Fat School Hero Arrests Dad

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Watch this 80-IQ inbred “safety” officer assault a Dad who was guilty of the high crime of ignoring a mindless bureaucratic rule:

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  1. “The video is no longer available because the uploader closed their youtube account”. Reminds me of some of the shitty straight shot youtube videos I made last year (much like the shitty straight shot videos I currently have) that I deleted because I couldn’t handle the pressure from the dipshit general public. I now vow to not delete my videos unless I make better ones to replace them but I sympathize with the uploader for deleting their account.

  2. Avery P Aytes (Age 49)
    766 Bent Tree Dr
    Crossville, TN 38555
    (615) 788-2026

    Sheriff Deputy and School Resource Officer Avery Aytes is the hefty hero. Jim Howe is the dad. Amanda Long, his fiancee, shot the video.


    How does a city of 11,000 afford that kind of police presence on school grounds? Why is it needed? The racial makeup of the city is 97% white.



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