Wear Your Ear Tag . . . While You Still Can

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What can you do to protest Corona Fever – the health safety psychosis that is turning America into a continental lunatic asylum on the basis of a paralyzing fear of getting sick that is making it impossible to live?

Wear an ear tag – just like the cattle Americans are being conditioned to emulate.

Herd animals easily startled and clamorous to be led to safety – and inevitably, down the chute that leads to being made into hamburger.

It’s not a flattering fashion accessory but it is vitally necessary one at this critical moment because it makes a critical point. And it might get some people – a critical mass of people – thinking. About being herded. About the degradation – the danger – implied by this. About where it will inevitably lead: Mandatory vaccinations, step right up – and mandatory electronic/biological ear tagging, to keep track of the cattle – enforced by an electronic economy in which “dirty” (but unherd-able) cash has been outlawed and your ability to work, to buy, to sell – to live – is conditional on you being . . . a good cow.

If you aren’t a good cow, the electronic economy will give you an knock on the head. No more work, no more buying or selling.

No more anything.

Good Corona Cows will submit to complete transparency. Financial, personal/social. And total obedience. The government – and corporations, like Bill Gates’ Microsoft that have effectively become part of government – will decree the terms and conditions of your existence.

Living free – to choose how you will live your life – will no longer be allowed. You will merely be permitted to remain alive – for the present – at the sufferance of the government-corporate nexus, of people like Gates and Fauci and Orange Man and Cuomo, et al – to the extent that you are useful and compliant.

Very much in the manner of  . . . cattle.

Permitted to shuffle around the pen; to eat what you are fed (FDA-approved only!) Vaccinated/wormed/branded/horn-clipped as deemed “necessary” – according to the ranchers.

Ultimately, to be disposed of as the ranchers please.

Does that sound like life to you? Is it worth exchanging your freedom to live for such an existence?

Try to imagine how bad it could get – by thinking about how bad it already is. You have been ordered to stay home; told you may not come and go as you please. You are subject to violent cattle prodding if you dare to take your family to the park to throw a baseball around with your kids, or meet up with friends, or open the doors of what you thought was your business.

Literally herded like a cow at the grocery store. One way in – one way out. A “rancher” at the gate, allowing one cow at a time to enter as another cow leaves. We are getting used to having walk in between painted lines, to stand where allowed, to move only when told.

Good little doggie!

The two biggest manufacturers of mobile ear tags – the ones we carry in our pockets and purses – announced the other day that they will be formally, openly tracking our movements to make sure we practice “social distancing” . . . and much more besides  . . . like good cows. It is implicit in this business that ranchers  – armed government workers – will be duly informed of recalcitrance and directed our way accordingly.

With their cattle prods.

We can still choose, for the moment, to not carry the mobile ear tag – our cell phones – and so evade the ranchers. But what happens when we are forced to accept electronically ear-tagging, whether via a “vaccination” that contains something else – or by an under-skin digital/receiver-transmitter tattoo?

This isn’t paranoia – it is being openly talked about by Gates and Fauci and other ranchers of two-legged cattle.

Wearing an ear tag people can see – rather than one embedded under your skin – will get some people mad – but that is good and well worth doing, too. Toleration of idiocy – and tyranny – encourages more of both.

Make it unfashionable and laughable to be an idiot – or a tyrant – and you get less of both. It is hard to fear a laughingstock.

Especially if you make it unfashionable – and laughable – before it becomes illegal.

And that – protesting (possibly even questioning) you being ear-tagged and herded like a cow – is very likely to become illegal if the “cows” don’t grow some balls and jump the feed lot fence soon.

No one likes to be seen – or regarded – as a fool. Much less a cow. Wearing an ear tag gets that message across. But not about you.

About those who get mad at you.

. . .

