Diaper Report 7/29/20

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Today,  a sad Diaper Report.

I’ve been excommunicated from the coffee shop – Sweet Donkey in Roanoke – that I’ve been going to (and spending money at) for the past five years or so, to the tune of several thousand dollars.

Which business the Donk just lost, by telling me the only way I’ll be served inside henceforth is to join the Sickness Cult or at least, pretend to by assuming the uniform – the Face Diaper – of a member.

If not, I must assume the status of second-class citizen – like “coloreds” once upon a time and for similarly arbitrary, vicious reasons.

I will only be served remotely, curbside – by a cultist in a Diaper, of course.

I told the baristas that I won’t be back. Nicely; I know them both and know they are only doing what their boss tells them they must.

Perhaps because she believes she must. To placate the sick in the head; to appease the sick for power (i.e., the government – which is using fear of sickness to increase its power to essentially limitless).

Still, it’s sad.

For me and for them, though maybe they don’t care. I have no way of knowing what they really think. I do know that, on my end, I have lost a familiar hang-out to hysteria. As I have also lost a number of friends, to the same sickness.

But they don’t see it.

They see me – an Undiapered – as both a threat and a reproach.

Threat angst is the DSM definition of mental illness. The sufferer is afraid without reason, like the neurotic who dreads bridges because there might be a troll underneath.

In normal times, such poor people – their fear is real – would be treated gently to the extent reasonable. But unreasonable measures – for example, closing every bridge, establishing a “safety perimeter” around it to keep the trolls at bay – or rather, so as to make the troll-phobe feel less angst about the possible presence  of trolls – would never be accepted.

These days, they’re being imposed.

To make people who’ve been deranged by fear over sickness feel better. It doesn’t matter that the measures are unreasonable, degrading and most of all, unnecessary. People aren’t dying – outside of nursing homes – and that dirty bandana around your face isn’t doing anything palliative. It is obedience theater, nothing more.

Such rational considerations do not assuage the neurotic. The inability to understand rational considerations defines the neurotic – who doesn’t see that it’s himself who is sick.

If he did see it – as some neurotics, like the comedian Howie Mandel do – he would not insist others pantomime his bizarre repertoire, as by endlessly washing hands, steering clear of all human contact and wearing a Face Diaper.

Howie knows he’s sick. It makes him a lot less sick than the people we’re now confronted with all around us.

The Diaper Decreers either don’t know they are sick – or do, in which case it’s even sicker since they’re willing participants in the PTSD’ing of America; the propagation of pervasive fear, whose flip side is obedience. The object seems to be to terrify people – and to shame the people who aren’t terrified.

To make them play along using threats of systematic excommunication from . . . everything.

Which brings up the dark other side of this neurotic necrosis… the desire to make the Undiapered suffer. I must Diaper – or feel I must – isn’t sufficient. Everyone must Diaper.

It’s awful.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re actually sick. One must pretend – play kabuki – or leave.

It also doesn’t matter, apparently, that I was just about the only Donk customer who showed up practically every day during the weeks of the totalitarian “lockdown,” when no one other than “essential” people – the people with power to declare themselves such – were allowed – loathsome verbiage – to be anywhere other than at home.

Some of you will recall my daily Corona Reports – all filed from the parking lot of the Donk, where I was often the only person there other than the baristas. I made it a point to go there – and spend extra money there. Not that my $10 or so was going to keep the Donk’s doors open – but rather in the hope that by showing up in defiance of the decrees of the Gesundheitsfuhrers, others might and – together – we’d keep the doors open.

I was willing to risk going to jail for the Donk – for the principle that I have a right to get a cup of coffee and they have the right to serve it to me, if we’re both agreeable. I was – and am – on their side.

It is heartbreaking to discover they aren’t on mine. All I wanted today was an another cup of coffee. Without having to play kabuki.

Kabuki is now mandatory – the Donk’s policy.

Whether it’s because they really believe – and fear – or have given in to the pressure – it amounts to the  same thing. I could, I suppose, have threatened to sic a Better Call Saul on the Donk – over ADA “violations.”

Not my style – because I’m not a thug. Unlike the Diaperers, who are. Because they’re not content to just Diaper themselves. All must Diaper – so as to give the impression that Diapering is essential as well as virtuous and those who don’t, well…

So I’ll be filing my next report from another venue – which will get the business the Donk just lost.

And – just maybe – I’ll make some new friends, too.

. . .

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  1. I’ll email you the names of a few places nearby that haven’t asked me to put on a mask. Not posting publicly for obvious reasons.

  2. Maybe when the women are all ordered, mandated, to wear chastity belts, the madness might then end. The breaking point. lol

    “It’s a hard day on the planet, things are tough all over on earth.

    A new disease every day and the old ones are coming back.

    How much is it all worth?”

    Loudon Wainwright III

    • Hi drumphish,

      I know several single women; they despair of finding anyone in this miasma of alienation. Imagine “social distance” – and Diaper’d – dating. How do you even meet people when you’re forbidden to approach them? How do you smile at someone across a room – through a Diaper?

      • Eric, that’s painful for me to think about. We have one child. She’s 26 and single. Throughout this nonsense she has been working and hanging out with her circle of close friends, but as far as I know not dating at all.
        The biological clock, as they say, is ticking. Because of what these evil bastards have done, I might never have grandchildren. I’m serious about that.

        • Hi Roland,

          It’s enraging. They way our lives are being systematically taken away, one piece at a time. A friend here texted me the other day about the passing of his mother; he was not allowed to visit her in time to say goodbye. I will soon likely experience the same. My mother has advanced dementia; she still remembers me but not much else. She’s 84 and fading. But I am not allowed to see her . . . because the state owns her. My family is at their mercy. I may never see my sister who lives in CA again and I am so depressed about the world my 14-year-old niece will inherit.

          Be assured I will exercise every power and every means at my disposal to fight this. If it costs me everything, so be it. Because to not resist is to lose everything – most of all, our humanity.

          I hope your daughter is able to find a good man; they are out there. Just as there are good women out there. Don’t give up hope. It’s what they want – and need – in order to win.

          • Eric my mom – perhaps fortunately – died of advanced dementia this year at 85 before all this stuff hit. Its a devastating experience to go through. It was a 10 year journey.

            • Hi Mark,

              Very sorry to hear about your mom but glad you were able to be with her. What is going on now is beyond vicious. In the name of “protecting” people they are destroying them. Especially the elderly, who need to be in physical contact with their families; to be able to get and give a hug. How many elderly have died – not from Corona – but despair that led to their losing their will to live because they’re locked away in some “home” that isn’t theirs, with no one but indifferent strangers around them?

    • If they really wanted to do something useful, they should’ve mandated that the “coverings” be worn a little lower…then maybe we wouldn’t have so many bastard children running around looking for their daddies.

  3. Hi Eric,

    I always enjoy your articles, but I have to say you have the best comments forum. It’s the only place I’ve can find any rational or sane thought anymore.

    Anyway, I wanted to pass on my experience at Walmart today. I’m in northern Alabama and I’m still bewildered with the face mask hysteria in this previously strong Republican leaning area (for whatever that’s worth anymore). Countywide masking mandate started about a month ago, state wide about two weeks ago and just extended through August, plus the Walmart mandate. Face masks are EVERYWHERE around here.

    So far the only place I’ve relented is at my local gym where they require (state/county mandated) a mask to check-in and then you can remove it to use the gym unmasked. I have to get my daily workout fix and it’s the least restrictive place in the area I can go where where people can mingle unmasked. So I pull my shirt over my mouth, check-in at the counter, drop the shirt and go about my business.

    So I went to Walmart today to test the waters. You have to walk through the cattle chute where the Walmart “Ambassador” asks me “do you have a mask?” I said “no, but I was told that with my condition it would be OK if I didn’t wear one”. He said “oh, no problem” and waved me through. I proceeded in, did my shopping as the only unmasked person in the store. The stares were awesome but not a word was said. Although the way this hysteria is going I don’t think I’ll be left alone much longer.

    I’ve been to Kroger after the County and State mandates and went in totally unchallenged. I haven’t been in there since the Kroger mandate started, so that’s my next test.

    I’ve lost my barber. His shop is actually in a medical mall. I made in through the screening at the building entrance. The woman asked me where I was going, I told her the barber and she let me in. I heard someone say, “I’m surprised you let him in without a mask” so she chased me down. I told her the same thing as at Walmart about my condition. She said, “you have a condition?”. I said “yes, is that OK?”. She looked bewildered so I moved on. I waited outside the barber shop until he called me in. I’ve been his client for many years, tip great and even went to his house for a haircut during the initial lock-down and tipped excessively. I consider him a friend. He told me I need to wear a mask. I told him I can’t do that, and asked if he could do the cut with out it. He said “this is for his protection as well as mine, I’m tired of everyone being pissy, I’m just trying to do my job, why can’t everyone just DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD”. Then basically threw me out, so I left without saying anything. The most interesting thing about that experience was what he said about everyone being pissy. That’s the first I’ve heard of ANYONE in this city putting up ANY resistance to the mask.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I don’t see this going in a good direction or letting up anytime soon or ever. Beyond forced vaccinations, I can’t imagine what’s next but know there’s more coming. The lock-downs were my line in the sand. The masks are so far over the line I can barely breathe. I’m finding my attempts to resist are futile and don’t think this is going to end well for me.

    I’m going to a wedding tomorrow with my wife and adult kids. My stomach is already knotted up with concern about what’s going to happen with the masks. I don’t know if it’s going to be mandatory or not. Even if it won’t be mandatory, everyone will be masked with the designer masks with the bride and groom names like it’s all fun. I’ve already told my wife I can’t do the mask, especially at a wedding. I don’t want to make a scene, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to politely decline the mandatory mask and leave. Geez, I don’t want to lose more friend over this fraud.

    • Hi Tennis,

      You have my sympathy because I can empathize. I’ve lost my haircut lady, my dentist and my long-time favorite hang-out place. The gym remains but for how much longer is anyone’s guess. I won’t Diaper. Even just to “check in” – because that’s even worse than Diapering all the time. It is so obviously submission training that I cannot stand the idea of it. Obviously, it serves no “health purpose” to make people put the damn thing on for the 30 seconds or so it takes to walk in the door and check in at the desk – and then take it off for the next 30-60 minutes while working out. It is all about bending our will. Showing us what they can make us do.

      To Hell with that. And to Hell with them.

      Yes, it is going to get worse – regardless. A very large percentage of the public has been rendered seriously mentally ill. Weaponized neurosis. They are angry Michael Jacksons – their anger vented not at their actual tormenter but at people like you and I, who’ve done them no wrong but whom they resent because we have not done what we’re told.

      But don’t give in – or give up. Even if we don’t win, this is a hill worth dying on.

      • Uodate on a wedding I attended in Tennessee Saturday. Luckily masks were not required expect while ordering at the bar. I didn’t have the energy tp press the issue so I just avoided the bar. It was amazing to watch eveyone shoulder to shoulder pull a mask out of their pocket the last second after ordering and on demand by the bartender.

        Approximately 200 people there. Most started with masks on and took them off and back on randomly as their virtue signal radar oscillated. Most elderly kept there’s on. It pains me to think what their doing to their health breathing through that rag constantly. Makes me feel like a germ phobe to think what’s on that thing.

        At the hotel with the mandatory city wide mandate signs, we were able to roam free as the only unmasked guests. The staff was as friendly as could be. No comments from other guests.

        Back in Alabama with the city and state mandate, Kroger is becoming my favorite place to roam. I can walk right in without challenge. Today I didnt come across a single other unmasked to converse with. The masked employees were very helpful, however I’m starting to sense some resentment from the other customers. Unfortunately in this area the resentment feels like more of the idea of me putting them in danger rather than the resentment of being forced to wear one.

    • Hi T45,
      I assume you play tennis? How are players there acting? In my area (rural Midwest but near a large city) the tennis community has been surprisingly normal throughout this thing. Earlier this summer our USTA community tennis association had a social where we played, ate and drank beer, and a few days later one guy who had been there told us he had tested positive. Some people then got tested, but nobody had any problems. The “positive” guy spent his quarantine period live streaming on Facebook from his back yard, so how sick could he have been?
      During the winter, some of us who are retired carpool once a week to a club in the city to play doubles indoors, and the guy who organizes that sent an email yesterday asking who wants to be on the schedule this year. I replied to all that my wife and I want to, but won’t play if there is any kind of mask requirement at the club. We normally start in October. By then, cold and flu season will be ramping up, so I’m not optimistic.
      Are your wife and family on board with you on this? That helps. Chin up, my friend.

      • Hi Roland,

        So far tennis has been mostly unmasked. Our leagues are at a nice outdoor facility where they setup the fee collection outside so we can avoid masking to go inside. Although the facility shutdown for a month during the lockdown.

        Almost everyone on the courts are fine with mingling unmasked so far. The last week some started masking from the car to the courts. I don’t know any that care about masking either way and will probably mask up if required to play.

        We’re lucky weather since we can usually play at least twice a week outside through the winter.

        It will be interesting how it works out for you playing indoors this fall. I feel more screw turning is coming.

