Reader Question: Diapers or Death Masks?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Bruce asks: I thought this might interest you. I understand the numbers in re WuFlu need to be accurate so went back and found the most current stats and did the math and these are the current accurate figures as of 8/1. According to CDC even if you are infected  with the virus “most people have a mild illness and can recover at home.” So why the hysteria?

Death is real so I did an unscientific study. I counted deaths from the ten states with the earliest Diaper mandates and compared them to the ten states with the least restrictions. Here is what I observed:Total number of deaths reported by CDC as of August 1:

Mask mandate states – 80,840.

Non-mandate states – 10,731.

In other words, seven times more death with the Diaper mandate. Average total deaths per 100,000 population in Diaper mandate states:1,180. In non-mandate states – 166 – or around seven times more death with Diaper mandate. Average deaths per 100,000 population per state in Diaper mandate states: 118. In non-mandate states: 16.3 or seven times more death in mask mandate states. Not science, but the numbers show seven times more death when people are forced to wear a Diaper. Over half of the all deaths in the U.S. are from the ten states with the earliest most stringent Diaper rules.

My reply: Of course. These and other pertinent facts are readily available – for those interested in thinking rather than feeling.

I also believe there is a correlation between WuFlu deaths and population concentrations; or perhaps better put, concentrations of people with sicknesses that makes them more susceptible  to any sickness – in the Diapered (mostly urban) areas.

In any event, there is no health reason for most people to Diaper. Just a submission reason.

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