Pasadena. There was a similar spike in crashes last month during the first rains of the season. When it rained overnight between Oct. 9 and 10, the CHP recorded 404 accidents in a 24-hour period, a 55% increase from the same period a week earlier, when the roads were dry.

    • In my opinionated opinion, “medical” aka “legal” marijuana is for snitches. If you enjoy being a snitch, then partake in paying taxes for otherwise black market (non taxed) things. If you hate snitches and disapprove of the government, never trust the fuckers and mind your own business.

      I’d bet money and my integrity on the fact that all these “medical” dispensaries that have been raided have “brought it upon themselves” by 1. Trusting the government while simultaneously 2. Trying to spread freedom (aka, distrust of the government). It may have just been one employee or customer to be the “straw that broke the camels back” to get the feds to raid them, but unless you like sucking government dick, stay far away from these snitch businesses.

      • What I was trying to say in my previous post is, “What’s this? Another “legal” pot business got raided? Good. I hope they all get raided. That’s what they get for paying taxes to the corrupt government that tells these sheep that it’s “legal” while simultaneously outlawing this “legal” thing if they go above a dictated weight limit or plant count. Fucking sheep.”


        • By God(figurative)Jacob, you damn sure got it right. There is no such thing as “legal” pot. If you can’t grow as much of it as you want, it’s illegal, no two ways about it. When you are forced to buy pot from some “authorized” grower, it stinks worse than ever. Every time I hear about a certain amount of pot being legal for possession I can only say “So where do you get it?”. Ever try growing a plant that weighs under an ounce? So say you take a risk to grow and it’s under a quarter pound, the weight for many states to call a distinction between misdemeanor and felony, let me know when you can grow that green plant(as if they’d dry it and then weigh it)that weighs less than a quarter pound green with roots and dirt on the roots. In Tx. if you put a 1/4 ounce of pot in a 2 lb. container then the weight is 2 lbs. 1/4 oz. when your charged. We just weigh the pot with the container they say. Yep, do they ever.

          • An internet high five to you, 8.

            The government does (and has always done) the bullshit of applying completely unfair practices to those who grow pot “illegally”. Like weighing the plant and the grow container (wet soil, hydroponics, whatever) and claim the grower was growing “tons” of weed…when in reality it was probably just a plant in the vegetative state, with no weed at all on it, but the sheeple public have no idea how to grow plants so all they see is the headline that reads “Massive grow operation with 500 pounds of marijuana plants busted by the feds” and think to themselves “gee whiz, those stupid potheads shouldn’t have been growing so much weed, serves them right!”.

            And of course that’s just weed (pot, cannabis, whatever..). “They” do the same shit to people making all the other “illegal” drugs out there. If you don’t play ball, they will royally screw you over, and that is putting it very lightly.

          • Yep. They play the same cute little game with LSD as well. A goodly dose is 400 micrograms–0.4 milligrams.

            But they weigh the paper it comes on right along with the drug.

            ‘Course drugs are BAD, M’Kay? And you’re BAD, M’Kay?

            Funny that none of the hallucinogens–psilocybin (‘shrooms), DMT, LSD, DOM, Ecstasy–cause any organic damage.

            The “Ecstasy eats holes in your brain!” all drew off one completely fraudulent study…the researcher “accidentally” used methamphetamine in the test animals. Whoops. Made for great press though; retracted quietly a few years later. I and a dozen of my successful friends are the poster children for this particular cause; I can’t even estimate how many hundreds of doses we each had.

            Just try publishing a study that concludes anything but “great harm caused by substance XYZ”–and look for funding afterward.

            Of course it’s a moot point; whether or not they cause damage is irrelevant to whether the gunvermin have the right to prohibit them.

            But it’s also interesting that alcohol over time causes real and serious organic damage. OK though; because it’s legal.

          • Oh yeah, and then there’s the bullshit law that says if you grow 100 or more plants, no matter if they are barely above soil level, it’s a felony. So, how does that work again? Oh yeah, by giving the criminals(judges, prosecutors, porkers)more reason to take your property. If you’re waiting for trial in the federal pokey, don’t count on anything being there when/if you get out, not anything, no matter what the value.

            • That’s what almost got me sent to prison, Eight.

              I had just over 100 small plants in my dorm room.

              Imagine: A 19-year-old college kid; maybe a little lacking in common sense, but harmless. Arrested and put into a cell and told he faces years in pound-you-in-the-ass prison. Because he grew some plants. It was a parking brake 180 turning point for me away from “limited government” conservatism, to the full-on Libertarian-anarchist I am today.

              Every time I read about some other kid (or adult) facing life-ruining punishment for victimless “crime,” I burn with resentment and hate.

  3. I sympathize with the attitude that one should be able to use whatever drug is desired so long as no harm comes to others. Unfortunately there are some drugs that lead to plenty of harm to others. It can be hard to reconcile a libertarian ideal with the real world of the drug users.

    In my youth the constant background music was Eric Clapton’s Cocaine. Almost everyone used it at least some of the time. Most users caused no harm to others but only wasted a lot of their earnings on weekends. Roughly 5 or 10% of the users became fiends. These people would steal anything to buy more coke. They would loot their grandmother’s bank account and silverware. They would steal the wheels off your car. If you turned your head for a moment they would grab anything of value and run off.

    A sad pattern was that these coke heads were usually smarter than average and many were engaged achievers before they were dominated by the drug. Dullards never seemed to undergo this intense mental, physical and moral breakdown. After some months lives were ruined. It happened quickly. Typically they lost 50 or 60 pounds and did some time in jail. A hollow eyed wreck hopefully was able to recover to the extent it was possible.

    Whenever I was around coke users I kept an eye on my possessions. Eventually I preferred to avoid these people because among a small group there was usually someone on the verge of going crazy. Meth users are worse. Heroin can produce monsters. The marijuana smokers caused little damage in my experience. In the late stages alcoholics can cause a lot of collateral damage but nothing like the coke users.

    Take a look at the human wrecks in your community. It is likely that nine out of ten are drug users. I have no problem with the weed users or the harder drug users who stay in their homes. For some reason they often feel a need to go out into the community and share their misery.

    • Even aside from the moral arguments, there’s a basic law of supply and demand here. If demand of a good goes up, but supply is limited, prices will rise so that the supply meets the demand again. Unfortunately, when you’re addicted to crack or heroin (This is second hand knowledge on my part as I don’t use any illegal drugs) you’re willing to spend whatever it takes, because you’re an addict. Thus, people steal. They steal because they can’t afford to get their “fix” legally.

      I’m sure Eric or someone else could expound on this, but basically, you’ve illustrated a problem with addictive drugs. But making them illegal only makes it worse.

    • Hi Pat,

      You’ve accepted the Cloveritic premise that if “Smith” does something irresponsible then “Jones” must be presumed irresponsible as well.

      No one’s mere use – as such – nor possession – as such – nor manufacture or sale – is intrinsically harmful. This is not a debatable point. Therefore, no one has the right to assault or cage a person merely because he is using or in possession of or manufactured or sold any intoxicating substance.

      If you believe otherwise, then you implicitly accept the idea that McDonalds is a criminal enterprise since some people eat themselves to death with McDonalds’ fast food. And that Porsche is a criminal enterprise because someone might drive a 911 turbo at 180 MPH and run over some kids. In fact, that mere possession of a very fast car is inherently criminal – since the car could be used to cause harm. Etc.

      These examples may strike you as absurd, but think about it a little and you will agree (I hope) that the underlying principle being set forth for prior restraint is exactly the same as the one you laid down about “some drugs lead to plenty of harm.”

      No package dealing – or group guilting, Pat.

      If an individual steals or harms someone – whether he was “on drugs” or not – then hold him responsible for his actions.

      But don’t try to justify treating as a criminal someone else who hasn’t done a got-damned thing – other than a consume (or produce or sell) a substance, all actions that in and of themselves have harmed no unwilling victims.


    • Alcohol still takes the biggest toll.

      I left a nice career @ a Fortune 500 firm to get away from a boss whose alcohol consumption made him increasingly erratic (with only a couple of years to go until retirement we all knew he wasn’t going anywhere)

      I’m still furious _my_ family had to suffer because of _his_ addiction.

      Sorry, but IMHO the ‘alcoholism is a disease’ is nothing but an excuse to avoid consequences – if any substance-imbibing behavior is having a negative impact on those around you either fix it or gracefully bow out so others don’t have to suffer.

  4. To everyone talking about how difficult it is to get prescription medications: I am sorry to inform you that you are completely unaware of what is going on here in America. Of course the people that truly need these medications have to jump through hoops to get them, THE SYSTEM WANTS YOU DEAD! I could never get all the pieces of shit I know to come on here and brag to you about their life, but please believe me when I say I know of at least 5 people that I used to be close friends with that still have no problem getting prescription medications. EVER HEARD OF CORRUPTION? Some doctors have no problem prescribing some skinny little faggot who claims to have “pain” in his body a nice full bottle of oxycontin or percaset (spelling?). I am truly sorry those of you who really need this shit have a hard time getting it, but I promise you I’m not lying about what I have seen with my own two eyes.

    Now feel free to blast me with hate just because what I’m telling you doesn’t fit into the way your life operates. Also, I will not be snitching these people out because I’m not a faggot, I’m sorry if people like me are part of the problem, but that’s fucking life. If you want to put all the blame on anyone/anything for why these drugs (prescription or not, like meth and heroin) are so easily obtainable to shitheads, blame the government WHO IS DOING THIS SHIT ON PURPOSE TO DESTROY SOCIETY. Ever heard of Iran/Contra? Did you know that 2012 was the year that AFGHANISTAN GREW THE MOST OPIUM IN HISTORY? Ask yourselves why that is, and if the answer isn’t “because the corrupt government is allowing it so they can ship it in and sell it to destroy society” you are a fucking moron.

    Thank you for reading this far into the comment… are you awake yet?

      • Thank you. I am sorry for being nasty about your firefighter friend the other day, but working an honest job and seeing all the bullshit first hand all day gets me in the wrong mood sometimes. That said, all current firefighters and government employees can suck my dick, brainwashed sheep.


        Oh yeah, there’s also a mental health epidemic going on in America and I think that is a huge part of the “drug problem” that most people see. Either misdiagnsosed or undiagnosed mental illnesses with the mentally ill medicating themselves on whatever they can get their hands on (usually drugs already “officially” obtained by some piece of shit who is now profiting themselves by selling said drugs to the mentally ill). It tears me apart on the inside to think about all the mentally ill being taken advantage who then bottle up their aggression to take it out on people like me by walking across the fucking busy street while traffic is attempting to flow because “they” know the cars will slam on their brakes for them… that’s what I got to deal with on the drive home today and I see that shit all the time when I’m working in the “shitty” parts of town….but that said, I have even seen that in the supposedly “nice” parts of town too. “We” are fucked here in America.

        • Some optimism:

          I just got sent to some training classes yesterday for work (I do refrigeration work here in Glendale, AZ). During one of the breaks, while everyone was outside smoking, I joined in with a group of about 10 people ranging in age from 20-60. Everyone in the group was on the same page about government regulations destroying America, and welfare being available to pieces of shit to enslave them. Also, these aren’t tin foil hat people like I might be, these were normal blue collar dudes who are fully aware that the government is a bunch of scumbags.

          Who knows, maybe “we” will see a revolution… (and of course I’m not calling for a violent revolution, just a god damn honest change back to honesty and “good”)…I put “good” in quotes because it is subjective but I think “we” are all on the same page about what “good” is…

          • Garysco, I had a bumper sticker “Disco Sucks”. I still haven’t listened to FM radio since the early 70’s. Say what you want to but I had an 8 track player in my truck I stupidly gave to my nephew. I finally realized the sound was better than the uber expensive cassette tape systems. I wish I had my old player and tape to compare with CD players, think it might be better than that too.

          • @8 – They may have sounded better when they worked. My 8 tracks kept spooling up inside the case then jamming up the players works. Turned them into 100 yard brown magnetic streamers going down the freeway for grins. No thanks.

          • @8 – Hey lets take a drive over to Pennsylvania in your pickup. Maybe they have some leftover 8 tracks in inventory. Nobody knows for sure.

            Special Report: The Pentagon’s doctored ledgers conceal epic waste

            …ubiquitous High Mobility Multipurpose Vehicles, or Humvees. As of November 2008, the DLA had 15,000 of the parts in stock, equal to a 14-year supply, according to an April 2013 Pentagon inspector general’s report.

            And yet, from 2010 through 2012, the agency bought 7,437 more of them – at prices considerably higher than it paid for the thousands sitting on its shelves. The DLA was making the new purchases as demand plunged by nearly half with the winding down of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The inspector general’s report said the DLA’s buyers hadn’t checked current inventory when they signed a contract to acquire more.

            Just outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the DLA operates its Eastern Distribution Center, the Defense Department’s biggest storage facility. In one of its warehouses, millions of small replacement parts for military equipment and other supplies are stored in hundreds of thousands of breadbox-size bins, stacked floor to ceiling on metal shelves in the 1.7 million-square-foot building.

            Sonya Gish, director of the DLA’s process and planning directorate, works at the complex. She says no system tracks whether newly received items are put in the correct bins, and she confirmed that because of the vast quantities of material stored, comprehensive inventories are impossible. The DLA makes do with intermittent sampling to see if items are missing or stored in the wrong place. Gish also says the distribution center does not attempt to track or estimate losses from employee theft.


