Stupid Cop’s Motorcycle Mounted Loaded AR-15 Fires Once Injures 3 kids at Elementary School

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CHINO — Three children were injured by bullet fragments after a fellow elementary school student pulled the trigger of an assault rifle mounted on a police motorcycle during a school assembly, authorities said.pig one

The AR-15 was locked to the side of the motorcycle that was on display at Newman Elementary School on Wednesday during an anti-drug program when a student managed to fire it, Chino police spokeswoman Tamrin Olden said.

“The bullet disintegrated when discharged by striking a metal plate where the barrel rests against the weapons mount,” and fragments apparently struck some children and caused minor injuries, she said.

“It is likely that metal debris struck two children resulting in extremely minor injuries,” Olden said, adding that the children were treated at a hospital and released.


  1. An AR-15 mounted to the side of a motorcycle? Somehow that just doesn’t make sense. I could see having, say, an MP-5 inside one of the “saddle bags” where it can be kept both out of sight and secure…but where exactly would you mount an AR-15 on a motorcycle? Is it like the way riot guns are mounted in cruisers? What happens to the AR if you lay the bike down hard? Also, wouldn’t it be easy to steal one?

      • Dear Garyso,

        You really have to read KTLA’s article to fully appreciate how “the kids are running to the school. And then the noodle-brain started crying. I saw the article happened. And it got dumb.”

        Tim Everman’s son 8-year-old Matthew saw the incident.

        “They came to the school to say no to drugs, and then the bullet happened and it got shot,” Matthew said. “I saw the kid running to the grass, crying. I was thinking that someone got shot.”

        Matthew’s probably one of the brightest kids there.

        – and then the bullet happened, LOL!

        • Geez Tor, you think KTLA could possibly stuff any more beer videos, dating, Facebook shares and whatnot ads on their site? I was just trying to read the post, not shop for every product in the Sears catalog.

          Anyway, the kids dad said “It’s kind of strange that a gun would have been accessible, or not cleared, prior to doing the demonstration,”. Ya think? The dad sounds as dense as the cop. No dude, it is not strange, it is felony stupid!

        • The article is, after all, from an infotainment outlet, KTLA. That being the case, I would take my default view that the quote was made up out of the whole cloth by the “journalists” who wrote the article.

          The fucking newstwits also wrote: “Similar rifles have removed from other motorcycles used by the police department pending a continuing investigation, Olden said.”

          Oh, that makes the whole thing clear as mud, Huh? The article insists that no kids were shot, they were struck by metal debris. Yep, bullet fragments are indeed metal debris, but being hit by one is being shot, in my view.

          So, the Poe Lease will investigate themselves and conclude that the rifle fired itself and that having their goons bring military weapons into a school setting in order to propagandize the kids to join in the drug war is still a great idea.

          Fuckin cops. Who needs ’em?

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  3. I suppose we can be grateful that the kid who pulled the trigger wasn’t shot several times by the idiot donut addict who was displaying the bike and rifle.

    Fuckin cops are a constant source of mayhem. Who needs ’em?

  4. No word yet from Child (grabbing ) Protective Service, anti-gun group activists, politicians or school crisis counselors. But we have received anonymous reports of them huddling in a back room strategy session at Denny’s.

  5. Ah, cop bullets…the only type of bullets that are able to cause “extremely minor injuries” when flying thousands of feet per second and hitting innocent children. I wonder if that 13 year old who was gunned down in Cali with the toy gun knew that cop bullets are able to cause “extremely minor injuries”.

    Can you imagine what this headline would be if it were a kid who brought in his dad’s loaded gun (an AR-15, no less! *cue gasps*), shot it, and had bullet fragments hit their fellow classmates?

    • It’s remarkable, isn’t it, how ineptly cops handle guns (and how poorly they shoot)… despite being “trained” and despite having all sorts of extra-special privileges conferred upon them.

      In addition, of course, to their trigger-happy brutality.

      Did you read read the story the other day about the cops who shot the unarmed mentally ill man for just standing there? Numerous bullets penetrated neighboring homes – but it’s ok, because they were cop bullets. Meanwhile, if I or you or any other ordinary person managed to miss the target by 20 yards and the stray round ended up in the neighbor’s house (or the neighbor) we’d be looking at (deservedly) reckless endangerment (minimally) and in all likelihood our legal right to posses a gun would be taken away forever.

      • Yeah, it’s amazing how many cops are real-life Barney Fifes in terms of their vanity and ineptness. But they’re not funny, and they’re far from harmless. If only they could be more like the Barney that Andy Griffith immortalized in song:

        ‘Oh my Barney, oh my Barney,
        Had a jail and couldn’t lock it,
        Had one bullet for his pistol,
        Had to keep it in his pocket.’

      • I didn’t read the story about the mentally ill man but that sounds like the video I watched either on this website or from youtube where all the mentally ill man did was stand up out of his wheel chair (not even taking one step towards the cops who were at least 20 feet away) with a knife in his hand and they opened fire like they were on the front lines of World War I. Not surprising to hear that they managed to riddle all the neighbors homes with bullets…

        • Jacob, that was in a Ft. Worth suburb where they shoot people daily. I take the Ft. Worth Star Telegram online. In Dallas and Ft. Worth they shoot people every day. often shooting several homes at the same time. I can only imagine what goes on in really big cities that’s not reported. I mean, this is news in Ft. Worth, not so much in Dallas where I have no doubt countless homicides by cop happen every day. Make you wonder how many killings by cop there really are every day in Chicago.


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