What’s a Clover?

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I get asked – what’s a Clover? Definition herewith:

* Clover (noun):

The root cause of every affront to liberty. The spoonful of poo that ruins a gallon of ice cream.

Clovers are instinctive authoritarians. They can be found on the political left and the political right and eveywhere in between. They do not believe in live and let live. They believe in telling others how to live.

Clovers can’t abide the organic society, voluntary interaction or free exchange. The are driven to control and regulate and micromanage.

Clovers think individual dictators are bad but the dictatorship of the “majority” is acceptable.

Morality for a Clover is a function of numbers.

You are not free to disagree with a Clover.

Clovers equate legal and illegal with right and wrong. If an action is legal than it it is morally right. And if an action is illegal then it is morally wrong.

Clovers believe the state can be a “victim” and that the greatest sin is to affront the authority of the state.

Clovers always have “plans” and speak in terms of “we.”

Clovers reflexively presume the right to speak for you.

A Clover will speak of “our children” when he really means your children.

Clovers believe that their feelings about what “someone” might do justifies punishing people who haven’t actually done anything to anyone.

Clovers believe that you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent.

Clovers believe the ends always justifies the means.

Clovers believe “there ought to be a law” whenever they see other people doing something they happen not to like. Or aren’t doing something they believe other people ought to do.

Clovers think it’s ok to take your money if it’s called “taxes.”

They like to “help” others… with other people’s money.

Clovers think people are too irresponsible and foolish to be trusted to govern themselves – but put limitless trust in people with special titles and costumes such as “officer” and “senator” and “president.”

Clovers measure everything according to their standards – which must then be imposed on others. If Clover thinks 80 MPH is “too fast” then driving 80 MPH must be made a punishable offense.

Clovers suffer from a Parent Complex. They insist other adults be compelled to “buckle up” for “safety.”

Clovers are also terrible drivers. Read more about road-going Clovers here. Also here and here.

Most rank-and-file Clovers are, at bottom, bullies and busybodies – but also cowards who hide behind euphemisms (see above regarding “taxes”) and proxies like the ballot box. Check IGA Catalogue and ALDI Catalogue. They are not bold enough to actually take other people’s things themselves and shy away from telling other people what to do – such as personally telling their neighbor to “buckle up for safety” – but are eager to vote to have others perform this work on their behalf. Autobarn Catalogue is one of the most popular car catalogues.

Clovers are generally only dangerous in herds.


  1. Late reply but:

    I think the worst part about these people is that beating them would require thinking like them. This does not come naturally to most individualists. We just want to live our lives and be left alone. The left (and the shills on the right too; together the “unified party of debt, lip service, unemployment, open borders, and endless war”) wants power. Take a look at the last century or so to see how that’s shaken out.

    New cars are samey, boring, and can be turned against their owners in a million different ways. Even basic tuning is illegal (I know catalytic converter is a felony, heard ECU is federal but don’t know if it’s a felony, don’t know about anything else) in the name of emissions. People, even on car forums, hear about plans by Trump and similar to inject some sanity into some of these obnoxious, mostly unenforced little “get you for something” laws and their first response is not “is the law as it currently is constitutional?” or even “is the law as it currently is a good idea?” but “we’re gonna get lung cancer!”

    (Speaking of, I believe that the root cause of air quality problems is not dirty cars but the fact that large, dense metropolitan areas exist at all. Tall buildings trap emissions at ground level so they can’t be effectively diluted before someone breathes them, and when you cram that many people and their machinery into such tiny spaces you’re going to have problems eventually. But cities are unhealthy in many more ways than just air quality. If “the powers that be” really cared about people’s health, the quality of our air, the environment, or really anything else, we’d already be seeing a massive push on for deurbanization. But then, if said powers that be really cared, we’d see a lot of things being done differently.)

    Sitting around ranting at each other in echo chambers while relying on current lax enforcement has done little to fix any of this. The fact is, the people running this sorry charade know we hate the way things are going, and they don’t care. On the rare occasion when the results of an election, here in the US or really anywhere in the developed world, actually reflect the will of the people (or at least the people who live outside their urban “blue islands”), they simply go on the attack with their media/PR machine (and, frequently, paid protestors), throwing meaningless epithets around like confetti until they’re back in control. Most people, even in the car community, are so conditioned to this that they actually defend it, seemingly believing that a wrongheaded, unnecessary, or overly heavy-handed law is better than no law at all.

    We have to organize. Fight, vote, run for office. We may even have to use the left’s theory of intersectionality (the idea that even though a hardcore Muslim and a hardcore feminist should hate each other, they can still work together and parrot the same narrative because they are both victims of the dreaded Straight White Christian Male) against them. A car enthusiast, a small restaurant owner, and an independent miner may not have much in common, but they’re all victims of a federal government which slipped its leash over a century ago and is plainly not amenable to being recaptured.

    • Hi Shotgun Chuck,

      Welcome to the site, first of all!