          • Indeed.

            Philosophically-ethically, I oppose all forced wealth transfers. But I’d be ecstatic if things were merely reformed such that outright leeches were forced off the teat.

            Anyone receiving welfare who is not physically unable ought to be required to spend 40 hours a week doing honest labor – some sort of CCC-type labor for the general betterment of the community, not hard labor on a chain gang – as a condition of receiving benefits. It is outrageous that people can literally just sit on their ass and use the state to force others to subsidize that – indefinitely.

            EBT should be abolished. There ought to be shame in taking from others as in inducement to stop taking from others. EBT cards – which mimic credit cards – help these parasites avoid shame by making it not-obvious to the people in line behind them that they are parasites. In addition, EBT is outrageous because these parasites can use it to buy other than basic staples. Can anyone justify using state power to facilitate the purchase of lobster and steak by those who do not work at the expense of those who do?

            Any person receiving WIC should be required to accept chemical or surgical sterilization as a condition of receiving benefits. It is obscene that people are allowed to shit out an unlimited number of kids and use the state to force others to subsidize that.

            Fraudulent representations (e.g., my back is bad when it’s really not) ought to be pursued aggressively – and criminally.

            This would be a start….

        • Jacob, hard as it may be for you to believe since you were born into a statist shitstorm, it really was a different country back then. He joined for the most pure motives. We were all a bit rough around the edges and living in the Rockies in Co. was a very good place for him. He cold do “work” and indulge his favorite things, things most people would have been terrified to do and stay in shape and probably get some good hippie pussy and reefer all the while. Hell, I shoulda done it myself. Outta sight, outta mind and then everybody would have had somebody else to talk trash about. I would probably have parked that old screaming Malibu and just driven a Blazer the rare times I would be driving. I’d bet Jeff blazed some new bicycle trails in the Rockies.
          Thanks for the un-needed apology. Once again, I apologize to you for not having all this shit worked out by now since it’s my generation that just sat back and watched it all going that way and never had enough guts to say anything. I used to try to fire people up all the time and get laughed at cause I gave a shit. I”m not making excuses either. I just want you to know there were people out there trying to make things stay free. I can’t speak for everybody else’s priorities. Seems like everybody called me ‘radical’ because I didn’t care for polyester, disco balls and the latest ‘trends’. Work infrequently brought me around to some dance halls but I was always the guy driving a pickup(not cool)and wearing camo on my way to kill something I would eat. We used to get a kick when we’d have people over and see my wildlife stuff and talk about how they didn’t know how anyone could eat venison, such nasty tasting shit, so on an so forth, sit down and eat and eat and eat and then kick back and say how they wish they could eat some more. Then the old lady would say she’d never seen anyone eat that much deer at one time. The looks were great. Well, what do you say after you’ve gone on and on about how good something was and then find out it was something you wouldn’t have eaten on a bet? That’s the way bias goes. ah, ignorance, what bliss.

          • “Statist shitstorm” you’ve got that right. Understated, as a matter of a fact. I have mentioned before my family is “wealthy” but my personal family is straight fucked. Money doesn’t mean shit when people don’t have morals.

            Some privy information that I want to share:

            My mother (god bless her) couldn’t meet a good man (until recently) to save her life . My father and ex-stepdad are statist scumbags. My own father has forced my two younger brothers to buy him drugs and threatened to rat them out for buying illegal drugs if they didn’t comply. It has thoroughly fucked up my younger brothers. Try as I might, one is a heroin addict and the other feels too entitled to get a job (why work when there’s welfare and unemployment?). That said, there is hope for both of them and I’m working on it, but it’s hard (another understatement…)

            My ex-stepdad, who never physically abused “us” but never missed a moment to tell “us” how stupid we were, is now living off of welfare. Fucking shithead literally used to be a millionaire. But pissed it all away thinking he could believe the talking heads when they said “real estate will never go down in value” before the 08′ housing crash.

            I haven’t spoken to my father in years. My “final straw” with him was him drinking with me (he got me drunk as fuck) when I was 14, when I admitted to him I smoked weed, and he told me all about how “down” he was with weed because to this day he still smokes, but that didn’t stop him from calling my high school to tell them I was a drug dealer. The school administration called me into the office and searched me and my belongings. They didn’t find shit because at the time I didn’t have anything on me (thank god), but he did it in an attempt to get full custody of me and my brothers so his jobless ass wouldn’t have to pay child support.

            It is mind blowing how much this country has gone down hill, and it is absolutely only going to get worse. And that’s another understatement.

            And that’s just my fucking story. I promise you and everyone else reading this shit that there are WAY more people just like me out there, but they won’t be sharing their stories because they’re too busy blowing lines to numb the pain.

            The war on drugs? Shitheads like my father hide behind that shit to “keep on with the keepin’ on”. Hopefully me sharing this shit “wakes up” a few more people…

  5. Those that wage war on fellow citizens over a plant are traitors, they need to be rounded up, put on trial and publicly executed as the cowardly scumbags they are.

    Only a true psychopath can destroy someones life over a plant.

    • Reality Bites, but the money is sooooo good. You can go after one farm, multi million dollar farms, in ag states, one after the other if someone will just plant a seed that some shithead will find or report. And the perks, never having to obey any law yourself and all the groupies, shit, it’s nearly worth it for that alone. It’s the greatest job ever……until……some heavier hitter gets you in his targets and pulls “upper management” on your ass. As the cop says, godddamn county sumbitch, as the county says goddamn state mf, as the state cop says, pull rank on me goddamn federal asshat, as the federal cop says He can do that to me? Goddamn DHS #$^$#^$%&. I can’t wait for the big turf war.

      • “Snitches get stitches” is the motto but “snitches DESERVE stitches” is the reality because the snitch pieces of shit get to hide behind the most powerful government history has ever seen.

        I know of at least one mother and father who had their kids taken away from them for drug abuse. When CPS showed up the kids were literally eating dog shit off the floor because they weren’t getting fed (parents were using all their welfare money to buy themselves meth)….what did the parents do after getting arrested for child abuse? They cut a deal with the fucking government and snitched out their dealer. These parents got 0 jail time and although they’re never allowed to see their kids again, they still get welfare (and unemployment) and I’m sure still do meth. The government fucking loves you if you are a piece of shit who plays along…

        In my crystal ball I foresee people asking me “jacob, if that is true, why the fuck don’t you go out and do some street justice?” Well friend, I’m sorry, but I’m not a fucking superhero. If I do that I can pretty much guarantee I will be caught and prosecuted, much to the applause of the sheeple public that have no idea this shit goes on. Also “why isn’t this shit on the news?” BECAUSE THE MEDIA IS A PROPAGANDA MACHINE FOR THE GOVERNMENT AND “THEY” KNOW IF THE GENERAL PUBLIC KNEW HOW BAD AMERICAN SOCIETY WAS THERE’D BE A REVOLUTION!

        The revolution will not be televised, nor will it happen because the sheep are happy with their overly inflated housing prices and football games. When it all comes crashing down I just hope justice is served, but most likely “we” will just be living in a 3rd world country when it all comes crashing down because most people out there don’t have basic fucking morals, and most who do have morals (who didn’t see the collapse coming) will most likely commit suicide rather than enforce their morals on the shitheads running rampant.

        After the collapse I will enforce my morals with force, until then I have to save myself. I believe the saying is “I woke up and found myself deep within soviet russia”….yep, I hear that.

  6. Dear JoePA,

    “Law enforcement is a very rare job as you see on a daily basis the real world. You can only read about things that I saw first hand and its not a pretty world out there.”

    Law enforcement is a job which causes you to focus on certain negative behaviors. You see the world as your job requires you to see it.

    That doesn’t mean that that is the real world.

    A friend used to sell shoes. Guess what? The first thing he noticed about a person was their shoes. Probably most average persons look at a person’s face or body first, maybe never getting to the shoes.

    As a kid I had a job of washing store windows and glass entrance doors. I had never paid any attention to all the smudges on glass entrance doors until I had that job. Why did I then notice them? You guessed it……….because my job required that I notice.

    There are many, many good people in the world; people who would give you the shirt off their backs if you were in great need.

    I feel sorry for cops. They are so biased that they cannot see the good in people, nor give anyone the benefit of the doubt. What a totally sad way to spend ones time on earth.

    • Linda. Very true indeed. I see no good in most people because I watched the asshole of the world for 20 years. If every day you went to work and ONLY dealt with the shitstorm humanity created you too would think EVERYONE was a criminal. Yes I know their are some very good people out their but they are far and few between.

        • ‘I see assholes. They’re walking around like regular people, They don’t know they’re assholes.”

          Shades of “The Sixth Sense”.

      • JoePA – “Yes I know their are some very good people out their but they are far and few between.”

        Yet when it comes to cops, every cop will tell you, “Yes I know their are some very bad police out their but they are far and few between.” without grasping the obvious.

        • BTW, (sic) above.

          I’m not a spelling or grammar Nazi as a rule but just FYI Joe, ‘their’ should be ‘there’, and as 8 pointed out, ‘far and few’ should have been ‘few and far’ but your meaning was clear.

        • You’re right, Me2. There must be some miniscule amount of good cops, but they are much farther and fewer between than the few good people JoePA mentioned in his comment.

          American Cops in general are automatons who enforce brute force domestication of the public without hesitation.

          Imagine a new police state anti-theft law called the “Receipt Law.” This law says every object in your possession outside your home must have a digital or paper receipt proving your lawful purchase, or else be confiscated as stolen property by law enforcement.

          The porktards would be in hog heaven. I can picture them self-importantly demanding all manner of random citizens show a picture of their receipts using their smart devices.

          The golden moment, when you’re caught with something you don’t have a receipt. Ah Ha! You’re a criminal who violates the law. Hand it over. The laws the law. What’s yours illegally is now mine they’d squeal.

          Moral law enforcers would shy away from domestication of civilians that impedes on society’s natural feral behavior unnecessarily.

          Such intrusions should be well thought out and sparingly used, they’d say, due to their long standing experience.

          Sadly, standards of reasonableness and good cause to distrust forced domestication seem ideas too difficult to contemplate for the American Hero’s mind.

          • Tor – ‘Imagine a new police state anti-theft law called the “Receipt Law.” ‘

            No need to imagine, it is called ‘Civil Forfeiture’. They arbitrarily take, you have to prove that they shouldn’t have, in their arbitrary judgement, at your cost, with no recourse for damages. They just haven’t gone to noticeably widespread employment yet.

            Tor – “There must be some miniscule amount of good cops”

            If you define good as enforcing the law equally among their colleagues and the general populace, which I do, I doubt there are.

      • Hi Joe,

        Here’s my beef with cops:

        I am a guy who minds my own business, works hard for a living. I pay and have paid a lot of money in taxes. I “contribute” to the community, in other words. I certainly cause it no harm.

        Yet I cannot even drive down the road without fear of being harassed at gunpoint by a costumed thug. Harsh? Well, what else would you ask me to call a person who waylays me at gunpoint and threatens to cage/Tazer (or shoot) me if I decline to “buckle up” for safety?

        I was almost sent to prison when I was a 19 year old college student… because I grew some plants. Who did I harm thereby?

        In my life, I’ve never been threatened by an armed assailant… excepting cops.

        You may say, these guys are just enforcing the law. The law may be bad, but not the person. I’m sorry, but that’s a cop out. Good people do not freely choose to do bad (wrong) things.

        And it is wrong to threaten to cage/assault people over statutory “offenses” that entail no harm to others. To mulct them of their money at gun point. To make them feel fear on account of your arbitrary authority over them.

        • Just to be fair, some of them have never even heard or considered the kinds of things you’re saying right now before. Its not an excuse, but it is a reality of the situation.

          Honestly, exempting the ones who are clearly and deliberately abusive (Like the cops who shot at a car because the woman was speeding), the people who worship the police and military tick me off more than the cops and soldiers themselves do. Not excusing their actions at all, but the root of the problem is a populace that thinks they are “heroic.”

          Regarding “good people” I know someone in my church who is a police captain. I’m not going to say he’s a “good cop” but I believe he means well. That said, in that case I know him personally, and I wouldn’t make such a claim one way or the other about someone I did not know personally.

          • I agree.

            They’ve taken at face value all the claptrap about “serve and protect” – and have never considered such concepts as self ownership or whether it is ethically viable to call an act that created no victim and caused no harm to unwilling participants a “crime.”

            In re your police captain: This guy would almost certainly see you cuffed and stuffed and your life ruined were he to catch you in possession of arbitrarily illegal “drugs.” He would no doubt also enforce an eminent domain claim against your family’s home/land and he probably would enforce a door-to-door gun confiscation, if such were ordered by “duly constituted authority.”

            I used to try to go easy on cops. But the more I turned it over in my head, the less tolerance I found I had for people who freely choose to enforce unjust, even evil laws – and who could choose to do otherwise.

            Yes, some of what cops do is good. But it cannot efface the stuff they do – and do routinely – that is all kinds of bad.

  7. ” many if not most people still trust the government enough to believe in reform”

    Ah, yes. Good old REFORM. I refer to it as turd polishing.

    • turd polishing – an engineering term referring to the process of examining a product, process, or system for defects, fixing the defects, then repeating as new defects appear, instead of re-engineering the solution with fewer defects.