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  1. When I venture out (every day) among the Corona Cows, I feel like I’m the only sober person at a kegger. It’s such a horrible feeling and it freaks me out, to be honest. Enter Metallica’s prescient song Sanitarium:

    Welcome to where time stands still
    No one leaves and no one will
    Moon is full, never seems to change
    Just labelled mentally deranged
    Dream the same thing every night
    I see our freedom in my sight
    No locked doors, no windows barred
    No things to make my brain seem scarred
    Sleep my friend and you will see
    The dream is my reality
    They keep me locked up in this cage
    Can’t they see it’s why my brain says rage?
    Leave me be
    Just leave me alone
    Build my fear of what’s out there
    Can I breathe the open air?
    Whisper things into my brain
    Assuring me that I’m insane
    They think our heads are in their hands
    But violent use brings violent plans
    Keep him tied, it makes him well
    He’s getting better, can’t you tell?
    No more can they keep us in
    Listen, damn it, we will win
    They see it right, they see it well
    But they think this saves us from our hell
    Leave me be
    Just leave me alone
    (Just leave me alone)
    Fear of living on
    Natives getting restless now
    Mutiny in the air
    Got some death to do
    Mirror stares back hard
    Kill, it’s such a friendly word
    Seems the only way
    For reaching out again

  2. Much as I get a laugh out of the ear tags, I’m reminded of a time when cars had wire antennas.

    My friends and I went in on a pallet of the small kitchen plungers and bored out the center of the handles so they fit over a car antenna.

    At first sales were impressive, but after a week, when the Detroit Police started giving tuneups to the people driving around protesting Abner Louima’s treatment, the plunger protest went away. Quickly.

    Stores are now gathering shopper’s information and then taking their temperature. Illegal body temperature is then reported to the “proper authorities.”

    Sitz style DUI checkpoints will be coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

    Illegal blood, illegal breath, illegal body temperature, expired license, expired tags, and out of date insurance. Lots of things to be concerned with.

    My guess is they do the SFSTs first and afterwards your body temperature.

    That’s when you’ll see the newly renovated sports arena.

    I guess the big question to ponder is how long it will take for your temperature to go from 100.4F to 1600F in the crematorium.

  3. Eric you got me thinkin’! Not only will I wear the said cow tag…I am going to take it a step further. I’ll tape a placard on my chest saying “Non-Essential Human” with the dollar bill all seeing eye pyramid underneath. On my back, I’ll have “Bow to the COVID19 SS Fuhrer” Since I am in NY….I’ll print out Cuomo’s face on it.

  4. i’ve been telling everyone i know for years not to have a “Smart Phone” but they all think they’re cool because you can surf the net from anywhere, and i’m the a nutter, muppets. I’ve a burner pay as you go phone i bought at a car boot sale and take it out with me when i go out on my bike. I only switch it on if i break down and need to call someone which doesn’t happen none to often. You have to assume that every key stroke you’ve ever made on line from your house will be logged someplace and if need be used against you in one of their fake courts. I don’t know what is gonna happen but if it’s freedom you’re looking for i can see a time coming when it will have to be fought for again. I live in Scotland btw and the people all like to think they are Mel Gibson in Braveheart but in reality they’re cowards whom are doing exactly as they’re told and people like me who are standing up for individualism are being attacked and abused.

    • I firmly believe the electromagnetic signals have an affect on the brain. All you have to do is observe the behavior of a person addicted to a “smart” phone.

      Why do you think Bill Gates and Steve Jobs kept their own kids from using that crap? Is that just another coinkydink?

    • That is the beauty of black markets…they are always ahead and have existed for thousands of years. Fear no chip my friend, only the one’s that double-dip into the salsa!

  5. Ever go in an Ikea store? One way in, one way out. I’ll never walk in again.. I had no idea I couldn’t turn around and leave after I’d seen enough, which didn’t take long.. I abhor turnstiles, but was with my family and didn’t want to hear the whining if I refused.. so I went in,, Never again,,. They can keep their vaccines and tracking devices. I don’t own a cell phone, and have no intention of changing that. Watching the descendants of pioneers who braved the harsh conditions and perils of settling this country so mindlessly follow The Next Idea about what is Okay instead of thinking from a Free Human position is maddening. The whole CoVid thing is totally overblown,, and what Americans so readily accepted as Right and Proper response to it will be painful for our people for a long time.
    Again, Mr.Peters nails it.

    • Thanks, Nolan – and, amen!