      You’re right; most people implicitly accept the principle of authority – the idea that it’s fundamentally legitimate to be ordered about and controlled. That what most of us would immediately recognize as a moral wrong if done by an individual, on his own – such as walking over to his neighbor’s house with a gun and demanding “help” with his kid’s education – becomes moral when done by something called “government.”

      This is why, in my writing, I try hard to identify the principle at issue and then focus on that rather than some utilitarian argument, which I see as a loser from the start because it accepts the foundational argument of one’s supposed opponent.

      So, for example:

      It is not a question of whether the government should ease back on gas mileage and safety mandates. It is a question of these things being no legitimate business of the government’s at all – because no human individual has any moral right to decree (and back up with violence) that another person must buy an air bag (or six) or that his car achieve a certain mandatory minimum miles-per-gallon. Because if a man is free – and lives in a a free society – he has a right to expose himself to whatever degree of risk he decides is acceptable and to spend as much of his money on gas (and the vehicle which uses it) as he wishes.

      And so on…

    • Hi Gary,

      I wish it were so; unfortunately, Republicans are often Clovers, too. Many, for example, are ardent supporters of the war on some drugs (the ones they don’t use) and generally authoritarian in outlook (“the law is the law”).

      I’m a Libertarian because I like the idea old Tom had about leaving people free to pursue happiness. That is, leave other people alone so long as they’re not harming you, even if you don’t approve of what they’re doing. No first-use of violence.

      Live – and let live.

  2. An acceptable word for busybodies seeking authority, power and control (aka government involvement) in the private sphere is needed. It is a mistake to choose a word for it with such (Irish) ethnic orientation, especially based on such flimsy grounds as a commenters handle. Despite the fact that the Irish are the second worst ethnicity for ‘clovers’ your point that NAJALT is true and it is an individual choice, it is also a mistake to assume perfect tabula rasa and there is no ethnic (both genetic predisposition, and cultural) component. It is not a pure coincidence that the closest humans have come to your libertarian principles has been in European colonized areas, and also not a coincidence that libertarianism has never arisen in any other. When power and control fails in Somalia. it is anarchy, chaos and violence, not spontaneous liberty. Certainly nothing like the liberty consciously achieved by the American founding fathers. It is not a coincidence that as we change the genetic raw material of the country…we change the political preferences, and the change in political preferences is in a distinctively bad direction.

    • Hi Rather,

      “Clover” works for me.

      Like any neologism, it will take time for its meaning to become commonly known and accepted. “Gay,” for instance, used to mean happy, not homosexual.

      Today, if you say you are gay, it is taken to mean you are homosexual.

      Just so, “Clover” will come to mean something other than a plant… or an Irish person!

      It’s a fine term. Much less clunky than “authoritarian collectivist,” not misleading (like “liberal” or “progressive”) and not worn out, like “busybody” (which is a mild term that doesn’t convey the full bouquet that wafts from a Clover).

    • The term clover here comes from the name the once resident troll on this site took for itself.

      The disorder in Somalia is from people trying to impose their rule. All that says for government is that the biggest and strongest gang wins and becomes government. It’s theory that is very prevalent in the modern USA that government is required because some group may impose one that is worse than the one we have now. Also they think people will go around murdering their neighbors which as far as I know is not what Somalia suffers from. Rather it suffers from those trying to impose a government. Much like other places on the planet where one gang has not become dominate or even here in the USA in neighborhoods where street gangs have essentially taken over at various times.

      Simply put what a place like Somalia suffers from is still government, just a more fractured form of it.

      • Brent, you hit the nail on the head. Somalia, and so many other places are simply power struggles. Unfortunately, it’s the same thing going on in this country but not with machetes. Clover won’t ever see how many “authority figures” are nothing but thugs(thugees) have simply been given power by those they serve, the ones who pay them. The Donald is very aware of this and intends to use it to further his view of how it should be. Once again, we have fric and frac to chose from. While we knew Hitlery was evil, the Donald was an unknown and got voted in. Now we see he’s doubling down on the “law and order” bullshit and has a new DOJ who wants to use feds to attack states that voted in legal marijuana, just another example of how the public is being betrayed(and never had a choice). Fuck all of them. They’ll be back to my door again. Hopefully, I’ll be home and can give them the welcome they so richly deserve. To give you an idea of how they view me(the state), my hunting license cost $7 since I am a “senior”. What is a senior I asked. I don’t know said the clerk, but that’s what the state has deemed you. Fuck all of them.

        Oh, and let me add this. I provide the food the animals need to survive and flourish. It’s not just me but nearly everyone who owns land. We didn’t have nourishment for game before we began to provide it or at least not in the quantity and quality we now have. And so the state taxes us for providing for the wildlife. It never ceases to amaze me.

  3. After many years of thought, I have come to the conclusion that if there is such a thing as original sin, it is in fact the desire to own slaves. Owning slaves used to be expensive and full of problems. Today, we obtain slaves at almost no cost per unit by ensnaring their minds with psychological trickery. Miss Snowflake, demanding to be free from “microaggressions,” is simply enslaving others to do her bidding. By using the right words, she can own a university and everyone in it. On a larger scale, whole populations can become enslaved while at the same time being told they are free. I believe your “clovers” are in fact “slavers.”

