Hero Cops Taze Lady For Trying to Buy iPhones

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WMUR news reports that 44-year-old Xiaojie Li was visiting the mall in Nashua, New Hampshire, last week to buy christmas presents, but ran into trouble at the Apple store.

Li, who cannot speak English very well, was confused when workers refused to allow her to buy more than two iPhones. According to her daughter, Li recorded video of other customers buying multiple iPhones, prompting Apple staff to ask her to leave.

According to Nashua police, the store notified them of the incident and requested a no-trespass order.

When Li returned to the store Tuesday and attempted once more to buy several iPhones, police were called to the scene.

Her daughter told WMUR, “My mom says she doesn’t know why they called the police because she doesn’t understand what they are talking about.”

“The manager of Apple store came and told her something but she doesn’t understand,” the daughter added.

Police claim she then resisted arrest, forcing them to use a taser on her. Onlookers captured the incident on a camera phone. Li can be seen writhing on the ground as the cracking electricity of the taser causes her to scream.

Video here: http://www.prisonplanet.com/video-woman-brutally-tased-by-police-for-trying-to-buy-iphones.html


  1. Some of you probably remember the old “1984” Apple ad? It deliberately attracted people who “thought different” in Apple’s own words. They made a business of collecting non-conformists.

    Added by editor:

    Well, the campaign succeeded so now Apple has a customer list that’s probably 90% or better non-conformists. Owning Apple equipment these days is like registering a handgun. You made the list when you bought an iPod.

    Now they’ve entered Phase II of the plan; agitation. Go into an iStore, try and get service and you’ll be directed to make an appointment with the nearest “genius” who’ll talk down to you for awhile, tell you you don’t really need what you want and don’t really have any problems and you can’t buy it anyway, sneer, then ignore you until you get so pissed off you say or do something stupid. Then he’ll call a cop.

    It’s a fascinating and productive program when you think about it as a died in the wool authoritarian fascist control freak.

    • I really can’t say enough bad things about Apple. Just to sum up things shortly Apple Sucks! I still find it amazing that I can’t upload or download a basic mp3 file on an Apple product without having to go around my ass to get to my elbow. Their shit is so backassward. I’ll stick to my basic $20 mp3 player that lets me move mp3s like what they are, files. All the ipods have tracking on them too! Big bro has got that ass.

      • Oh you don’t want to get me started on Apple’s lame digital rights management program. I was an early adopter of the iTunes Store since I like music and I live in the boonies. About a year ago I lost 12 years of accumulated purchases because Apple deleted my ID for no known reason and now they won’t give it back. I lost about $400 of music that’s on my machine but won’t play because I’m no longer authorized to play it. I’ve literally spent months on the phone with them to get it fixed.

        Their last response was to ask me to produce receipts for all the tracks I’d bought, mostly one at a time for $.99 over the past 12 years. I told them I only kept records for 7 years as required by the IRS. They basically hung up on me.

        So now I get to buy the White Album. Again.

          • Eric–at least as long as the iPod lasts (isn’t lost, stolen, or destroys itself like every other Apple product eventually does). Burn the contents onto CDs and then they really will be yours.

          • Actually, you need to process the iTunes MP4 format back into an MP3 to remove the DRM crap.
            And you need to use Linux (Ubuntu – free) to move things from the iPod to the PC. CrApple specifically DISABLED that functionality a little while back – like 5 years ago. Ubuntu et al (*nix) don’t read the files correctly – no good name – but you can move them and then rename them while re-coding them. Use Winamp and Blade DLL (If they’re still around) to get around the DRM Bullshit.

            And if someone were to “drop” an incendiary grenade in a CrApple Elitist Hipster haunt, well – all I can think of is Applesauce and hot apple pie… 😀

            But you all know I’m a little deranged these days. It’s Astounding…. Time is – Fleeting
            MADNESS…. Takes it’s toll!!!

            (Hey, I make me laugh – and Blessed is he who can laugh at himself, for he shall never want for amusement.)

            [This is me with a migraine after 3.5 hours sleep dealing with a boss who, rather than correcting the problems with the outsourced labor, has us double-checking their bumbling antics. 😛 For some reason, all companies think IT takes care of itself. Then they complain we cost too much for the cost:benefit analysis, and cut our staff again, leaving us even MORE short-handed, demoralized, and picking up even MORE pieces of crap, charging MORE time, and… Lather, rinse, wash, repeat. ONE place I’ll bet the military’s even WORSE off, too – they’re seen as expendable, as are we; they got shot at – we don’t. Whether we belong over there is a different question, they’re still getting shot at while we’re in the cities of Mother Russi- I mean, Mother AmeriKa. Amazing so few officers are fragged these days…]

      • I don’t gnoe much about the music/entertainment/comms side of the Mac vs. PC debate, but I have been a Mac desktop/laptop guy since the ’90s and have never – not once – had a crash or similar issue with any of the several (five, six?) Macs I’ve owned. They’re completely stable/reliable. I don’t have to buy/install/run “anti-virus” programs. No multiple “drives.”