        Heading up to a wedding in Tennessee. We’ll see how this turns out. My family is supportive and thinks masking is crazy, but they wear the mask where required. It’s distressing as one daughter is a nurse and has to wear one all 12 hour shift.

        • Yeah, our daughter goes home from work with a headache almost every day now. The small company she works for is trying to minimize mask-wearing, but like everybody else they’re scared of being sued.
          I’ve told the league organizer to put my wife and me on the sub list instead of the schedule if he’s unsure about mask requirements when he draws it up. The club is now under a mask order from the county, and I doubt that will change anytime soon.
          One of the saddest things to strike me about this right away was when the USTA said we should stop shaking hands at the conclusion of a match. There are other sports where competitors shake or slap hands, but tennis is the only one I know of where it is the first thing that happens after the last ball is struck. If you look at The Code, it says that it’s more than good sportsmanship; it is an acknowledgement by both players that the contest is over, and a promise not to dispute the outcome. It would be a shame if it disappeared forever. When you’ve been playing your heart out for four hours in the 95-degree heat, a racquet tap seems flippant by comparison.
          Good luck at the wedding.

  4. The unfortunate thing about the USSA is that the same people you’d go to jail to defend are the same who will report you to the Gesundheitsfuhrers. Don’t expect loyalty when protesting.

    One restaurant in California repeatedly told me, “If the health inspector saw you walk in without a mask they would shut us down.” Good riddance if nagging is now the golden standard for a waitress or server.

    I hope your new cafe will be even better. I’ve discovered a lot of business which I never would have visited had I not been turned away from my usual spots.

    Continue protesting and don’t resist evil with evil.

  5. In Oregon they see you as a threat to possibly get a 10,000 dollar fine from OSHA. The snitches love turning businesses in. Local police aren’t fining people in my area, it’s OSHA people. These OSHA people should be publicly shamed for hurting businesses.

    • IRONIC Since it appears all those employees of those shops are in violation of FEDERAL OSHA regulations by limiting their oxygen with those idiotic satanic ritual masks ..seems they got state level OSHA to be their enforcers of stupidity ..see Michigan strong

  6. Eric, here’s an idea I stole from the LRC Blog. Tell them, “But I identify as masked!”
    As to what pronoun to use for that, you’re on your own.

  7. I am visibly an SC, albeit maybe not to my full 70 yrs.

    Following a double-digit streak of unchallenged non-mask wearing, my streak was finally broken yesterday.
    The young lady keeping the small shop that I entered chirped: “Do you have your mask, sir?”

    I replied, evenly: “I have one functioning lung.”

    “Oh, OK” she chirped, sympathetically, and left me alone. An identical exchange played out a little later, at another small establishment.

    For all the planning and scripting I have done, this ploy just came to me out of the blue, on the spur of the moment.

    Needless to say, I did not bother to tell her about my other functioning lung.

  8. Update on a previous random personal anecdote: my mask warrior coworker – the one I mentioned in the “sneeze police” article – wears the laziest and most worthless type of compliance mask imaginable, the plain old scarf/bandana wrapped around the neck and lower face. Just thought you all might appreciate the irony.

    • ““You’ve got this huge sense of distrust of the government,” Wright said, “whether it’s local or federal….”

      Gee, I wonder why.

  9. I think most of the people around here wear masks as a sort of fashion statement, just because everyone else is. I haven’t detected a whole lot of actual fear. The fad has been around long enough now that the Chinese or local embroidery shops are supplying masks with super hero faces, political slogans, and other designs.

    Over the weekend I was in a small tourist town when I spotted a store of interest. I had left my cheap Mexican mask in the car and did not wish to walk six blocks in the heat to retrieve it. I went in and the sales lady seemed to single me out and actually approach me to ask what I was looking for. She never mentioned a mask. I talked about some product that won’t be in until fall and made a small purchase. No problem.

    Reasonable people are uncomfortable with telling other people to do stupid things. If you’re in that position it’s always helpful to be able to blame some stupid politician if you have to say anything.

    When masks were first mandated, they were expensive and hard to find. Now that they have become available and cheap, they have fallen into the disposable class. Meaning, I’m starting to see the dirty, used ones laying on the parking lots and sidewalks along with discarded sanitizer bottles.

    I am over 65 and have a pre-existing condition. Yet, when I was in the hospital recently, and had blood drawn, I was not tested for the virus. I asked why. They said the doctor didn’t ask for it. Oh well. A lady I know told me that the test consists of jamming probes in your nose. I don’t think I could handle that. But a lot of people seem to be lining up in their cars to have it done.

    Heard a story about a guy who filled out the paperwork for a test. After it became too fatiguing to wait he pulled out of the line and went home. Later he got a notice in the mail saying he had tested positive.

    I wonder who will be the first official who could actually be held liable for a mistake to tell people they can take the masks off.

    • I got some nasal congestion with a high grade fever of 97.5 and my usual cough from what some doctor did to me by cutting off my uvela. If you get spit down the trachea I would think that most people would cough too.
      Anyway, my wife is all freaked out and is going to leave me, but I doubt it. I have given her many essays and medical papers on the lies and negligent homicide of the PTB. Most wimmen and the feminized “males” are the ones that fall for Bill Gates’ scam, so I had to get a test today. The symptoms of a common cold are receding after three days, and I didn’t do the four decade old treatment religiously of using zinc gluconate dissolved in the mouth and washing it around before swallowing. Even so, the stuff is cheap and kept me from developing a full cold for thirty years. Use it early on first symptom and it seems to be really the answer even though it is an unpleasant texture and taste.
      What stinks is that she will be sure to leave me when my CTS-V manual shows up after some minor work. I am supposed to be in quarantine. Did you know that the origin of the word “quarantine” comes from the Italian. It was a four week refusal to land a ship in Venice that had been to foreign port during the bubonic plague times.

      • What’s your point on where the word quarantine comes from? This scamdemic is kosher 100% ONLY one group has the power to bring the economies of so many countries to a screeching halt over a scamdemic and get all on board because they own them all …it’s the same cabal that controls the cash ..start at the Rothchilds and work your way down the snake

        • ^^^I’m with the Jew-girl!

          To update an old saying: “Give me control of the media, and I care not who writes the laws”.

  10. What I would like is for this virus to mutate and when a politician gets infected with it he or she can
    no longer lie, but has to tell the truth.
    I know that’s asking for a miracle , but I can dream.

  11. Factitious Disorder


    Factitious disorder is a serious mental disorder in which someone deceives others by appearing sick, by purposely getting sick or by self-injury. Factitious disorder also can happen when family members or caregivers falsely present others, such as children, as being ill, injured or impaired.

    Factitious disorder symptoms can range from mild (slight exaggeration of symptoms) to severe (previously called Munchausen syndrome). The person may make up symptoms or even tamper with medical tests to convince others that treatment, such as high-risk surgery, is needed.

    Factitious disorder is not the same as inventing medical problems for practical benefit, such as getting out of work or winning a lawsuit. Although people with factitious disorder know they are causing their symptoms or illnesses, they may not understand the reasons for their behaviors or recognize themselves as having a problem.

    Factitious disorder is challenging to identify and hard to treat. However, medical and psychiatric help are critical for preventing serious injury and even death caused by the self-harm typical of this disorder.


    Factitious disorder symptoms involve mimicking or producing illness or injury or exaggerating symptoms or impairment to deceive others. People with the disorder go to great lengths to hide their deception, so it may be difficult to realize that their symptoms are actually part of a serious mental health disorder. They continue with the deception, even without receiving any visible benefit or reward or when faced with objective evidence that doesn’t support their claims.

    Factious disorder imposed on another

    Factitious disorder imposed on another (previously called Munchausen syndrome by proxy) is when someone falsely claims that another person has physical or psychological signs or symptoms of illness, or causes injury or disease in another person with the intention of deceiving others.

    People with this disorder present another person as sick, injured or having problems functioning, claiming that medical attention is needed. Usually this involves a parent harming a child. This form of abuse can put a child in serious danger of injury or unnecessary medical care.

    Sound familiar? Uff da looey!

    Maybe some in the medical community have gone bonkers, gone all Munchhausen Proxy. har

  12. There is a divide between those who find this sickness theater stomach-turning and those who don’t. I get the same feeling when I see people wearing masks as I do when they line up in their cars to have sticks rammed up their noses: “Ewwwwww!”
    I suspect that the people who are OK with this stuff are the same ones who love to tell you every detail of their colonoscopies.

  13. You are presumed sick until you prove yourself healthy. And even if you do prove it with a negative test, you still are presumed sick because you might have picked up the virus after you had the test.
    The perfect disease for the tyrants would be one that has no symptoms at all for anybody. I’ll bet many Americans would still do whatever they were told to do.

  14. Here is the thing, honest decent professionals highy recommending wearing masks? Absolutely! I’m in!
    Narcissistic parasitic control freaks ORDERING me to wear one?
    I think not.

  15. Because of Mr. Lewis passing this week we have been hearing a lot about civil rights. Please tell me why no one in authority (both government and corporate) will take seriously the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which states that no one may interfere with our rights – one of which is a religious right if we choose not to wear a mask. And now to put frosting on this cake, they have given themselves a dispensation.

    • Because, Joyce, the CRA64 wasn’t about affirming rights for everyone; it was about conferring special privileges upon a few, and for entirely strategic political reasons to benefit TPTB. Although anyone who took the time to read the Act’s text at the time (i.e. almost no one other than those who wrote it) would have seen this, it’s only been after a half century of it being allowed to run roughshod over Natural Law that we’re seeing its irreversibly destructive effects.

    • Joyce, I am not sure where you are coming from but like Eric, you will be turned away from my lunch counter. I did find that wearing a surplus NATO or Soviet gas mask with new filters work well. If you are not up to speed on those, they have a specially designed straw thing that has baffles that allows one to suck in, buglike, the contents of various plastic containers of the protein drinks widely available at your local grocer. Maybe even a V8 drink if you are insistent on a side of vegetables.

    • How ironic; the act which destroyed the basic rights of free association and private property purports to protect us from interference with the exercise of rights…….

  16. Eric,

    Love your commentary. Glad you are a regular on LRC.

    Here in Minnesota, we now have a mask decree issued by King Walz that is about a week old. I have never worn a mask in any store since the decree came down. Only once did anyone even mention it. The gas station I get coffee at posted the “mandatory” signs that businesses are compelled to post informing all those who enter must where a mask by “executive order”. It’s disgusting the State is using businesses to enforce their ridiculous unlawful decrees.

    I noticed each day as I went in for coffee that less and less people were complying and yesterday even the employees weren’t complying.

    This morning they had a new sign.

    “Attention Customers

    Those in our lovely government have ordered all persons entering indoor facilities to wear a mask.

    If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, you are exempt from this order.

    Due to HIPAA and the 4th Amendment we cannot legally ask you about your medical condition.

    Therefore, if we see you without a mask we will assume you have a medical condition and we will welcome you inside to support our business. ”

    A nice big middle finger to the Governor. Hahaha.

    Keep up the good work!

    • A virus is the next thing to a sub-atomic particle, which no mask is going to catch. This is all about our ignorant and verminous political class demonstrating that they’re “doing something” about this non-problem, which is a literal fart in an F-5 tornado. I forget which of our scumbag presidents said (I believe it was Slick Wilie), “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

      • The very existence of viruses and the germ theory of disease are both highly debatable by academics. Duck duck it some time for slow interesting reading

        • The part about viruses and bacteria existing I would consider a given. However getting sick from them probably has a lot more to be understood. This whole COVID thing has proven to me the “experts” know even less than I previously gave credit for as being understood.

  17. “Covid-19 reporting has turned fear into a virtue. Those who are afraid believe they are better people than those who aren’t, and will subconsciously look for ways to multiply their fear, because it’s their virtue.” (I’m stealing this from a popular resistance meme… but it’s absolutely true), and you’re right… they feel the rebuke. It angers and shames them, so they hate you even more.

    You cannot reason with fearful people, anymore than you can call a wild-eyed cow back after it heard a tractor backfire and runs pell-mell across a field looking back with the whites-of-it’s-eyes. You just have to wait till the fear subsides, or shoot the cow.

  18. I’ve been careful not to ridicule people who choose to wear masks, but when they scold me for not wearing one they are fair game.
    The question I want them to answer is: “How long are you going to keep wearing that thing?”

  19. Hi Eric,

    Its funny how the America’s Frontline Doctors Summit got memory holed in a micro second after all of the videos went viral a couple days ago. The MSM is doing their best to not let people hear differing opinions. The word is getting out but not as fast as it should. Fauci is doing damage control to keep the info away. He is just a salesmen for big pharma, follow the money. Trump seems to have changed his course as well. Does he think he’ll get re-elected by endorsing the masks now?