    • Hi Ken,

      Spot on. These people – Clovers – are motivated by the desire to control others and control is the thing that defines ownership. If you own yourself, then you control yourself. If someone else controls you, then they own you.

      • Decades ago when I first provided food in the form of wildlife I provided for I was simply amazed at my ignorant sisters who asked how I could kill Bambi. Easily, was my reply. They’re not any different than the beef, pork, fowl, fish and other meat you buy at the store except they lead a life that’s natural up until I harvest them and that’s not unnatural either except I’m more of a thinking animal(I suppose)than those others that eat them.

        Funny how they can rave about how good my venison, wild turkey, wild hog, quail, dove, and all the veggies we grow is so great but can’t stand the thought of my harvesting any/all of it. It’s not the same at the store. You pick a package and pay for it. My sisters never went to a slaughterhouse. I lived that life from an earlier age than they did. And it’s this estrogen powered bullshit that’s transformed the lives of natural people. Well, I shouldn’t say estrogen powered since my parents generation and those before them simply took this as a way of life. Maybe we’ll get some good rains this spring and I’ll be able to scarf up on the crawfish and fish. Too bad our water is too salty for shrimp.

  4. Eric, I’ve been a long time reader and am quite familiar with the definition of Clover. To me, the real mystery is the etymology. How did these six letters become the epithet for busybodies? Please explain, it’s burned my mind for years.

    If it isn’t too much trouble, I’m also interested in the origin of “Throw it in the woods”. I have a generous bounty of Bitcoin for the answers.

    • Hi Britt,

      Okay, you asked for it! 🙂

      “Clover” derives from a particular poster who used that handle. This guy (girl?) was the embodiment of every noxious human characteristic – busybodyism, control freak-ism, veneration of “the law” (selectively applied), inability to reason, discern principles, general vapidity and incoherence… you get the drift.

      He/she posted here relentlessly, for years… until her/his government checks dried up, I assume.

      • You are talking about the Irish. No need to cover it up. Any non delusional person who has any contact with them knows exactly what you’re talking about. I lived in Boston and the Irish are the largest white ethinic group in the city. They make it a living hell and the most unfriendliest place in the US to live. They are also unabashed and in your face racists whenever they have the opportunity. They are also one of the largest welfare recipients, but frequently point out how other racial groups are cheating the welfare system. Bill O’Reilly is a classic clover

        • Hi Bob,

          Clovers come in every ethnicity, sex, age and race. It is an individual appellation. Once we consider everyone who belongs to a certain ethnicity, sex, age or race a Clover by dint of his group affiliation, we have ourselves become Clovers! 🙂

        • So this Irishman knocks on the door and asks for work. The lady of the house said she indeed had some work and told him to paint the porch. He returns in a couple hours and said “I got the porch painted and by the way, it’s a BMW and not a Porch”.

      • I was wondering the same thing. Might I suggest that the word also conveys some of this meaning when you consider the fact that the huge majority of clover are three-leaved and only a vanishingly small number have four leaves. To me, that visualization speaks to their rigid insistence on GroupThink, use of the collective “we” when they mean themselves, and ostracism of any who dare have a fourth leaf.

  5. Liquor, Gambling, Vice and Corruption – Henry Ford

    The Jew is the world’s enigma. Poor in his masses, yet he controls the world’s finances. Scattered abroad without country or official government, yet he presents a unity of race continuity which no other people has achieved. Poor some centuries living under legal disabilities in almost every land, he emerged to become the power behind many a throne.

    The single description which will include a larger percentage of Jews than members of any other race is this: he is in business. From the sale of old clothes to the control of international trade and finance, the Jew is supremely gifted for business. More than any other race he exhibits a decided aversion to industrial employment which he balances by an equally decided adaptability to trade.

    The Gentile boy is prepared to work his way up, taking employment in the productive or technical departments; but the Jewish boy prefers to begin as a salesman, clerk, anything so long as it is connected with the commercial side of the business.

    In America alone most of the big business, the trusts, the banks, the natural resources and the chief agricultural products, especially tobacco, cotton and sugar, are in the control of Jewish financiers or their agents. Jewish journalists are a large and powerful group here. Large numbers of department stores are held by Jewish firms, and many of them, if not most, are run under Gentile names.

    Jews are the largest and most numerous landlords of residential property in the whole country. They are supreme in the entertainment world. They absolutely control the circulation of publications throughout the country. More powerful than any race among us, they receive a daily amount of favorable publicity which would be impossible did they not have the facilities for creating and distributing it themselves.