      In other words, you attack your firewall / software / website / whatever from the outside, identify a flaw in it, fix the flaw, and then go back to looking.

      This process is known as ‘turd polishing’ because it doesn’t make your code any less smelly in the long run but management might enjoy its improved, shiny, appearance in the short term.

      Reform vs. Orthodox Jew

      Gnostic Kabbalah

      Adam, Eve, Serpent – Gnostic Interp

      • “turd polishing – an engineering term referring to the process of examining a product, process, or system for defects, fixing the defects, then repeating as new defects appear, instead of re-engineering the solution with fewer defects. ”

        True, that. It’s also a term used by ignert nosepickers like me to describe the practice of pretending to fix something that isn’t worth fixing, or is impossible to fix, such as a politician’s morals. You can’t polish a turd, is how the old saying goes. I usually add that even if you could, the result would be a shiny piece of shit.

        Some Linux guys who write simple O/S solutions said that MS Windows was the most often polished turd in the history of the world. Each new version is a patched over redo of the version it replaces. That’s why, they said, that the Windows O/S kept getting bigger and bigger unti the minmum RAM requirement was over 2 Gig in the version current when they wrote the blog post I read in ’07.

        Microsoft, the world heavyweight champion of turd polishing .

      • ““Hey Daddy, let’s get us some of that ‘reform’.”

        We’re the incumbent, boy. We can’t run on reform.

        That was a great scene in “Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?”

  8. So abortion is quasi illegal in TX now? I didn’t even know. It’s really great when 26 million people unanimously consent to something.

    Rain On The Scarecrow Blood On The Plow

    Vote with your feet and move elsewhere if you disagree. Most Texans vote rectally nowdays anyway, Modulate the volume of your yells of protest and let your American voice be heard.

    – Abortion violates the NAP. It has always violated the NAP. Libertarians have always been at war with abortion.

    Boo hoo, this TX abortion doctor has to jump through state hoops to stay in business now

    “Women go over the border to Mexico and go to a pharmacy and buy misoprostol at a pharmacy. It is an ulcer drug, but it works as an abortifacient.”

    “if it works part-way, that is what often happens— they can come to me, and I can do “miscarriage management.”

    Slate: That’s legal in Texas?

    Minto: Yes, in Texas once a woman is vaginally hemorrhaging, it is legal for me to help her.”

    Measuring the extent of the American Police State

    ‘America’s political institutions are beyond redemption. The hope for America lies with individuals who live freedom rather than talk about it or pursue it through authorized means. Freedom now rests with individuals who say “no,” in combination or alone.’

    ‘In America, many if not most people still trust the government enough to believe in reform rather than in the quiet revolution of saying “no.” They still listen to the mainstream media, no matter how bitterly they complain about it. Nothing else can explain why people surrender their liberty and money in return for broken and retreaded promises.’

    • Reform the government? You can no more reform government than reform cancer. The equivalent of negotiating with rats and other vermin on how many rat droppings they can pollute your food with or how many square feet of your house they “decide” is now all of a sudden theirs. You either let it kill you or you destroy it. There is no such thing as simply “living with it”. IT won’t let you.

    • ” Nothing else can explain why people surrender their liberty and money in return for broken and retreaded promises.’”

      I have an alternate explanation…the majority are incurious, uninformed, infant-minded, instant gratification addicted, simpletons.

      For those who doubt this, strike up a conversion with a random stranger. Ask them who their County/Municipal and State/Provincial political representatives are.

      Now ask them to name the cast of Jersey Shore and who won the last Dancing with the Stars or NASCAR event.

      Then (if you get the same results I have) run for the hills, Bread and Circuses indeed…..

      For bonus fun, try this with your friends and family. Caution, don’t try this unless you are prepared to be disappointed.

      • ” Nothing else can explain why people surrender their liberty and money in return for broken and retreaded promises.’”Yes, Me2, I know this was Tor’s quote, but you ‘owned’ it by defending it. I suggest that the premise is wrong. I suggest that no one voluntarily surrendered their liberty or money in return for broken promises. Voluntary is implied, is it not, because otherwise there is no accountability. Remember when you were a child, with all your childhood friends, boy or girl; remember how all children would always( or at least, mostly) voluntarily surrender their liberty in doing this or that, or playing here or there. How the children would never do anything without asking permission first. And then when you were teens, same thing; and as young adults you and your friends would always defer to Authority before you did anything. Yeah! I don’t remember it that way either. The premise of people voluntarily surrendering liberty is a wrong premise. I suggest that most people do not ‘remember’ making a decision to surrender their liberty. What they do ‘ remember’ is making a decision to allow government to have the power to ‘protect’ them from as many ” harms” as they may be aware of. They are aware that government protecting them limits some peoples ‘freedom’, but to allow those ‘freedoms’ would allow the ‘harms’. None of them lost any liberty because they would never do those ‘freedoms = harms’ ever.
        The problem with NAP is that every behavior that a person can do can, and might be, construed as a ‘harm’, even breathing( CO2 production).

        • Read it again, carefully, and explain how I ‘owned’ or ‘defended’ the quote as I have no idea what you are on about.

          In fact, I think that “I have an alternate explanation…” is usually take as an opposition to a point, not a confirmation.

          • Sorry Me2 if I misunderstood your post. I Do not think “owning” was negative or bad. Tina Turner “owned” CCR’s ‘Proud Mary’. Nothing negative or bad there. Libertarians would love for more people to “own” their ideas. I thought that you agreed that people surrendered their liberty but offerred a different reason than Tor. I apoligize for misunderstanding what you were saying. My idea was that the premise was wrong. Again, nothing bad. History of Science is full of erroneous premises. The people with wrong premises are people who think, perceive problems, and seek to understand. It usually takes a few failures to get the premise right. Discussions help. Not claiming to be right, I was just offering an idea.

      • Why is it valuable to know who your County/Municipal and State/Provincial political representative is?

        Is not an Angela Merkel a far more damaging parasite than a Snookie? I’m unsure Snookie can even be called a parasite. Are you forced to associate with her in some manner I’m ignoring?

        What would be wrong with Music Television City. A place where young people live a no-strings no-responsibility party lifestyle for free, merely by consenting to be filmed for entertainment purposes 24/7?

        The vitriol of Oldies who claim superior status over youth has long been observed. The Crones must be made to keep their wrinkled bony claws off the Youngies.

        Now, if MTV is really part of an orchestrated destructive militarized Illuminati Mind Control regime, well that’s a different kettle of fish.

        • @Tor

          RE: political representatives, it’s not in general, they are all pretty much the same. Just a quick inquiry to see if the person is in any way politically aware.

          My point being, I have been subject to incredibly detailed reports on the intricacies of the most mundane of irrelevancies of Snookies life, by people who have no idea of how the world works. It seems so obvious to me why the world has become the way it has, apathy and distraction.

          No judgement of right or wrong here, other than these are the ‘wrong’ people for me to be around.

          • Possibly the nuts and bolts of everything in the real world is analyzable fodder. This is the thinking I find lacking. Why think like a referee. Better to think like a creator.

            Jersey Shore – Dec-2009 to Dec-2012. Producer SallyAnn Salsano. 36 year old Italian SallyAnn started her career as an intern for Howard Stern and Sally Jessy Raphael.

            Her company, 495 Productions, is based in Burbank. Entity Name: 495 PRODUCTIONS, INC. Entity Number: C2893962. Status: ACTIVE
            Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA. Address: 4222 W BURBANK BLVD 2ND FL. BURBANK CA 91505
            Agent for Service of Process: DARIN FRANK

            Jersey Shore Allows Creator To Remember Fun Times

            There are remakes of the show in other countries, Geordie Shore, set in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, The Valleys, which is filmed and set in Cardiff, Wales. The Gandía Shore, set in Gandía, Spain. Каникулы в Мексике set in Mexico. Warsaw Shore set in Warsaw, Poland.
            – – – – –

            Neal Stephenson & Co want to build a 20km tall tower out of high-strength steel to launch rockets from.


        • “Is not an Angela Merkel a far more damaging parasite than a Snookie? ”

          I don’t know, but I bet Snookie could beat the living piss out of little ol’ Angela if it came to a girl fight.

          “I’m unsure Snookie can even be called a parasite. Are you forced to associate with her in some manner I’m ignoring?”

          My daughter forced me to endure part of an episode when I was logged in on my laptop and couldn’t move very far from the W-Fi router which was in the living room. i wasn’t forced to associate with Snookie, but I was exposed to her whiny voice for about 10 minutes.

          I know you weren’t asking me any of that, but it’s a free fuggin country and I answer out of turn all the time.

      • “the majority are incurious, uninformed, infant-minded, instant gratification addicted, simpletons” – in other words, the product of the gunverment schools.

      • Tried that with friends and family first – and have done since I was in high school.
        Even those who accept the problem believe the system can be fixed.

        NONE are willing to take on any COSTS, though – they want their bread and circuses, and think they’re somehow “SPETH-YUL” (special) and won’t have to pay later, either.
        Which is funny to me, because I grew up with my parents railing against the decay of “their” society* – the Boomers were a problem, the “culture of death,” the “ME FIRST,” and the “apres moi, le deluge!” (“After me, the flood”, or, Who cares about anyone else as long as I got mine?)
        Now it turns out they’re part of the problem – the only question is, HOW are they part of the problem?

        *: Their society never really existed. They’re the type like the Father in “Dirty Dancing” – except, they wouldn’t have even taken back the check. Think that Leave it to Beaver is reality – or should be. Everything they needed to learn, they learned in Disney movies.

  9. @Garysco
    re: “the Nimrods who would think it is a good idea to ingest LSD or similar substance at home, then unknowingly walk around on the freeway because it is a beautiful thing.”

    The problem I believe, is diabolically bad engineering. Roads that aren’t Nimrod proof in the first place. A purposeful tragedy of the commons IMHO. They purposely fragilize the public roads to serve their ends.

    Why aren’t roads dug into the ground two or three feet. Why is it common to have people and moving cars in the same space? Roads, walkways, regular living space, these should all be separate domains, with no way of being on a road unless you’re in a car. No way for a car to cross walkways or to veer into yards and living space.

    Elevators are far more complex and deadly than roads, yet only 27 people a year die in elevators. If government ran the elevators you’d see hallways that cross elevator shafts, and they would be known as “crosshalls” because that would be the stupidest and most dangerous thing conceivable to do with elevators.

    “Officer, I had the green light on the 27th floor, and was crossing through the elevator shaft to the other side, then this drunken maniac going from the 40th floor to the Lobby disobeyed the red elevator light and pressed ground floor when he wasn’t supposed to. His elevator car ran a red light. He was impaired and shouldn’t have been elevating.

    Lock him up for 20 years please, thank you for service, Elevator Police, Elevator Lawyers, Elevator Courtroom, Elevator Prison.

      • Okay take 2. Imagine Government makes microwaves, not the market. To cook your food you use a wand that emits microwaves in mono-directional burst. These wands require 900 volt power, which is only available in public cooking stations.

        At age 16, you get your microwave cooking learners permit and you go to public microwave cooking school. Only open air microwave wands are permitted to be sold, no mass-produced protective box.

        You’ll need cooking insurance, harming others or their property while cooking will get you a fine and possible jail time.

        Shit, maybe that’s worse than my first attempt. I’m trying to deal in first principles. You can’t start with the statist quo and work your way to freedom from there. You have to start from scratch.
        – – – –

        In Your First Example – LSD trippers on the Public Roads:
        Road safety theory, hallucinogenic chemical theory, social norm theory all need to be rationally constructed from scratch. There must be no mix and match and trying to tweak what we currently have. Start over is the prudent course of action.

        In general terms what one tries to do during philosophical works, is look for “first principles” or “origins” or “archai”

        In every systematic inquiry (methodos) where there are first principles, or causes, or elements, knowledge and science result from acquiring knowledge of these;

        We think we know something just in case we acquire knowledge of the primary causes, the primary first principles, all the way to the elements.

        It is clear, then, that in the science of nature as elsewhere, we should try first to determine questions about the first principles.

        The naturally proper direction of our road is from things better known and clearer to us, to things that are clearer and better known by nature; for the things known to us are not the same as the things known unconditionally (haplôs).

        Hence it is necessary for us to progress, following this procedure, from the things that are less clear by nature, but clearer to us, towards things that are clearer and better known by nature.

        The connection between knowledge and first principles is not axiomatic. The search for first principles is not peculiar to philosophy; philosophy shares this aim with biological, meteorological, and historical inquiries, among others.

        First principles is the primary task of philosophy.

        Profoundly influenced by Euclid, Descartes was a rationalist who invented the foundationalist system of philosophy. He used the method of doubt, now called Cartesian doubt, to systematically doubt everything he could possibly doubt, until he was left with what he saw as purely indubitable truths.

        Using these self-evident propositions as his axioms, or foundations, he went on to deduce his entire body of knowledge from them. The foundations are also called a priori truths.

        His most famous proposition is I think, therefore I am, or Cogito ergo sum.

        Descartes describes the concept of a first principle in the following excerpt from the preface to the Principles of Philosophy (1644):

        I should in the first place, explain what philosophy is, by commencing with the most common matters, as, for example, that the word philosophy signifies the study of wisdom, and that by wisdom is to be understood not merely prudence in the management of affairs, but a perfect knowledge of all that man can know.

