Undiapered Doctors

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I post without extensive comment – since it speaks for itself – the video as well as the image of the group of doctors who made a presentation the other day in Washington, DC regarding the hysteria being maliciously spread over WuFlu by parties with a clear interest in something obviously sinister given the facts about the “threat” posed by WuFlu and the purposeful, concerted effort to suppress not only reasonable palliative measures but also to end the hysteria.

It is very telling that these doctors were not Diapered. Watch the following and ask yourself why.

Are these doctors any less credible than the Sexiest Man Alive? How about your local Gesundheitsfuhrer?

We are lectured about listening to the experts; following “the science.” But apparently, only “experts” who don’t question their own “science”- or reverse course on their publicly stated expositions thereof (e.g., the worth of Face Diapers).

But let the doctors explain it – and what we’re really up against.


    • Thanks Dawg, it’s hard to say how long any of us will be up…..except for the bootlickers…..and they will be the last to see it coming for them. Bootlicking is just a temporary feel-good thing that always scoops up the bootlickers too.

  1. Actual bravery. Actual heros. Standing against the apparatus, risking your career (life) to speak truth. To save lives and preserve liberty. It is nice to see some good in the world.

  2. Dr. Simone Gold – has been fired from her job as an Emergency Medicine Specialist in Los Angeles, CA. You do not speak out against your overlords, your opinion will get you fired.

    • Her America”s Front line Doctors website has also been stricken. I could’ve sworn that she referenced a new domain on Tucker last night, but it went by too fast for me to get it. I think it had summit in it. Do you happen to know where the new site is?

  3. Ohio responds to this fantastic news buy banning the use of Hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of Covid19. The state had a 4 million pill stockpile that will now go to waste. This truly feels like we are at war with our rulers.

    • And all the “rulers” are psychopaths, as is most often the case. Since off label prescription is a long standing and logically accepted practice, why the outright assault on Hydroxychloroquine? Since it has practically no significant side effects, the worst, a slight chance of affecting eyesight, only appearing after years of use, there is only one possible reason to ban it. It works, and the Psychopaths In Charge don’t want it to. It might interfere with their profit from a poorly tested vaccine.

    • There may be a way around such a ban. If you know someone with rheumatoid arthritis, they may have a prescription for it. I do. Perhaps one could acquire some from them, and they could request another prescription from their doctor, if their doctor is one of the sane ones.

  4. Some good stuff in the vid- but disturbing how there was such emphasis on “opening the schools”- when closing these conformity camps of government indoctrination was probably the only positive effect of the scamdemic.

  5. The doctors are doing a great service trying to get the drug out to those that may think they need it. Since they refuse to purify the virus (I) have to assume Covid may not exist. The drug, and especially zinc will work preventing many viral infections which is probably why they don’t want it over the counter.

    The PCR test they’re using detects particles, partial genomes, exomes and other debris that exist in your nasal passages. Viruses of all sorts will be present at different times. The test does not show whether a virus is replicating or the viral load if it is. And the virus the test reportedly found could be exhaled at the next breath. Of course if wearing a mask it could be re-inhaled many times giving it a damn good chance of infecting you.

    So,,, these doctors, like everyone else, believe the virus is real simply because the WHO and CDC says so. Medical Doctors have no choice. If the WHO and CDC says it is real they will treat it as real and it’s the WHO and CDC that control the tests that determine the diagnosis. So they have the narrative coming and going.

    Since hydroxychloroquine and especially zinc will prevent many viruses entry the next PCR test may show negative. Of course since the test is sooo unreliable and can easily be jigged it may show positive BUT the patient shows no symptoms because heshe is simply NOT infected. Infected being massive viral replication. Therefore the drugs are thought to be working when in reality there was NEVER an infection,,, only a false positive from a test that is only 70% reliable and its inventor repeatedly said it should not be used for diagnosis.

    Zinc is very good and should be taken by all over 65. Vit D as well. Unfortunately this may extend their lives and is not what some folks ( Gates, Fauci ) want.

    • Indeed, Pharma has no desire or intent to cure anything. There’s no money in doing so. Which is why homeopathic treatment is under constant assault from Pharma, and all who profit from it. Like the CIA infiltrated Mockingbird Media, who’s largest advertising account is Pharma.