      PS: My ear tag has – so far – received a 100 percent positive response; people smile and laugh and several said they agree. Maybe there’s hope…

  6. In my driving around town I’ve noticed flags flying at half mast – homes, businesses, government buildings, all of them half mast flags (should be upside down, or burning). What the hell is this? What’s next, healthcare workers lying in repose or in state? They are also having school kids write letters to the doctors and nurses, thanking them for their services. Every day, a new level of insanity. Cattle tags cannot cure this psychosis.

  7. Eric,

    I wouldn’t lose hope yet. One, as we speak, there’s a MASS protest in Lansing, MI, the state capital. It’s called Mass Gridlock; people got in their cars and JAMMED the state capital! As of yesterday, a recall petition had over 200K signatures for Gov. Whitmer’s recall.

    On Saturday, Owen Shroyer will be hosting/covering a protest at the statehouse in Austin, TX. It’s the “You Can’t Close America Rally”. It’ll be held 12-2 PM, central time. They’re going to flood the steps of the capitol to show the state officials that they’re mad as hell and aren’t going to take it much longer. The statehouse is across the street from the governor’s mansion. If anyone can go, they should. If you go to http://www.infowars.com, you should be able to find out more.

    TPTB can’t keep the sports closed for much longer. Why? We don’t have our bread and circuses to divert our attention! People are in their houses, and they’re spending a lot of time online. If even a fraction of them start digging, they’ll start to realize how the gov’t has screwed them. The gov’t can’t have that, if only for self preservation.

    Finally, good old fashioned self preservation will kick in, and people WILL act! They say that the instinct of self preservation, the drive to survive, is the strongest of all human instincts; it’s stronger than even the damnable sex drive. Anyway, we’re reaching the point where people are going to have problems securing food, clothing, and shelter. The food banks around the nation have MILES LONG lines going to them! What’s the point?

    They say that there’s nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing left to lose. I’d amend that to say that there is: MILLIONS of men and women with nothing left to lose. People are going to reach the point soon that they MUST do something; to feed their families, they must work and must open their businesses, consequences be damned. There are too many people hurting too badly out there, and their hungry bellies WILL compel them to act! WTF are the “authorities” going to do, arrest everyone? Do the jails have that much room?

    I was listening to Rush earlier, and I think his take on this was right. The American people are cooperative, and they want to do the right thing. If they’re told that there’s a killer bug and that we must “shelter in place”, they’ll do it. However, as time goes on and people start seeing this as the hoax that it is; as Americans grow poor and hungry; as they stand to lose their homes; they’ll reach the point where they say screw it, I’m reopening my business.

    Those are my thoughts…

    • It should really be in Austin City Hall where there is a preponderance of liberal idiots who have been violating people’s rights while coddling criminals and other human debris. The same applies for cities like San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and El Paso.

    • LOL — ppl at home with time on their hands will be reading stuff on the internet and stumble across the truths lol, that may be the fatal flaw of this hoax/scam.

    • I would like government pushed to admit the truth. To be backed into a corner and admit it’s either lab created or they perpetrated a hoax. I could almost forgive the over top the reaction if it turns out this is a bioweapon or lab created frankenvirus. Almost. Why Almost? because they didn’t level with the people right away and because government ultimately caused it. The lab in Wuhan didn’t appear all on its own. It had help from the US government and French government and others.

  8. I wonder how they’ll get me to buy one. I haven’t had a sail fawn in almost 20 years, and never will again.

  9. The cattle tags you speak of were used before…they were used by Germany from 1933 through 1945, yellow and in the shape of the Mogen David.

  10. Unfortunately, Eric, cattle have no functioning cerebra. This is why your message will fly right over their empty bovine heads.

    As I’ve started before, and I can’t imagine that most of my fellow posters here can honestly disagree, the majority DESERVE to be treated like cattle, because that’s exactly what they are and always will be. They LOVE the idea of being fed, herded, and “protected,” even if the protective cover is the chute leading them to the abattoir. Do such creatures deserve freedom? Could they even SURVIVE in a free world?

    Sure, A FEW will wake the fuck up and fight back – about as many as are, proportionally, dying of Coronavirus at a young age compared to the population at large. The majority, however, will just double down on the stupidity and follow the butchers to the slaughter.