        As well for the conduct of his life as for the preservation of his health and the discovery of all the arts, and that knowledge to subserve these ends must necessarily be deduced from first causes;

        So that in order to study the acquisition of it (which is properly called philosophizing), we must commence with the investigation of those first causes which are called Principles.

        Now these principles must possess two conditions: in the first place, they must be so clear and evident that the human mind, when it attentively considers them, cannot doubt of their truth.

        In the second place, the knowledge of other things must be so dependent on them that the principles themselves may indeed be known apart from what depends on them.

        It will accordingly be necessary thereafter to endeavor so to deduce from those principles the knowledge of the things that depend on them, as that there may be nothing in the whole series of deductions which is not perfectly manifest.

        The classical “Three Laws of Thought” are the three fundamental linguistic principles without which there could be no intelligible communication.

        1 The law of identity states: “that every thing is the same with itself and different from another”: A is A and not ~A.

        2 In logic, the Law of Non-contradiction states, that: “one cannot say of something that it is and that it is not in the same respect and at the same time”.

        3 The Law of Excluded Middle – “But on the other hand there cannot be an intermediate between contradictories, but of one subject we must either affirm or deny any one predicate.

        This is clear, in the first place, if we define what the true and the false are. To say of what is that it is not, or of what is not that it is, is false, while to say of what is that it is, and of what is not that it is not, is true; so that he who says of anything that it is, or that it is not, will say either what is true or what is false.

    • Dear Tor,

      I find it interesting that your views on this blog are so different from all the other comments.

      You often fill out the story with all kinds of interesting and sometimes quirky side notes.

      Thank you for lavishly filling in the fine details, that otherwise would go without being stated.

      I don’t always agree with what you write, but I am always intrigued.

      Very sincerely yours,

  10. I reckon it’s another case of “follow the money”. There’s only ONE reason for alcohol – to get high. The taxes that flow from this “legal” trade is the sole reason for its legality – apart from the fact that politicians like to get high on it as well.

    Same with the oldest profession – prostitution. Only those “registered” and therefore “legal” brothels are allowed to operate because they pay taxes and greedy grabbermints get their share of the trade.

    Here we have “chop-chop”, illegal tobacco. The only reason it’s illegal and hunted down like cocaine is because no tax revenue is derived from it, otherwise smoking is still perfectly lawful.

    • Follow the money is precisely the reason for any substance being “illegal”.

      I am part Cherokee, and have an acquaintance who is a local “chief’. He runs a Cherokee museum in Davy Crockett’s hometown.

      He harvested wild tobacco to use in ceremonies, and to sell at the museum to other Cherokees for their use.

      When the local “revenue-ers” found out, they threatened to shut down the entire museum; they wanted an extra tax collected beyond the sales tax.

      Now, an extra tax is already levied against regular tobacco growers. But to extra-tax a weed that grows naturally among the other flora is beyond absurd.

      *”Nicotiana rustica, is the Sacred herb. Tobacco was a gift to the Europeans from the Natives, when they arrived in this country. Sacred Tobacco that is used for prayers and ceremonials is not the same as the tobacco we commonly use today. The original type of tobacco and the sacred herb, are of a different variety. It is a cultivated form of wild tobacco by the Eastern Indian tribes. The plants reach about three feet in height, are vigorous and fairly hardy. The abundant, pale-yellow blossoms bloom all day and make it an interesting choice as a garden annual in flowerbeds and gardens. Does very well in areas with short growing seasons.”

      • The massive amounts of tax derived from smokers every year in Oz is invested in many things, mostly ads telling us that it’s bad, m’kay. We even have plain packaging now. All drab green with a picture of a diseased liver, tongue cancer and blackened toes – I’ll bet none of them were smoking related at all, just randomly picked to try and scare us off the habit justify their heavy taxes).

        In Holland, all tobacco and weed taxes go to smoking related illnesses, as far as I know. The anti-smoking lobby here could learn something from this and shut the hell up.

      • Cherokee History As You Never Heard It

        – how might libertarians achieve liberty? why not gain it first for the First Nations who were here the longest, and endured the longest period of collectivist aggression.

        – pay it forward. perhaps later, some other group will get liberty for us? more liberty for peaceful non-interventional any is more liberty for all.

        – There’s plenty of land available for them. It won’t be their ancestral land, but what does it hurt to allow them to live the way they require, so they may once again thrive?

        Tribute to the Cherokee Nation

        El Condor Pasa – Simon and Garfunkel

        Away, I’d rather sail away
        like a swan that’s here and gone

        A man gets tied up to the ground
        He gives the world
        Its saddest sound, Its saddest sound.

        I’d rather be a forest than a street.
        Yes I would. If I could, I surely woud.

        I’d rather feel the earth beneath my feet,
        Yes I would. If I only could, I surely would.

        – curses to all heartless white devils! may you be caught in your snares you lay for others and die while enmeshed in your evil entanglements.

        – the men here argue over abortion and whatnot only to avoid looking down and facing the truth. All their lives. They are tied up to the ground. They give the world. It’s saddest sound

        • Don’t forget the first line there….
          “I’d rather be a hammer than a nail…”

          Hammer: Imparter of force, instigator of violence.

          Nail: Holds society together, beaten into servicable form by hammers.

          In other words, they want to be the ones with the guns, making the rules, to put all of us to useful purpose building THEIR Utopia…

          Wish I could hit YouTube from Corp, but – Bulletproof Monk, look for the first scene in the museum, where the girl is talking to the Nazi’s granddaughter…
          Which would you rather be: The Jew about to be executed, or the Nazi about to shoot her?

          THAT. is what disarmament is ALWAYS about – and all the pretty lies of these LIEberal shits are dross meant to cover their true intent – while much of their intentions aren’t as coherent as religious faith.

          Maybe I’m reading too much into it – but I have YET to see any one of these people change.
          They are, and always will be, human detritus. They want THEIR way, period – and won’t compromise on their “vision.”
          That’s insanity when a “Conservative” does it – it’s their idea of “bi-partisanship”.

          Rabid dogs, all. Shoot on sight.

    • Historically, that wasn’t the main reason for licensing prostitution. Rather, it was to cut down the public health risks, particularly to the armed forces. It was a different self serving motive.

    • Indeed.

      Canada (HarperGov) just pulled a nice one. At one time medical MJ patients could apply for a license then designate a grower for their supplier or grow their own. Not perfect as you still had to ask the Man for permission but at least it was something.

      Now, all licenses canceled, new licenses granted only for commercial, RCMP inspected, likely politically connected growers.

      So now, pile on taxes, bust everyone on the previous license list to fill all the fancy new jails just built, hand the industry to the rich-elites.

      Why not, it has already happened to people who grow their own food and tobacco too.

      • Me2, meanwhile Marc Emory, one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet is rotting in a US prison for selling “seed”. He gave away almost all his money for causes and people who needed it. Jack Herrer didn’t, just sold seed, and some damned good ones at that although no better than Marc’s. Jack is just a businessman though, not trying to change any laws or help people so he continues. Typical.

  11. Which leads to “for your protection” :

    License plate readers spark privacy, public safety debate
    Maggie Clark – USA Today
    Police have used cameras that read the license plates on passing cars to locate missing people in California, murderers in Georgia and hit-and-run drivers in Missouri. The book-sized license plate readers (LPRs) are mounted on police cars, road signs or traffic lights. The images they capture are translated into computer-readable text and compiled into a list of plate numbers, which can run into the millions. Then police compare the numbers against the license plates of stolen cars, drivers wanted on bench warrants or people involved in missing person cases. Privacy advocates don’t object to police using LPRs to catch criminals. But they are concerned about how long police keep the numbers if the plates don’t register an initial hit. In many places there are no limits, so police departments keep the pictures—tagged with the date, time, and location of the car—indefinitely.

  12. Dear Eric,

    This is a very interesting article considering the horrendous effect the drug war has on the liberty of our daily lives.

    Legit causes to withdraw more than $10,000 from our bank suddenly throws up all kinds of unnecessary red flags.

    Traveling with large amounts of cash has proven to be a cop magnet.

    Unconstitutional middle of the night drug raids, causing the death/incarceration of anyone who tries to protect his family and property.

    The madness and lawlessness of it all causes me to believe this nightmarish scenario must surely be just a bad dream.

    Your article caused me to research online a bit more and found an interesting write-up in the Christian Science Monitor.

    More people are dying in the United States from prescription drugs than from heroin and cocaine combined, a new study says, signaling that pill abuse is not just the leading cause of drug overdose deaths, but that it also requires more oversight and training by both doctors and state health agencies.”

    “About 6.1 million people abuse prescription pills, and overdose deaths have at least doubled in 29 states, where they now exceed vehicle-related deaths. In 10 of those states, rates tripled; in four of them, they quadrupled.”

    Thanks for your timely articles. I am thoroughly intrigued by the topics discussed here.

    Very Sincerely Yours,


    • And don’t forget the banning of all FRNs greater than $100 in value. Actually a real problem if you want to keep cash, and going to become more of an issue as the currency clowns inflate.

      • Indeed, Eric.

        Merely having a “large amount” of cash (as defined by a cop) is sufficient pretext for them to legally steal it. To just take it – and force you to go to elaborate lengths, at your expense in time and money, to prove it wasn’t “drug money.”

        I always pay cash for my vehicles – and bring cash as a negotiating tool. Last time I did this was in 2010, when I rode my bike about 5 hours up the road to buy my silver ’02 Nissan Frontier. I brought $7,500 in cash with me to buy the truck, plus some spending money. If I’d been pulled over for speeding and the cop decided to pat me down and found the cash, he could simply have seized it.

        This happens fairly routinely.

        Anyone who still believes we live in a “free” country – or even one in which there is the rule of law – is either childishly naive or gargling the Kool Aid.

    • Yeah – the prescription drug pusher’s market is sickening….
      Can’t Poop – here’s a script.
      Poop 2 Much – here’s another script.
      Butt Rash from to much wiping – thats three.
      Feeling Nauseated – make it four.
      Half the geriatic crowd here is on 8 or more prescriptions….and you wonder why all the old folks are constantly complaining.
      I would rather die than swallow all that crap!

      • Ah, but that’s the secret!
        See, you WILL die from all that crap…but slowly, and most importantly, profitably.

        The further I get from medical “education” and do my own reading, the more I see how much of a scam most pharmaceuticals are.

        There are hundreds that are valuable, life-saving in fact. But the drugs for most chronic conditions–the vaccines, statins, hypertension drugs, etc–are absolutely cash cows with no positive or in fact net negative effects.

      • I’m a geezer. Over the counter ex-lax has been around for as long as I can remember. Perhaps twenty years ago stores suddenly pulled all their ex-lax. The new ex-lax that appeared to replace the old has never been as effective.


        Thanx to the Government Drug Authorities they were forced to remove the very ingredient that made it such a good laxative.

        The fact that toxic shit lingering in the body has contributed to the death of more individuals than ex-lax ever did is of no consequence to the overpaid swine who meddled in the legal production of one of the world’s most effective laxatives.

        Man, you’re full of shit!

        Yes, I know.

        Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

        • Multiple substances have been banned in similar ways (and then replaced with even WORSE stuff that used doctored research to “prove” they’re Ok.)
          Camphorate oil, for example.
          Lead paints.
          Asbestos (used in brake linings and in pipe insulation, and other insulation too.)

          Because if you ingest (eat) 10X a lifetime worth of exposure, in a single sitting, at once – you have an “elevated” chance of getting cancer. (5% greater, say.)

          the Ames test, developed by a guy named Ames, of course, has been disavowed as worthless by its creator.
          And megadosing an animal via injection, and ASSUMING the result is frm the injected substance, makes a reasonable test… How, exactly?

          I see a parallel to shooting someone full of mercury, say 15 pounds of it, directly into the bloodstream – and then, when they die, pointing to the added weight as the base cause.
          Forget the toxicity of the mercury, it’s because they were overweight!

          BTW, Cod Liver Oil works great as a laxative too, I understand.
          Half a bottle will leave your insides quite clean.

          • Tetraethyl lead. It was mixed with gasoline beginning in the 1920s as an inexpensive octane booster which allowed engine compression to be raised substantially, which in turn increased vehicle performance and fuel economy. TEL was phased out starting in the US in the mid-1970s because of its neurotoxicity and its damaging effect on catalytic converters. Although still used in aviation fuel . Replaced with MTBE mandated by EPA and fellow traveler agencies for public safety. Uh-oh, whoops, too many dead fish in the lakes and poisoned ground water.

            What to do with nuclear waste? Dump it into munitions and spread it all over “terrorist” countries dirt. Let it Irradiate their infants, children and future generations.

            EPA, OSHA, Green Peace, Sierra Club et al? Cricket sounds.

            But IRS slave dollars fed to select corporations and their lobbyists made profits surge.

          • Garysco mentioned tetraethyl lead. That’s not enough on its own; it also needs some methyl bromide or similar to mop up and let boil away the lead compounds released after combustion, or those will build up and foul the valves or ports.

          • MTBE was rarely used before the oxygenate mandate. TEL was gone in nearly every state if not every state in the nation years before the oxygenate mandate.