  6. The Neocon Song

    Oh, my name is Irving Kristol
    And my son his name is Bill
    In my youth I followed Trotsky
    But in truth I follow him still

    But to say you are a Bolshevik
    Would fill the world with dread
    So please don’t call me a commie
    Call me a neocon instead

    Yes, we are the neoconservatives
    We rule the world says I
    And that dumb goy we call Georgie Boy
    Doesn’t understand how or why

    Oh we beat the wogs in Afghanistan
    The fun has just begun
    Comrade Trotsky would be proud to be
    Known as a neocon

    To Keep the goyim pacified
    While watching their TV
    We let them watch dumb Irishmen
    Like Colmes and Hannity

    Bill O’Reilly and Chris Matthews
    They will lick our boots and sigh
    But to run the New World Order
    No dumb Irish need apply

    David Frum can excommunicate
    Paleocons from National Review
    For to be a neoconservative
    Is to be one of a chosen few

    Oh, we’re marching into Syria
    The fun has just begun
    Comrade Trotsky would be proud to be
    Known as a neocon

    Comrade Trotsky and Podhoretz
    Both believe in perpetual war,
    And ever since Norman won World War III
    He’s calling this World War IV

    David Brooks and Comrade Trotsky
    Both believe in one world class
    And if you don’t want to be bourgeoisie
    You can kiss David’s middle-class ass

    Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson
    Support us on TV
    While waiting to be raptured
    Into pre-eternity

    Oh, we’re marching into Syria
    The fun has just begun
    Comrade Trotsky would be proud to be
    Known as a neocon

    Hammurabi’s tablets got busted
    During the looting in Iraq
    But we’re marching into Syria
    Behind George Bush’s back

    They’ve got weapons of mass destruction
    They got ’em from Saddam Hussein
    They’ve got weapons of mass destruction
    Let’s all say it once again

    They’ve got weapons of mass destruction
    Oh, believe me, please believe
    If you want to know just where they are
    They’re hidden in Tel Aviv

    Oh, we’re marching into Syria
    The fun has just begun
    Comrade Trotsky would be proud to be
    Known as a neocon.

  7. If those who prefer not to associate with Jews could just do so rationally, and with no NAP violating threats, I don’t see the harm there. The Jews have a facility with language and imagination that frightens those who like the colorings to stay within the lines. They are also quite adept at adapting these “horrors” into radio, print, and video, of making it as large as life. I don’t see why that can’t be one way to live we can respect, where we don’t consider the fantasies of those we find repulsive or morally suspect.

    It may be better to cooperate in the spirit of corporealism. Let’s build a reality for each other of tangible objective things. And not quibble or agonize over all the infinite issues of spirit, which never seem to settle out anyway.

    I think the “conspiracy” the stormers fear is real. I just don’t think its at all limited to Jews, and if they were to all go away. Then the Japanese or the Chinese or Spanish would simply expand and fill the vacuum.

    Absolutely their are predatory cultures who seek to enslave and live off weaker less intelligent cultures. Is it evil that we turn lesser mammals into pets. That we have lcows for milk and chickens for eggs. Maybe we don’t have to be such dicks about situations where we are more powerful than some other phyle.

    Let the goys have their teevee and their fast food and their hot rods. Why be cruel and unusual over those in your servitude. Why is it that those in power don’t just loosen up on the leashes a little bit, so we can live.

    If Israel and Switzerland and Singapore are all living 100 times better lives than me, I really don’t care. Even if I’m helping support their lifestyles, that’s just the way this planet seems to work.

    Another thing a clover is, is way over the top. He doesn’t just want a little compliance to his whims. He wants others to have nothing else they care about, until they have sated all his whims for how he thinks things ought to be.

    The Goy Guide To World History

    • There are evil people; some happen to be Jews. I have encountered many (and know of many more) who are as goy as I am. Their non-Jewishness in no way makes them my amigos.

      • Even if the % of Jews who are evil was 2x that of the remainder of the population (which I doubt), they are such a small part of the total that the evil ‘non-Jews’ far outstrip them.

  8. Da Jooz. (sounds like da bears from SNL or wherever)

    What about the property rights of the Jewish religion. “Christianity” and “Islam” are both blatant intellectual thefts of someone else’s culture and folklore. Get your own lives and philosophies, you deranged mental midgets.

    As a Roma myself, I have to give props to the most successful gypsies ever, teh Jewz. It’s easy for roving bandits to put down roots and become stationary bandits who crown themselves nationstates.

    But think of all the cultures who survived Europe and Roman conquests. All the people who never had their own land to hang a shingle and call their own. Maybe not wasting your lives sustaining a predatory state for “your kin” frees you to develop yourself in other ways. For such a small handful of Jews, there sure are a lot of accomplishments and notable achievements.

    You too can divorce yourself from America, or wherever you reside. And resolve to be a stateless powerless Gypsy of sorts, who at least has integrity on his side, and isn’t a part of problem number one, the global power war clusterfuck.

    When you’re an enemy of the state. You’ll probably end up in one of their cages sooner than later. Might as well prepare for the inevitable. I don’t even travel heavy any more. One night I’ll get pulled over and thrown in their dog catcher wagon, and that’ll be that.