    • ken, thanks for saying what I was about to say. There has been no virus identified. If it has, someone is keeping it close to their vest. I know people who are close to 5G towwers have very similar symptoms and get sick. We have no cases in our county. We have no 5G either.

      Since the tests are not reliable, we have no idea what the tests are testing. I know of one tester who sent tests to be verified as positive or negative, took two swabs out of their packages and sent them in with fake names. Both came back as positive. So sterile swabs put into the sterile tubes the ship them in come back positive.

      This is the equivalent of a shell game where there never was a pea so no need for sleight of hand. It’s sleight of mouth…..lies. I heard of a couple people “coming down with it” but they were never tested for the seasonal flu which has the same symptoms as do other diseases.

      Oh, they really believed they had it. They were really sick. I believed I was really sick in 1968 when I had the Hong Kong flu. I was young and so sick death would have seemed preferable. A friend took me to a health spa and after cooking, boiling and breathing steam did I feel enough better I thought I would live. It turned out that episode turned me around and I got well pretty quickly after that. I was in college and it seemed like at one time, every one of the 22,000 studen’ts and thousands of staff had the stuff. And yes, older, frail people did die of it.

      From what I could see, the absolute worst thing you could do was to go to the doctor or a hospital. I took OTC drugs and drank lots of liquid and couldn’t bear to eat. Just what the doctor would have ordered I suppose. There was no doubt this was a real disease and people worked as well as they could and the country survived quite well. No bidnesses quit working and few people quit working.

      Every time we have a new disease, it’s always identified somewhere near Ft. Detrick as was Lyme’s disease, SARS, and the anthrax that was delivered, supposedly, by terrorist but originated, once again, at Ft. Detrick. Just some things I recall in the last 20 years.

      • 8S, do you remember Gerald Ford’s swine flu that was going to kill everybody in 1976? As I recall, the vaccine was to be taken in multiple shots a week or two apart, although I have not been able to confirm that detail. I was just out of college, i.e., dumb and trusting of the government. Immediately after I got the first shot, people started turning up dead or paralyzed from it, so they called the whole thing off. Mike Wallace later did a big thing about it on 60 Minutes. Turned out the whole panicky vaccination program was predicated on something like 14 cases. That was the last time I got a flu shot until last year. A niece had a double lung transplant and we were told we couldn’t see her if we hadn’t had a flu shot. Now we can’t see her anyway.

        • I remember that, Roland! And it turned out, that ALL who actually died from the Swine Flu were among the ranks of the vaccinated- no UNvaccinated person died- not one. You’d think that fact alone would have ended this vaccination BS forever……but no hope of that in a society which can not think.

          I was 14, my mother made me get the damn shot (it was just one)….it was the last time anyone will ever stick a needle in me.

          I always remember the words of a Dr. Robert Mendelssohn from his book Confessions Of A Medical Heretic: “I have never seen a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person”- and I’ve heard that same sentiment uttered by a few other old docs over the intervening 30 years since I’ve read that book, and I believe it implicitly.

          My stupid sisters get a flu shot every year…and they get sick every. Motherfricking. Year!

          Me? Other than a bout of what may well have been COVID around the beginning of this year…I rarely ever get sick.

          • Nunz, I wish I had the excuse “Mom made me do it.” I was just a moron. Took me another 30 years to figure this stuff out!

            • It’s funny, Roland- I didn’t have the actual knowledge at the time….but I just KNEW vaccines were wrong- even much earlier than 14. The idea of doing something invasive to a perfectly healthy body…..

              The feeling of defeat I’d experience when I’d get those damn filthy shots- it was like something was telling me “This is evil”. I never trusted doctors- and, except for the eye doc for a congenital defect, I haven’t been to one in over 40 years now. Not only am I exceedingly healthy at 58. but I’ve sure saved a lot of money!

              • Over the years I’ve done a fair amount of research of vaccines and a huge amount recently.

                A person who takes a flu vaccine releases in their breath, 6 times as much viral affected cells as those who have never had a vaccination.

                Before the polio vaccine was rolled out, polio had almost ceased due to plain old cleanliness, in all the aspects of life.

                TB vaccinations caused a great spate of autism, something virtually never seen before that time.

