Colorado Hero Caught on Tape Beating The Shit Out Of 15-year-Old Daughter

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A Colorado Hero who was caught on tape beating his teenage daughter was arrested and charged with child abuse after the video originally came to the attention of authorities.pig 2

Berthoud Hero Jeremy Yachik, 35, has been charged with four counts of child abuse and one count of false imprisonment, according to a report by The Denver Post.

Video here:

Fat bastard pig picture here:

In a press release the Loveland Police Department says they received an email on Sept. 24 alleging that Yachik abused a juvenile months ago within Loveland city limits and conducted an investigation. During that investigation both Yachik and Berthoud Police Chief Glenn Johnson were put on leave and were put under a criminal investigation by Loveland Police and the Larimer County District Attorney.

The tape, obtained by KDVR-TV, shows a darkened figure of a man standing over teen who is on the floor crying. The man can be heard asking the girl, “You had what?” She replies “carrots,” and the man appears to hit the girl before saying “exactly,” and kicking her.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by 9News, Yachik’s daughter — who turned 15 on Oct. 20th — detailed years of physical abuse by her father that included being choked to the point of blacking out, being force-fed ghost pepper sauce whenever Yachik accused her of lying, restraining her hands with handcuffs or plastic zip ties, slamming her head so hard into a wall that it left a hole and more.

Loveland Police said that Yachik, who is 5-feet-11-inches tall and weighs 270 pounds, even admitted to all of his daughter’s abuse allegations and admitted that he was the one seen in the video, in the affidavit.

The video was sent by Yachik’s ex-fiance, who alleged that she and the teen had endured years of physical abuse at the hands of Yachik. In the affidavit, Yachik’s ex told the Loveland Police that she originally sent the video to Berthoud Police Chief Johnson but never received a response.

Just imagine what this Hero would do to you…. or your daughter/wife.


  1. O’Hare and Pia walked into the Harris’ backyard at 297 Enfield St. without a warrant. As they rounded the back corner of the house, they saw a St. Bernard, Seven, begin to move toward them. They turned and ran back the way they came, along the north side of the house, toward the front yard, the document states.

    K.H. a 12 year old girl ran around the other side of the house “in an effort to head off Seven’s path through the front yard,” it states. The girl heard two shots before she got to the front yard.

    When she arrived, she saw O’Hare standing over Seven, who had fallen to the ground. The dog was breathing heavily and his tail was wagging weakly, the document states. She screamed, “Don’t shoot my dog.”

    According to the document, “O’Hare looked at K.H., then back to the dog, and shot the dog in the head.” The girl ran to the dog, screaming and crying, after which O’Hare told her, “Sorry, miss, but your dog isn’t going to make it,” it states.

    The third bullet caused the dog’s death, the memorandum states. The document states that the girl had suicidal thoughts after the shooting and was hospitalized.

    May 17 2012

    – This is a 2006 shooting. A brief trial occurs six years later? A police state and a broken system.

    May 29 2012
    Jury’s Verdict Favors HPD In Federal Dog-Shooting Case

  2. Read the article and watched the video…. the pig admitted to all charges…. who wants to bet that this guy will get no jail time? Maybe he’ll blame his “alcohol problem” or some other amazingly convenient scapegoat and his “punishment” will be to attend anger management classes and AA meetings…. all funded by those of us who don’t work for the government.

    • Also, I guarantee his kids will NOT be taken away from him so we can all rest assured that he will probably end up sexually abusing his daughter while she sleeps. It’s ok though everyone! This type of shit goes on all the time, “luckily” for the perpetrators this type of victimization only makes the victim that much more reluctant to come out about it in the future because it made headlines once and nothing changed…so why bother telling anyone that your power tripping dad switched from beatings to rapes? Extra special victimization bonus because the perpetrator and his cop buddies are extra good at covering this type of shit up. Zed from Pulp Fiction, anyone?

    • Disgusting. And this sadist will probably get some award for “bravery.” Takes a lot of bravery to beat the s___ out of a 15 year old girl, after all. [sarcasm off] The more brutal and violent the pig, the farther up he/she moves on the food chain.


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