    How to Have Anal Sex. By Kim Anh, a 63-year-old wife from Bangkok, Thailand

  9. Adolf was the one that stood up against the very scum this moron “Eric” derides . . . and Adolf named them . . . but, like a typical goy coward, the puke “Eric” does not do so by name mind-you. This clover goo is very trendy and therefore deeply ignorant garbage . . . get a life.Clover

    • I almost didn’t allow this comment through moderation but then decided to dissect it a bit. I can’t help myself, sometimes.

      Here we have a fan of Adolf Hitler who derides me for cowardice because I use the term “Clover” rather than (sigh) “the Jews” to characterize authoritarian control freaks.

      According to Mike – the poster – Clovers are Jews.

      All of them, naturlich.

      Not Hitler, one of history’s greatest control freaks.

      Adolf – says Mike – “stood up against the very scum” (that is, the Jews) “this moron” (me) derides but which I am (he thinks) afraid to call by their right name).

      Except, of course, I do.

      A Clover is someone who wants to control other people. His religion, his race are not the things that define him as a Clover. A Jew can be a Clover. But a Clover isn’t necessarily a Jew.

      Or even often one.

      Is Hillary a Jew, Mike? How about The Chimp? Obama? Wilson? FDR? Lincoln?

      It makes my teeth ache.

      What Adolf did, Mike, was categorize an entire group of people as biological as well as ideological enemies of the state – and in National Socialist Germany, the state was Adolf Hitler. His will was (so he said) the will of the German people, transmuted through him.

      Die Partei ist Hitler! Hitler aber ist Deutschland, wie Deutschland Hitler ist!”

      Ever hear of Gleichschaltung, Mike? Do you even grok Deutsch?

      If you disagreed with (god forbid, opposed) Der Fuhrer, you were an enemy of the state, that is, of Der Fuhrer. Subject to vernichtung:

      “Anyone who raises his hand against the state must know that certain death is his fate.”

      Der Fuhrer’s words, not mine.

      This man – whose Aryan credentials, by the way, are pretty dubious – believed man (well, other men besides himself) exists to serve the state (that is, Hitler) and the volksgemeinschaft (the racial community, as defined by him). You and I and every other human being were, to him, ants to be ordered about. And if we did not accept our role in his order of things…

      Der Fuhrer was a psychopath surrounded by deviants and psychopaths. And cowards who quailed at the mass murder they ordered done but could not face performing themselves (Himmler).

      This is your hero. These are the creatures you appear to admire.

      Hitler was a man who would exterminate you, the moment you no longer served his purposes. This includes, incidentally, one of the few men who thought Hitler was his friend (Ernst Rohm). When Rohm became inconvenient, all of a sudden his homosexuality (which Hitler knew all about and didn’t care about, so long as Rohm was useful) became “degeneracy” and part of the reason for having him murdered in his cell by SS thugs.

      This man you admire denied the right of other men to speak freely, to travel without permission, to not be numbered, categorized and monitored. To pursue their own happiness, as they rather than he saw it. Who took the position that the individual has no rights the state (that is, himself and his minions) is bound to respect.

      Hitler was not merely a Clover, Mike. He was an uber Clover.

      Like Hillary or The Chimp.

      You seem to be afflicted with the disease of authoritarianism – only your variant of the bacillus takes the form of servility toward and worship of authority. Which makes you (wait for it!) …. a Clover.Just not an uber one.

      On “the Jews” –

      It’s so easy – so intellectually lazy – to use these sloppy generalizations. To group guilt whole classes of people. To presume guilt, not based on any particular thing done by a specific individual but because some other people have done it or might or you think they might.

      It is also the sine qua non of a Clover’s mentality.

      • A pretty good breakdown of White “True Conservative” Nationalism’s diagnosis of what killed America over the last century.

        It’s not just an issue of if they’re right or not. It’s the audacity of that they don’t want the strange hands of unknown tyranny to stop groping and choking them at every turn.

        They only seek to be assured that it is “the right sort” of hands like Saint Hitler that push them around and the “right sort” of fatherland certified feet are inside the jackboots that are placed on our necks for “our own good.”

        THE 100 YEAR MURDER
        37 Nails In The Coffin Of The USA (1901 – 2013(

        The Mind-Altering Internet Classics of Alternative History, Economics, Philosophy and Current Events

        Mike King. Planet Rothschild and the Lie of Democracy

        • Hi Tor,

          I’ve had to dump several posts submitted by a defender of Hitler and NS Germany as exemplars of human liberty crushed by the Eternal Jew. In whose pay, of course, I am. This guy called me a name I’d never even heard before (and I’m pretty hip): Sayanim. Basically, a useful idiot goy in the pay of the Jews, who does their bidding.

          I guess he’s never read my posts defending aid to Israel!

          • Sayanim is plural for Sayan which is Hebrew for assistant (TIL)

            The Sayans are just one small flavor in the whole United Kingdom shit scoop of ice cream we’re all forced to smile and swallow from time to time. Perhaps more treacherous and disloyal than most, but just one cog in the big controlling machinery nonetheless.

            Anyone who still believes in national myths at this point, deserves what happens to them, is my take on the matter.