                In 1900, there was a change in the food chain with the advent of processed food that coincided with heart attacks. Up to that point people didn’t have heart attacks which you can only surmise was due to the difference in their food. They may have eaten a possum and poke salad for a day or two but it didn’t cause a problem with the circulatory system. Vegetable oils are now considered the worst causes of circulatory problems.

                We rarely use vegetable oil, and mainly it’s the use of tiny amounts of olive oil and avacado oil. We’ve been using nothing but lard for years the rare times we fry and it’s damned good in biscuits too and would be better if we could find the old original wheat that is rare now.

                The thing that really kicked off autism was glyphosate, found in Roundup and now pollutes the ground and water but hey, it’s safe says the owner of Monsanto, now Bayer. How the hell they thought they’d benefit to sell it to Bayer, a foreign company, is beyond me but it ain’t workin.

                Don’t worry though. Now the weeds are growing so well sprayed with glyphosate they’ve gone back to something I thought had been banned for food crops(it has everywhere but the US), good ol 2,4 D.

                I wish I could say I don’t see the doctor but that changed when I was about 60 and came down with Shingles which everyone now knows came from an easily avoidable disease but not when your mothers had parties so everyone would catch chickenpox and it was a hard sell for me till my sisters just rubbed their sores on me constantly. I almost took a vaccination for Shingles after I had a few bouts but then studies started coming in that the vaccination made it much worse with many more deaths.

                I’ve been taking some supplements for the last few years to try to ward off Shingles that hit me concurrently with MRSA. I used to take an antibiotic and an anti-viral concurrently since I’d have them both. I quit taking both. I tried organic coconut oil and it helped but I changed up what I take for supplements and for the first time in 12 years I got rid of my last open sore in the last couple weeks.

                Nunz, you might be interested to know I’ve been taking lutein and zeaxanthin for a week and I think it’s helping my vision, what it’s made to do.

                I now take vit. C, D3, B complex, collagen along with the lutein and zeaxanthin and zinc. I’m going to discuss taking hydroxychloraquine along with it as a prophylactic to avoid upper respiratory problems(asthma).

                If either of you read that article I posted a couple days ago you’d understand why I am considering it. If not, I’ll post the link again. It’s a long read but comprehensive and based only on factual numbers and refers to the World-o-meter in regards to covid bs.

                Roland, I had the Hong Kong flu in 1968 in college. I didn’t know I could be any sicker than that but I survived and going to a health spa seemed to turn me around very quickly. Everybody had the stuff, esp. in a college town like Lubbock with 22,000 students and many thousands of staff and workers plus the blowing dirt on the high plains and tough conditions for upper respiratory problems. 60 mph winds up to 80 were common and nothing on the plowed ground to slow it down a lick. A 3 wire fence between there and the north pole with 2 wires broken was typical winter weather.

                • Eight, I actually have been taking something with lutein and some good things for the old eyeballs for some time- doesn’t seem to help- but I still take it, as it can help keeping the eye healthy (My good eye doc is a fan of such things- even recommended it).

                  My mother’s friend back in Queens, only in her 70’s and always very healthy and active, was having some arthur-ritus problems which were gimping her up.

                  Her doctor proposed some steroid injections to “help”. I warned her NOT to take ’em….but she did. Helped a LITTLE with the arthur-ritis…..but, as I warned, literally within MONTHS, all of a sudden she had kidney problems (had to have 2 operations!), a heart problem; a skin disease…..

                  But they’ll never admit the connection! Bet she wishes the arthur-ritis was her only problem now……

                  • Nunz, I am offered steroids every time I complain. I and my doctor both know they are killers within a short time period. I decline, every time. It’s enough to be in pain and looking for relief but that’s just a quick way to kill your organs. I will suffer and get better(hopefully, since I normally do…..after a while).

                    The weird thing is when she offers and I decline and give my reasons, she agrees. She’s not far from my age and was a competitive runner. You’d think she’d say something about colloidial silver. Not yet.

                    • **”when she offers and I decline and give my reasons, she agrees. “**

                      Heh…yeah- they have to follow “protocol”- even when they know it’s wrong.

                      As long as they folly protocol, even if they harm you….they’re off the hook because they follied the protocols.

                      If they don’t folly the protocols but recommending that you DO the harmful thing, they can get in trouble. It’s like they can get in trouble for NOT harming you…but if they harm you, they’re untouchable, as long as they recommended/did what uncle and his regulators and subsidized academics say is kosher.