            The oxygenate mandate, RFG, was in the 1990s. MTBE was only used in some regions. In the midwest it was ethanol. After MTBE was removed for polluting water supplies it was ethanol across the country. When there weren’t enough pre-O2 sensor cars on the road and all the carbs had been adjusted for oxygen in the fuel the whole renewable fuel excuse kicked in.

          • Brent P. wrote, “MTBE was rarely used before the oxygenate mandate.”

            [Seems like it was everywhere, here.]

            How do you know this?
            What does ‘rarely’ mean?
            And, how does that apply to ‘new car smell’?

            Ya, just going off subject there a bit. And, benzene and bromide are bitches I’ve been thinking about lately.

            Anyway, ‘bromide’ is Sab-wa-fair?

            Not too mention aluminum and barium… but that’s another story.

          • @BrentP – California was forced to use it in all of our cars and inland boat marinas. The mandate lasted several years until the army of college educated highly paid environmental bureaucrats woke up to the environmental damage they had inflicted. All because no studies were done before shoving it down the publics’ throat.

        • Tinsley, just thought I’d use your reply button to address a problem of medical marijuana. If you or I grew pot we’d not use chemical fertilizers nor conventional pesticides of any sort. Too many people growing for the state just want to maximize profits and for some that means getting rid of pests the easiest way they know how. For every chemical pesticide there are numerous other ways of getting rid to the same pests safely, but it may require a bit of brain work and those who grow for the state will be the last to commit to that. A timely article for anyone who addresses health issues with pot.

      • And nobody on earth has any legitimate “authority” to determine that either. If people want to kill themselves with drugs, or any other way, it’s their problem. They are the only ones responsible for the consequences.

        And without all the “regulations” and taxes, they might just make better choices… but that is their problem as well.

        Actually, I seriously question these stories to begin with. The Christian Science Monitor is not an unbiased publication, to say the least… if it matters. In 30 years of professional nursing, the most frequent drug cause of death I saw was Tylenol and codeine, causing liver damage due to the Tylenol… because the patient could not get enough of an appropriate medication to control their pain.

        • …most frequent drug cause of death I saw was Tylenol and codeine…

          And THAT, dear MamaLiberty, is completely intentional on the part of the nasty little control freaks in the State.

          Dilute opiates with enough acetaminophen to cause deadly liver disease if people use “too much”…”too much” being Whatever We Say It Is(tm). They pulled the same trick with alcohol during Prohibition–intentionally spiking supplies of liquor with methanol to induce illness and death.

          Because drinkers were bad people and deserved it.

          Before the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914, one could walk into the corner drug store and pick up a vial of pure heroin, cocaine, morphine, or codeine and be on one’s now-very-merry way. Laudanum too was on sale for the genteel sippin’ set; Aunt Edna for instance.

          And it was a social problem if someone overindulged. When Edna went on the nod too frequently from her laudanum sippin’, the family would chime in….”Edna, you’re drinkin’ too much a’ that damn Laudanum!”

          Amazing, isn’t it, how many incredibly bad laws were passed between 1913 and 1917? The “progressive” era. Harrumph.

          I’d be 95% satisfied just to return to 1912 laws; repeal absolutely everything and tear down every department not then extant.

          It would be a very good start.

          • Because drinkers were bad people and deserved it.

            And that’s the key, it’s always about those bad people over there that need punishment and guidance. That need the whip to keep them in line. That need their betters to look after them. This mentality seems to have permeated the culture from the wealthy company town would be utopia builders and perhaps the colonial control freaks.

            Since the public believes it, those with power exploit it endlessly.

          • meth, I read this morning on Mercola that acetaminophen was a serious risk to the kidneys. I didn’t consider it new news but realized some might. Of course we all know it’s a liver killer(LK). There is serious discussion of producing hydrocodone without it but of course the usual suspects are screaming bloody murder as in they want more bloody murder. Somewhere I have an old laudanum bottle I found on an old homestead site. Too bad the cork was gone but I suspect once emptied it was of no use to the previous owner.

          • “Dilute opiates with enough acetaminophen to cause deadly liver disease if people use “too much”…”too much” being Whatever We Say It Is(tm). They pulled the same trick with alcohol during Prohibition–intentionally spiking supplies of liquor with methanol to induce illness and death.”

            This is clearly BOOBY TRAPPING.

            The persons responsible for the practice should be indicted and tried. Booby trapping drugs is no less a crime than booby trapping unoccupied property to discourage burglars. Furthermore, booby trapping has already been tested in court and I doubt anyone has ever challenged the decision.

            A so-called runaway Grand Jury should investigate the acetaminophen crime and issue Presentments ordering that indictments be drawn.

            To know of a crime and not report it is a crime. I’m considering taking the acetaminophen crime to the FBI.

            Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

        • “the most frequent drug cause of death I saw was Tylenol and codeine, causing liver damage due to the Tylenol… because the patient could not get enough of an appropriate medication to control their pain.”

          Bingo. Percocet instead of Demerol or Percodan is a cruel joke to people in pain. Doctors should be left alone to prescribe whatever they think will help the patient live free of pain. If it takes Dilaudid for a pain sufferer to be able to sleep long enough to begin to heal , whose business is it other than the patient’s?

          Heroin causes no organic damage even with long term use, as long as it isn’t adulterated with anything harmful. The makers of Tylenol can’t say that about their product.

          • There’s some interesting science behind why heroin has so few harmful effects on the body. Morphine was essentially the main active ingredient of a plant secretion that evolved, like many others, as a natural insecticide (since most plant matter is eaten by insects, not larger animals, apart from the foods we do find useful like root vegetables, grains and tubers – which is why it is typically not healthy to eat “natural” raw and unpeeled vegetables, other than fruit which did evolve to be eaten by large animals; peeling and cooking vegetables is a trade off between destroying nutritional value and toxins). Different plants evolved different tricks, as evolution favoured them diversifying to avoid insects evolving resistance to just one trick. Because other animals are different from insects, some of these things have no effect on us, some a mild effect (cocoa, tea, coffee), some a large effect (opium, marijuana, cocaine), and some are just as poisonous (strychnine, belladonna, hemlock). Morphine has serious and useful effects, but also bad ones like harming the gut. What is even worse is that the desired effects need a large dose as the morphine has to get past the “blood-brain barrier” that shelters our nervous systems from things that the rest of the body can take. The German chemists who invented heroin did it by making a chemical tweak to morphine (pretty much the same trick that gave them aspirin, for about the same reasons and at about the same time) that made it practically neutral to ordinary metabolism, easy to get past the blood-brain barrier – and, by good fortune, was converted back to morphine by enzymes in nervous tissue. So, even at a lower dose, it delivers morphine to nervous tissue alone, leaving the rest of the body nearly unaffected, and the morphine builds up a lot there as the blood-brain barrier doesn’t easily let it out again. The German chemists were so impressed that their converted morphine had practically none of the adverse side effects that they called it their “heroine” of drugs, and got the name from that. They hoped they had made it non-addictive and non-poisonous too, but unfortunately those effects do work out within the nervous system.

          • PM, that is some very good info on heroin. I read somewhere that heroin was touted as a cure for morphine addiction, which was known here after Lincoln’s war as “the soldier’s disease”.

            As a cure for morphine addiction, I’ll bet it “worked like rats a’fightin”, as Mark Twain said.

          • Ed, PM, you’re both so correct. If I had chronic pain these days I’d choose heroin although getting it on a regular basis might be a problem. Methadone is not nearly as side effect free as heroin but it’s lab synthesized so the govt has a lock on distribution. Is it any less addictive? Shit, you could kick smack twice a year and never get off methadone. Re. the old saying about the Sahara desert with the fed govt. in charge and not being able to find any sand in 5 years. While meth doesn’t give you quite the ‘high’ heroin does, it lasts a lot longer and is virtually impossible to kick. It keeps the govt. first and foremost in your life if you get busted for anything.

          • 8, though I haven’t used any pain meds since I stopped drinking in ’84, i have heard from family members about what helps them and what doesn’t.

            I know some recovering junkies who, like me don’t use pain meds anymore for fear it will set them off again. One fellow I know said that he was addicted to heroin for several years and had gone through withdrawals a few times, but that he switched to methadone and was addicted to it for 10 years. He said that the withdrawals from methadone were worse than those from heroin.

            The choice of what to use and when rightfully belongs to the person who has the pain. Ain’t nobody’s business but yourn, ain’t that right, Hoss?

          • PM, that’s true, I can attest to it. I have had prescriptions for hydrocodone for 30 years due to a bad back, shoulders, ankles ,etc. While I might have a script getting old at least it was always there for emergencies. I’m not so stupid I think you can take it every day and have it work. If I had a job going and woke up sick with any thing, flu, cold, diarrhea, I’d take 10 mgs and go to work. Have really bad sinusitis? Snot flowing, sneezing you can’t stop? Take one and all that quits. Any AI problems, masks them very well. Just yesterday I told my private forum I considered taking one for my non-stop snots and sneezing everybody in this country is going through including people who don’t normally have the problem. I blame Roundup and drought, but whatever, I didn’t take anything but benedryl. Hydrocodone and acetominephen in combo can cause lots of unwanted side effects as they do with me so I have to be fairly desperate. Yeah, when I fell back into the tank with both leg bones broken I was ready for one….or two.

          • Ed, recently I read of some long term study that indicated old junkies(people my age)just gradually quit. That makes sense since you find yourself quitting everything that makes you have to pay some other price later on. I understand why anyone wants to quit, had many friends there, some names you’d recognize, and they have all quit for mostly reasons of getting old. The way my leg feels with this sleet and frozen rain falling, I’d be ready for a big shot if I knew the supply would never end AND if there was no price to be paid later…’s that later deal though. The leg will feel better in a day or two or three but by the time I finally shit, I wouldn’t quit for the next week, just one of the ‘benefits’ of junk, never mind the shakes later on. No, I have never had to deal with it myself but I’ve helped several people, no fun for either of us. Say bud, can you get me a hydrocodone or oxy or something. I might could but that would just put things off wouldn’t it? Yeah, that’s about right. I have been given many script of tranx I didn’t take myself though and that does make it easier. It’s tough for a junkie to go to the doc and get a script but not anyone who really doesn’t need it. Go figure. Since I’ll help anyone, I get no pleasure seeing anyone suffer unlike your basic badged pig.

          • Tinsley, I wonder how many people who suffer chronic, under-treated pain have thought to cultivate their own poppies?

            It couldn’t be that hard. People have done it for thousands of years; if we can grow a finicky bitch of a plant like tomatoes, surely we can grow poppies?

  13. Eric. There are two classes of drug abusers. The first buys illegal drugs from an unlicensed unknown source and the other from a pharmacy with a prescription. The only one that has potential for being raided or even hassled is the one that big pharma does not profit from. The “legal” drug abuse is all good because of the profits involved. I’ve responded to many more “legal” drug overdoses then the illegal kind in my career… drug abuse has exploded. The drug war is a sad corrupted joke and getting worse. The gubberment NEVER admits to a mistake so its likely to continue its enforcement.

    Legal HIGHS are simple. Go to any doctor and tell them you have physical pain or psychological problems and watch the drugs flow……legally…..without fear of arrest I might add. Sad but this is the new “norm” unless you just go buy a bottle of booze and get a load on.

    As a side note I joined L.E.A.P. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition……a proud member I might add. 20 years in law enforcement proved to me the drug war is a sham.

    • Are you really that uninformed or naive? I spent 14 years as an advance practice nurse for hospice. My specialty was pain management. It is very difficult to obtain appropriate medications, even for terminal patients who are enrolled in hospice. The doctors are terrified of prescribing enough or appropriate medication because they are all being treated as “drug pushers” and every transaction is suspect, monitored and subject to the arbitrary decisions of both “law enforcers” and politicians. Cannabis use is such an arbitrary nightmare I won’t even go into it.

      All of the rules and insane regulations are very much like “gun control.” They prevent “law abiding” people from getting the relief they need – for WHATEVER reason, but do little or nothing to prevent abuse by anyone… it just costs a lot more, for everyone.

      Did you know that the actual base production cost of 100 mg. of morphine is so low that it is statistically irrelevant? The current pharmacy price for 30 tablets of morphine 15mg is about $20. If you can get the script for it, of course. And pay the doctor each month to write a new one.

      I have been in constant, chronic pain for more than 50 years, due to a broken back as a teen. There isn’t ANYTHING you can tell me about how easy it is to obtain needed medications because it just is not true. I am doomed to a lifetime of pain because of all the people who are so concerned for my safety… not.

      • I think the source of the drugs is really the difference between what you and JoePa are talking about.

        The “ligit” doctors are careful about what they prescribe – other’s are in business only to move large qty’s of pills.

        If you need pills – go to Miami or many other places here in Flori-Duh! – there are literally hundreds of “pain clinic’s” that will give you what you want for a fee – about 40 of them were just shut down in a big bust a few months ago.

        • GW, you seem to have missed the point altogether.

          By what legitimate authority does anyone presume to decide anything for another person? Why should it matter in the least to you or anyone else what another person purchased, used or sold to someone else. If they did not initiate force in the transaction or such use, it’s nobody else’s business.

          If they harm themselves with what they purchase, why is that anyone else’s business either? Oh, you might care very much, and their families would certainly care, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to control their choices.

          If, for whatever reason, they harm someone else, then they must be held responsible for that aggression… if they survive.