            In 1990, Victor Ostrovsky published By Way of Deception to draw attention to the corruption and shortcomings he claims to have witnessed in the Mossad.

            Ostrovsky has repeatedly argued that intelligence-gathering agencies must be permitted certain operational freedoms, but that significantly increased governmental oversight of espionage activities is necessary. Without effective oversight, he has said, the Mossad cannot achieve its full potential and value.

            According to Victor Ostrovsky, a sayan (pl. sayanim), Hebrew for “assistant”, is a term for a Mossad operative recruited from among the Jewish Diaspora to help the Mossad with operations outside Israel, utilising the capacity of their own nationality to procure assistance.

            A similar assessment has also been reported by a major British tabloid newspaper when it published ‘At any one time, up to 50 senior Mossad officers are based in Europe, running a network of thousands of agents loyal to Israel.’

            Many of Ostrovsky’s claims have not been verified from other sources, nor have they been refuted, and arguments continue to rage over the credibility of his accounts. However, he was named in a lawsuit by the Israeli government, saying that he was part of the Mossad.

            Critics, such as Benny Morris or David Wise have argued that the book is essentially a novel and that a case officer would not have had access to so many operational secrets. They write that intelligence organizations practice strict compartmentalization of confidential or secretive information.

            Ostrovsky argues that their point is moot, as they themselves are outsiders, and the only information about the Mossad they have is from their supposed “sources” in the agency which have a very clear agenda. Ostrovsky also points out that the need-to-know rule is or at least was not closely followed in the Mossad, considering its small size and the need for case officers to fill many roles.

            Shortly before official publication of the book, the Israeli government filed lawsuits in both Canada and the United States seeking injunctions against publication. A judge in New York granted the request at a 1 a.m. hearing in his home. The New York Supreme Court overturned his decision, but the resulting publicity focused national attention on Ostrovsky’s story and guaranteed international success.

            Concerns were expressed that by exposing certain prior operations, the book endangered the lives of agency personnel. Ostrovsky maintains he never placed anyone in danger because only first names or code names were used. Furthermore, Ostrovsky says the Mossad was privately allowed to see the book before publication to ensure that lives were not placed in danger.

            Present career

            Victor and his wife, Bella Ostrovsky, also an artist, operated Ostrovsky Fine Art Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. While he has painted many subjects, Ostrovsky is best known for his Metaphors of Espionage collection inspired by his days as a spy for the Mossad.


            By Way of Deception

            • Thanks, Tor!

              Hilariously, I’m accused by this poster of being “in the pay of the Jews” while at the same time, being effectively unemployable by a mainstream media outlet because I do not parrot the Israel uber alles line demanded of Fox News Republicans … which the guy accuses me of being!

              Here it is, for your delectation:

              “You are a total loser . . . but I thank you. You are fully representative of the ignorant goyim cattle that portrays themselves as informed . . . you’re just a stupid peabrained MORON. So go ahead tough guy . . . just censor what you can’t handle intellectually, that fact that you are soooooooo wrong in that Fox News bone skull . . . a true traitor if there ever was one. The Bolsheviks said murder the Christian nation of Germany, and goy pigs like you did so. MORON!”

              Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles…!


              • eric, you just don’t get it……whatever “it” is. I’d like to address you saying Hitler was cool to Rohm being homosexual and I’d agree with that assessment on the surface but what you let slide is Hitler was homosexual too, the very reason he felt he had to turn on Rohm. If Hitler wasn’t completely homosexual, which I can’t say for certain, he was definitely bisexual or may more accurately, asexual. One thing for sure, he didn’t lust after the ladies like myself and probably you also. Other than being a total liar, not only to others but himself, I’m not sure if there is a category to assign to Hitler except sociopath with some very, very convoluted, confused ideas of other humans. He only finally picked on jews since there were so many other perverted sociopaths who loved to hear him use Jew as the fall guy. Sure, they(Jews) are intelligent, creative and goal oriented people. This makes them enemies of those who have none of those qualities.

                The Protestant low brow pig fuckers need someone to look down upon. It’s always been that way, it still is. The Shrub used this part of the US population to fuel his desire for ultimate power and greed. Faux news with it’s own Zionist owner was the Jewish version of a Bush.

                This in no way should reflect the views of Jews across the board just as Georgie boy shouldn’t reflect the views of those with virtually no religion. I know, I know, he proclaimed to be religious but I said I could fly at one time. Turned out after a nasty fall, that wasn’t true either. In my defense though, I didn’t continue with that claim. George can’t say the same. I had a good reason to think I could fly via some good chemists with the fedgov. What is the Shrub’s excuse?

  10. If you’re for something in most cases it’s because you’re agin something else. Notice how the Bernie college crowd is agin wealth accumulation, some saying no one needs over $100K, as if that were any money at all and others saying “people” should be limited to $3-400K. Notice all these people are young and healthy or have no concept except to work the system.