    I understand your grief with the coffee shop situation. I was in a farmers market that my wife and I go to every summer for at least 10+ years (In Western Maine). I was masked up with one of those blue paper masks that are totally useless but my nose was a little bit uncovered. Nobody noticed for at least 15 minutes and then, you would have thought I was the anti Christ, “Sir you have to cover your nose” was now coming from 3-4 people. I told them I cant breath but they didn’t care. My blood must have boiled over like you wouldn’t believe. The wife wanted to drop the $60 dollars worth of stuff and walk out but we went thru with it anyway. Needless to say, we won’t be going back any time soon. There are other places that don’t break your stones quite like that. Its crazy that a place that was very welcoming has turned to very hostile. They may be lucky to survive if they treat people like this…

    I took the foxbody to work today. No masks in site, the sun was out and nice crisp air and some classic rock on the stereo. Kind of brings back the memories of better times and places. Stay the course and keep getting information out to people. There are very smart Doctors that are calling BS on the entire thing and it will take our help as well to get the word out. Pressure on politicians will help as well!!!

    Cheers 🙂

    • Thanks, Mustang!

      I am planning to take my Trans-Am out today as a kind of palliative measure; one sometimes does need the right medicine – and I think 7.5 liters of it is just about the right dose!

  20. I do not wear a face diaper and have a legitimate medical excuse. I am a salivary gland cancer survivor and the treatments left me less able to battle mouth bacteria. Face diapers spread pathogens – viral and bacterial. Just watch how they are used. People are constantly adjusting them, laying them down on dirty surfaces and then re-diapering. Though I have a legitimate excuse, no one should have to wear a mask. There is NO science supporting their use and in fact they are harmful to most people.

    In Colorado there is a statewide mask mandate issued by our despotic, riot encouraging governor. None of the stores cares that there are legitimate medical reasons to not wear a mask – mask up or you can’t enter.

    I bought hair clippers and now cut my own hair to avoid the barber shop where masks are mandatory (and save $200 a year). I don’t wear a mask at work though all the other lemmings do – and I watch as they deposit their masks in their ball caps and on other unsanitary surfaces. I visit a local liquor store whose owner welcomes me though I don’t wear a mask and despite the prominent “no mask” signage. I went to a gun shop a few days ago and neither the owner, the employees, nor most of the patrons wore masks. At my Costco pharmacy the technicians are constantly raising their masks so the customers can understand their instructions.

    Now Fauci is telling us we should wear goggles (though he violates his own mask wearing recommendation frequently). When does this insanity end – NEVER. The despots love to control people and muzzling them excites their sick minds.

  21. Yeah – I’ve been trying to scope out where to buy groceries. I thought a local farm stand/market was the answer. Couldn’t believe even at this place in the outskirts the shoppers were compliiiiaaant… not going there again. Here’s what I say “I have a God given right to BREATHE!” I hope you find a better replacement in which to hang out! This is an assault on just basic human socializing!

  22. This was never about diapering up. It’s all about the destruction of our economic system and that of the world. Forcing you to do something, even if that something makes little sense, is nothing more than a power play where you are the bug and they are the windshield. Since the many socialist based promises, like public pensions, cannot be met, the socialists have decided to reinvent the world’s economy. In the greater scheme of things, most jobs as they exist today will be gone in 5-10 years. There will be no work for you other than farming and a few menial jobs. Your income will be a government provided $1,000/month, if that, and your life reduced to rubble. Without vibrant incomes, consumers will not be able to consume and therefore businesses will not be needed, nor will workers (in case you are that dumbed down…workers are consumers). The fact that all these dictates over a fake pandemic (no millions dying or hospitals overflowing with patients) can not be questioned, becomes the basis for the fakeness of the current panic. When you are no longer allowed to think for yourself…game over. Diapering is only the first step and since most people are engulfed in fear and without any idea of what it means to think for themselves or question authority, they comply as if robots with an on-off switch. My advice to those who submit to face diapering is to just get a guaranteed-for-life mask and super glue it to your face. You will be ahead of the game. Supporting you all the way, Eric.

  23. I’d rate myself between a 0.5 and 0.6 on a 10 point bravery scale. If I had more courage, I’d rise to the level of being a coward. Still, I’ve refused to wear a mask on the hiking and biking trails where you’d actually have to waylay someone to not be physically distant from them. And I get dirty looks from the masked hikers and bikers.

    As has been remarked, there are folks who drive solo in their cars, windows zipped tight, who wear their masks. I have one of those cloth face diapers (mandatory in town) and I happened to mention, off the cuff, to an acquaintance, “I can hardly breathe in these things, all this foul air that gets re-inhaled.” You’d’ve thought I was wearing a MAGA cap. And now folks I say hi to don’t say hi back. It can’t be my swastika face mask with Biden going “Sieg Heil!” It must be my no longer fashionable L.L. Bean tank shorts.

    • Hi Imbroglio,

      What you’re dealing with – what all of us who aren’t sick are dealing with – is the same mentality that drew crowds in Medieval Europe to see the witches burn. Humanism is dying. By which I mean the assumption of goodwill, live – and let live. All being replaced by fear-driven conformity and its corollary – resentment and hatred of the nonconformist, who is regarded overtly as “threat” – this is how it’s sold – but really (deep down) is despised by the despicable for not going along. For refusing to comfort them by not confronting them with the sight of someone who didn’t give in.

      We are at war. People of goodwill vs. those who believe they are doing good in the service of evil.

    • You get glared at while maskless OUTSIDE?! That’s ridiculous.

      I live in a small Canadian town, and I haven’t seen a single person wearing a mask in the parks or on the walking trails. Even when I went to the city, people were happy to pass right next to one another on the walking trails unmasked, and even engaged in friendly chit chat.

      Perhaps since we have so few unfrozen months, everyone wants to enjoy the fresh air while we can…

      Masks are required to ride public transit and in medical and dental settings, however they are optional in the shops. Even shopkeepers and cashiers rarely wear them, although the major chains do have windows at the tills.

      On Canada day, my town put on a fireworks display and concert, with the stipulation that those attending in the official parking lot were required to stay in their cars or wear a mask. However, a great many people showed up to watch from the surrounding fields and streets, and everyone I saw was maskless.

      I should note that so far we have had two deaths total in our province, both individuals with pre-existing health conditions in their 80s. But the part that makes me the most furious is that they were not allowed to have their families with them to comfort them or say goodbye to them as they died. I find that shameful and inhumane.

      There is no reason family members should be unable to make that choice for themselves, with a compromise that they agree to self-isolate for two weeks and then get tested to ensure they’re in the clear or something. I wish I could do something to change that, but I don’t know how.

      A couple my parents know from out of province both caught covid and were treated in hospital. The wife recovered, but the husband was on a respirator. She wanted to sit with him, but the hospital said she could not… It makes no sense at all. I do believe he recovered as well, but what a terrible practice to keep family members apart against their will.

        • Not that any figures are really credible, but a recently released figure from.the CDC that I saw on a cable NewsMax broadcast yesterday was 151,000 total U.S. deaths. Assuming that this represents the total from March, when the whole scamdemic began, that’s. 151,000 ÷ 320,000,000 = 0.000471875. In other words, a statistic so miniscule as to be not even worth anyone’s attention, let alone enough to cause panic. Deh sheeple be maff-challenged.

          • Hi Liberranter,

            Indeed – and factored over 5-6 months, too. Also, the “151,000” is actually about 60,000 “confirmed” – with the rest “presumed.”

            It makes my teeth ache.

          • I’ve been doing that math from time to time also. Actually, I believe the US population is closer to 330 million. I like to say “forty-five one-thousandths of one percent.”
            I wish people would ask themselves whether they ever would have noticed this disease if not for the daily media freakout. I know about 10 people who have had it. One died. I would not have thought anything strange was up because of that death, since the man was in his 80s and had other health issues. One was hospitalized for a few days, but I wouldn’t have known about that if not for his status as a broadcast personality. The others had symptoms so minor that I’m sure I never would have heard about their illnesses.

            • Hi Roland,

              You make an excellent point in re whether anyone would notice something different was going on were it not for the Fear Organ (media, government Gesundheitsfuhrers, etc.) My state claims about 2,000 deaths – and even if taken at face value, without taking into account that many of the 2,000 were going to die of something this year anyway, being (on average) well into their ’80s or already very ill- my state has about 8.5 million people living in it and 2,000 deaths – over five or so months … hardly a “deadly pandemic.”

              But the fear has reached a crescendo of almost inconceivable pitch – and it will likely grow even more deranged for the simple reason that people have lost their minds.

              • On average about 7,500 people die each day in the U.S. It will be interesting to see whether that number has changed much.
                I wrote that one time on Facebook, and a COVID crazy immediately attacked with “‘Interesting’? People are dying and you think this is ‘interesting’?!?”
                There is no reasoning with emotional basket cases like that.

                • Excellent point, Roland. It would be very interesting to see a breakdown of reported causes of death over the past few years compared to this year. I would bet that deaths from flu, pneumonia, heart attack, stroke, sepsis, etc., are well below average.
                  Of course, we won’t have long to wait for our intrepid press corps to provide those figures. /sarc

              • Eric, as you are no doubt aware, this hysterical fear porn is intentional. When something like this happens, one should ask. Who benefits? Who benefits from frightening people into irrationality? Who benefits from destroying the employment of tens of millions of people? Who benefits from the destruction of the War Lords own tax base? To ask the question is to answer it.

      • Hi KW,

        Thanks for giving us the lay of the land in your area; and in re the two people who died: My mom is 84 and a prisoner in a state-run hospital.I am not allowed to see her in person and may never be. It is not unlikely she’ll die before the “lockdown” ends, which it probably never will. I still do not understand how it is that bureaucrats I’ve never met own my mother and can deny her own family the right to see her in person.

        Oh, yes.

        The cases! The cases!

          • Hi KW,

            It’s ok – one learns who one’s friends really are in a crisis (which isn’t the “pandemic” . . . but rather the fear). I have already found a new place. And if that place goes Full Diaper, I’ll find another – or open one myself.

            Not being afraid gives us strength.

          • Hi KW,

            I am the friend Eric wrote about above. Here is what I texted to him:

            “Well, one of the ignored tragedies of Covid hysteria has hit me. My mom passed on Wednesday. I was not allowed to visit her while she was in the care home. She moved into hospice care late Sunday evening, where the State allows me to visit. I drove to Dallas on Sunday and went to see her early Monday morning, but she’d become unconscious.

            I talked to her, held her hand and told her that I loved her. I hope it mattered, I hope it got through, but I never got a chance to say goodbye when she was still aware.

            I’m so fucking angry, my mom effectively died alone, confused and wondering why her family had abandoned her. When I spoke to her, I always promised to visit her as soon as they would let me. She never really understood, or at least would forget shortly after the call. All she knew is that we weren’t visiting.

            I’m venting to you because you understand and I know you may face the same tragedy.

            God damn these people”.


            • JEREMY!

              You have my deepest sympathies, my friend 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

              As if it’s not bad enough to have to weather the inevitable, that these fiends have caused this unspeakably evil separation among innocent people, is the most despicable thing I have ever seen in my lifetime!

              And THIS is what all of the complicit and compliant sheeple are ultimately approving and furthering when they gladly do whatever they’re told.

              I can’t even imagine! All I could imagine, would be going nuts and taking some sweet vengeance on the perpetrators with an AK.

              I’m mourning for you and your Mom… And I am absolutely OUTRAGED at what these bastards are doing!!!!!!!!!

              • Nunzio, I suspect we both know there WILL be a final accounting for all of this. Hang in there, we aren’t even to the worst part yet.

                • Amen, BJ! I’m actually glad to be living in these days- to be able to witness the culmination of the ages and human history; the most unique point in history; the verge of eternity, when we will likely get to witness that great intervention which will follow the very events which we are witnessing before our very eyes which we have long expected to occur as per what was foretold long ago.

                  Seeing these things come to pass is amazing and genuinely exciting- and despite the unrestrained and worldwide evil…..we know what will follow and can have confidence in it like no other generation, because these very events verify the authority and accuracy of the Scriptures.

    • Wear a clean, pressed, white collared shirt (Seriously, try it. People treat you differently.)
      Occasionally when entering I am asked if I have a mask. “No, I have an exemption.”
      Nothing further, so far.
      A calm, steely eyed don’t fuck with me face seems to help as well. [SW Michigan]

      • Hi Worker,

        Angry redneck works, too. I look like one now. Six months without a haircut and about the same of brewing fury over the way so many people have not only been fooled but insist you share in their foolishness.

        I’ve had a friend – female – tell me about being accosted by a Diaperer. If one accosts me, I might not be able to be polite.

        • I don’t know about the redneck look. Worker has a good idea there that needs a bit more work. If you got a white shirt and tie to dress up along with one of those hokey white medical jackets with your engine stethoscope draped around the back of your neck, you could get in anywhere sans mask if you claimed that you are from the state., or I suppose, commonwealth in your case. That is not a lie as I am a citizen of Wisconsin, and I am from the state, and I have a dandy uhmerkin made stethoscope. Until I can get a doctor coat I will have to use my leisure suit top.

          • If you have a white shirt……..
            This is an edit for not proofreading the above.
            Forgive me, I will now stay five below the speed limit for a month as penance.

            • Twice above addendumb.
              Eric, with your white coat and your engine stethoscope you could be officious and approach a lass in the Kroger that pushes your ASS button. “I am from the State, and I must hear your heart as my infrared engine temperature probe shows that you are feverish. You must lower your clothing enough for a state clearance examination.”
              Who nose? You might get a date.

