Ear Tags?

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A reader asked me where he might buy an ear tag like the one I’ve been sporting to express my contempt for being treated like a cow Because Corona.

It’s not necessary to buy one; they are easily made. All you need is some colored carboard/stock paper (available at any arts and craft store) a sharpie magic marker, scissors (or an exacto knife) and one of those little bendy tabs used to keep a bag of coffee grounds closed up.

As a pattern, I used a metal tag I have that’s supposed to be used to display the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety sticker the government says I have to display on my motorcycle, but don’t. It’s about the right size/shape, at any rate – and all I did was trace its outline on the paper, then cut out my ear tag. I then lettered it – cattle being numbered, not named – and added “Corona Cattle” just to make the point.

To make the tag attachable – without actually tagging myself through the ear – I used the little bendy tab thing that comes with bags of coffee grounds. But you could also use a paper clip, bent in the same manner. Cut a small vertical slit through the upper portion of the tab and then slip the bendy tab/paper clip through that. Bend it just enough to clamp – without pain – on your ear lobe and – voila! – you are now a Corona Cow!

I am happy to make a tag for anyone who asks, numbered and signed, even (if you like). I can offer these for the duration in lieu of (or in addition to) the EPautos magnets/stickers/coasters I send out to people who support the site.

If you’d like one, just ask me when you send in your donation. I’ll send one out ASAP. I think it’d be hilarious as well as healthy if we could start a thing – and get a whole herd of Corona Cattle wearing their ear tags out in public.

Who knows, we might even not have to wear them going forward . . . which we will, if this Corona Fever business isn’t cured soon.

. . .

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    • Hi Aljer…

      The “safety and health” of their customers is “their main concern.” No, it isn’t. It’s providing a sound product or valuable service at an agreeable price.

      It is time to declare war on Safety Psychosis.


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