        Plus, the desktop environment was – IIRC – an Apple breakthrough that Gates simply ripped off. Crudely.

        PCs certainly have their good points, but so do Macs!

  2. Greatest fear: it happened to this hapless woman in NH last week, it could happen to you in CA, WA, IL, TX, etc next week. once we let this happen without protest, it will be commonplace in America

      • There’s an exception in there for stuff they see on TV like teerrrorists and crazed shooters. These highly improbable events require vast new government powers according to the clovers… but to them the police abuses which anyone who doesn’t 100% conform and obey will encounter to one degree or another, those don’t happen.

  3. That the MOB stands around and lets this occur should be a curse upon the lot of them. They’ll rue the day it happens to them but nobody is going to stop it… just video it.

  4. The cops are following “procedure” written by their superiors. That’s a good example of devolution. Humans spiralling downward into daily acts of immorality, and making a living at it.

    The woman could have been lead by gestures with a crook of the index finger to the exit door by the store manager or any employee. Or a gentle nudge by a female employee.

    However, the Chinese women seems to have selective cognizance. She understands “a limit of two i-phones” but not “you must leave the store”. Her daughter should have discouraged her from returning to a store where there was a previous problem or even going out alone.

    As much as I despise the errand boys procedure, these incidents can usually be avoided by acting with common sense.

    • And:

      Why do these “heroes” – typically, large young men – need to use that level of force with an obviously inferior (and clearly not physically threatening) “suspect”?

      In ordinary life, a 200-plus pound man who beats down a woman (or an old person or a kid) is regarded – rightly – as a piece of shit. A coward who deserves to be beat down.

      Yet when it’s done by a costumed 200-plus pound man (or men)… it’s acceptable.

      • As individual’s rights are usurped and he/she is conditioned to accept sheeple status via the rule of law, America has become Cloverland.

        Through procedure, cops have been turned loose to treat disobedient individuals as guards would treat prison inmates who have no rights.

        Clovers accept that while decent people are outraged. IMO, at this point, the only thing decent people can do is to withdraw support for government at every level.

    • The state reflects society and our society has lost all sense of self and social skills. People have become thugs with a thug mentality. Ford Tough! When did the symbol of America become a redneck with a John Deer cap, a chew and leg up on the bumper become the image of America?

      Just look at how people treat each other on those reality shows. Think about how customer service agents talk to people: cold, callous, impatient, rude, robotic completely void of any compassion, detached and they’re “competing” for your dollar and they STILL talk to you like that.

      Computers do most of the decision making nowadays, allowing these cold people to just have to deal with a select few but they are marginally warmer and more helpful than the computer.

      It’s so bad I see tv commercials urging people to “do the right thing”. Problem is: most people don’t know the difference between right and wrong.

    • Dom, it will end when people like you and me, witnessing something like this, put the guy in a hold, or push him off, and tell people to call 911–because what he’s doing is assault and false arrest.

      Just like crossing a red light, when they see someone doing something they instinctively KNOW is right, they’ll respond.

      You’ll go to jail, probably; and you’ll spend a ton of money on a lawyer. But I’m willing to jump on that grenade if I think someone else’s life is in danger.

      • That’s exactly what I’m scared of. I can’t get over how much of this is happening now and is video documented. Just imagine how much is undocumented. I mentioned on this site before that I had a cop about a split second from pulling a gun on me the last time I got pulled on my bike. I would have been done!

      • Meth – AGREED! Until we start defending ourselves as a community, nothing will change. But calling 911 is the LAST thing to do.

        If you, me and Dom subdued the cop(s), disarmed them and took their radios and sent them scurring on their way then the woman would be defended and a clear message sent to the cops: this is our community. You’re just an (unwanted) guest so learn to behave.

        Man I’ve seen videos with literally hundreds of people watching two cops abuse someone. Burns my ass.

        • I like that idea, but realize the risk you’d be taking. The victim you just saved, after thanking you, would probably pick you all out of a line-up to save her own ass, as the case unwinds.

          The old saying “no good deed goes unpunished” could become your reality.

        • I’ve seen dozens of those videos too, Don; I had to stop watching them because the frustration was overwhelming. Just seeing a bunch of trained apes standing around watching the egregious abuse! “Burns my ass”, indeed–like a fresh jalapeno.

          One in particular struck me hard, and made me vow to myself that I wouldn’t stand by if I were to witness similar: an old lady, with a walker, was confused and angry. She was standing in the middle of a parking lot, waving around a pitiful 1-inch pocket knife.

          A female cop used a Krav Maga take-down on her and slammed her face-first from standing height into the asphalt.

          I know that move. It only works when your opponent has no training and is physically weaker. It’s a bully-move.

          The old lady was badly injured, bleeding from mouth and nose, and the cop kept piling on.

          BTW–the reason I suggested calling 911 is it gives you a much better defense later in court; it WILL admittedly aggravate the situation, but your defense will be easier if you behaved “lawfully” and in good conscience. The overall effect will lead the jury to a more favorable verdict…I think.

          Of course sending her packing might work too–if you’re ready to haul ass and never be seen there again. Woe unto you if they find you, though.


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