Latest Reader Question (Feb. 7, 2018)

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Here is the latest reader question, along with my reply: 

Jordan asks: We are about to buy a minivan. I’m looking for some bang-for-my-buck. Can I get a decent minivan under $20k?

My reply: Not in a traditional minivan. These have become less-than-mini (models such as the Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna and Chrysler Pacifica are huge) and also hugely expensive; the least costly versions of both are close to $30k to start  – or more.

But, there is an alternative.

I encourage you to have a look at the Ford Transit Connect – which is mini (yet still can accommodate seven people in three rows of seats) and starts around $23k brand new. Nissan sells a similar van – the NV200 – and there is also the Dodge Ram ProMaster City. These are more spartan than the now-luxury-equipped (and less-than-mini) traditional vans; but they are very similar to the original minivans of the early ’80s. You should have no trouble finding a lightly used one for around $20k or even less.

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  1. Lightly used eh? And why would that be? Almost every one of these vehicles such as you describe I see as work vans. Not even sure I’ve seen a people hauler and now they’re a few years old I don’t see new ones to any degree. I wonder why this is and don’t have an answer except they must not be up to snuff.

    I don’t claim to know anything about them but living on the road I do see what’s being bought and what’s not.

    Probably GM and Dodge are doing fine in the big car/SUV biz since I saw 5 DOT Tahoe’s yesterday……in the same town and the boss saw no less than 12 Dodge DPS in a short stretch of road. Don’t mean to get off the subject but we’re eaten up with DPS. So few people speed since 75 is the norm they seem to do shit like surround an abandoned vehicle like it’s a hulking “terrrrissttttsss” as the idiot boy used to say. I watched a bunch doing just such yesterday from a quarry high on a hill over-looking US 87 south of Sterling City(ha, sterling my ass, just a nasty little shithole in worthless country for everything but oil and wind generation).


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