              • Eric is a gentleman so he helps the redhead place her groceries in the Fiat 600D and tells her that the state guys offer a free examination at her apartment. Being a chick that is frightened for months about dying, she rapidly agrees.
                If she is some so called hick with a drawl that would make it thrice good.
                As an aside, I had an aunt with the most delightful high Alabamian pronunciation melded with Texan. I now retract all of the salacious sribbles on you vestal board.

    • Delivery companies like grubhub, chain pizza places, and rideshares like uber require masks on the driver. And all of us Wagies in every industry go along to keep our jobs. cause if we were poor, the shelters would require masks anyway. Of course some of them are retarded enough to believe in masks

  24. You could hear it in their voices, they didn’t give two shits about you, your opinion, your reasoning, or your desire to support their business. They just wanted you to shut up and go away. It couldn’t have been any clearer. Fucking sickening.

    • Hi Pappa,

      Yup. And I’ve never been other than nice to both of the young women in the video. It is very weird to be confronted by such strident, dismissive contempt after years of pleasant interactions. But it seems that “woke” people are triggered very easily – and once triggered, nothing else matters except their hurt affronted feelings.

      The good mojo that used to be there is gone. And now, so am I.

      • Eric, this is why I won’t even be sad when most of these places close permanently due to ‘25% capacity’ dictates and such. Not only have they not mustered even the slightest resistance to the tyranny; not only have they not even so much as uttered a word of contempt for the dicastes; but they have gleefully complied with and even advocate MORE and or go beyond even the requirements of the diktats. They are getting what they deserve.

        Those people are scary. Truly, they embrace a true Nazi-style mindset, in that they have no loyalty towards their supporters(customers) and friends…but only toward Big Brother. They wilkl throw us under the bus, having no human decency nor emotion, and not even caring if doing so destroys their own busy-nesses, because they will willing sacrifice themselves (and how much more us?) to be in allegiance with the will of their god, the state.

        • You’re right Nunz – and I hate to admit it. Do you ever feel like Charleton Heston at the end of the first Planet of the Apes?

          God damn you all…

  25. I have the same issue with the local Starbucks and salad bar, but have taken to enjoying opening the door, yelling to them that I have a mobile order, and then watching them scurry (diapered up) to retrieve it and bring it to me at the door.

  26. Eric, thank you for the heartfelt article. Going to stores, movies, restaurants, shops, etc. used to be pleasant. Now it gives one a sick feeling in the stomach. There are only two places that I can still go to that aren’t full of masked morons with eyes full of fear:

    1. my local Eastern Orthodox parish: NO ONE ever wears a mask. The Wu-Flu Panic never made it inside.

    2. a little sandwich shop / grocer ran by a nice family of Mennonites. I love to go there and enjoy both the food and my hosts’ smiling faces.

    • Hi Geof,

      Thanks for the kind words – and good news. There are still a few redoubts of sanity in my area as well. I am patronizing them as often as possible and giving thought to opening a coffee club of my own where people who’d like to stop in for a bit to – get a cup – can. No cost, but if feel like throwing a buck in the bucket by the coffee pot, feel free. Good WiFi, nice views – no Diapers.

    • Geof, you’re blessed to be a member of a denomination that hasn’t succumbed to COVIDIOCY. Those few of us who have been affiliated with evangelical churches who are not brainless Caesar-worshipping apostates are seriously looking at the home church option, as it has become painfully obvious who the real god is to these churchian corporate frauds.

      While it’s increasingly difficult to find businesses nowadays that will defy Caesar’s mask mandate (if ever the explanation for why government licensing of businesses is evil should become obvious, it’s now) it’s still easier to find these than to find churches that are in defiance of Caesar. Sickening.

  27. The legacy of George Floyd will continue to live on, as he will soon be honored with a hologram.

    Change.org has partnered with the George Floyd Foundation to create the image of the 46-year-old which will be displayed in glowing yellow light along with his name.

    The image was unveiled Monday night (July 27) in Richmond, Virginia where a statue of [unperson] Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy, used to stand. Several of Floyd’s family members gathered for the debuting ceremony.

    Tonight, the hologram is slated to appear again in Richmond. But this time, it will be where an [unperson] Robert E. Lee statue formerly stood. Lee was the general of the Confederate army during the Civil War.


    Lee was a Confederate general? Day-uhm, never learnt that at no public skool.

    Have y’all honored your new appointed heroes?

  28. Hi everyone,,, Fauci Alert!

    Fauci is now saying: People Should “Probably Use Eye Shields” To Protect Against COVID-19.

    “If you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it. It’s not universally recommended, but if you really want to be complete, you should probably use it if you can.”

    I thought the diaper issue was going to be a joke but look where we’re at.
    It won’t surprise me if I start seeing goggles and eye shield requirements along with the masks.

    I think the guy is trying to see just how stupid Americans are. We may all be surprised!


    • I am starting to wonder if there is ANY order that the state could give that people would not follow. You could imagine the bureaucrats huddled in a back room, coming up with the most ridiculous ideas, and then picking one to try out. “Let’s see if they’ll wear a yellow shirt on Tuesdays if we mandate it!”

      • Hi NAPster,

        I think they’ll accept – and enforce – anything. Because irrational and terrified people tend to do so. When facts no longer matter, you are dealing, essentially, with a hysteric and his feelings. Once that is legitimized – as it has been, long before WuFlu – then civilization is on borrowed time.

        You can’t feel your way to the Moon.

        • You can’t feel your way to the Moon.

          Hilarious how NASA is talking about not only sending someone back to the moon by 2025, but to launching manned missions to Mars as well. This while the nation that funds them is in a state of full-on collapse. It’s like the Soviet space agency in 1988 talking about the all the great things the People’s Cosmonauts will accomplish by the year 2000.

      • “You’re wearing a mask and staying 6′ away from people… Simply because your govt told you to.

        Aren’t you glad they didn’t tell you to suck a d***?”

        ~ Verbiage on a .jpg I found.

        • “Aren’t you glad they didn’t tell you to suck a d***?”

          I now have ZE-RO doubt that the average Amoricon sheepletard would drop to his or her knees in a millisecond and start slurping away if “someone in authoriteh” told them that it’s equivalent to a vaccine for WuFlu.

          • Actually the Canadian government is recommending gloryholes for sexual activity, cause putting your dick in a hole for some stranger to play with is way safer than making love to your wife face to face.

            But according to studies Coronavirus can be found in the butt and the dick, along with some other diseases.

            And I recall a story about that type of a club staying open in Michigan while they shut down churches and stores.

  29. Sounds pretty rugged to me! -People, who despite the consequences and inconveniences stand up for what we believe in and do the right thing, instead of being bought-off, -whether it be for a cup of coffee or medical treatment or grocery procurement.

    I’ll be finding a new veterinarian as of now. Took a cat to the vet because she was urinating far too frequently and in great quantities. Never mind the fact that I had to wait in their parking lot for 45 minutes with my V-10 engine idling, because they don’t allow you to wait inside now; Never mind that I knew darn well it was likely just an infection that could be treated with antibiotics, and if it didn’t clear up, THEN the expensive tests could be run….but instead they went right for the tests…and of course, my initial hunch was correct, and could’ve saved over $100 if they had just done what used to be standard practice in such cases…..but the last straw was when they wouldn’t let me come in while they examined my cat, because I don’t wear a mask- even though I pulled the “health issues exemption” card!

    I let them do their thing while I was there so that my cat could get treated in a timely fashion…..but that will be the last time that vet’s office gets so much as a penny from me, forever. If these so-called “medical professionals” think that the masks really work, and are so afraid of an unmasked face on a healthy person who exhibits absolutely no indications of being sick (I guess they really don’t believe that the masks work- because if they did, why should they be afraid of an unmasked person since they are “protected” by wearing their masks?) then why would they want my grimy germ-laden cash? I’ll “keep them safe” by seeing that they never have to encounter me or my filthy money again!

    And I don’t feel sad about it, because these people have explicitly proven that they are the enemy, and I certainly don’t want to support my enemies! They have every right to enact such a policy at their now drive-through veterinary office…just as I have every right- nay, obligation, to never spend another cent there.

    In fact, I may just write them a letter formally announcing the fact that neither I nor my mother will ever be doing business with them again- not that such will do any good- but at least they will KNOW that their policy has consequences.

    • Nunzio,

      My one cat urinates often and does so in great quantities; I routinely scoop out orange sized clumps. My cat has kidney disease. Does yours? That’s what I thought of when you described the symptoms…

      • Hey MM!

        That’s what I was a afraid of- kidney problems- which is why I took her to the vet. They couldn’t do a urinalysis though, ’cause her bladder too small from having been emptied and the possible urinary tract infection- so they said try the antibiotic, and if that doesn’t do it, then I’ll have to leave her at [a different!] the vet for a day so they can get urine from her to test- but i think it’s just an infection, hopefully.

        Sorry to hear that your kitteh has kidnet disease! My mother had a cat back in the 90’s who died at age 6 from kidney problems, with no advance warning to indicate anything was wrong. She was a great cat.

        I was just looking something up and was directed to a cat forum where I saw the GREATEST user name I’ve ever seen: “Enola_Straight”!!!!! ROTFL

        • Morning, Nunz!

          Very sorry to heart about your cat; they are such good little friends to have in our lives. And I’m sorry to hear about your vet, too. I dread going to mine for the same reason. Hoping none of my four paws need anything until this sickness psychosis wanes – or I can be somewhere else.

          I spent last night setting up my tent in my TV room, to my guys (and one gal) would have something fun to play in…

          • Thanks, Eric. Little kitteh is doing fine though- the antibiotic seems to be working already, as she only got out of bed once last night to use the litter box, instead of every half hour!

            Heh…a tent! That’s a great idear! You’re a good daddy! I put a cardboard box out for ’em every once in a while- till they get tired of them….then after a while I’ll put one out again, and they’re glad to see it.

            • Good stuff, Nunz!

              Mine love the tent; they rush in and run around – then rush out again at Top Speed. They’re like little teenagers except they don’t steal your booze and wreck your car!

  30. I thought libertarians were more rugged than all this whining about masks and fancy coffee would seem to indicate.

    Your argument that you must be served according to your specific preferences, not your host’s, sounds childish to me.

    Are you so used to getting what you want and not taking care of your own needs that you throw a tantrum over this?

    • Hi Tay,

      I never said I must be served; I said it was sad that the shop insists on Sickness Kabuki in order to serve people. The distinction is important. And far from “childish.”

      Especially in view of how serious this is.

      Do you not understand that if it is accepted that mass Diapering is not only reasonable but necessary then you have already conceded that mass vaccinating – and tracking – are just as necessary?

      And – implicitly – that those who refuse constitute a “threat” and must be sequestered from society, as by denying freedom of movement and commerce?

      On the basis of what, precisely? Because of the feelings of people PTSD’d into a state of hysteria? Over a virus with an IFR rate of less than 1 percent for 97 percent of the population?

      PS: Libertarians may or may not be “rugged.” But we believe in live – and let live. If you want to wear a Diaper, it’s ok with me. It’s not ok for you to insist others wear one.

      Also an important distinction.

      • As a thought exercise, that I’m sure you are capable of, imagine my diaper-clad perspective:

        I hear that folks don’t want to wear a mask because it will open the floodgates to a dystopia of privacy invading technology. Now I’ve been accused of paranoia before so I won’t rush to judgment on that belief. However, I don’t understand why your anti-diaper friends are making fun of mask-wearing peoples’ fear, especially if your motivation for not wearing masks is also fear. I’m afraid of a virus and it seems y’all are afraid of totalitarianism. Both are here already.

        Can you appreciate the objective irony of the situation? Both sides accusing each other of paranoia, an information landscape where facts are fluid for the most part. We’re fucked but it has fuckall to do with masks.

        • Hi Anon,

          That’s an interesting juxtaposition; the point of difference is our fears are based on objective reality – the Undiapered are being targeted; the logic of Diapers to Needles is pretty linear – awhile the fears of the Diapered are based on . . . fear.

        • Anon,
          Yes, you’re right. I guess some of the comments here make fun of those that wish to “diaper”, I will never do that to those that wish too. If you want to diaper, go ahead, I would never make fun to those that wish to do so. You stated, ” I’m afraid of a virus and it seems y’all are afraid of totalitarianism. Both are here already.” OK, I get it. Why are you afraid of the “virus”? What news story, science forum, medical journal formed your opinion? Myself, and many people on this forum need to know why you feel that way.

          • Hi William,

            Indeed. The writer of the post draws a false analogy between our fear of tyranny and their fear of the virus. He was probably well-meant but regardless, the argument belittles by equivalence. There is reason – physical reality – to fear the tyranny erupting all around us in the name of fear of sickness.

            The sickness itself is largely unreal; or rather, the degree of threat it presents is far less than what has been hyped.

            • Fear is not my motivating factor for opposing tyranny. Outrage is, with a large piece of sadness in the background. I’m outraged that any Psychopath In Charge would presume such unfounded authority, and saddened that so many would accept it. Public education should be applauded. It can claim complete success in creating a compliant population, with no capability of critical thought. Such was always its purpose, so stated by John Dewey who is largely responsible for creating them.

