Reader Comment: Also Undiapered!

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Here’s the latest reader comment, along with my reply!

Robert writes: I don’t really have a question, sorry if i’m in the wrong area. I just wanted to say I agree with your latest article. I live in Arizona and it’s the same corona cattle mask nonsense here. I also do not and am not going to wear this idiotic slave mask. All the stores and restaurants as far as I can see have a sign saying mask wearing is mandatory. I see the signs upon entering but my method is to continue walking at a good pace without breaking stride and continue in as I would have before. So far only 2 places refused me service; a Panda Express and an Auto Zone. But you’re right though, it is very discouraging to see all the pathetic, subservient obedience to a totally bogus and therefore absolutely illegitimate “authority”. It can’t help but make oneself wonder if in the current US of A we are even worthy to have any freedom or liberty. These concepts can not work for people who are immature, inconsiderate,  disrespectful, or have no spine. Are we to really believe people who say “you can have my guns when you pry them off my cold, dead fingers” and yet sheepishly comply with these wicked mask decrees?

My reply: First, I applaud your courage, which I hope will give courage to others. It is among the many reasons why I refuse to Diaper. Examples matter. Many people are doubtful about the narrative, also loathe the Diapers – but comply because  they don’t want to stand out. By us standing out, we make it easier for them to take a stand, too. The importance of this cannot be under-estimated.

As regards guns: I have pointed out the same – the logic – to some people I know who are very pro-gun but afraid to not Diaper. I say: If you Diaper because these psychotics are afraid you might be sick, then what will you say when they say they are afraid you might shoot someone?

The principle is – either we expect individuals to be accountable for the harms they cause but leave them in peace if they haven’t caused harm… or we accept the doctrine that people’s fears about what might happen – open ended because impossible to objectively establish – entitle them to impose harms on people who haven’t.

We either say – enough – or we get more.

Like you, I have had my fill.

Not one more inch. Whatever the cost.

. . .

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