        • You will find that, for effective pain management, increasing doses of opioids are needed. Doses that would “kill a horse” are quite often for effective pain control due to “tolerance.
          There is one case of a man who needed increasing doses of opioids because of intractable pain. After struggling to receive his necessary medications, and finding doctors unwilling to prescribe due to pressure from the DEA, (but secretly agreeing with him) that his need for medication was necessary, he went on the “black market”, was busted by DEA types and imprisoned. He now receives the medication that he so valiantly attempted to receive in the “free world” while incarcerated
          If I had my way, the DEA would be abolished or at least sued for “practicing medicine without a license”.
          Maybe some “pro-bono lawyer” could take on the DEA. . .

          • “Tolerance” is a much misunderstood thing, as is “addiction.” I could write a book about it… but it’s not possible here.

            The usual reason the dose must be continually increased is that the medication being used is not actually appropriate for the type of pain involved – and therefore ineffective, not that the patient has become “tolerant.” At higher levels of use, sometimes the patient simply becomes sufficiently sedated not to process the pain that has not been relieved.

            Matching the appropriate pain medication to the patient and his/her needs is a serious job that MOST doctors are completely incapable of performing. I’ve talked with and had to work with a lot of doctors, and even some who profess to be skilled in “pain management” don’t know what the devil they are doing – even if they really care. They have been sold a bill of goods by the pharma industry and medical training they did receive, and it blocks out an awful lot of common sense. Frighteningly, most doctors don’t know much more about the drugs they prescribe than the “information” sheet that comes with it, and they sure don’t take the time and effort to consider the impact of the drug on the whole person who takes it, even if they consider (or know) what the person is taking otherwise.

      • “Are you really that uninformed or naive” Sorry to disagree but after 20 years in law enforcement I’m not stating an uninformed opinion. I was refering to doctors who graduate med schools in countries you can not even find on a map who could care less about their rep. Remember….you are thinking like a legit person who cares about themselves. I’m talking about people who only care about ingesting anything that makes em feel “good”.

        • How in the world is it any of your business what anyone else “feels?” Or how they manage to feel anything. Who made you or anyone else the judge of what’s good or right for another?

          Put a sock in it.

          • Its not any of my business what you do with your body which is why I’m against prohibition. That’s the message I’m trying to relay.

          • You are being way too hostile. I think his point is a valid one, as is yours. Perhaps you both are right?

            It IS very easy to get pain medications from doctors, particularly if you do not need a large amount. For a chronic pain sufferer a 20mg Oxy may not cut it, but for a person with little tolerance that is a guaranteed high.

            On the other hand, people with long-term pain and those that need irregularly high doses face a gauntlet of challenges to getting what they need. This is just what I’d expect from a government bureaucracy like the DEA, which hassles people getting large doses under the assumption that they are selling the excess.

            It’s very easy to get addicted to opiates ‘legally’. In my younger (foolish) days as an addict/dealer I had many, MANY, middle-age moms and the like coming to me to score dope when they couldn’t find or get their pills. People rarely start straight into heroin, they get there by being prescribed pain pills and beginning the ‘doctor dance’ for more and finally going to the street.

        • ” Sorry to disagree but after 20 years in law enforcement I’m not stating an uninformed opinion. ”

          Why is everything you say backed up by your ’20 years in law enforcement’? You referred to prescription drug us as “drug abuse” That’s an uninformed opinion. People with chronic pain use drugs in order to be able to do their daily work. That isn’t drug abuse. People who use drugs just because they enjoy the effect aren’t abusing drugs, either. They’re using drugs as they see fit. That isn’t drug abuse either.

          I guess you haven’t picked up on the vibe here. Your 20 years in law enforcement, to me, makes anything you say very likely to be bullshit. I’m not impressed with your former job. A drug user with 20 years on his favorite drug has more to tell about drug use than you do.

          • I’m baffled too Ed.

            How is anyone’s ingestion of whatever substance the affair of anyone else, if no harmful effects from said pill swallowing occurs to any other person?

            The zombie mind’s conception of human-connectedness is truly unfathomable.

            abuse (n.)
            mid-15c., “improper practice,” from Old French abus (14c.), from Latin abusus (see abuse (v.)). Earlier in Middle English was abusion “wicked act or practice, shameful thing, violation of decency” (early 14c.), “an insult” (mid-14c.).

            abuse (v.)
            early 15c., “to misuse, misapply,” from Middle French abuser, from Vulgar Latin *abusare, from Latin abusus “an abusing, using up,” past participle of abuti “use up,” also “misuse,” from ab- “away” (see ab-) + uti “use” (see use). Of sexual situations from early 15c., but originally incest, homosexuality, prostitution, etc.; meaning “to misuse sexually, ravish” is from 1550s. Specifically of drugs, from 1968.

            self-abuse (n.)
            c.1600, “self-deception,” from self- + abuse (n.). an earlier term was self-pollution (1620s).

            I do beseech you,
            Though I perchance am vicious in my guess,
            As, I confess, it is my nature’s plague

            To spy into abuses, and oft my jealousy
            Shapes faults that are not, that your wisdom,

            From one that so imperfectly conceits,
            Would take no notice, nor build yourself a trouble

            Out of his scattering and unsure observance.
            It were not for your quiet nor your good,

            In Modern Vernacular
            Please don’t ask me to tell you. I might be completely wrong. I have a bad tendency to be suspicious of people and to look too closely into what they’re doing.

            Often I imagine crimes that aren’t really there. You would be wise to ignore my weak guesses and imaginary suspicions, and don’t worry yourself about the meaningless things I’ve noticed.

            For me to tell you my thoughts would only destroy your peace of mind.
            – – – – –

            There’s no denying that Taming of the Shrew portrays patriarchy at its worst – the question is, what is the play’s attitude toward such action and behavior?

            Does it condone domestic abuse and celebrate painful and humiliating tactics to reform “shrewish” behavior? Or, does it satirize unfair social attitudes toward women?

            Or, is it merely a light-hearted farce that is not meant to be taken seriously at all? These are important questions that have sparked centuries of debate.

            Whether or not one thinks the play is vile, hilarious, or some combination of the two, asking tough questions and thinking hard about the problems posed by the text are good things.


            Sir, you seem a sober ancient gentleman by your habit, but your words show you a madman.

            Why, sir, what concerns it you if I wear pearl and gold?

            I thank my good father, I am able to maintain it.

          • Ed, I’d give Joe some slack here. It’s a big thing for a cop to realize the war on some drugs is bullshit. It’s a gateway to realize pretty much everything if not everything the government wanted them to do is bullshit.

          • @Tor – I am about as adamant to remove “government” controls over behavior as any (under the NAP). And I personally know what a cash-cow B.S. problem-reaction-solution machine the D.E.A and local drug enforcement teams are (and it ain’t protecting the public per se).

            That said, I do not have a method I am satisfied with that deals with the Nimrods who would think it is a good idea to ingest LSD or similar substance at home, then unknowingly walk around on the freeway because it is a beautiful thing… For the third time. Help me out here.

            • Hi Gary,

              Well, it’s the same issue with Nimrods (and various intoxicants) generally, is it not?

              I mean, there are people who drink irresponsibly, or who cannot “handle” it… who put themselves in potentially dangerous situations (such as operating machinery or – as in your example – playing in traffic).

              Same with any intoxicant. (I “tripped” a couple times in college. Never once played in traffic.)

              The solution is simple: Hold accountable those individuals who act irresponsibly/cause damage.

              Group guilting/dumbing-down/presumption of inability to “handle” things… is not the practical or ethical solution to any act of individual irresponsibility.

              Firstly, it’s not right. If I haven’t caused a problem, then I am not a problem. Therefore, I have a right to be left the hell alone. If “Smith” caused a problem, then “Smith” is responsible. Not me.

              Second, as a purely practical matter, dumbing-down creates more dummies, while prior restraint based on a dumbed-down/group guilt standard leads to a suffocating Nanny State, such as the one we have today.

          • @Eric – That is where it (NAP) gets sticky. If taking the drug at home, no harm done to anyone else, no foul. If that same person gets hurt while out and about, no foul at that time except himself.

            But what is the penalty for hurting yourself, or getting run over, while in that state. What would the penalty be for multiple offenses of it as well. No other person (maybe some property damage) was injured, but he created a bad situation for himself and others.

            • Hi Gary,

              The penalty for hurting yourself is … hurting yourself! Just like the person who eats way too much and gets fat. His penalty is… he’s fat (and unhealthy).

              We each have a right to do things that may be unwise, unhealthy – even objectively harmful. Provided we harm no one else (or their stuff) in the process.

              To deny this right amounts to an assertion of ownership over others.

          • “Ed, I’d give Joe some slack here.”

            I am giving him some slack. He doesn’t give anyone else any slack, though. It’s no big thing for a cop to realize that the drug war is a war on ordinary people. Anyone who can’t see that while they’re engaged in it is a moron, bordering on imbecility.

            So, a retired cop says the drug war is endangering his former team mates. OK. What else you got?

          • “That said, I do not have a method I am satisfied with that deals with the Nimrods who would think it is a good idea to ingest LSD or similar substance at home, then unknowingly walk around on the freeway because it is a beautiful thing”

            Oh, yeah. That’s a huge problem, isn’t it. All these traffic fatalities caused by LSD users wandering around on the freeway….. how many times has that happened this year? I guess it’s a number, like maybe zero.

            Hmmmm, let’s see… on one hand we have the need for basic human liberty, and on the other hand we have the need for a method of dealing with Nimrods.

            Shit, I give up. It’s a fucking Gordian Knot over here. What a fucking quandary.

          • The drug abuse I’m referring to is not from people fighting a real ailment but rather a made up condition to get prescription drugs. Asking a drug addict about using drugs both legal and illegal is perfect and that’s where I am getting my information. And yes it’s abuse…..anything you use “in excess” is considered abuse. Do I care what you put in your body that does not harm me? NO. Law enforcement is a very rare job as you see on a daily basis the real world. You can only read about things that I saw first hand and its not a pretty world out there.

            • Hi Joe,

              Some people (a great many people) “abuse” food. They eat to excess such that it causes them real (demonstrable) harm. Is this sufficient cause to forcibly intervene?

              If not, why?

              How come fat slobs get a pass? Why aren’t SWAT teams sent to “take down” pork processing plants?

              I am trying to get you to see that whether a given action/activity is harmful to those partaking ought to be irrelevant insofar as “the law” – that is, other people’s right to intervene. You may personally disapprove of smoking pot, or eating a pound of bacon every day. But is it not the right of the person to smoke the pot or eat the bacon if that is their choice? Who are any of us to dictate to others what they shall do with – or put into – their bodies?

              If “Smith” enjoys popping pills – whatever pills – what business is that of mine? No package-dealing, now. His taking pills – as such – causes me no harm. That he “might” drive while impaired is a non sequitur. If you disagree, then alcohol ought to be illegal too, since anyone who drinks “might” do something irresponsible or criminal, etc.

              Either we own ourselves – or we don’t.

          • @ Ed November 22, 2013 at 8:39 am
            Oh, come on, Ed – a little slack is ESSENTIAL for that short drop – otherwise there’s no suddent stop, and they die slowly of asphyxiation.

            Hmm… Maybe you’re right, cops being cops, watching them dance is… Appealing. And quite comedic, if you film it and play it back at 4X.

          • @JoePA November 22, 2013 at 10:29 am

            The drug abuse I’m referring to is not from people fighting a real ailment but rather a made up condition to get prescription drugs.

            How do YOU know what is real and what is not?

            Asking a drug addict about using drugs both legal and illegal is perfect and that’s where I am getting my information.

            Because asking the mentally and morally weak, who are often looking for ANY sort of validation they can get – even NEGATIVE affirmation – is such a solid method for getting dead-on, perfectly true, information.
            Let alone that you have threat of force to extract whatever answer you might wish to hear…
            And no one outside the Thin blue Line of whores is likely to even hear about it, let alone witness it.

            And yes it’s abuse…..anything you use “in excess” is considered abuse.

            Back to Omnipotent Pig mode. YOUR definition of excess. YOU determine when it’s abuse. Is it abuse for a 99-pound woman to get 4 grains of morphine? What about a 240-pound man?
            Or do you just know it when you see it, as was the test for “obscenity”?

            What if I think Dorner had the right idea, or I want to worship Kali correctly, by strangling people… and my preferred victim is police? Does that fall under freedom of religion? (Forget the NAP: It doesn’t apply, as you’re already willing to use force on me. I don’t extend respect to my enemies that is denied to me. We’re all living in the mud from my view.)

            Law enforcement is a very rare job as you see on a daily basis the real world. You can only read about things that I saw first hand and its not a pretty world out there.

            Appeal to YOUR OWN authority yet again.
            Some of us have lived some pretty rough lives – i’m comparatively pampered, and _I_ can see your Bullshit – or would that be pigshit?

            Like academics, pigs live in a rarified world. you see all sorts of “horrors”, then visit those same horrors on normal people – like your family.

            Never been arrested, minimal contact with police – and I think it’s a public service to kill you.

            With the results of your indoctrination so evident – I don’t think anyone could argue with me, really.

            Imagine if I were GOOD at pointing out your logical flaws, and kept a level head? You’d be a cinder in an instant, in terms of debate.