    Get real sick or injured though and if daddy shows them the bills they might begin to rethink their position. When your entire life revolves around tiny electronics and eating out on daddy’s dime those 200 Sq. Ft. homes some push to make a fashion statement are dandy, esp. if they have a squeeze of the same mind(sic)and haven’t reached a point to need some space. For the rest of us though, that sort of space is a bit cramped. Probably some homeless would find it too close even if they did stay warm and have a locked door.

    One person’s version of junk is another person’s necessity. My wife was on me to get rid of my scrap metal. I pointed out while some of it had no use, most of it did. She said “What is that good for?’ pointing to some odd piece of something. I said it probably has several uses and we continued to argue.

    A couple days later I needed a piece for a gusset. Right under the chop saw was a piece of square tubing about 6″ long with a straight cut on one end and a 45 on the other. I picked it up, stuck it up where the gusset was needed and it was a perfect fit in every dimension including needing the 45 and the square cut and 2” square tubing. I threw it back under the table and got the wife into the barn on some mission, then I “spied” that piece of tubing and said “voila” to which the old witch(ha ha, just kidding ma)looked. I picked it up, slammed it into place on my project and said just exactly what I needed. You could tell it hadn’t just been cut so she stood there and watched me. Scrap metal says me or just what I needed? She left. We haven’t had a scrap metal conversation since although I recently looked at a bunch of stuff that was nothing more than metal and said to myself, I need to get rid of this crap.

    • Hi Eight,

      Yup. These Millennials (not all, but many) have been raised to regard their wants/needs as entitling them to have what they want/need… like a “free” college education… to be provided by someone else. Whom they’ve been taught to regard as a kind of milk cow.

      They regard property as something inherently “public” and thus, theirs by right.

      Because it’s “there.”

      I’ve listened to lots of interviews with them and the imprecision of their minds (and their screwy moral sense) is depressing. They speak in euphemisms and generalities – all tending toward the same end (gimme).

      I can understanding not wanting to work, wanting stuff. That’s human.

      What bothers me is the ascendant tendency to walk it across the line to taking things from other people who do work. Regarding them as your milk cow. That because you exist, they “owe” you something in the way of material “help.”

      I have never grokked that.

      I’ll cop to seeing something nice – like a fancy car, say – and wishing I had one like that. But the idea of using violence (whether me directly or using proxies, via the ballot box) to get things literally disgusts me.

      • eric, it’s not only disgusting but downright dangerous in it’s own right. Ever see a dog so tick infested it was nearly dead? They don’t understand when the host dies they will also.

        Growing up times were fairly hard for almost all Americans. It wasn’t plenty and largesse following WWll and people worked HARD for what they had…..and didn’t have one hell of a lot either. There was nothing like fast food in our part till the 60’s and it wasn’t so much fast as cheaper than those who had tables and chairs.

        I recall parents asking kids if they thought something was free and if they had a right to it. Every kid knew better and dutifully said no. It was just a reminder to not take anything for granted.

        The shape the country is in now, you have to wear blinders to not realize there ain’t no free lunches.

        A few months ago the mechanic and I were headed out to get a truck and passed through the county seat. Some electric company pickups and other vehicles with people standing around on the courthouse square and a big sign that read Free Lunch. Mechanic said “hey man, free lunches”. I replied, Those don’t exist and said TANSTAAFL to him and translated. Well, that’s what the sign said. We need to stop on the way back through. I tell him to drive around the square while I’m easing through town in a big rig and check it out. My phone rings and he says There ain’t no damn free lunch. It’s free when you donate $10….fuck that. I laughed. We went on to the yard and ate some barbecue burritos I had brought…..I’d bet better than the Q they were serving.

      • I was never a person resentful of the material wealth of someone else. Never jealous of it or caring in any sense of the word. But what has happened over the years is I’ve learned that so many of the people who live better than me live better than me because of my labor. That’s what gets me angry and what gets me furious is when these people demand more and complain they don’t have enough. I don’t care if it’s a bureaucrat, cop, teacher, a politician, someone on welfare, whatever it’s the fact they want to live well at my expense.

        These government “workers” demand raises more than what I get after making my employer seven figures. I just read teacher salaries in chicago have increased 80% since the late 1990s. I do the work of what was three people in the late 90s and make 20% more. Oh and then the suburban park district director and his 165K/yr salary and 200K/yr pension.

        The other day I saw something a person sketched. It’s Boxer the horse from animal farm pulling a boulder with “I WILL WORK HARDER” written below it. That’s how I feel. Like Boxer the horse.

      • And what does a “free” college education get people? A crappy fast-food job that’s on the verge of robotic invasion and replacement. I’m SO glad I dropped out of college and paid the educational mafia off for only $11K. And to think, my best friend from college and I are both Millennials, but boy, do we think differently on virtually everything political. (He’s addicted to the red pill, sadly.) It’s all about free, free, FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Well, the best things in life are NOT free, and here in ‘Merica, many of the good things are illegal for us to have while the pigs in Washington get them FREE!

