Latest Reader Question (Feb. 1, 2018)

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Here is the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mike asks: Why are slow, discourteous drivers called “Clovers”… what do they have to do with a clover leaf?  I own a vintage Alfa Romeo.  Alfa Romeo has used the “quadrifoglio” (four leafed clover) emblem on it’s racing cars since the 1920’s.  Their current Quadrifoglio Giulia is one of the highest performing sedans in the world.  I have a big 4 leaf clover Alfa Forza (ALfa Racing) emblem on my Alfa roadster.  I resent seeing you peddle 4 leaf clover emblems with the “delete stripe” … maybe you’re not as automotive-astute as you think you are if you were ignorant to the racing background of the 4 leaf clover and Alfa Romeo racing.

My reply: The dis-honorific dates back to the beginning! Many years ago, when I launched EPautos (and went off the mainstream media reservation) a persistent troll who self-identified as “Clover” manifested himself (herself?). This person defended left lane hogging – I’m doing the speed limit! You are breaking the law by passing me! – as well as any other law by dint of it being the law.

He/she could not distinguish between legal/illegal and right/wrong.

This person became a kind of archetype for the coercive collectivist mindset I have devoted my life to gutting and leaving to die – slowly, I hope – by the side of the road.

So to speak!

Anyhow, that’s the origin of the name – and the symbol.

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  1. always wondered how you came to the name clover…. I normally think of much worse things…. but in that have solved a crucial problem… what to call one of these people when you come across one on the road and you have your kids in the back (and you really don’t want them to be the first in the class to swear)


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