            Too bad I’m the emotional type who’d prefer that you BECOME a cinder. It’s Guilt by association – you don’t clean up the ranks of all these little infractions INSIDE Team Pig – you’re PART OF THE PROBLEM.
            And big pigs breed little pigs…

      • Very true. You can always just buy pot though if you know an honest source. Or grow your own. It is just a naturally growing plant that needs light and water.

      • ML, my Uncle had his back broken by a horse at a young age. I spent a lot of time in his household growing up and I’ve seen first hand what that means.

        I’ve also worked for a friend who’s a GP. I’ve seen first hand people trying to come down using a regimen of Suboxone.

        I’ve personally sparred with pushy patients who didn’t get what they wanted from my Doc friend; understandably, some will threaten, lie, and go to any extreme to get the chemicals they want.

        The right to tools of self-protection. The right to tools for chemical regulation of your body. They are inalienable.

        Gun advocates must logically also be Drug advocates.

        Hoplophobes and Chemophobes must be given no quarter.

        Prohibitionists destroyed America. They are destroying the world.

        These Phobists have no place in the emerging world.

        I urge you to also consider rejecting the prohibition mentalility not just for gun laws, and for chemical laws, but for all manner of one-size-fits-all laws of every kind.

        That doesn’t mean you need to stop advocating strict morality, and join my seemingly loose morality.(I’d argue I’m actually very strict, just in an alternate way – but that’s a long story)

        We are using outdated methods and concepts. There are better ways to build moral societies of strict and narrow scope. At root, I want us to start building for ourselves, and fully abandon the inhuman Neo-Warrior mentality of War on Guns, War on Drugs, War on X, War on Y, and War on Z.

        • Tor… After all I’ve written here about self ownership/responsibility and non-aggression, I can’t imagine where you get the idea I come anywhere near a “prohibition mentality.” I carry a gun every day, everywhere, and I think everyone who wants to should do the same… 🙂 If they become aggressive, they may just die for it.

          With a degree in pharmacology (old, but still), and 30 years experience with both patient and personal use of various drugs for pain and symptom management, I have a pretty good idea of the reality of things.

          I have zero problem with anyone using whatever substance they wish, for any purpose they wish. The smart ones will learn enough about it to avoid the (at least the chemistry related) pitfalls, and those who refuse to learn will suffer the consequences. Those who use their drug needs/wants as an excuse for aggression against others must reap the same consequences as those who aggress otherwise. The drug is merely the excuse, not the cause.

          • @MamaLiberty—100% absolutely cast-iron correct!

            Whatever he wants. PCP, LSD, crack, heroin. Inject turpentine if it’s the buzz he craves.

            Because it’s HIS body.

            I don’t understand why this isn’t obvious to people. We’ve become so used to utilitarian arguments for prior restraint that the first words out of most prohibitionist’s mouths is “but what if they…”

        • “War on Guns, War on Drugs, War on X, War on Y, and War on Z.”

          Indeed. I’m wating for them to hijack an antiwar movement and lead it into a federally conducted War on War. I don’t know why they haven’t thought of it already. Consider that their War on Drugs has resulted in an epedemic of drug addiction and criminailty.

          The War on War would surely result in perpetual war far beyond anything we already have. Maybe they aren’t as smart as we assume they are.

          • Holy shit Ed! The war on war! ahahahahahahaha!

            If you’re a soldier in the WoW, aren’t you and your buddies the enemy?

            Imagine a Billion Man Battalion of Blue Helmeteers and client nation armed forces all gunning each other’s soldiers down to win the War on War.

            That’s the reason for the vehicle, weapon, and ammo stockpiles! Because of UN Agenda Catch-21. The heroes are massively prepping in order to win the War on War.

            They’re running drills and beginning to implement the treaties and edicts in an attempt to execute UN Agenda Catch-21.

          • circa 1980, UC Berkeley, public restroom graffiti Sproul Plaza

            “Kill All Killers!”
            “Kill All Killers of Killers!”
            “Kill The Rest.”
            “Yabba Dabba Dooooooooooo!

    • Joe it’s worse than a sham. The government’s the biggest drug dealer in the world. The CIA isn’t nicknamed the “Cocaine Importation Agency” just because it’s funny!

      I’m sure you’re aware that Afghani opium production increased from about 9% of the world’s supply pre-2003, to today’s 93% and more…all under the watchful eyes of Our Troops Pertektin’ Our Freedums. Pat Tillman knew.

      Or that the big 6 banks launder the money; Wells Fargo just a year or two ago paid a paltry 100 million or so for their role in laundering $378 billion in Mexican cartel money.

      Or the school-to-prison pipeline; the corporate-owned prison systems that contract with states to guarantee minimum 90% “occupancy”. They prefer non-violent drug “abusers”*; after all, they make better workers and they don’t cause trouble. More profitable overall.

      This game is hundreds of years old, and it’s being played by the exact same banking families–the same ones who ran the Opium Wars and profited off enslaving the Chinese people.

      It’s coming close to time to hunt these scrofulous fucks down, run them out of their gated communities, try them, and hang them in the streets.

      * “abusers”–how I hate that term, applied to anyone who doesn’t use drugs in the santioned way. They’re the new niggers and Jews.l

      • Forgot to elaborate on “school-to-prison pipeline”–those cutesy D.A.R.E. programs? They’re designed to introduce kids to drugs and get them using. It’s absolutely known–look up the stats–that schools with these programs see increased drug use.

        The solution, for the idiot sucker parents? Have MORE programs!

        It is diabolical.

      • Always follow the money. Drug cartels, pushers, transporters etc….. love the easy money. The same principal applies to gubberments reasons as well. Theres a lot of money being made in enforcing the kings will. Ask any agent….DEA, FBI, Narcotics, Big Pharma enforcers etc why? and they will answer the same way…$$$$$$$. These same officers are hired by departments that also LOVE drug busts as they are making HUGE profits from forfeiture and they “look” like heros. Many cops….myself included….. want(ed) into narcotics enforcement simply because of the unlimited overtime. The money is great and you no longer have to deal with the daily routine of patrol, so you make a killing doing nothing most of your shift. You may not like what i just wrote but its what I witnessed. I consider myself a product of the system and not its cause. Would you turn down easy money thinking its all legit?

        • So you’re basically a whore….

          Just as a prostitute is a product of the system (men supplicate to and purchase sex from women – even in marriage).

          But at least a prostitute is honest about it, and she leaves afterwards with no illusions of being a hero…

          • Yes in a way you are correct….a prostitute at least admits that she is after the easy money. I admitted the same thing and most do…….but in like minded company…..not to be heard in public.

            BTW…. Watch all the “whores” out there line up for big salaried jobs confiscating your guns. Think people will refuse?

          • Joe,
            Kill a few, burn out there families – suddenly cesar’s gold doesn’t shine so bright any more.

            There are ways for a man to walk and still be dead inside – I have no illusions about what I am, either.
            Or where i’m going.

        • Wait, so when you figured out that what you were doing was evil, did you repent and stop doing it? Or did you keep enforcing the evil narcotics laws because it payed well?

          If you kept doing it despite knowledge, I’d be very close to agreeing with Jean’s “public service” comment.

    • Oh, I don’t know about all that. Getting effective pain management medication is insanely difficult, complicated, and expensive, even for someone who needs it to live a more or less normal life. I have Crohn’s Disease, had extensive surgery for it (with some impressive scars to prove it) and am taking anti-inflammatories, immune suppressants, etc. on a continuing basis. Painkillers got me through graduate school in engineering and allow me to hold a job in my field. It’s still a hassle getting the opioid analgesics. I’ve had Crohn’s since 1978, and remember when getting a prescription filled for, say, oxycodone was a simple as calling my gastroenterologist and having him call it in. Now the only doctors who will handle these medications are “pain management specialists,” who are few and far between. The beaureaucratic rules surrounding getting the scrips and getting them filled make the DMV look like a model of rationality and efficiency. And it’s only getting worse.

        • Several of these drugs – like statins, IIRC – you get on, and then can’t get off. As in, could kill you to get off them.

          Nothing like a repeat cuistomer… Only the first one is free…

      • I read somewhere, (sorry, no proof, just speculation) that the reason the gunverment approved opioids, e.g., Oxycontin, are ‘diluted’ with acetaminophen is that extended use causes liver damage. Kind of like gunverment approved tainting of ethanol with methanol during Prohibition.
        And with all the money and man hours invested in taking Al Capone down, it was the IRS that finally got him.
        Sorry, that last bit was a bit of a rabbit trail, but goes to show that ALL gunverment coercion is immoral.

        • Oxycontin is a continuous release form of oxycodone and is not mixed with Tylenol or any other drug in the tablet. It is extremely helpful for soft tissue and muscle pain, but is not terribly effective for pain originating in the bone or nerves.

          Some oxycodone products are, but they have other names. They can be valuable medications in some cases, but are extremely limited for serious pain, especially over time. The only thing that keeps them from being used appropriately is the insane tangle of regulations and voodoo superstition – yes, even among doctors – about what actually constitutes either good pain management or “addiction.” True addiction to the actual drug, rather than the full blown psychological nightmare of individuals who can’t face any sort of reality… is relatively rare.

          The chemical name is 4, 5a-epoxy-14-hydroxy-3-methoxy-17-methylmorphinan-6-one hydrochloride.

          Oxycodone is a white, odorless crystalline powder derived from the opium alkaloid, thebaine. Oxycodone hydrochloride dissolves in water (1 g in 6 to 7 mL). It is slightly soluble in alcohol (octanol water partition coefficient 0.7).

          The 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg, 40 mg, 60 mg and 80 mg tablets contain the following inactive ingredients: butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), hypromellose, polyethylene glycol 400, polyethylene oxide, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide.

          • n August 2010, Purdue Pharma reformulated their long-acting oxycodone line, marketed as OxyContin, to use an abuse-resistant polymer designed to decrease abuse potential by defeating the release mechanism. The reformulated version is labeled as abuse-resistant.

            Pfizer manufactures a preparation of short-acting oxycodone, marketed as Oxecta, which contains inactive ingredients designed to induce nasal irritation if the tablet is crushed and snorted.

            Oxycontin is Oxycodone explicitly formulated with “inert binders” that enable time release. (and other things?) It’s not a single chemical. These other things are considered unsafe to inject by those who would know. Why?


            Oxycontin is not a drug, it is a brand name for a preparation of oxycodone. Oxycodone is the active chemical in oxycontin, the rest is fillers, binders, or substances which create the time-release mechanism, and serve other purposes.

            Oxycodone is an opioid. It is synthesized from thebaine which is an alkaloid found in opium from poppy plants.

            Oxycodone is available as single-ingredient medication in immediate release and controlled release. Combination products formulated with non-narcotic ingredients such as NSAIDs and paracetamol (acetaminophen) also available as immediate release formulation.

            It is quite simple to inject, however keep in mind that even generic, instant release versions of oxycodone will likely contain inert binders or fillers even if they don’t contain any other active ingredients.

            It is dangerous to inject these ingredients. If one is intent on injecting, it is fairly simple. The process, like injecting other drugs, involves creating a solution containing the oxycodone and preparing it for injection. To inject OxyContin, the coating must be removed.

            If I were to use it, the Bioavailability of taking it by Mouth: 60-87% seems more than sufficient.

            Intranasal: 46% +/- 34%
            IV: for all intensive purposes, 100%
            Rectal: 61% +/- 30%
            Sublingual: 45.4% +/- 20.1%

            -This perversion and poisonization of a natural pain reliever and mood-alterer is government pseudoscience and control freakery in its deadliest form.

            – Caveat Emptor

      • David S, I understand your pain and frustration. I was once a slave to the pharmacy and it sucked big time. For those who see it as just a way to get high, that couldn’t be more untrue. For those who have had a relatively pain free life and enjoy having a target, it’s an easy one for them. I have know a lot of people like that. What is almost funny though is when something happens to those people and then they begin to justify their pain management. Hey, friend, don’t try to tell me what it’s like, I have been there, done that. I have given every bit of information and related all the experience I have to people suffering since no matter the glib remarks about misery, it’s will misery. I’m amazed you could focus well enough to complete graduate school much less a specialty such as engineering. My hat’s off to you. Tx. had the Republicans take over in ’02 and rewrote the entire penal system including how doctor could and mainly, could not prescribe controlled substances. We had legislation passed called the Right to Privacy Act, legislation that was exactly the opposite of that misnomer as you’d come to expect from that illegal, immoral cabal. Once it was implemented then there’d be a list at the pharmacy with every prescription sold and the names of those who received it along with their signatures. I was totally miffed, outraged as it were to see it. I could view and see everybody’s signature on their prescriptions that had been there that day. It was unbelievable. So this is “privacy” I asked the clerk. She said This is what we have to do. So where’s the privacy? She just shook her head. Everybody at the pharmacy felt as if they’d been had, staff and customers alike. Now at least, we have electronic records so there’s no paper list but there now is NO privacy of any sort. This act went into effect i 2003 and just like what the Republicans had been doing to that point, it was obfuscation at it’s highest. It was easy to see that the name for any legislation was exactly opposite of what it was so the “patriot act” was no surprise. Now the democrats have caught on to this misnomer business and there is no end to their duplicity in the titles of laws they write. You’re correct about pain management specialists, they’re not only abusive but hard to come by since they deal only with people on some type of insurance they approve with medicare being one of their best. I know many people with chronic pain, have taken them to doctors and been there for them, sometimes even in the examining room. It’s a hoax at best and a rip-off and a scam. Good luck to you. I hope you keep up with the latest on your problem. (things are beginning to look up in that category) On one final note, I’m sure you’ve been offered all the SSRI’s you could possibly take. This is sinister stuff in my book since all doctors can readily(and do)prescribe these things. My old doc first mentioned them to me 20 years ago. I declined, still do.

