Hero Cops Beat Pregnant Mother And Old Lady

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From Copblock:

On April 2, 2012, 25 year old Jose Lugo was talking with friends near his home on Flower Street on Rochester, NY’s east side, when three Rochester, NY Police officers, driving the wrong way on the residential one-way street, pulled up, grabbed him, and brought him over to an RPD cruiser.

When Jose asked what he had done, more RPD cruisers pulled up, surrounding him.

As Lugo’s family members and neighbors questioned what was going on, several RPD officers, including officers Richard Doran and Joel Hasper, became angry and started pepper spraying innocent people, including a pregnant woman, and an elderly woman in her 60′s.

Rochester, NY Police officers then pepper sprayed Lugo, threw him face down on the ground, tasered him at least three times, and beat him.

As Jose Lugo’s aunt was on her phone calling Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard, whom she used to work with when Sheppard was the Rochester City School district director of security, RPD officers pepper sprayed her, then arrested her.

At least 15 Rochester Police cars and a total of approx. 20 officers lined the street.

As winesses were recording the assault on Lugo and innocent residents, Rochester, NY Police officers Richard Doran, Joel Hasper, Kevin Flanagan, Gary Wegman, Sgt. Matthew Webster, Nick Thomas, Matthew Cushman, Thomas Lebeda, Benjamin Mitchell, and others, confiscated their cell phones.

And, in classic RPD cover up, to justify their illegal actions including pepper spraying an expectant mother and an elderly woman, Rochester Police officers charged Jose Lugo with resisting arrest and felony assault on a police officer.



  1. In the rental zipcodes its a whole nother world. Cops come barreling through a crowded park on the grass at 60 mph. Parents kids and of course some teenagers doing what they do. Sirens and lights off of course.

    The first few times the disregard makes the mundanes angry. Eventually poor whites browns blacks all get used to the bulls on wheels tearing through parking lots and crowds at 40 mph on their hounds and fox roid rage chase. Its always prole and boughetto season.

    Be sure to keep your tags visible and hope they realize you’re not in
    season. You’re in the outer party hoping to get in the inner party. Big Brother loves you.


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