Gary Johnson on the DemoPublican duopoly

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Recent interview with Gary Johnson:

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  1. Gary has a story much like many who visit this site. A door to door handyman. Eventually started a one mang construction company. He won a bid to build a fairly large project in New Smexyho for a technology company. I don’t know if that’s actually him or a his zombie cybertronic controlled corpse operated by drone team 5, hard to say.

    If you compare him to a regular politician its like apples to pig feces. Come on mang, if you had a million Wilkes Boothe clones kill every politician and every main stream media presstitute none of us would notice or care because not one of those stalins-on-a-stick teatsuckers ever did a goddamned thing anybody ever asked for anyway.

    They’re all nobodies, it would be better if we just had Industrial Light & Magic render the soundbite screaching vampire parasites in 3D cyber-animation from their studios in Hong Kong.

    I don’t vote, but if I did it would be Gary. At least for a time he was a useful flesh and blood human fucking being.


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