                      Same thing with my eye doc- despite being a great guy who can think for himself, he always has to make the show of offering me a procedure which is non-reversible and which almost always results in further vision deterioration and or blindness.

                      I told him from the git-go that there’s no way I would ever have that done. He nods knowingly and says “If it were me, would I have it done? NOooooooo…”.

                      But the sick thing is, if I hadn’t done my own research and didn’t use m,y own judgement or know any better, and thus didn’t object…..I’d never know his feelings about it; never be warned, and have thought that it was something good , since “my doctor ‘recommended'[offered] it”.

                      So much for the idea of informed consent and ‘do no harm’ and truth in advertising and all that- 99.8% of people would just go for it and not even question it…and the majority of doctors when presented with an objector like myself, would never say what mine did.

                      That is why this medical system is so messed up. Even a good doctor is literally hamstrung and can’t do the right thing/advance truth.

                      Which is why I’m in this boat to begin with…because the things they did when I was a toddler to remove my cadillacs [cataracts] were medieval by comparison to what they do today- as were the things they did to deal with the problems that were in turn caused by that….but no one ever mentioned the detrimental effects to my mother- you just have to “have faith in the doctor”.

                      I mean, I’m glad they did the initial operations to remove the cadillacs, so I could see relatively decently, especially when young…..but I would’ve been far better off had they just left me alone after that. But the doctor in the 60’s was taught that if something’s wrong, you just use surgery to correct it, and that will make it right- but the scarring from many surgeries caused more problems that the things which they were trying to correct with those surgeries!

                      Ditto my mother, who had ovarian (or something down there) cancer when she was 70. The operation to fix it was a success…but the doctor ‘recommended’ radiation treatments to pay off his…err…I mean ‘just to make sure’- and she wouldn’t take my advice not to have them (even though throughout my life, she always ends up regretting not taking my advice!)- so she had the treatments…and now, despite otherwise being very healthy at 95, is suffering from the effects of the scarring from that radiation, which is affecting her organs and intestines.

                      (Uh…yeah….too much information here…but since I typed it, I’ll post it- someone may have insomnia and need a read!)

  6. Of course this has been deleted from all the big social media sites. I even tried finding it on Breitbart.com and couldn’t find it there. Hopefully this page will continue to work.

    • Lester Holt and the rest of the main stream media attacked these doctors on air during the evening “news” yesterday. I was surprised how quickly the media responded in lock step and how quickly the video was taken down.
      This is proof enough for me that there is much more going on with this pandemic than a medical crisis. I may be wrong, but it appears to me that there is a concerted effort being made to make the situation as dire as possible, to further a political agenda. I predict that if Trump were to lose the upcoming election, we may witness the discovery of a miraculus cure over night.

      • Hi Oskar,

        Absolutely. For me, the Eureka Moment was when it became clear some months back the bodies were not stacking up; yet instead of easing people’s minds and easing the restrictions, the media began incessantly “reporting” about the cases! the cases! – almost never providing context (the Infection Fatality Rate) and hard-selling Diapering, which they continue to hard sell.

        There is no legitimate explanation for this. But there is a sinister one.

        • eric, here in Texas in some podunk county yesterday, the geniuses at the health dept figured out a new way to determine covid cases. OK, you need to be a genius to follow the convoluted, nonsensical many of figuring it but it’s just another way to include people who’ve never been tested or even been close to anyone who has been tested, not to mention have shown to be positive.

          The world would be a better place is everyone involved in increasing the fictional numbers were simply lined up, shot and let fall in the hole they dug themselves. Easy peasy.

      • ” I predict that if Trump were to lose the upcoming election, we may witness the discovery of a miraculus cure over night.”

        While much has to do with Trump (an unselected person) being in office they will not produce a cure or have it fade away when a selected person is president. The reason is the bigger agenda it is pushing. The only way they let it go is because they get a selected person and the resistance gets too much to where they back down and give up some of it.

        • Not much hope for mass resistance. Virtually no one resisted security-terrorism Kabuki….in which I think even idiots realized that the chances of being victimized by “terrorists” (of the non-governmental variety) were quite remote- how much will they resist something that they perceive as a “real” personal threat to their safety?