        • Sickness is a serious concern for all of us. But having basic understanding of biology, I focus on nutrition, exercise, fresh air, Suppliments and sunshine.

          Think of who and where people are getting this sickness: nursing homes, meat packing plants, Amazon warehouse, hospitals, inner cities. Its hitting people who dont go outside enough, and who probably have a bad diet.

          Ive been sick before and it sucks, dont want to get sick again. Thats why I do things that actually work, as opposed to following orders from people who lie continuously, suppress information and use manipulation to force their agenda.

          As for respritory illness, those masks you can buy are complte bullshit. Try spraypainting something wearing a kn95 or a fabric mask. When you are done, blow your nose & behold your colorful boogers. If paint gets through, germs get through. And more importantly the toxic chemicals that are in the spray that cause sickness. Cause people cant find real ppe

          People in critical industry – building repair, cleanup, etc cannot source the ppe they need. So they are left reusing masks or using shitty useless masks, which causes them to inhale bad stuff and then they get sick.

          If you still believe the authority, consider history:

          doctors used to recommend thalidomide to pregnant women and leaded gasoline for all, asbestos for all, many other things proven bad. Masks are one of those bad ideas

      • I second that into.
        So to the point of the matter.
        Love your work on automotive issues.
        I got booted from a reservation here in Ontario,Canada,Onaida to be exact for not having a mask.Was denied entry,and yet guys at barricades had none.Their answer was “I live here”.I kidd you not.

      • eric,
        Re “…a virus with an IFR rate of less than 1 percent for 97 percent of the population?”
        Just learned this yesterday. The average US national COVID fatality rate is 4 per 1000. The all cause death rate in the US is about 9 per 1000. Therefore, so called COVID is not deadly and you could, tongue in cheek say, it is a marker for increased longevity.
        And that 4 per 1000 stat assumes that the virus actually exists (it doesn’t) and that testing is 100% reliable (not even close).
        What’s even funnier, is that the by case fatality rate varies greatly from state to state. In NY and NJ it’s 50% and most other locations it’s 1% and lower. So if you don’t want to die from the faux-COVID virus, stay out of NY and NJ.

        • I believe if you double check it’s 150000 (inflated) deaths in a population of 330000000 for 4.5 purported deaths in TEN thousand. Which helps make our case. Assuming the virus exists this is simply natural causes of death.

    • Cappin’ 4-Tay,

      “Your argument that you must be served according to your specific preferences, not your host’s, sounds childish to me.”

      Well, actually, it sounds more selfish than childish, but maybe there is no difference. However, everyone, including yourself, acts this way all the time. People pay all the time for service and products which cater to their own personal, specific preferences without regard to the convenience or comfort of their “host.”

      Imagine this. You go to a local auto dealer because you want to buy a new car. The salesman (yes, yes, I know. Sexist.) tells you that you must wait in your car while he drives the inventory around so you can view it. You are not allowed to tell him what you want or how your feelings are hurt because he won’t listen. You are not allowed to air your “specific preferences”, except that you can point to the red car instead of the white one. Imagine that. You would never go back and the auto dealer would soon be out of business.

      Arguing that the host’s preferences take precedence over yours is simply another way of telling you that you don’t have a choice in the matter: you are going to take what you are given, whether you like it or not. This is not the way business operates, that is, if it wishes to operate profitably. The entire world runs on the fact that business caters to its customer’s specific preferences and not the other way around. Henry Ford famously said that his customers could have their cars in any color they wanted, so long as they were black. He was soon forced by “specific preference” to make a choice between changing his attitude or going out of business. The rest is history.

      Whoever pays the piper calls the tune.

  31. I’m assuming you call these tirades “Diaper Reports” because you’re voicing this affront to your entitlement like an infant, unable or unwilling to recognize that there are more complex terms to a social contract than a direct libertarian “do no harm” interpretation dictates – including allowing that your exercise of autonomy can damage, distort, or pervert the social, psychological, and emotional well-being of others? If it becomes necessary to temporarily examine and restrict individual freedoms on a case by case basis to preserve the community, then so be it. Our nation has done so in the past, and will do so again in issues ranging from food and drug standards to seatbelts – all of which had opponents, like you, claiming that this was the death knell of liberty’s bell.

    • Hi Christopher,

      Perhaps they are “tirades” – but only if you accept the premise that it is reasonable for healthy people to walk around in fear of a virus with a fatality rate of less than 1 percent, something that almost no one – except neurotics – feared until about six months ago.

      The population of VA is appx. 8.6 million. There have been a claimed – roughly – 2,000 WuFlu deaths. Over the past six months. Do you really believe this justifies mass Diapering? If it does, why not mass Diapering last year? Does mass Diapering ever end? Because people will die every year from complications resulting from viruses. It’s sad – but sadder is psychoticizing the entire population over an IFR rate of less than 1 percent for people not elderly and already ill.

      I do feel entitled to be presumed innocent of having caused harm – and not subjected to degrading restrictions/treatment by people who presume I have caused or will cause harm because they fear I might.

      You write:

      “…your exercise of autonomy can damage, distort, or pervert the social, psychological, and emotional well-being of others?”

      Do you also believe that if women – a noisy critical mass, as with Diaperers – state that all men must wear lockable codpieces to ease their fear of being raped that all men should wear a locking codpiece since the ” . . .exercise of autonomy can damage, distort, or pervert the social, psychological, and emotional well-being of others?”

      In other words, other people’s feelings about something justify impositions on people who’ve caused them no harm. And why do the feelings of the Diapered trump the feelings of those who aren’t Diapered?

      Shouldn’t facts trump feelings?

      • Eric,
        Have you noticed the flood of non-regular responders to your posts? Christopher, please inform us all here what news story, scientific discovery or medical journal formed your opinion. I need to know.

          • I’ve seen that one in different forms. They grow bacteria. Bacteria to viruses are like a semi tractor trailer is to a car. Yes, masks work against bacteria. That’s been known for what? 150 years? But the public are morons so these “tests” convince them because they didn’t pay attention in 5th grade science class let alone 9th grade biology.

            If we are going to have to stop bacteria then the masks are forever. They will never go away.

            • An inability to fit a rational argument into 140 characters makes face diapering tough to debate even using dumbed down analogies a 5th grader should be able to grasp, like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence. Any language rising above this level of preciseness or linked literature is tl;dr and just summarily ignored.

        • Hi William,

          I have – they’re probably people alerted to my article by the Donk’s owner – who contacted me (and whom I know). I suspect she showed the article to people who share her view of Diapering and that’s where they come from.

    • Sounds like a clover, looks like a clover, my god it is a clover! “Clover” subspecies of “Troll”. Noted for an inability to converse rationally and for “Ad Hominem” attacks on others. I know you will have to look that up. Hint, it’s Latin.

    • Hey statist jackass – where can I get a copy of this “contract” that cowardly little assholes you keep blithely spewing about? A copy with my signature on it? The fact is this so-called “contract” is no contract at all. It contains none of the elements of a real contract.

      I recognize no such “contract” because it does not exist. It is just a fraud perpetrated by your diseased mind.

      • Don’t ya love it, Jason! The magical mystery “social contract” that is ever changing, because no one can nail down what it actually is, because IT DOESN’T EXIST- and if it did exist, neither you nor I nor my dog ever consented to it! So unless they can produce a piece of paper with our John Hancocks on it…they can take their socialist contract and shove it up their collective asses!

        All that these asshats know is “we”; “the community”; “the people”….but somehow that collective never includes any particular individual, except insofar as it relates to their “obligations” as defined by the mystical invisible contract- and any “rights” only exist as defined by some undefinable collective “the people”- as if all people must subscribe to the will of some group of strangers who somehow get to decide how we live and interact…..

        The only social contract i will agree to with these asshats is to not kick their asses if they’ll me the hell alone.

        • You said it, Nunz! As soon as the words “social contract” ooze out I know I’m dealing with a statist/collectivist control-freak jerk looking to forcibly impose his twisted values at gunpoint on the rest of us – all on the basis of this nonexistent and infinitely malleable “contract” pulled out of his ass.

          Unfortunately people with that mindset will not leave us alone. The idea of “live and let live” is simply not in their purview.

          • Amen, Jason –

            Bill Meyer and I were discussing just that on the radio the other day. I mentioned that I have no issue, per se, with Diapers or for that matter, Moon Suits, if that suits. I will always defend the right of people to do as they like, even if I think what they’re doing is really weird – so long as it doesn’t cause harm to anyone else. Michael Jackson wasn’t harming anyone by walking around with a Face Diaper on, tethered to an oxygen tank. Weird? Sure. But it’s a free country – or used to be.

            Now the pressure blossoms to force everyone to conform to this mania, largely for the sake of the maniacs – who say they fear the virus but really fear the sight of others who don’t. This sets them off. Not that anyone is “sick” – physically. Because there are objective ways to detect that and avoid that.

            But there is no end to “might be sick.” It is pathological by definition. How will these neurotics deal with their next cold? The sniffles? It might mean death! Lock everything down!

            Madness presented as virtue.

            • Bill Meyer? From Medford? My home town. Long time reader. First time coment. I’ve met Bill a few times-great guy. I also rarely wear the face diaper. I have asthma, so I have a legitimate reason. I’m a big enough guy though, that I rarely get confronted, but inform them of my pre-existing condition when I do. No one has questioned it, but they just give me the death look. When I pass others not wearing the face diaper, I give them a pleasant smile. Love the site. Be well.

            • But it’s a free country – or used to be.

              My mind boggles and my blood boils that there are so many people out there who still spout the first half of that line without the ensuing qualifier. My nonagenarian mother does it all the time, even though she sees and has directly experienced the ever-more-oppressive tyranny that is enveloping us. I guess people of a certain previous generation were so thoroughly indoctrinated (back in the days when it was significantly less idiotic than today to trust national institutions) that they can’t get rid of the programming in their old age.

              • Lib, after all these years, I think the following made more of a point with my 95 year-old mother than anything I’ve said in the past 40 years:

                She’s always (rightly) observing that Coca-Cola isn’t like it used to be years ago. A few days ago, I picked her up a 4-pack of those Mexican Cokes, in glass bottles, which I learned (Thanks to 8SM) are like the Cokes we used to have here, as they are made with real cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup- Freaking almost $5 for 4 bottles of Coke (But they are good- Less acidic; less fizzy…).

                So after she drank one and immediately noticed the difference and loved it, I said: “Maybe one day we can make stuff here again that’s as good as what they have in a third-world country”.

                For some reason, that seemed to have more of an impact than a thousand videos of pigs abusing and killing citizens; than seeing this country descend into socialism; than seeing the abandonment of any vestiges of civility or Christianity, etc.

                Women…. (And they wonder why I never married!)

          • Hey Jason!

            Oh, they believe in ‘live and let live’- but only for some people- as determined by their own metrics.

            If you like taking it in the ass, they’ll endlessly advocate not only letting you live, but that you should be included in a special class and given superior rights because of your perv…err…’preference’.

            But if you find such a deviance aesthetically and morally reprehensible….then you are relegated to a class considered subhuman and not worthy of your basic rights.

            That’s the way their “social contract” works. It magically fosters everything THEY prefer and stand for, while prohibiting/destroying all else.

        • Nunzio, you wops know some guys I could take a social “contract” out with don’t you? Inquiring Kraut/mick/limey/injun mutt wants to know…

          • Hahaha!, Ernie! Sure…just make them an “offer that they can’t refuse” (Isn’t that what the supposed ‘Social Contract’ is?). 😉

    • What I think we are all entitled to, is to use our critical thinking skills to arrive at an independent conclusion about the advisability or inadvisability of different actions, and not to be forced to abide by whatever conclusions other people may arrive at, even if they might outnumber us.

      Some of us are very well informed about covid-19 and believe the danger to the general public has been exaggerated, especially regarding the spread by persons who are asymptomatic. The efficacy of masks at stopping covid-19 is a very complex and controversial topic and one that should be addressed through debate rather than force.

      If I were convinced that I was a significant threat to someone else and that wearing a mask would significantly reduce the risk, I’d wear a mask voluntarily. But that would require using reason and persuasion rather than resorting to force.

      • Amen, Greg –

        Of course I would wear an effective respirator – as opposed to a filthy Face Diaper – if there were reason to think (not believe) it necessary for the safety of myself or others. In fact, if I had any reason to think I was afflicted with a deadly disease I might spread just be breathing, I wouldn’t go near other people. If the Diapered are seriously worried they might be contagion carriers then they don’t need a Diaper. They need to stay home.

        Instead they play virtue-signaling Sickness Kabuki. And even that wouldn’t be intolerable of they kept it to themselves – in the manner of any other cultist/self-flagellator. But these cultist are active proselytizers who demand conversion at swordpoint – not yet literally but it will inevitably come to that as they fail to get their way in the universal, absolute/no-exceptions way they are obviously aiming for.

