Latest Reader Comment (Feb. 20, 2018)

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Here is the latest reader comment, along with my reply:

Steve writes: Not a question, but the accelerator on my ’91 GMC van stuck about 10 years ago, due to a worn cruise control linkage (I wasn’t using the cruise – in fact, I hate cruise and never use it) which wore through a bracket next the throttle body and kept the throttle from closing. The van had a healthy stock 350 in it. Fortunately, I had time to figure out what to do. Both feet on the brake pedal did the trick till I got home; I was able to bring it to a complete stop but it was very hard to hold it.  I was prepared to turn the key or kick it in to neutral, but tried braking first, and it worked.  It was kind of a hairy ride.

My comment: Yup, have “been there/done that” myself. It’s unnerving – but can be dealt with. The problem- today – is that driver training is near nil and many people cannot deal with such events. The guy in Florida is a textbook case. He did what was once stereotypical for women to do – freak out and scream for help.

I submit this is an example of the consequences of the feminization of society, which has been going on for decades. The ugly results are now becoming painfully obvious.

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