Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show/KMED Oregon 7/29/20

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Here’s the audio of my weekly chat with Bill Meyer over at KMED radio in Medford, Oregon. We had this talk just a few hours before my final visit to the coffee shop I used to frequent, before the Sickness Psychotics ruined it (more about that, here).


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  1. Yeah — what’s with forcing your will on others being the moral standard nowadays? NOT forcing your will on others has always been the moral standard.

    Bill got it right — the “global warming” has somehow subsided LOL … maybe the virus is cooling the planet down?

    (Later Bill mentioned the idea) I say yeah — turn the schools into apartments for the “homeless” [drunken/druggie bums] and also insane asylums for all the facebook-facemask democrat voters that are all stressed out about imaginary delusions such as “global warming” and “killer viruses”.

    Furthermore, if the teachers don’t want schools to reopen due to worry of catching a virus [omg so dumb], then they should not be teaching children because they are IGNORANT STUPID DUMBOS of the first order. If they know so little about biology and science, that they actually believe a virus is a parasite or that a symptomless person could possibly be a parasitic danger to anyone else, then they should not be teaching anyone anything — THEY NEED TO LEARN SOMETHING first before they can teach others. OMG OMG bleeping retarded teachers know NOTHING! THEY should be the ones speaking out about all of these LIES! Instead, they’re a bunch of tax leaches willing to brainwash our nations’ children with LIES and BAD FAKE INFORMATION! They should all be thrown in a burn pit — burn the evil witches & warlocks!


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