        • I’m still confused about whether the diaper is supposed to protect the wearer or the wearee; I’ve heard different views from diaper advocates. If the wearer, then surely it should be up the wearer as to whether to take risk or not when he ventures out; if the wearee, then if they are worried, then they shouldn’t go out.

          But the virus doesn’t know who is whom, or in which direction it is traveling, so shouldn’t one mask between two people be sufficient?

          • Hi Napster,

            It’s about neither. It’s about conforming to the prevailing hysteria, so as to comfort the hysterical – for the sake of the powerful.

          • Napster,
            > I’m still confused about whether the diaper is supposed to protect the wearer or the wearee

            I agree with Eric that it’s more about forcing conformity than protecting health, but here’s a more detailed answer:

            It depends on the type of mask and the circumstances, but generally the claim is that wearing a mask will help protect other people. Whether this is actually true and how much is a very complex issue and highly debatable. If there were a very strong protection effect, then it would be relatively easy to convincingly demonstrate and that hasn’t been done, so that indicates to me that if there is any kind of protective effect it must be weak.

            Virus particles are extremely small and trying to stop them with an ordinary cloth mask is like trying to stop mosquitoes with a chain link fence. What the mask proponents say is that the virus travels with tiny droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes and that many of the droplets can be stopped by a mask. This may be true, but when the droplets hit the mask, they become aerosolized and the aerosolized particles which actually carry the virus can pass through the mask and linger in the air. FWIW, I think a mask might be of some benefit in blocking droplets from someone who is coughing or sneezing, (as would covering your cough with your hand or elbow), but as Eric said it is much more effective to just stay home when you are coughing or sneezing. I actually can’t recall the last time I saw someone out in public who was coughing or sneezing.

            However, a mask on someone who is asymptomatic is a different matter for several of reasons:
            1) How much an asymptomatic person can spread covid-19 is debatable.
            2) Even if a person who is actually infected but asymptomatic can spread the disease, the viral load that he spreads through normal talking or breathing is much less than a cougher or sneezer.
            3) When a person talks or breathes, the particles he expels are already aerosolized so they aren’t stopped by a mask as droplets from a sneeze or cough might be.
            4) For every asymptomatic person who is actually infected there are many more (perhaps hundreds) who are not infected and forcing all of them to wear a mask in situations where it is not likely that even an infected asymptomatic person would spread the disease doesn’t make sense to me if your objective is to just protect public health. There are also reasons why mask wearing might actually be harmful especially to the wearer because they create an infectious surface and wearers have a tendency to touch their face and he mask much more than non-wearers. This is aside from the diminished quality of life issues (foggy glasses, discomfort, muffled voices, inability to see facial expressions, etc.) experienced by many mask wearers.

            • Thanks, that’s helpful.

              But, if someone believes that a mask is effective to stop the virus, then why isn’t one mask a sufficient barrier between two people? Why do these people argue that both need to be masked?

              • The idea that a mask only works in “one direction” (i.e. only protects the wearer from the pathogens of others; or protects others from pathogens being spewed by the mask-wearer) illustrates the very absurdity and inefficacy of masking.

                If they work, then they should work in ‘both directions’, and would therefore protect the wearer…so why should they have a problem with us not wearing one if their mask truly protects them?

                And if they claim that the mask only prevents others from spewing pathogens….then how is it that it can not protect the wearer from exposure to the pathogens of the unmasked?

                Like most things these days- it just is not logical, and makes no sense, because it is not predicated upon logic or sanity, but rather on conformity, manipulation and control.

                • When confronted by that logic vis-a-vis vaccines, they will say that you have to get the shot to protect those who can’t, for medical reasons, take the vaccine. I suspect that if there are any mask scolds who can think at all (not holding my breath), they might use the same argument: you have to wear it for the people who can’t wear it.

                  • Of course we can’t know who is not wearing a mask because of that reason, or because they simply object. I would tell those folks to simply stay clear of folks like me (they can see me coming).

                    • Yep. Since these things don’t work, I suspect that more will get the virus because of moral hazard. High-risk people who should be keeping their distance might not do so because they believe their magical diapers are protecting them.

              • Napster,
                You make a very good point: If masks are so effective at stopping viruses, why won’t one mask protect two people. If I’m wearing one, why should I care whether you are wearing one or not, because I’m protected either way.

                My short answer is that generally speaking for the asymptomatic public, they aren’t effective so whether you wear one or not doesn’t make much difference as far as the spread of covid-19 goes.

                I think what mask advocates would say is that masks are not totally effective but they don’t cost much and they are better than nothing and that if one mask is good surely two masks are better. And besides it makes us feel safer and allows us to signal that we care about each other.

                A longer answer is that different types of masks are made for different purposes and aren’t equally effective in all situations. There are many different types but mostly they fall into one of three categories:

                1) N-95 respirator masks. These masks are designed to have an airtight fit around the nose and mouth and would be the most effective at stopping virus transmission. Some of these have a one-way valve which allows air to be expelled but not breathed in. These would protect the wearer, but not other people. N-95 masks without this valve would theoretically protect both the wearer and the non-wearer. If I suspected I was a threat or if I knew I was going to have to be in the waiting area of a hospital emergency room, this is what I would wear. But for various reasons, mostly having to do with government policies, it is hard for the average person to purchase these.

                2) Surgical masks. Surgical masks do not have an airtight fit and don’t protect against airborne infectious agents but they can block some of the wearer’s large respiratory droplets. Surgical masks might impede droplets from a cough or sneeze but not aerosols, and it is very easy to breathe in aerosols around the edges. If these masks offer any protection at all, it would more likely protect the non-wearer than the wearer. The advantage is that they are cheap and disposable and they allow you to be compliant with mask rules.

                3) Cloth masks. These are mostly homemade and there are no universal standards so their effectiveness, if any, would be all over the map depending on how they were made, what materials were used, and how they are worn. The fabric is often porous and wouldn’t keep out tiny droplets.

            • Asymptomatic but infected is logical dribble – made up nonsense. Using that same reasoning everyone could be said to be asymptomatic for hundreds of different diseases and as such a carrier and a threat to everyone else.

              • Hi Charles,

                Yup. This “asymptomatic but infected” business is not unlike saying “there’s no evidence so-and-so beats women but because he is a man he might beat his wife; therefore, he must be monitored and treated as a presumptive wife beater.”

                After all, some women are beaten by some men.

              • Charles, I get where you’re coming from, but there is a difference. As it is usually used in covid-19 discussions, the term asymptomatic just means anyone who doesn’t have symptoms like fever, coughing, or sneezing. That would include me and probably you because we have no reason to believe we are sick. However, it is possible that someone who is asymptomatic may also test positive for being infected by covid-19, (for simplicity I’m ignoring false positives) and such a person is said to be infected but asymptomatic. Unfortunately, you can’t prove you’re not infected and thus theoretically contagious without having a medical lab test done, even though you don’t have any symptoms.

    • Christopher, your “preserve the community” is very much akin to the Tyrant Lincoln’s “preserve the union”, and we all know how that worked out. This community of yours is an abstract. In other words, it doesn’t exist. What does exist are the individuals involved. This “community” is a snap shot of the interactions of the individuals.

      Collectivists are always keen on “social contracts” because that grants them power over other peoples lives. Which is what they crave, more than anything else. That lust for power over others, is why we are rushing
      head long into a very dark future. I’ll close with this. Your fear, imposes no obligation on me.

      • Hi BJ,

        Amen. “Preserve the community” means what, exactly? It is used to imply some sort of kumbaya collective hug; in fact,it means obey what those who control the community say. And what is “preserved” by enforcing unwarranted, suffocating edicts? Certainly not anything that amounts to civilization.

      • Thomas Jefferson,

        Completely agree. The “public” doesn’t exist. There are only individuals. And to give that up makes you a nothing!

    • I signed no such “social contract”. Nor would I ever. I am not responsible for “the social, psychological, and emotional well-being of others”. Only of not imposing my will upon them, and thus allowing them to make whatever adjustments to their life they desire to secure their “social, psychological, and emotional well-being”. They have no more moral authority to impose their will upon me to accommodate such “well-being” than I have for imposing my will upon them for any reason. The only way to secure such “social contract” from those unwilling is by force. Which is no more justified than the use of force to acquire another’s property, or to kill them if they displease you. You are demonstrating a willingness to use such force. Which worked out so well for the Ukrainian Kulaks, didn’t it. Human social interaction is voluntary. If it isn’t, it’s neither human nor social. Herd animals do not socially interact, they interact out of instinct.

    • I’m not responsible for your, or anyone else’s uninformed feeeeeelings. Offense can never be given, it can only be taken. If you want to pull the community card, be careful, there may be more people who think as I do than you are aware of. Just because you are scared shitless of virus that has never been proven to exist, doesn’t mean I am. Am I supposed to bow to the phobias of the ignorant masses every time a new hobgoblin emerges from the addled mind of the ruminating herd?

      Disease is a part of life. Does that frighten you? If so, I suggest you relocate to, say, Reticuli 7. You’ll be happier and so will I.

    • “… restrict individual freedoms on a case by case basis to preserve the community, then so be it. Our nation has done so in the past, and will do so again…”
      Like them squinty eyed US citizens in ‘42 or them Alabama porch monkeys in the 50’s?

    • @ christopher – FO you moron. Sorry, but i am sick and tired of trying to be civil and reason with you idiots; its a waste of time, for if facts or logic meant anything to you, you wouldnt be such a snivelling sheep.

      oh, and excellent article Mr Peters, except there was indeed a reason for ‘segregation’ – just look at crime and welfare figures. Fact.

      Just had my first doozy of a go-around locally [middle of nowhere] in my favourite grocery store today; I did my shopping and checked out after telling them I would NOT comply. The little manager went away after I explained, not so calmly why , almost in tears. Good. Other customers avoided me. I liked that. i went out of my way to go the ‘wrong way’ down the aisle. I got intentionally close to people in my way – they moved, my shopping went quickly. The idiocy is making its way to the middle of the country – its gonna get BAD.

      • Hi Luke,

        Even where I live – not where the Donk is – the sickness spreads. My local Dollar General has the Orwellian signs (“Do Your Part”) everywhere you look and the clerks – Diaperless a week ago – are now Daipered. These are also people I know and this time I know they despise the Diapers – but they wear them because the company says so.

        I wonder how long it’ll be before they try to tell me to wear one, too.

  32. Yeah, the Diapered will become the Vaccinated, then they’ll find out what it’s like to really be sick.
    Just wait until you can’t enter any building at all without your vaccine passport …. probably ID2020 in your flesh.
    I’m sure you all see that money is going digital. How about when you can’t draw social security, get paid, buy anything without getting the shot? Or shots?
    People used to roll the eyes about such commentary, but stuff’s getting real…
    We’re approaching the valley of decision, real real fast.

  33. I think you did the right thing. You gotta know which hill to go fight on and this one wasn’t it. The best suggestion I have for you is to send a kind letter to the owner of the establishment (assuming this is a small business) and kindly tell them how much you will miss their wonderful coffee and that due to their policy, you and your wallet will not be returning. Don’t leave it on the people making the minimum, make sure the one who has a financial stake in their business knows.

    If this were a corporation, I’d have whipped out my phone and started videoing me kindly conversing with a G-fuhrer stating that I have the right to accommodation per the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I wouldn’t threaten to sue. I wouldn’t threaten anything at all. Just to document. (Religious views are the fight to have. I would think if you were to push it on ADA grounds and send it through the courts, then eventually, somehow, they might find out you do not have some sort of medical condition.) And once they denied entry again, I would politely leave.

    Eric, it might be time to invest in a body cam. In fact, I think I should look into one too.

  34. I often wonder how many of the local “joints” I’m choosing to support during this sham-demic are actually in favor of masks and lockdowns.

    You tend to think business owners, who happen to have something at stake, have sense enough to see the light.

    Doesn’t surprise me that this coffee shop excommunicated you. Spinelessness is the norm. Courage is rare.

  35. I used to visit a small cafe in my town until the sa diaper commander said any place of business had to have mandatory diapering. I walked in as usual with no diaper to purchase a bag of ice for the day when I was confronted by not just one but two employees saying I had to diaper, the first one I said I had a “condition ” and she stomped off. The second one to appear came and told me to diaper as well, again my response was the same “condition” he said it didnt matter and I had to diaper!

    I replied “no actually I dont” and proceeded to the checkout. The cashier that I had seen the day before was diaper but not by choice as she told me when I checked out.

    I’ve been a long time customer of the establishment but have no longer returned after that ordeal.

    I now stop at a different place that gladly serves me undiapered.

    • That’s my plan as well, Wesley – to patronize other places where the feelings of the deranged do not trump facts. Also, I did a rough translation of SA Diaper Commander:

      SA Windefuhrer

      • Lmao! Yeah, dude’s completely clueless – and my dad refers to the judge in sa as the crypt keeper. The resemblance is uncanny!

  36. I’m sorry you lost your favorite coffee shop to the zombies. It must be like a second home to you with all those years of countless reviews. I’m not going to tell you what you should have done or what I would have done or any of that. I’m sure you have a much better perspective of all the variables involved regarding a place where you spend so much time. That being said, I wish them ill and I wish you well. They’ve chosen their side and you stood up for the Good. I commend you for that. Keep up the good fight Eric!