    • Why L.E.A.P. wants to end prohibition:

      We believe that drug prohibition is the true cause of much of the social and personal damage that is attributed to drug use. It is prohibition that makes drugs over-valued – while giving criminals a monopoly over their supply.

      Driven by the huge profits from this monopoly, criminal gangs bribe and kill each other, law enforcers, and children. Their trade is unregulated and they are, therefore, beyond the control of those who claim to rule us.

      History has shown that drug prohibition reduces neither use nor abuse. Unlike when a rapist is arrested, and there are fewer rapes. After a drug dealer is arrested, neither the supply nor the demand for drugs is seriously changed.

      The drug arrest merely creates a job opening for an endless stream of drug entrepreneurs who recklessly and ruthlessly pursue the enormous profits created by prohibition.

      Prohibition costs taxpayers tens of billions of dollars every year. And many multiples of greater costs to society in general.

      We’re 40 years and 40 million arrests into the war on drugs. Yet drugs are cheaper, more potent, and far more widely used than at the beginning of this ill-conceived futile crusade.

      We believe that by eliminating prohibition of all drugs for adults and establishing appropriate regulation and standards for distribution and use, law enforcement could better focus on crimes of violence, like rape, aggravated assault, child abuse and murder, and begin making our communities safe and livable again.

      We believe that sending parents to prison for non-violent personal drug use destroys families. We believe that in a regulated and controlled environment, drugs will be safer for adult use and less accessible to children. And we believe that by placing drug abuse problems in the hands of medical professionals instead of the criminal justice system, we will reduce rates of addiction and overdose deaths.

      L.E.A.P. – a United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime NGO. Proud partner in the Problem-Reaction Solution daisy-chain of International False Front Nonprofit Fuckery.

      David Icke – Problem Reaction Solution

      • “L.E.A.P. – a United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime NGO. Proud partner in the Problem-Reaction Solution daisy-chain of International False Front Nonprofit Fuckery.”

        Yes, exactly correct. LEAP attracts participants who see the damage of the drug prohibition crusade, but who will never be able to grasp that the solution cannot include further regulation and continued interference with the decisions made by individuals.

        UN recognized NGOs are all false front organizations covertly or overtly funded by some government/corporate entity. They all have agendas amicable to their sources of funding.

    • “Go to any doctor and tell them you have physical pain or psychological problems and watch the drugs flow……legally…..without fear of arrest I might add.”

      The doctors are afraid, so you might not get permission to purchase what you really want. Nor can one purchase what s/he considers an adequate amount.

      Interfering in any way with an adult’s efforts to self-medicate is intrinsically criminal. Interfering with an adults effort to treat his own suffering is morally equivalent to inflicting the suffering. Therefore, it is a crime of force.

      The Drug War is a legal racket that serves parasites and criminals on both sides of the law. No Power that contravenes the Principles underpinning the unamendable Unanimous Declaration has lawful authority. The unconstitutional Drug War is such a power.

      I’m nearing the end of life, and ornery, vengeful and cantankerous old fart that I am, I do hope the American People on both sides of the law get exactly what they continue to earn. May they eventually feel the knout and lash quite literally.

      “God damn you all, I told you so.” –George Orwell (1903–1950)


      Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

      • Tinsley, let me offer my condolences. Now, feel better don’t you? Sure you do, just like when the doc said my wife could ‘learn to live with it’ in reference to her shattered foot and ankle. 20 years on and damned if the thing still doesn’t hurt as bad as ever, probably worse since it’s fill now with arthritis. My shoulders don’t hurt nearly as bad now that I sit on my ass all the time instead of accomplishing something. I have to tote some heavy buckets to the hogs in a bit. I’m really looking forward to that. Doc says strong muscles take the strain off shoulders and he’s right. Trying to keep those muscles strong though is a bitch cause what you do to strengthen your muscles aggravates hell out of your shoulders. Naw. I love catch 22 bs. I broke my leg March 6, both bones and pulled the Achilles tendon out of the bone in my foot. At six weeks, the doc stops my pain meds, says the DEA doesn’t like him to prescribe them. I told him I didn’t give a shit what they liked. Of course, good old doc treated it like it was just a simple broken bone on a ten year old boy instead of a 64 year old man. Now my leg hurts to one degree or some higher degree constantly. Two more docs say it is not going to get well. Yeah, tell me something I didn’t realize months ago. Finally, one had the guts to prescribe me some liver killer, hydrocodone with the least amount of acetaminophen you can get, even though I don’t get along with acetaminophen or hydrocodone for that matter. I have said for months I was going to head to the hood for some relief but I won’t. I’d probably get permanent relief with a .45 so I’ll stay away and not offend anyone with my white ass.
        If I could keep enough adrenaline flowing it wouldn’t be as big an issue but I’m guessing something probably wouldn’t tolerate that so good. I did almost forget my pain for a few seconds about 20 minutes ago encountering a fired up rattler right inside the door of the barn as I went through. That got the old blood flowing but now my leg hurts twice as bad. 9 rattles and a button. I can send you one if you want, take your mind off your shoulders for a few seconds. Snakes have been terrible this year with two cats bit already, CJ nearly bit and me twice now at the same location saved once by a cat and today just by circumstance.

        Anyway, you really do have my condolences and I have one bit of advice I can offer that MIGHT help you to some degree. I was having so much pain I would put all four pads on my TENS unit on the muscles around my shoulder joint to increase blood flow and hopefully decrease inflammation. I noticed after several months the shoulder I had the most trouble with and kept a TENS unit on, sometimes for the entire night, had larger muscles than the other. That helped to some extent. I have tried to find a TENS that would do my whole body, didn’t have any luck with that.

        I have heard you could get any med you wanted in Mexico but having been to Mexico countless times and all over the country I never found a pharmacia with any serious pain meds. I guess you’re just as out of luck there as here.

        To drive home your point, I’ll tell you about a doc I went to several months ago, a GP is you will. He began to rail against hydrocodone, said it would destroy you, went on and on about it. When he finally wound down I posited this question for him. “Is it worse than my getting drunk three times a day just to get half an hour or an hour’s sleep?” He didn’t answer me. Yep, thought so, nothing much worse than staying drunk all the time. Turns out he couldn’t prescribe it. Ok then. Now where’s that bottle? I have things to do today that would not be done well and might end with me having something else broken if I were drunk so drinking isn’t an option but oh, does it have a good ring to it, or it would if hangovers weren’t so bad.

        So here’s to living with it Tinsley, and may each and every one of them who give you that line have their own unmitigated pain soon. And let me speak to every one of them and ask “So, how’s living with that pain thing?”. That’s what I thought.

        • The WHOLE truth about the unconstitutional Drug War has been out for years now. Those who perpetuate the abomination are criminals.

          Had I the power to do so would apply the Nuremberg Precedent to those who wield power and perpetuate the Drug WAR. (Would it be considered a cruel and unusual punishment) to deprive those convicted of any and all analgesics?)


          Follows a snip from AMERICA’S FORSAKEN PROMISE. Google same to access the complete work.

          (Real Drug-related Crime)

          So-called drug-related crime is in reality prohibition-related crime. Absent prohibition and the prohibition inflated cost of doing illicit business, those now trafficking wouldn’t bother with trying to compete with your local drugstore for customer satisfaction.

          It is in the best interest of the long suffering, statute-plagued American People to become aware of who the real criminals are in the so-called War on Drugs. De facto Drug Prohibition is the Alpha Precedent that continues to nullify Constitutional Restraint and pave the way for the State’s utter domination of the Individual.

          Deception and Dollars
          It is in the immediate financial interest of the statists to continue with the present institutionalized deception as its operatives seek new ways to Plunder by Law.

          Read on to discover just how criminally low the statist parasites will go:

          The purpose of the non-controlled drugs in combination is often twofold: 1) To provide increased analgesia via drug synergy. 2) To limit the intake of hydrocodone by causing unpleasant and often unsafe side effects at higher-than-prescribed doses. –Wikipedia

          ACETAMINOPHEN (TYLENOL). . . acute overdoses of paracetamol can cause potentially fatal liver damage and, in rare individuals, a normal dose can do the same; the risk is heightened by alcohol consumption. Paracetamol toxicity is the foremost cause of acute liver failure in the Western world, and accounts for most drug overdoses in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand –Wikipedia

          Opioids are effective analgesics that need no mixing with other substances to control pain. Contaminating an opioid with Tylenol is a potential violence committed against persons seeking relief from pain. It is in fact intrinsically criminal and those responsible should be brought to justice.

          Capitalizing on state and media generated opiophobia to justify its unlawful interference in the lawful practice of medicine, unnecessary government inspired meddling in pain control is morally equivalent to inflicting the suffering. Interfering with an innocent Individual’s unalienable right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness is a fundamentally criminal act.

          How can an Individual possibly pursue Happiness when he is denied or simply cannot afford the cost involved in acquiring written permission to purchase the means to relieve his pain? Even worse, how can he pursue Happiness when he is experiencing the consequences of having been systematically poisoned.

          As the consequences of the Drug War accumulate – consequences that include imprisonment and in some cases, collateral damage that includes the death of innocents – the War on Drugs surely has standing as an ongoing crime against humanity that merits a reaction based on the powerful Precedent set by the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. (There was also a lesser known but perhaps more interesting Trial of the Judges* that immediately followed the War Crimes Trials.)

    • @Tor – “I hope the school takes 50% of your earnings”, “or “You could force everyone to buy a brownie and tax them if they don’t want one”.

      There is hope.

      Heard about Edward Snowden’s face and a “We the people thank you” message being placed on the transit busses in D.C.?

      The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund announced Wednesday that buses carrying ads with the National Security Agency leaker’s face next to the message, “Thank You Edward Snowden,” will be hitting the streets of the D.C. area next week.

      Read more:

      • Ah! That’s excellent!

        I’m going to donate.

        BTW Alex Jones is doing a 1st Amendment protest in Dallas. They’re blocking off a three-block radius around Dealy Plaza, and allowing in only party hacks to commemorate JFK’s murder-by-government.

        Don’t tow the line? Question the laughable Warren Report? You’re not welcome.

        • methylamine, these videos of the protest you refer to are more evidence that we are living in the Western Bloc.

          The former unitedState and militarily occupied lands have been completely subsumed by this Western Bloc.

          Think of Texas like its the Ukraine. Against its will its institutions are infested with federalized agents and funding.

          Dallas law enforcement’s priority isn’t local protection, but rather maintaining the flow of power and funds from the centralized police state. Dallas Morning News and other media are controlled and are unable to tell you what’s
          really happening.

          All US states are nothing like what they claim to be on paper or were historically. They are all Western Bloc. Catholic and Major Christian churches are all Western Bloc.

          Occupied Germany is in reality Western Germany. It is the Western Bloc that steals its peoples wealth to dominate Europe under the new European Union. The EU is a creation of the Western Bloc.

          Japan and South Korea are desperate to escape from beneath the thumb of the Western Bloc. The export manufacturers are captives of the Western Bloc, not free enterprise.

          It’s a chicken and egg thing as far as Britain, Canada, Australia, India, Pakistan, and the rest of the Commonwealth. It could be argued they’ve been Western Bloc for centuries, and the former unitedState is merely the shiniest jewel in its world-spanning crown.

          The UK the slave of the Western Bloc. The UK is also the master of the Western Bloc. The Western Bloc’s centers of power are Boston-DC Megaopolis, West Coast, and London. It has many lesser subcenters as well.

          They aren’t as obvious as the Soviets. No Berlin Wall. No parades with tanks in the square. But once you begin to recognize them, you’ll notice they’re quite similar in many other ways.

          Superbowl, World Cup, Olympics, all these sporting events are tools of the Western Bloc. Major Newspapers, Network TV, Cable TV, Hollywood, all these are tools of the Western Bloc.

          We are oppressed and restrained behind the Corporate Curtain. It is foolish to deny the states we live in bear any resemblance to their formerly quasi-independent selves. They are all Western Bloc in every way that matters.

          Rampaging Feds Attack Free Speech Demonstrators

          Police assault protestors and journalists

          Dallas Sheriff’s Deputies Assault Free Speech Activists, Punch Alex Jones

          • Think of Texas like its the Ukraine.

            And THAT, Tor, is an excellent observation! I’ve never thought of it that way; but it’s so obvious that the states have become outposts of the District of Criminals, and “these United States” have become The United State.

            Texas is, indeed, Ukraine.

            I wonder if they’ll run the same tried-and-true siege technique on us as well?

            They’re clearly itching for a war.

          • ““these United States” have become The United State.”

            Yes, Methylamine, and it happened long ago. Consider what Basil Gildersleeve said; that Lincoln’s war was fought over grammar, over whether the proper term should be ‘The United States is’ or ‘The United States are’.

            Basil was a Confederate veteran and professor of Latin at Hampden Sydney College in Farmville Va. We’re seeing the later stages of what was established as the norm by the radicals who ruled for decades after Lincoln’s murder.


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