          • Why should there be any resistance? After all, the Psychopaths In Charge have trained the sheeple that it can solve all their problems. Of course anyone could make such a claim if they assume the authority to create an unlimited supply of “money”.

      • Hi Oskar and Eric,

        (split into two parts to avoid spam filter)

        It’s like we’ve entered Seinfeld’s bizzaro world where information that was commonly accepted, just a few months ago, is now “false”, and anyone who points this out is a dangerous conspiracy theorist. Except for the fiery performance by Dr. Stella Immanuel, most of the participants were nuanced and qualified in their statements, yet all of it was labeled false. Even her testimony could only be labeled false in a technical, linguistic sense; she claimed that there IS a cure which, being an unqualified, declarative statement, is technically false. Still, her passion, courage and success in treating her patients warrants some hyperbole.

        The conference was primarily about hydroxychloroquine, but also touched on mask use. So, what is the gist of their claims:

        – Many doctors around the world are using hydroxychloroquine, along with zinc and azithromycin, and reporting good results.

        – Hydroxychloroquine has been used for a long time, with few side effects and, until now, was considered safe.

        – Studies exist that strongly suggest that it is safe and effective, and that more research should be done.

        – This treatment is widely available around the world.

        – A Lancet study, claiming the treatment to be ineffective and dangerous, was deeply flawed and subsequently retracted.

        – There is little, if any, good evidence that masks are effective at limiting the spread of the virus.

        Every single one of these claims is true.

        From the NIH:

        “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread”. August, 2005


        Conclusion: Chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of SARS CoV in cell culture. Favorable inhibition of virus spread was observed when the cells were either treated with chloroquine prior to or after SARS CoV infection. In addition, the indirect immunofluorescence assay described herein represents a simple and rapid method for screening SARS-CoV antiviral compounds.

        “Structural and molecular modelling studies reveal a new mechanism of action of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine against SARS-CoV-2 infection”. May, 2020


      • part 2

        From the CDC:

        “Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings—Personal Protective and Environmental Measures”. May, 2020


        “In our systematic review, we identified 10 RCTs that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946–July 27, 2018. In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks (RR 0.78, 95% CI 0.51–1.20”.

        Note the RR of 0.78, which means that the studies showed a statistically insignificant negative effect (more likely to get sick).

        From the BMJ:

        “Covid-19: What is the evidence for cloth masks?” April, 2020


        From the article, according to the WHO,

        “there is currently no evidence that wearing a mask (whether medical or other types) by healthy persons in the wider community setting, including universal community masking, can prevent them from infection with respiratory viruses, including covid-19. Wearing masks in the community can also give people a false sense of security, it said, and lead to them neglecting other measures, such as hand hygiene and physical distancing”.


    • Here’s the first video:

      This is the follow-up, complete with crazy protester at the end:

      I hope these links post correctly, but if not, if you go to the Breitbart site the follow-up video will be dated 7/28. The original video is linked inside of it. All of this is quite damning stuff, and it fully reinforces what my gut was telling me since week three of this worldwide scam-demic.

  7. To me, the most disturbing thing about this video is how quickly Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube banded together in a coordinated action to take it down. I think most of us would agree that private companies have the right to allow or disallow anything they want on their own platform. But, of course all of these companies are in that very murky area of being part-private and part-government. And who knows how much of what they choose to censor is because of government pressure or jawboning.

    • Truth can easily bear any examination, criticism, or argument. It neither needs nor requires protection by censorship. Lies do. There is nothing murky about their status at all. They are corporations, and corporations are a creation of the state. They are NOT private businesses. Not being born, in the literal sense, they have no rights whatsoever except those the state gives them.

  8. Thanks for posting Eric! I sent a 10 minute excerpt of this presentation to my three terrified CNN mask nazi mind controlled sisters. It was the first thing I’ve sent them since this all started that made them question what the fucks going on. I wish we could find a way to support these doctors, aside from spreading their message of freedom far and wide.

  9. Morning Eric,

    Wow, that black, female, immigrant doctor is a BAD-ASS! Too bad more Americans aren’t like her.


      • And if I’m not mistaken, she’s from Africa. Where the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is conducting most of its experiments, which don’t typically end well for participants. She may very well have first hand knowledge of where this psyop is going.


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