  37. Hi Eric,

    We all know that barista chick was only enforcing the mask mandate because that’s the only way she can keep her job and help support her family. But it does make you wonder what…if anything…she “wouldn’t” do to get a paycheck?

    Second…the way you went in and asked them to be “reasonable,” and make an exception for you, an apparently healthy long loyal customer…that’s exactly the wrong way to do it. You gotta be firm, not weak.

    You should have just placed your order, and when they refused to serve you sans mask, you should have told them you no longer would be their customer, and simply left. No pleading, and no shouting…..just leave. Hopefully their business will crash, but if not, you’re still never going back.

    You can’t reason with such places. Let your puchasing power speak for itself.

  38. Yea,,, some jerk probably seen you and reported you to the boss. The boss then gets onto his underlings and they have to be the mask police knowing that most other businesses are shut down permanently.

    The diaper wearers are sickos and every time they see an undiapered person they are reminded of their psychosis. Even with all the diaper wearing the numbers of cases continue up because of the useless test they’re using but the diapered are so stupid they cannot grasp the idea that maybe the stupid crap they are doing doesn’t work. Maybe it’s for another reason. Zero thinking ability. They let others do their thinking,,, much easier

  39. ” I have lost a familiar hang-out to hysteria. As I have also lost a number of friends, to the same sickness.

    But they don’t see it.

    They see me – an Undiapered – as both a threat and a reproach.

    Threat angst is the DSM definition of mental illness. The sufferer is afraid without reason, like the neurotic who dreads bridges because there might be a troll underneath.”

    Holy crap, you just spoke my life in a few short words. You “Da Man” of undisputed truth Eric!!!

  40. Jeez, the chick with the striped blouse is one passive-aggressive bitch. She really wanted to tell you to go fuck yourself!

    • Hi Handler,

      Since I’m obviously not sick – physically – and thus cannot be a physical threat of sickness t anyone – I can only assume the “threat” is to their fragile peace of mind and to the authority they are determined to exercise in its name.

      It’s all very sad. Ruined my day.

  41. Un bleeping believable. You got class Eric.

    When all of these dictator worshipping slobs are on the other side, they’re not going to be welcome to go anywhere good, they’re only going to be welcome in hell worlds ruled by evil dictators… THEN they’ll eventually learn why they’re wrong… they’ll eventually agree with us sane people… but they may have to learn the hard way.

    • Hi Harry,

      People are being weighed, measured . . . and will be held accountable. For myself, that means not having dealings with people who would treat anyone this way, especially in view of the fact that no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head. Yet. But that is what they’re heralding, though they apparently cannot understand it.

      The eery thing is they’re not dumb people; just people turned wild-eyed by fear that has exerted a kind of mesmeric effect on their critical faculties.

      • no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head. Yet.
        Guns come in many different shapes and sizes. They are also called weapons and probably the most powerful one is the FEAR weapon. And it is always and only pointed at the head. That’s where most of the brains are. Or at least the important ones.

  42. Eric,

    I disagree with you on one thing: you SHOULD sue them! Do you think our oppressors would hesitate for one second to use lawfare against us? Hell no! We need to use their shit against them. Besides, when it’s effective, it really PISSES THEM OFF… 🙂

    You say that that’s not honorable? Screw honor. ICYMI, we’re in a war for the nation; we’re in a war for our freedom! That said, we need to steal a page out of the left’s playbook, and win by any means necessary; we need to win by any means, fair and foul. Wneed to win, first and foremost, otherwise nothing else will matter. If we win, then we can worry about trivialities like honor, doing the right thing, etc.

    • Hi Mark,

      I agree with you; in a war you use any tool at hand to survive. But in this case, I’m torn because I genuinely liked the owner/staff and am just wilted by their attitude – and yet, have no desire to harm them. I mourn the loss of what I thought was congeniality – and a place I thought was congenial.

      May their chains rest lightly.

      • Eric –

        You are a gentleman; in fact, you are an honorable gentleman who is a paragon of politeness and probity.

        Today, however, you were too polite. It hurt to hear the manner in which that one barista bellowed that she was done discussing diapering with you. Whether its channeling their inner commissar, or Pavlik Morozov, or the Nuremburg defense, whenever I encounter or hear of an employee conducting herself like this Karen, I seethe.

        Following up MarkyMark’s point: even an honorable man, like John Wayne’s character, Cole Thorton, in El Dorado (Robert Mitchum, James Caan, Arthur Hunnicut, and Ed Asner) did not hesitate to employ some trickeration to foil the heavy, played by Christopher George.

        • Thanks, Mike –

          This was a hard one as it was . . .personal. It’s one thing to cross swords with someone you don’t know who works for some big box store. But I know these people. I thought we were friends – or at least, friendly. One of them – not in the video – would ask me about the new car I happened to be test driving and I would offer to give him a tour. This same guy accosted me about Diapering on Sunday – so I had a prequel of what happened today.

          The girls in the video are also people I know and who know me. I assume they never thought anything bad of me up till now. I’ve always been friendly and made a point of tipping well – especially during the “lockdown,” when I was one of the very few people who showed up to buy coffee.

          I was hoping they’d leave it lie – as regards the Diaper. I am generally in and out in less than 5 minutes, however long it takes to hand them the money and they to hand me my coffee. No big deal. But they made it one, which saddens me.

          I believe these people would not bat an eye at having me and people like me quarantined and worse for our refusal to submit to Diapering – and Needling.

          As I wrote, it breaks my heart. It truly does. I am so saddened by this rancid sickness psychosis that it is becoming a challenge to get out of bed.

    • The problem in practice with “Lawfare” is that the law, increasingly, does not exist anymore. Courts make decisions that are based not on actual law, but on ideological politics. Try invoking the Constitution in any given courtroom today and see what happens.

      • Yep. I was literally told by the judge- “I’m not buying it, I don’t care on” a constitutional request to dismiss a ticket for refusing to wear a seat belt. Since treason has prospered, none dare call it treason…

        • Amazing, isn’t it? THEY don’t have to uphold ‘the law of the land’ upon which our society was founded and for which they are being paid and have sworn to uphold….but we have to be subject to their petty little “laws” which transgress that foundational law!

          Can’t wait to see these bastards get what they deserve!

  43. “I must assume the status of second-class citizen – like “coloreds” once upon a time and for similarly arbitrary, vicious reasons.” — EP

    Seems like we’re all second-class citizens now, as a cultural impasse roils our neofeudal former republic.

    Last week in the dead of night, Virginia House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn ordered Robert E Lee’s statue (and others) removed from the old House Chamber.

    In his novels, William Faulkner of Misssissippi unreservedly lauded Virginia as the intellectual and cultural capital of the South. Now that’s all gone with the wind — to be replaced by what?

    Don’t be surprised if the Filler-Corn types replace “offensive” Robert E Lee with a smiling bronze of Benyamin Netanyahu, his boot crushing the neck of a writhing Arab boy.

    In a similar vein, professor Thomas DiLorenzo comments on the symbol of oppression that is the Lincoln Memorial. Throughout his life, Lincoln advocated for white supremacy, and for deporting African-Americans to Africa or Latin America. DiLorenzo:

    ‘My hope is that at least some readers of The Problem with Lincoln will have thoughts of doing what Brion McClanahan suggests in his blurb for the book: visit the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. not with bibles, prayer rugs, or rosary beads in their hands, but “with sledgehammers.” ‘

    Amen, brother Tom!

    Just hang on while I load my maul and Sawzall into the pickup.

  44. I think its becoming obvious why so much fear is being created about a bug with is slightly worse than the flu…. today the UK Gov signed an agreement to buy a bunch of vaccine from a couple big name pharma companies for half a billion pounds!! A vaccine that doesn’t yet exist !! This thing seems to be as good as the carbon con for the gov / crony capitalist looking to rip off the taxpayer !!

  45. Oh the outrageous affrontery!

    I’ve always thought it’d be much more honest if Libertarians just changed the name of their ideology to ‘Assholes’.

    All of the other customers who have also supported Sweet Donkey – DAILY – through this pandemic have done so while wearing a mask and it’s caused no more hardship or imposed no more burden than wearing shoes.

    You have a “right” to get a cup of coffee?! I’m curious as to where exactly that is enumerated in the Constitution – either of the Commonwealth of Virginia or of the United States?Clover

    They do have a right to serve it to you – as long as you adhere to their rules of business. And they can set whatever rules they want. If you don’t comply, they get to NOT serve you. If you don’t want to comply, you are FREE (you Libertarians fetishize that word) to take your business elsewhere.

    Judging from the sheer number of customers I see at The Donkey every day, enjoying their food and drink, all the while wearing masks when going inside to pick up their orders, you’re in the decided minority. That should tell you something (but I know it won’t). Clover

    And save yourself some embarrassment with that ‘ADA’ angle. If you don’t have a disability you are NOT covered by the ADA. Your comparison, in your post yesterday, of non-mask wearers and Jews forced to wear the yellow star in Nazi Germany is particularly disgusting, you apalling douche-nozzle.

    Seriously, go sell your tediously aggrieved whining and your wounded entitlement bullshit somewhere else. We’re full up around here.

    • Hi Leo,

      I agree with you; they’re not obligated to serve anyone. But their reasons for not serving are the issue. The only “pandemic” is of fear – which is being inflamed and maintained by the sight of people walking around dressed like Michael Jackson – forced by social pressure and “policies” such as this one.

      The cases! The cases! But where are the bodies? There aren’t many – fewer now than there were. Put another way, far less reason for healthy people to put on a Diaper now than there was three months ago. Yet there is an obvious push to get everyone to put on a Diaper now. Why? For what reason – other than the theater of it; other than to create the impression of universal agreement that it is a “good idea”?

      But this is a bug that – per “the science” – the majority (80 percent give or take) don’t even have symptoms of and which 99.9 percent of the public not elderly (average age of 50-plus percent of WuFlu victims is nearly 80) or already sick (e.g., serious underlying problems) do not die from.

      These again, are facts. As opposed to hysteria about the cases! the cases!

      Why no Universal Diapering and lockdowns in prior years, when flu triggered pneumonia in some elderly/already compromised people and that pushed them over the edge? Some flus were worse than WuFlu – for example, the Hong Kong Flu of 1968. No lockdowns, no Diapering. Why? And why now?

      It’s a serious question.

      If you say – because we have to protect the vulnerable – then why didn’t we protect them this way before? Why not just adopt measures that protect the elderly and sick but leave the healthy alone? Should people who can swim be forced to wear a life jacket whenever they are near a pool?

      I also agree that I’m in the apparent minority at the Donk as regards Diapering. But recall what Orwell said about sanity not being a numbers game.

      And: The comparison of Jews forced to wear the star and the people who don’t wear the Face Diaper is very apt. The Undiapered are being systematically turned into a pariah class, as elaborated in the piece. They are being denied freedom of movement, even – unless they put on the Diaper. Note also the violence of your language. The anger toward those of us not afflicted by this psychosis over sickness.

      PS: How will you say no to the Needle? Have you thought ahead that far? Or do you not mind that, either? Where does it end, exactly? How far is too far? How much is too much?

      Or is there nothing that’s unacceptable on account of “someone might get sick”?

      If you’re genuinely interested in a factual discussion I’m happy to engage. Calling me a “douche” and an “asshole” indicates you aren’t.

      • People like this will take the needle. Then they will ratchet up the name calling, pointing and shrieking toward us refuseniks at needle time. Logic and reason won’t be accepted. Some men you just can’t reach. Eric, I’ll see you in the camps, brother.

      • Eric –

        Last week, I thought Jeremy and I persuaded you that a business owner’s property rights do not include the right to impose diapering diktats? At least with regard to the Walmarts of the world?

      • Hi Eric, clover Leo here mentioned “the sheer number of customers I see at the Donkey every day” so I’m guessing that he must have seen you going there diaperless and it just drove him crazy. The way this country has morphed into the new East Germany is truly amazing; who needs the Stasi when there are so many snitches who get off on making other peoples lives miserable. I take Solszhenitzen’s warning seriously, when they come for me with the Needle I’ll be waiting behind the door with a 12 gauge.

        • Hi Mike,

          Yup. I expect Leo may have been one of the “Karens” who complained about my Diaperless face. In any event, I didn’t see his face – or many others – during the weeks of “lockdown” in Virginia, when I was practically the only person who went to the Donk and stayed there – in the parking lot – “showing the flag.” I though it was our flag. The flag of freedom.

          I now realize I was not defending the right people.

        • Mike in Boston,
          Instead of a 12 gauge, I heartily recommend one of the heavier 30 cal rifles – 30-06, 308, 7.62×51, etc. They’ll go through doors, walls, cars, and at closer range, even ceramic plates.
          Now I’ll probably be accused of fomenting violence.

    • I don’t think Eric asserted that he had a right to a cup of coffee. And when they said they wouldn’t serve him without a mask anymore, he left and it doesn’t sound like he’ll be returning unless they change their policy.

