Latest Reader Question (January 16, 2018)

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Here is the latest reader question, along with my reply:

Leo asks: Hi Eric, I only recently found your site and have been enjoying your concise and well-ordered libertarian reasoning. Regarding the post “The Wave Builds”, I wish there were a simple way to put that piece of writing directly on the President’s desk because my sense is that repeal of this absurd edict would shortly follow. It would fit his modus in several directions.

My reply: Me too, Leo. I sense that Trump’s instincts on this issue align with our reasoning; I suspect the problem – one of them – is that Trump isn’t a principled opponent of such federal micromanaging, which makes it hard for him to take a principled stand – and to defend it.

That said, I have hope he will nix this thing. What worries me most, though, is that even if he does it will only be a temporary reprieve. The next Dear Leader will likely reactivate it.

The only long-term solution is to end this business of government dictating mileage standards; to end CAFE as such. That, of course, will take a shift in public consciousness – one that accepts that the market – individual buyers – should determine the types of cars made by the car industry, not government bureaucrats.

I’m doing all I can toward that end!

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  1. Some hope about killing the 54.5 MPG decree?

    The only line in the article I care about:
    “President Donald Trump’s vow to relax fuel economy rules could add momentum to the SUV and truck boom and invite General Motors Co. and Ford Motor Co. to pull the plug on some passenger cars.”

    Funny thing. I saw a TV blurb about this article, and they replaced the word “vow” with “threat.”

  2. Doesn’t the White House web site have some sort of petition thing where if there are enough signatures they have to look at it and respond? Maybe we can start that right here, and at least get someone on the Presidents team to consider the issue. I’m going to look into this. Not that I have high hopes, after all we know they don’t give a shit what we think or want, but hey, nothing to lose.


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