    The most important thing we here can all do now is concentrate on figuring out how to preserve our own freedom as the cattle are led to a well-earned slaughter – if that’s even possible. I know this sounds selfish as hell, and I really hope to God I’m proven dead wrong about the majority in the end. Hope and visible reality, however, lead to two different conclusions.

    • Unquestionably, they deserve everything coming their way. I hope they get it too. I’ve even seen these idiots wearing masks driving in a car by themselves. They are beyond all capacity for reason or help. The problem is, they are pulling the rest of us down the chute.

      • Unfortunately, when they get it, so do we. Tyranny is no respecter of persons. It only respects others in the tyrant group

        • Yep, my point exactly. I can think of no effective way for those who love freedom to avoid the slaughterhouse along with the cattle.

  11. After a relentless PR buildup during all of last week, a 10-million barrel a day OPEC+ crude oil production cut was announced last Friday.

    And the result? Earlier this morning, crude oil fell back below $20/bbl, down from around $60/bbl as 2020 began.

    In other words, #FAIL … big time.

    Governments are having a very hard time accepting that, when it comes to crude oil and the economy, they are no longer in control.

    So, in a classical transference reaction, they take out their impotent rage on the corona cattle, who are the victims rather than the perpetrators.

    Meanwhile, the ingredients of Molotov cocktails are cheaper than they’ve been in years. 🙂

  12. Trump’s administration was over when he threw Michael Flynn overboard for nothing. Since then he’s succeeded in hiring the most traitorous authoritarian control freaks in the world -think ‘mad dog’ mattis – and all the other people who turned on him at the first opportunity. And now finally with this smirking fuck Fauci who has to be laughing at this and it shows. Trumps savaging of Rep Masse in Kentucky -one the very few decent people in congress – over making trillions of dollars up in thin air is just typical. He really is a complete moron. There is no chess. I doubt he even knows how to play.

    • The “Founding Fookers” have likely gone over to the departed souls of George III and Lord North and offered their apologies for that “Wee bit of nastiness over some tea” and so on, saying, “You blokes weren’t so after all! What the hell were we THINKING?”

      • Indeed. I frequently imagine the departed souls of the Founders, along with their peers who fought the War of Independence, seeing from beyond the grave what is now happening in the decaying husk of the USA and seething with rage over having wasted their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” martyring themselves for a posterity that consists of nothing other than cowardly, degenerate, amoral imbeciles. One of human history’s greatest travesties.

        • It’s happened in similar fashion before. Read the Book of Mormon and how it went for the Nephites. Same cycle of adversity, struggle, triumph, contentment, affluence, complacency, arrogance, discord, strife, adveristy…Rinse, Repeat.

          Even if you don’t accept its religious message and think it nothing more than ol’ Joe Smith lifting a few pages out of “Views of the Hebrews”, it still reflects incredible insight of the American frontier prophet on human nature. Further evidence of his wisdom at a relatively youthful age is found in the LDS Scripture, Doctrine and Covenants, Section 121, verses 39 & 40:

          ” We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion.

          Hence many are called, but few are chosen.”

  13. Anyone notice that Reichsmarschal Northam got his VA Gun Control Bill passed while everyone was busy panicking and cowering about the Corona Virus?

    • Americans are funny about that… they’ll protest at first, sometimes almost violently… government then waits till it all quiets down and then do whatever they want. Once the bill becomes law Americans shrug and go on saying ‘It’s the Law.’ It shouldn’t be too surprising, look how easily Americans accepted this lock down. Everything about it is illegal, no one has authority to shut down all commerce according to the supposed supreme law of the land. Why then would one think “shall not be infringed” would make any difference to them?

  14. Time to turn off as much creepy software that is loaded on these phones as possible. Not sure I got all of it but some of it for sure.

    I think the Orange Man is sincere but lied to by Fauci. Imagine if Hillary was running this…just what they want…cap and trade via a virus. With that in mind I guess I need to liquidate my retirement stocks to cash of any sign of a D is might get elected. Biden is beatable but they’ll throw the kitchen sink at it in hopes to get him elected. Likely Fauci will come out in October and state the devil corona is on the loose again and it’s because we went back to work too soon via the Orange Man. I bet Fauci turns on the Orange Man in October.