        • I believe you mean BLUE pill… Blue puts you in the matrix, red was to get out of the matrix. 😉

          BTW: College and Debt are part of the matrix…

    • I recall the tale of some Ohio farmer whom was barely getting by during the Depression. Having land to spare, and with land prices depressed anyway (he was a third or fourth generation holder of the land), he decided to go into the scrap metal business. In particular, he found aluminum easy to acquire for cheap. By 1941, he had about 2000 tons of the strategic metal on his land. The War Production Board got wind in early 1942 of his metal holdings, and demanded that he surrender his pile of aluminum to the Government at a price THEY set, because it was “patriotic”. He told the WPB to basically “Go to Hell”, he wanted the market price which was quite higher. After a few months of haggling, the WPB obtained an order in the US District Court to seize the aluminum on the basis that he was a ‘Hoarder” and was taking advantage of the taxpayers. The army seized the aluminum scrap and trucked it over to several aircraft plants for fabrication into aircraft structural parts. The “hoarder” received a pittance for his scrap and was driven into obscurity after the Government-sponsored publicity campaign against him as a “unpatriotic hoarder” and “war profiteer”.

    • Well, if they had a vid of me and my cousins Allan and Donny when we were young shooting fireworks we’d all be trying to get our breath. Allan(4 years my senior)and I were shooting Roman Candles into a hard, cold south wind(New Years). You had to aim it low to not eat it and not have it catch the house and surrounding area on fire since we were using a plowed field to shoot into. Allan and I understood the technique but Donny was younger and fairly much a dolt. He went inside and complained he wasn’t getting to shoot, a damned good thing we already knew but our bossy aunt with even younger children hadn’t a clue but then she didn’t need a clue, she was just a bossy bitch we avoided if possible. She marched poor, unaware Donny out there and informed us we’d be letting him shoot or ELSE.

      So Allan lit one for him after D——- had gone back in the house and showed him to point it into the wind. But Donny didn’t understand any of the physics involved so he stood there holding it where the howling south wind would blow the fire balls back to him……perfectly. We were trying to get in there to stop the carnage but Allan, being older, jumped in to save him and used his bare hands to beat the flame out leaving Donny wailing and well, wailing,with burned head, less hair. Once he was shoved inside screaming, we were once again accosted by aunt D——-. She roused a few moms and got us a butt chewing which I pointed out nobody deserved since Allan had just saved him from 3rd degree burns to only 2nd degree….or maybe 3rd degree.

      As usual, with clovers, we were chewed out, harrassed and fairly much given the where to for about it. The great part was, it was so damned cold that the adults couldn’t handle the out of doors so we were soon left to our own devices. We had great fun and lots of laughs concerning the burned one. We didn’t think him getting burned was so funny, just that he was a simpleton, like his dad and there hadn’t been much hope to begin with. Allan is now 70 and we still laugh about it. We don’t keep up too much with Donny. It’s depressing. I’d still be scared to turn him loose with a Roman Candle. Some things just can’t be fixed.

    • They need a safe shooting vid too I’d guess. When my nephew was about 20 we were all outside using the back porch light to illuminate the big mesquite tree. I hadn’t thought about the windmill or water tank further away since that tree was plenty big and wide. Not wide nor tall enough for my nephew though. He took that Mac 11 and grabbed the trigger with little regard for POI nor much of anything else. Can you say “muzzle rise”? A Mac 11 is really fast but even moreso with rounds i’d hand loaded to 9mm specs. The mag was empty in about 2 seconds but the echo of rounds passing through the water tank lived on in infamy. We did some liquid steel patching the next day. 2 holes per round…..about a dozen rounds that hit it……

    • PtB, good article, thanks. Francois Hollande was a bad joke foisted on the French just like Hitlery will be for the US. It’s that very clover mentality that will be the undoing of the entire world. Everyone else lives in realism, pragmatism, the plain old day to day struggle to survive and watch their assets dissolve. Clover has drunk so much of the cool-aid she can’t see the forest for the trees. She probably stands with all those college commies who wish to re-write history.

      She probably hums He Got de Who Wourl in His Hans.

    • Wow, what a arrogant, self righteous, ignorant piece of cr@p.

      People like that make me WANT to vote for Trump more and more, so we can get that type off the levels of power. Some of Trump opponents are his best “salesmen”. Kind of how pro-global warming crisis people have only convinced me that its a huge scam. Yes, its not the deniers that have convinced me of it, but the pro people.

  11. The Yankee Puritans of the 19th century, the do-gooders of the 20th, and the Social Justice Warriors of the 21st. All the same, in spirit. “The Clover”, as our esteemed host has pointed out many times, is that same mentality posited on the highways.

  12. Clovers are people who will not pull over for faster drivers. They apparently get satisfaction in controlling the speed of those behind them who cannot pass. There is a special ring in he’ll for these Bastards!

  13. You misses one Eric.

    Clovers believe in sending “your” children off to war. But not their children. It’s ok for “your” children to be killed or mutilated for life, but not ok for their children to suffer.

    Hopefully we’ve seen the last of this braindead tartan.


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