      Just because they have a right to either serve or not serve somebody doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a right to complain about it. He was very nice in the way he complained and when someone politely brings a problem to the owner’s attention, I think he is doing the owner a service. For every person who complains, there are likely many others that don’t, and it can be very helpful to owners to hear sincere complaints.
      And until he is told otherwise, he has no way of really knowing whether these are really the rules of business that the owner wants to impose or whether it is a policy being forced on them by the government.

      As for the ADA angle, if the government is imposing a policy why shouldn’t the victim (anyone being forced to wear a mask) be able to use the government’s own rules to fight back? And if the owner truly wants to comply with the law, is there anything wrong with bringing the ADA law to his attention? Even if someone stated he had a disability when he didn’t, there are a lot of people including me, who would say the victim does not owe a duty to tell the truth to the forcer.

      • All good points; nonetheless, unless you unnecessarily restrict the scope of your examination of the universe of property rights, how can you argue that the coffee shop has a unilateral right to require patrons to diaper?

        Last week, both Jeremy and I posted substantive critiques of the proposition that a commercial business owner’s property rights are the only property rights to consider where, as here, the exercise of such rights conflict with the property rights of patrons.

        To be sure, this coffee shop is not Walmart, but, it is, de facto, acting as an agent of the state and there is no evidence to gainsay that. As such, its right to impose diapering on the patrons must give way to the patron’s right to patronize undiapered.

    • “We’re full up around here.”

      Who in the hell are you to include me in your trash comment. I particularly like Eric’s writes so speak for yourself. I can’t think of another site I have been to where the owner was as courteous as Eric.

      Wow Eric,,, a douche calling someone else a douche on his site! Max disrespect. Max Stupidity. Zero courtesy.
      You see Eric,,, it’s not enough for the blithering idiots to disagree because they have little to stand on other than “take it up the arse like me”,,, they have to start name calling and belittling.

      And how does one drink coffee, eat a doughnut with a diaper on? So you pull it down with your hand. (oops contagion!) Up and down, up and down, up and down. Or worse…. You can take the mask off when eating (cough, sneeze all you want) but it has to be on when going to the head or just stand up? I guess you can take it off when taking the dump since your sitting and put it back on after wiping! That somehow makes sense to these idiots.

      And he then says….
      “And they can set whatever rules they want. If you don’t comply, they get to NOT serve you….”

      Will you please reply why that did not apply to the baker that refused to bake a wedding cake for Homosexuals? So much for private property eh?

      And will you reply why it’s okay for the BLM to riot, loot and burn while others are home incarcerated to not spread the disease? That makes sense too?

      As for constitutional to a right of a cup of coffee,,, it’s right below killing babies is constitutional.

      Damn Eric,,, this guy is a jerk and probably paid to comment like that. You can tell when you’re over the target when you start receiving flak.

    • I could come with all sorts of reasons for you to wear all sorts of PPE that are just as valid or more valid than that of these ineffectual masks. Do you know how I know these mask mandates are nothing more than manipulation? No more than theater? Because there are no technical standards of performance. None. The shop rag in my car complies.

      Those who want to protect themselves from viruses should put on an N/P100 respirator. Early on joked I would wear the industrial PPE I own. Self darkening welding goggles and the hood that goes with it plus a P100 respirator. I am getting close to doing so simply to mock the mask witnesses.

      I am tired of submission rituals and theater. Tired of these rituals of the safety cult.

      • Hi Brent. I go into most businesses with a naked face, but there are two small local outfits where I do carryout, a bakery and a Jamaican restaurant. I do cover up when going into them — a 3M respirator with P100 filters and fitted safety goggles. I thought it was just poking fun at the diaper culture. However, now that Fork-tongue Fauci has suggested that people should wear goggles, that equipment will remain at home. The bizarro world just keeps getting worse.

        • Hi Mike,

          The problem with unreasoning fear, of course, is that it cannot be reasoned with. The people walking around Diapered will line up for goggles, too. Why not Moon Suits? The cases! The cases!

          We have to protect the community!

      • I have been thinking for the last day or 2 of making my point by wearing a coarse cheesecloth scarf (only because I can’t find a fabric with a 1/2 x 1/2 mesh and don’t want to make one out of hardware cloth/wire). Bigger holes would be better.

        That led to the thought of simply telling them that my mask was high tech and invisible- something to do with ions and dihydrogen monoxide and fields.

        By doing so, I can avoid breathing problems, mock the beast’s mark, and force some idiots to have a thought.

    • Hey Berjosha; I did not detect any effrontery on Eric’s part, if anything , a sense of regret and or sadness, as he stated. Where is it you see the “effrontery”? He said all he “wanted was another cup of coffee”, where do you see he had a “right ” to one? He never said that. As concerning a private business setting whatever rules they want, anyone with a modicum of sense knows there are certain boundaries even with that concept. For instance,what if a “private business” decides he will not serve black people, or maybe people with one leg, or in wheelchairs. Oh, but this a “private business”, I can set whatever rules I want. Tell me how far you’ll get with that one. As far as the ADA angle you referred to, you do not have to prove a disability; so much for your statement about saving yourself some embarrassment about using it. Regarding your last two sentences, no one is selling any aggrieved whining or wounded entitlement, and if you’re really full up, my suggestion for you is to go somewhere else.

    • Wow, fella, thanks for the heads up. Minorities have no rights. You have to do what you’re told. A good American obeys. And if it’s not in the Constitution, it’s not a right. Does that sum up accurately what you just said?

  46. Do I care about wearing a mask? Nope. But most of the time small business owners are forced to mandate it by the employees. Not the other way around, Its tough. the brainwashing is very very thorough.

    • Sadly, that is the case Mark. The corporate mass media has pumped so much fear porn into people, that they have become irrational. There is also the legal liability angle. Its just not worth the risk to most people.

      • Hi BJ,

        The power of TeeVee is incredible. And also radio. I do not watch the former at all but do listen to talk radio on my to places. There are constant “news updates”about the cases! the cases! and dire-depressing and endless announcements about various aspects of this “crisis.” I am convinced that had the same sort of Fear Campaign been directed at shingles, the same as we’re seeing could have been achieved.

        Remember the RCA mascot? His master’s voice…

        • Hi Eric, I’ve been trying to make the same point to my friends and family, but only a few of them get it. Every news broadcast starts out with an update on the number of cases……and deaths, which as a percentage isn’t very high at all. If they gave a daily update on the number of “cases” for cancer/heart disease/falls/insert any disease here, the cases would be more and the fatalities way more. Of course that would require logical thinking which seems to have disappeared worldwide 😖.

    • But most of the time small business owners are forced to mandate it by the employees

      No, they’re forced to do it by the State, which holds a gun to their heads, both literally and figuratively, to make them do it. I have yet to meet a single employee of any business I’ve interacted with that wants anything but for this bullshit, HARMFUL mask mandate to GO AWAY.

  47. That’s unfortunate. I have yet to be cast out of any big box store even though my county communist government has a fake “mandate”. It’ depressing being in the 2-3% of the Undiapered. The only place I go to where no one diapers, not customers or staff, is the big local gun shop in town. Not an accident, that.

    • Hi Zach,

      It is sad, especially in this context. It’s not some faceless corporation; it’s a local business whose owner and employees have known me for years. They know I took a stand for them during the lockdown. Unless they are out of their minds, they also know I am not sick – and so cannot get anyone sick. But the sight of my Undiapered self briefly entering and leaving – just long enough to get a cup of coffee and go outside – is too affronting to the sensibilities of the sick… in the head.

      Ergo, no coffee for me, unless I play kabuki.

      Which I won’t. That just cost the Donk – let’s see – an average of $5 per day five days a week equals $25 per week equals about $100 per month equals about $1,200 per year… which would have been ongoing and now isn’t.

      I expect they will lose the business of others as well. And the really sad thing is that the Diapered people who are going there now will abandon ship the moment the Gesundheitsfuhrers “lock it down” again. People like me – who would have stood with the Donk – now stand aside.

      May the chains rest lightly…

      • I say screw them. “I hear this every day and I really don’t want to hear it anymore.” She then goes on to say: “We’re done with the conversation.” You should have retorted: “Guess what sister? I’m done giving you my business.” These people are absolute dispensable and deserve to be dispensed with.

        The arrogance and lack of customer service of so-called service providers is simply astonishing lately. These people were clearly never your friends. You just didn’t realize it until today. Get yourself a Keurig machine and you’ll save money and maintain your sanity.

        • Hi Mister,

          I agree. Granted, I was just one customer. But I was a good and loyal one. I have literally spent several thousand dollars there over many years and – the part that saddens me most, on a personal level – I was almost alone in my support of the joint during the Coonman’s “lockdown,” when most people were to afraid to dare to leave their homes, much less go to a coffee shop. I did. Almost every day. I sat there in the parking lot, so that the parking lot would not look empty. I tried to always leave a 50-percent or better tip for the baristas, because I knew they weren’t getting any or at least not many.

          I spoke with the owner and expressed sympathy. I would have helped them in any way I could have (except complying with a stupid and dangerous cult ritual, of course). Just a few days ago I volunteered to help them move around some picnic tables and did so. Last summer, I let one of the baristas who had expressed interest in it ride a press scooter around the parking lot.

          None of that matters. I must join the Sickness Cult. I must don the Diaper, so as not to create an impression in anyone’s mind that anyone disagrees with Diapering. That’s the real reason for this. The “community” of collectivism – controlled by a few individuals who get to make the “community” do what they say.

          • Better you discovered their true colors now rather than much later. Sad, but they deserve what’s coming to them in the end.

      • That just cost the Donk – let’s see – an average of $5 per day five days a week equals $25 per week equals about $100 per month equals about $1,200 per year… which would have been ongoing and now isn’t.

        What we have to conclude from this –and this little local business is by no means the only example, not by multiple long shots– is that business owners are just as economically ignorant and illiterate as the rest of the general population. Anybody with any business sense at all knows that alienating long-time, loyal customers is the surest way to ruin your reputation and thus your business. Big corporations, especially those with monopolies or near monopolies, can get away with this, at least for a time. But a mom amd pop local business? That’s just plain suicidal behavior.

        Do these people think that customers grow up from the ground like weeds? Do they think they’re going to grow up to become “one of the big guys” by pissing off and running off customers? Do they think Big Daddy Government is going to rescue them with bailout money (they’re mental fucking retards if they believe so)? Do they run their businesses as a hobby and not care about profit and loss?

        I struggle to imagine why these people do things so clearly at odds with their own best interests.

        • Lib, it’s truly a microcosm of what the big corps are doing- like how they are more concerned with trannies and fags and multiculturalism and other “woke” SJW causes, rather than appeasing the other 98% of their potential customers from whence their wealth springs.

          This is the li’l mom & pop version of that.

          The coming depression will be well-deserved by all of these bastards!

          • Lib, it’s truly a microcosm of what the big corps are doing- like how they are more concerned with trannies and fags and multiculturalism and other “woke” SJW causes, rather than appeasing the other 98% of their potential customers from whence their wealth springs.

            This is the li’l mom & pop version of that.

            Yes, and again, this leads me to conclude that Mom and Pop are RETARDS for thinking that they can get away with what “The Big Boys” can get away with (i.e., “woke” capitalism). Retards have no business being IN business, so I’ll probably rejoice louder at a “woke” Mom and Pop business’s implosion than I will at that of one of the Big Boys.

            • Yep, Lib.

              They will quickly learn what happens when one ignores the basic precepts of a free market. Even though we no longer have a free market, the marketplace is still mostly dependent upon choice and voluntary interaction- and these idjits are ignoring basic math and logic, by being willing to court a small minority while alienating the vast potential customer base.

              Lets see how far their Marxism will get them, and for how long! (Funny, how we’re already seeing many corps and small businesses dying- even before the “COVID-response”)

              At a time when economics and politics dictate that businesses be absolutely efficient to survive, these asshats are literally throwing away the better part of their customer bases.

    • I went to the gun shop Palmetto Armory in Charleston SC a few days ago on the way to the range because one of our group had no hearing protection. Walking to the correct aisle I was accosted by three different employees about not having a mask, and when I got to the checkout with my purchase I was refused service by what appeared to be a manager. Another in my group had the same experience. ADA claim didn’t carry any weight at all. City ordinance, local officers, enforcement, blah blah… Comrade Manager (which is how I addressed him) didn’t seem to know or comprehend.

      The infuriating thing is these are the same people who love to boast “molon labe” and “from my cold dead hands”, yet they grab ankle with enthusiasm for this sort of theatrical nonsense. Walking through the store felt like the final scene of Invasion of the Body Snatchers ’78. They were rabid in their enforcement.

      What this whole thing has shown me is that the ‘muriken people are indeed exceptional. Exceptionally easily cowed, exceptionally stupid, and exceptionally easily led. And, I think, exceptionally close to the end of that oft mentioned experiment.

      • Amen, Bill –

        The aspect that creeps me out the most is their belligerent servitude. It is the embodied flesh of the things Solzhenitsyn wrote about. People turned evil in the name of “virtue.”

      • Bill, good to know. I quit ordering from them last year when the prices of kits more than doubled. Now I have another reason to not give them my business. There are better deals on Gunbroker.com


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