    Anyone notice the story starting to get legs that the Chicoms have (2) biological laboratories in Wuhan and this virus might just have got loose from the lab? (Good cover story to have the Labs near the wet markets)

    • That’s the scenario I believe will happen. I hope he releases Fauci from his duties. I think that the nubmers are being invented. How do you verify that they are real anyway? Just like elections. I believe that they are manipulated. We are all being lied to, but remember, in the words of your favorite politician or especially your D- congress critter “we’re all in this together.”

      • What’s the difference? If he replaces Dr. Faux-i, he’ll just replace him with someone as bad or even worse…… Virtually everyone Trump has appointed has been either a Neocon’s or Liberal’s dream- including that creep Kavanaugh, whom despite the show they put on, the liberals and Deep State LOVE, because he is one of their most obedient stooges.

        • Yeah. It seems like a Pyrrhic victory if it happens. His election was one. Trump’s only pro American appointees are Navarro, Ross and Lighthizer. The rest need to be thrown into a burn barrel. We lost Steven Bannon and General Flynn.

    • Trump is a bought and paid for bank cartel puppet. Rothschild Inc bought him years ago. Probably why he selected an employee of Rothschild Inc. as Sec of Commerce, and an employee of Goldman Sachs as Sec of Treasury. Don’t fall for that Trump is on our side bull shit. If he was, he wouldn’t have surrounded himself with some of the most evil sociopaths available. Since the States are in direct violation of 1A, he has absolute authority to end this martial law, but has indicated no inclination to do so.

      • Amen, JWK! It’s like I’ve long said: Political theater for the masses who are willing to believe”.

        There’s a segment of some 60 Minutes-type talk show from 1999 on Youtube where Trump is the guest being interviewed, in which he’s ranting about how “Something needs to be done about Syria..or [they’re going to do some dastardly deeds any day to “us” and or Israel]…”

        20 years later….he’s president….Syria didn’t “bomb us” [as if they could!]….so we manufactured a dastardly deed for them, and bombed them! [Just like Hitlery had been advocating! Funny, how, no matter who they vote for….we get the very same thing.)

        When Trump was running and picked Pense as his running mate, I knew it was all over [The idea that he was an outsider, who was going to clean-up the system]- If he were truly an outsider and a foe of the system [ha-ha!] they would have just assassinated him and had one of their own as president, so that would have been suicide- and surely, he couldn’t be so stupid as to think that Pense is anything but another player in the system- so either way, his pick of Pense signaled that Trump was just playing a part and saying words which woo those who are disenfranchised with the standard choices.

        • Four years ago, at each progressive stage of Trump’s candidacy, I kept predicting, “He’s a DEAD man”, figuring that once his campaign became an unstoppable force, there was always “lead poisoning”, thanks to some “lone GUN nut”. Well, in spite of his best efforts to do himself in, with his Alpha-on-steroids personality, obvious poor dietary choices, seeming lack of a fitness program, and overall declining health (I hate to see it happen, I’ve actually come to LIKE him, or at least what he’s done, though not everything, but he looks like SHIT), he’s still alive and kicking…a new libtard moron daily.

          Regardless of Trump’s populist ideology and clamor to “drain the swamp”, from whence is he going to draw talent to do ANYTHING? It seems that the Federal Government has become such a leviathan that it’s truly UNGOVERNABLE. One man simply lacks the means to effect change on his own, due to good reasons, that we elect a President, not a DICTATOR. The overall solution is to drastically cut the size of the Federal government, as the late Harry Browne said he could and WOULD. Back when he was campaigning on the LP ticket, with the ‘flax income tax’ the “Flavor of the Month”, or a national sales tax or VAT instead of the income tax, Browne’s position was: “I will repeal the income tax and replace it with NOTHING”. He pointed out that if all the measures he would push through the Congress were enacted, the savings would make the income tax unnecessary, and the Government would still have more than enough to meet operating expenses and actually trim the national debt. And that didn’t take into account how much the economy, no longer hobbled by federal income tax, would take off like an SLBM.


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